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I should’ve written up a post on this last month but I guess I was too busy lol. Now I have two Cool-B magazines to write up on. Oh boy.

This issue came with a bonus original R18 BL game with full voice acting, tho I never got around to playing it, also  I was intimidated by the thought of puzzles/quiz.

Be prepared for another wild ride of me badly censoring dicks in the scans.

Top picks of Cool-B’s Illust Collection

If you want to see bigger versions pls press the ‘View full size‘ button.

Been kind of wondering about cutting out the illust spreads to get cleaner scans. Tell me if you guys want me to rip apart my magazine for better scans! lol.


«  R18 BL Section »

Lucky Dog 1 / Lucky Happy World

Lucky Happy World is going to be a mobile game that is a renewal on Lucky Dog’s Gian carlo’S Lucky Happy Life (A spin off title/kind of like a variety disc PC game). It will be available for the android and iOS, tho release date is unknown at this point. It’ll be rated 17+, tho it still looks like an 18+ game (still got pixelated dicks), unless those example CGs are from the PC game.

There will be no voices and will have a bunch of quiz, mini games, gachas etc. While the PC game cost money (around 4,000 yen to buy), I have a feeling this app will be for free but with in-game purchases.

Taishou Mebiusline Fandisc | website


Even tho the fandisc released they’re still showing off the CGs lol. This time we’re showing off the twin’s route. I could show off more pages about the other routes but that would mean a lot of dick censoring on my part 😆 . Seems like the twins have to share a route (they don’t have their separate routes), so theres a prolly gonna be a lot of 3P CGs in this route, maybe? The game is already released so maybe theres CG packages floating around the internet for y’all.

Comparing the artwork with the first game, it looks like the artist has improved remarkably. Well to me it looks like an improvement. I guess thats about 3~4 years of improvement since the last game? Really nice.


HolicWorks Drama CD Series / Shinoda Shinjuku Investigation Firm / Adult Direction


HolicWorks has announced two new original R18+ drama cd series, one that is BL and the other is Otome.

The BL Drama CD series is “Shinoda Shinjuku Investigation Firm”, prolly based on detectives/police guys. The first CD is based on ‘3 year age difference love’, the uke is the 32 year old Yousuke Mizuuchi and the seme is the younger 29 year old Yamato Sasaki (the older guy is shorer than the younger guy lol). The next CD will be based on ‘same age love’. At the time of the issue printing the voice actors weren’t confirmed (it’ll release in June). Its already released, release date is 31st March. CD costs about 3,00 yen.

The Otome Drama CD series is “Adult Direction”, based on the Adult Video industry (y’know, pornos). The heroine is an AV director, directing AVs aimed towards women and the series is kinda going for the theme of ‘office love’, tho rather than normal office love where you fall for your co-workers here you fall for the AV actor 😆 The first CD will star ENISHI, an AV actor who is doing bondage work for the next film directed by the heroine. Now I wonder where this is going. Volume 2 of the series will have a rival AV director and Volume 3 will have another AV actor. The first volume released on 31st March at a price of around 2,160 yen.

You can prolly purchase these CDs at animate, not too sure about at CD Japan. Of course these CDs are prolly R18+ so pls understand it before you buy, don’t be like me and accidentally buy an R18+ drama cd.


 æ«»è¯å •ã¤ -神州機巧戦記- | website


Well what do you know, more tentacle porn. Actually you’ll be seeing a lot of that from this game, trust me.

Seems like they’re releasing a Drama CD based on the story too, and what do you know, tentacle porn as the jacket cover lol. It says it should release in the summer of 2016 and will use dummy headmic so you can hear all that tentacle stuff… maybe.

Seems like the story has a military/war theme going on, possibly one of the World Wars. The hero seems to be a scientist and I guess he’s been experimenting on improving the human body (or something). Maybe thats where all the tentacles came from, his experiments. This article shows off what the guys looked like back in the past, back in the war I guess.

Still not sure what to think about this. Is it R18 because of the tentacles or is it R18 because of BL. Looks like the protag has fallen victim to the tentacles in the drama cd jacket so I guess no one is safe from the tentacles.


New World Order


New World Order still doesn’t have an official site yet (LoveDelivery has a really outdated site going on there). Still in the rough sketches stage but at least we get to see some roughs on new characters: Detective-san and Killer-san.

Well they actually have names, the detective is “Justin Canvendish Bentick” (not sure if I translated it properly) and the killer doesn’t have a name (lets call him John Doe for now). They seem to work separately from our main guys/protags, the guys who were dressed up as priests that one time.

Justin is 31 years old, part of the Homicide and Serious Crime Command unit and prolly British. John Doe on the other hand has not a lot of info on him, tho all thats known is that he’s working separately from the protag and is a pro killer and sometimes seen wearing disguises as police or military.

If you haven’t seen the protags from my last post this is what they look like:


From left to right we have “Liu Lei“, a 26 year old from Shanghai who is a mix of Chinese and Western descent, apparently good at crossdressing. Next is the main protag “Llyer Eugene Taylor“, who you’ve seen at the start of the post with his two page spread and his long ass legs of leopard prints. He’s British, born in Glasgow, and is 25 years old, has an eightball tattoo on his hip and is good at shooting and taijutsu. Next up is “Gabriel Aznavour“, a 30 year old that is half Italian half French. He can speak French and several other languages, good at driving and is an expert at sniping. The guy with the glasses wasn’t talked about in this issue… Also if you haven’t guessed, most of these guys are killers.

So far its looking interesting. Kinda want to play it if it comes out, but it still looks like its in its early stages so it’s not coming out any time soon. Or so I think.


Kanja S no Kyuusai | website


The protag of Kanja S is doing that Tomoaki face again lol.

Just to repeat myself from last post, the story is based around the ‘Candle Disease’, it has no cure/treatment and the mortality rate is 100% within 5 years. However turns out semen might be a therapeutic drug to combat the disease. Which brings the tagline: ä¿ºã¯ç”Ÿãã‚‹ï¼ç”Ÿãã‚‹ãŸã‚ã«ã€ã‚¤ã‚¯ï¼ (I will live! In order to live I must cum!).

Of course it uses the pun of ‘seishi’, meaning life or death but it can also mean ‘sperm’ depending on the kanji but because its in hiragana in this context it can be ambiguous.

The protag is “Souta Sasaki“, a 22 year old Uni student, or at least he was. Taking a wild guess I’m guessing the proag is a sadist. I think it suggest that he holds the sperm that might cure candle disease tho I’m not sure lol.

The three main guys, aka prolly Souta’s victims, are (from left to right): “Manabu Minagawa” the stern 29 year old megane, “Haruki Mishima” the token barely 18 year old and “Mitsuo Yasuda” the old ossan (40 years old tbh).

You can read more about what was going through the mind of the creator who thought of this in the interview above. I could sit down and read about it but I don’t have time, sorry!


Anata Nikki -Euforia- | website


The PC game based on the SNS/PC Browser game “Anata Nikki -Euforia-” is finally here, kind of. It’ll release next month and is 17+, so its safe for 17 year olds and up to play. It’ll have full voice unlike the browser game and you can listen to some samples on their website (click the link above). I’m still wondering if I should preorder a copy, tho the price is cheap it prolly means the game will be short. But if I did buy it should I buy limited edition or not. I’ll put a poll at the end of the post for you guys to decide 😆 I’m really indecisive.

I talked a lot about it in my last post if you want more info on it. So check it out if you want to, but I’m not going to repeat myself here. Tho I will talk about new info explored in this issue.

Apparently there’s this rare disease called ‘Foria’. Seems like it affects only those with pedigree nobility. The first characteristic symptoms are ‘hearing people’s voices’, a kind of ESP. Patients of this disease, meet their ‘infinite significant other’ in their dream, that person is a very significant individual to them. If the person does not confess their true love then the patient’s mind will collapse (aka, they will lose their sanity). I’m guessing the protag of this has the disease.

The protag is “Takahiro Kuze“, of nobility blood, 27 years old. He’s well behaved, loved by anyone young man. Going counter-clockwise of the character page here, on the left to him is “Daisuke Yuri“, Takahiro’s cousin by his mother’s side, and 20 years old. He prolly has an inferiority complex towards Takahiro, might be working as an intern at “Glaðsheimr Japan”. Next is “Kokoro Osakabe“, he looks younger than he is but he’s 27 years old. He works at the same place as Takahiro, “Glaðsheimr Japan”, was abandoned by his parents and grew up with strong ambition and is holding a jealousy closed to hatred towards Takahiro. Finally “Seiji Kamio“, a 35 year old working in the same company as Takahiro and is prolly his boss. Is strict and works hard as he is going to be the future president.

Down below is a Short Story with Takahiro and Daisuke called “Lovely weather for ducks“, based on the CG shown in the two page spread above. For context Takahiro bought Daisuke a training potty to prolly shit in. Thats good BL right there. Tho I feel sorry for Ahiru-chan…


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this artist’s style is really gr8. If I were to buy the game it’d prolly be for the art, also based on my curiosity about the disease ‘foria’.


罪ナル螺旋ノ檻 | website


So the protag Nico grew up in an orphanage and described as a ‘half-breed’, lived an oppressed life since childhood and was in despair. Until one day he was found by noble man Claus and had him work at his mansion. Glenn is Claus’ servant and butler since his College days, he is also from low social class like Nico.

Seems like there are two routes between Claus and Glenn. Theres bad ends and good ends and also a 3P love triangle end somewhere lol. Imo Claus seems like a yasashii guy while Glenn is the resident Do-S.

Well it’ll be interesting to see how it goes from there.


Heimskringla | website


Two more characters introduced. Kasia the red headed youth, also an Ore-sama type. He’s kinda of a boke and usually fights with Tetra, tho despite looking all rough and tough he likes animals, esp the protag’s pet bat Rath. Tetra the green haired boy may look cute but is strong. Often fights with Kasia and likes fun stuff.


Gakuen Handsome


Gakuen Handsome releasing character songs starting with Sakuya Mitsurugi and his “Legend of Sexy”. There was a video sample on the bonus CD of this issue that had clips from the CD and its alright, kinda hilarious too.

Here’s a short MV on nico douga if you’re interested.


The Lost Innocent


As you can see, there are quizes and I’m like


I’ll get around to playing this, one day. Even tho theres an easy mode I’m still intimidated.

«  R18 Otome Section »

Club:CUP6 | website


Club:CUP6  is an R18 situation CD where you’re having phone sex with Voice Actor Manaka Sawa (jk, I can’t remember the character’s name). But yeah, its legit phone sex which is a quite interesting spin on the R18 situational CD genre. Its from the company that brought you that R18 Alice game (you know the one). One phrase you could use to describe this is “Masturbation Material”.

The tagline is something like “Please listen carefully for what this man has to say”. On the website you can listen to a sample track which goes for a long, long, long time (maybe 10 minutes?). It introduces what Club:CUP6 is about, its like a phone sex line, and its basically Manaka telling you to do shit all over your body while he gets off at it. Tho if you’re not doing what he says it’s pretty awkward on his end. Tho he could be faking it, like with most phone sex line ppl, I think one of his lines was something like “I’m kind of getting turned on…” and I’m like “Really?”. At times he sometimes acknowledges that you’re not gonna answer back, tho he still continues like bruh, what if someone just put down the phone and walked away and you’re still talking omg. Anyway if you want to listen to the sample track, just click the link to the website and click on “Voice sample” and press the speaker button.

They even had a survey with potential buyers or those who already bought it. The results are published on their website.

There were a few outliers like 30 something year old men, a couple of underaged girls being surveys, but the majority is mainly 20 something year old women. There were questions asking about ‘have you ever done H by yourself (hitori H prolly means masturbation)’, ‘even if you haven’t do you have interest in doing it?’ etc.

Screen shot 2016-04-22 at 2.39.35 PM

The first questions is interesting tho, it asks if they followed the instructions during the drama cd and 87.8% said they did.

Also about that 30 year old guy, apparently he heard it from twitter and from a friend. He seemed kind of critical in his review.

The CD was released on March 25th for 2,000 yen (excluding tax), you can prolly purchase it at animate, stellaworth and amazon etc.


Mashou Megane | website

Seems like they’re steadily progressing towards a finished product, still got roughs tho at least they’re making progress. Seems like voice actors are still unknown but at least theres more CGs, tho not sure if they’re full or cut to hide the NSFW stuff. Looking at Cider’s sample CG I’m not sure what is going on. Most of the CGs so far have the heroine as her ordinary self so I’m curious what her megane self acts like. Seeing that her ordinary self is kind of a pushover then maybe her megane ver is dominant? who knows.

Also what is going on with her boob in Doutei’s CG 😆

Anyway, enjoy this illustration of Cider.



Memoria of a Circle | website


Still no sign of voice actors for the characters except for Manaka Sawa (he’s always ready to voice for anything).I’m still wondering why it has to be R18 when it can prolly do well on its own as a teenage friendly rating. Even the writer for this article is wondering if there’s gonna be a 3P with the 仲良し trio (which is apparently something A’sRing does often… I think?).

まあいいや.寝る (¦3[___]

Extras / Bonus CD

A bonus for reading here’s a Anata Nikki wallpaper from the bonus CD.

small preview of wallpaper

1024 x 768 | 1280 x 10241600 x 12001920 x 1080

As I said before I was having a hard time trying to decide to buy anata nikki, but thats not all. I was also wondering if I should buy blackish house side a if I wasn’t going to get anata nikki, but then I’d be buying it for just one route. So now I’m like, what should I do lol.

If I do buy either of these PC Games I have a feeling I might stream them if I can, so maybe its best for you guys to have a say too. Either way this poll will help me decide, so I appreciate your input.

Thanks for reading as always! I hope when its shared on my twitter that it won’t have an inappropriate picture as the thumbnail 😆

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