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[Magazine] 電撃Girl’sStyle April 2016 Issue – (March)

2016-04-18 16.23.16

電撃Girl’sStyle April 2016 Issue came with a Prince of Stride keychain charm, the official Otome Game Awards results for 2015 plus a Yume100 anniversary small booklet. No posters this time lol.

Heads up, some of the scans might have blurry places here and there. Its a pain in the neck to push the magazine down manually as I scan it and its a double pain in the neck when pressing it down causes parts of the magazine to elevate and make it blurry. Its hard to explain lol, next time I’ll be more diligent.

Also its come to my attention that one of my B’s Log post’s contents were mysteriously deleted. I’m not sure what happened tho it may have been me accidentally deleting it all. I’m really sorry. If the same thing happens again just let me know!

Otome Game Awards


I’d like to apologise for misinformation in my last Girl’s Style post. The results from that post was just the intermediate results (not complete), the results in this issue is the final ones and boy have they changed since last time lol.

Still sad that most of the stuff I voted for didn’t even appear. Hell, KLAP didn’t even appear in the top 20 otome games of 2015. I would’ve settled for 20th place for KLAP, come on guys. But whats in the past is in the past…. Actually wtf is up with having 2 Diabolik Lovers games nominated/voted. Like come on, did MORE,BLOOD V Edition even get released in 2015? It prolly was but I’m still salt.

Anyway here are the results.

Top 20 Otome Games of 2015:

  1. Utapri All Star After Secret
  2. Hakuouki: Shinkai Kaze no Shou
  3. Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate
  4. Ken ga Kimi for V
  5.  Diabolik Lovers MORE,BLOOD Limited V Edition
  6. Prince of Stride
  7. Meiji Tokyo Renka
  8. Norn+Nornette Last Era
  9. Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 6
  10. Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly
  11. Hakuouki: Zuisouroku Omokage Hana
  12. Angelique Retour
  13. Clock Zero ~One second of demise~ ExTime 
  14. Reine des Fleurs 
  15. Dynamic Chord feat. Liar-S
  16. Zettai Kaikyuu Gakuen ~Eden with roses and phantasm~
  17. Possession Magenta
  18. Kiniro no Corda 3 Full Voice Special
  19. 十三支演義 ~偃月三国伝~ 1&2 (I’m not sure how to romanji this title lol)


Top 20 Characters of 2015:

  1. Ai Mikaze
  2. Hajime Saito
  3. Syo Kurusu
  4. Shunso Hishida
  5. Shu Sakamaki
  6. Souji Okita
  7. Kou Mukami
  8. Tokiya Ichinose
  9. Reiji Suwa
  10. Sakyou Sagihara
  11. Camus
  12. Ranmaru Kurosaki
  13. Subaru Sakamaki
  14. Hikage
  15. Toshizo Hijikata
  16. Ayato Sakamaki
  17. Kyoka Izumi
  18. Hotaru
  19. Darius 
  20. Ghislain


Top 10 Sub Characters of 2015:

  1. Karl Heinz
  2. Iemitsu Tokugawa
  3. Setsu Takishima
  4. Sotaro Haruna
  5. Sorata Suzuhara
  6. Gin Kitsunemori
  7. Kaoru Nagumo
  8. Uranami
  9. Ayumu Kadowaki
  10. Wolf/Ookami


Top 10 Heroines of 2015:

  1. Chizuru Yukimura
  2. Haruka Nanami
  3. Yui Komori
  4. Mei Ayatsuki
  5. Kayo
  6. Azusa Takatsuka
  7. Nana Sakurai
  8. Nanami Shiranui
  9. Arisu Yurika
  10. Koharu


Top 10 Scenarios of 2015:

  1. Ken ga Kimi for V
  2. Hakuouki: Shinkai Kaze no Shou
  3. Meiji Tokyo Renka
  4. Utapri All Star After Secret
  5. Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate
  6. Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly
  7. Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 6
  8. Clock Zero ~One second of demise~ ExTime 
  9. Prince of Stride
  10. Norn+Nornette Last Era


Top 10 Voice Actors of 2015:

  1. KENN
  2. Kosuke Toriumi
  3. Tomoaki Maeno
  4. Shouta Aoi
  5. Mamoru Miyano
  6. Hiro Shimono
  7. Ryohei Kimura
  8. Tatsuhisa Suzuki
  9. Takahiro Sakurai
  10. Nobuhiko Okamoto


Top 10 Other Games of 2015:

  1. Yume100
  2. Ensemble Stars
  3. Idolish7
  4. Touken Ranbu
  5. Ai Chuu
  6. Yumeiro Cast
  7. Boyfriend (kari)
  8. Tokimeki Restaurant 
  9. Sephirot ~World Tree of Time~ 
  10. Splush Love ~Kare wa Idol~


Top 10 Other Game Characters of 2015:

  1. Rei Sakuma
  2. Tenn Kujo
  3. Tsurumaru Kuninaga
  4. Gaku Yaotome
  5. Sogo Osaka
  6. Mao Isara
  7. Ritsu Sakuma
  8. Shuni
  9. Avi
  10. Kokoro Hanabusa


Top 10 Drama/Situational CD of 2015:

  1. Dynamic Chord Series
  2. Diabolik Lovers Bloody Bouquet CD
  3. Utapri Theatre Shining Series
  4. √Happy+Sugar=Idol Series
  5. Shinsengumi Wasurenagusa Series
  6. Motto Lip on my Prince Series
  7. Criminale!F Series
  8. Meiji Tokyo Renka – Meikoi Voice Theatre Sleep Situation CD Series
  9. Yuugen Romantica Series
  10. Taisho Guuzou Roman: Teikoku Star 


Top 10 Character Songs of 2015:

  1. Original Resonance / Masato x Tokiya – Utapri
  2. Mune no kodou / Ai – Utapri
  3. Maji Love Revolution / Starish – Utapri
  4. Only One /Ranmaru – Utapri
  5. Black Butterfly Dream / Hikage – Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly
  6. Bloody Mayim Mayim / Sakamaki Household – Diabolik Lovers
  7. Never… / Reiji – Utapri
  8. Secret Night / Trigger – Idolish7
  9. Redrum / Ayato x Subaru – Diabolik Lovers
  10. Evolution Eve / Quartet Night – Utapri


Top 10 Anime of 2015:

  1. Utapri Maji Love Revolutions
  2. Osomatsu-san
  3. Diabolik Lovers More,Blood
  4. Starmyu
  5. Dance with Devils
  6. Haikyuu!! Second Season
  7. Owari no Seraph
  8. K Return of Kings
  9. High Speed! -Free! Starting Days-
  10. Akagami no Shirayukihime


Top 10 Anticipated New Titles of 2016:

  1. Diabolik Lovers Lunatic Parade
  2. Hakuouki: Shinkai Hana no Shou
  3. Nil Admirari
  4. Kiniro no Corda 4
  5. Utapri Music 3
  6. Kenka Banchou Otome
  7. CollarxMalice
  8. Dance with Devils
  9. Moshi Kamisama
  10. Kamigami no Asobi InFinite


Dengeki N High School | website


Still unsure what Dengeki N High School is lol. Hosei Yaotome here is the last member of the “Otome Kokoro Research Club” and is a master when it comes to otome hearts. The research club uses all the tricks in the book to make a maiden fall, specialities are the kabe-don (wall slam), ago-kui (chin hold/lift) and kata-zun (resting head on the girl’s shoulder). Tho these moves kinda sound like wrestling moves to me lol.

This issue Hosei is demonstrating the ago-kui, where one lifts up the other’s chin with their thumb and index finger. A very delicate move to send them otome kokoro’s racing lol.

I’m curious as to what they’ll use these characters for…


Zettai Kaikyuu Gakuen ~Eden with roses and phantasm~ | website

I remember seeing this game advertised in my B’s Log issues early last year and I was so pumped in thinking about buying it until I realised it was a PC game 😆 . I’m not quite sure what it is about now, all I know is that the heroine can change which rank/class she is in and each guy/route is in different classes/ranks.

I think what drew me in was the art, the guys and how cute the heroine is. Like look at her hugging the guys so happily she’s so cute. More or less I have my eyes on Toya Nanase (the guy wearing his blazer like a cape and part of his cleavage showing lol), tho its no surprise because he falls into my type www.

Bara cleavage aside, having the PC game already released we get good news that its coming to the PS Vita! And hopefully it’ll release in June! Party time!! I’m really glad they decided to port this because I had high hopes buying it until I realised it was PC game.

So I’m looking forward to purchase it, that is if I have enough money left by June lol.


Cocktail Ouji | website

Cocktail Ouji is an upcoming app game where you, the bar master (bar tender?), will have to work with handsome men managing a bar at your father’s order however these men were actually cocktails?!

Yeah thats the premise lol. I remember playing a game kinda like this where a girl was working at a sushi bar and the sushi ingredients transformed into guys that helped her run the store 😆 .

Anyway, the game promises over 20 characters/cocktails to appear, however for now there are 6 main guys for the main story. All of these guys are based on alcoholic drinks, tho I don’t drink so I’m not sure what they’re like irl but I have heard of some names.

There is Tom Corins (the perfect ouji type), Solty Dog (the loyal wanko), Martini (Ore-sama type), Tequila Sunrise (the hot-blooded sports oniisan), Moulin Rouge (pheromone gushing type, who knows what that means) and Emerald Mist (Do-S Megane type).

The new 3 characters (American LemonadePink Lady and Kiss in the Dark) will be discussed more in the next issue, sadly I didn’t buy the next issue so I can’t tell you all who they are.

I’m interested in seeing what type of gameplay it’ll have. Prolly gotta have to have something to do with bar tending and stuff. Maybe it’ll be like a tokimeki restaurant ver with bar tending.


Eight of Triangle | website


I’ve been seeing their album on twitter for a while and I’m like “who are these guys?” whenever I see it but I don’t actually look into it. Now that theres an article in Girl’s Style I guess its time to do my research lol.

Eight of Triangle is kind of like virtual idols, the article does describe them as virtual idols. Their real faces aren’t shown, as I know of, and they’re represented by 2D Ikemens. On the website it seems like there is going to be 8 guys, tho most of them are silhouetted. The only guys revealed are Ray (Rei) Kimishima, the vocalist and the guy with white hair, and Kazuto Endou, the composer and the guy with the black hair.

who are they

Kazuto does the music for the songs while Ray sings them. According to the article they met when they were in school, presumably High School. I think they formed a band together and during their lives they were scouted… I think lol. I’m not sure if thats their real names or aliases but its pretty interesting.

Their debut album has already released on March 23rd, the album is called “The Triangle“. They also have their own twitter accounts and a web radio. Here’s a lil clip from one of their singles:

Their manager did an interview for Girl’s Style tho I can’t really be bothered reading it lol. But yeah, its an interesting concept, Virtual Idols I mean. Like you have voice actors being 2D Idols but these guys are prolly just musicians trying to make it big. Plus the illustrator they have is really great, so it helps sells their image.



Not sure if anyone’s uploaded this but here’s an Osomatsu-san board game courtesy from Girl’s Style. Sadly I can’t translate the stuff in here but have fun trying to figure out who the spaces work because I have no idea what I’m looking at. Are their faces the spaces you move onto or is it the stripes? Who knows.


Nil Admirari | website


Another ‘On’ and ‘Off’ section, this time for Shizuru and Rui. Also theres keywords for the guys’ characters/personalities, starting from left to right:

Hayato’s is Justice, Akira’s is Imprisoned, Hisui’s is Love, Shougo’s is Scar, Shizuru’s is Ambivalence and Rui’s is Truth. Interpret as you wish, for me it feels like these keywords are describing their routes/what you’ll see as their true character once going through their route.

The game should be releasing 2 days from now. Looking at the website it looks like it already received a gold medal from Famitsu. Y’all better not be lying, Famitsu. Still not planning to buy it, if my man Kuina doesn’t have a route then it aint worth it (jk).

Here’s the short story for Shizuru and Rui.


Beast and Princess | website

In the first scan it looks like they’re surprised to be turned into humans so I’m guessing they’ve been animals they’re whole life or something? Maybe. In the second CG sample with dialogue it looks like Julia is reading a story about a beastmaster girl (reminds you of anyone? lol). Its legit the story about the first game, with the princes being cursed to be animals and stuff. Seems like Julia is very familiar with the story, reading it many times, so maybe it has a connection as to why the guys turned into humans? I’m really looking forward to the story!

The mofumofu system is back and I just want to pat Wataru Hatano Bear all day… when release date at tho?

Theres sub characters introduced as well, you can check them out on the website. One of the characters is a witch so maybe thats why lol. I’ll be waiting patiently for its release.


Kamigami no Asobi InFinite | website


InFinite is releasing in a few days, I already preordered my copy even tho I didn’t play the first game. I’m doing it for my boys Dionysus and Melissa. I guess the anime covers some stuff, tho the other day I tried to rewatch it and I just wanted to stop. And I did. At like, episode 3. I guess I can’t handle sitting down in one spot for too long.

The article says the system of KamiAso got a power up, tho I wouldn’t know in detail if its different or not because I couldn’t play the original PSP game. There’s a ‘normal option’ and ‘thread of fate’ option. I think the thread of fate options costs BP (brave points), which are kind of gained throughout the game and it influences the story progress. Theres also a ‘mythology monologue’, something about be able to reading short stories? Ye.

Theres also Kamigami Quiz and Minature Garden Mode, both minigames that I think wont affect the story (maybe). I think you get bonus stuff for the garden mode during gameplay, but not quite sure. The Kamigami quiz is based on questions about the guys and if you did well you’ll get rewards.

Still unsure why this got a Cero D while the original game wasn’t Cero D but I have a feeling its because of Dionysus (they don’t call him god of fertility for nothing ;^) jk).


Kenka Banchou Otome | website

This issue comes with the 1st year trio doing a cute ‘ranger’ pose as a two page spread. I love that the heroine plays along with it while Takayuki is hesitant about it :lol:, they’re so cute.

We take a sneak peak on what Totomaru’s and Takayuki’s love and friendship route looks like. You know, I never really read Totomaru’s name until now, I always referred to him as KENN in my head wwww. Its a strange name, tho you could always make a cute nickname like Toto with it :lol:.

I’m getting this vibe that the love route is when the guys find out the heroine is actually a girl while the friendship route is where the heroine’s secret of being a girl is still kept a secret and they end up being bros. Thats just my theory on the differences of the routes. It’d be interesting to experience it myself, like sometimes its a rare chance to be bros with your bros in an otome game without it feeling like a friendzone end.

I kinda wished I could buy one of the shirts they’re selling so I can support the game more but they’re all sold out in animate. Spike Chunsoft pls restock your shirts in the animate online store.


Magic Kyun! Renaissance | website

Magic Kyun!’s game finally got its release date: 21st of September and I’m actually surprised about how the CGs look and the sprites. They’re doing what Dance with Devils didn’t do and kept the style based on the anime but gave it more complex shading/highlights that most animation is restricted to having. Imo it looks good, tho I’m laughing at some of the emotions they’re showing because some of them you can’t see the difference (I’m looking at you, Aoi and Monet). Like one face is neutral and the other one is slightly angry neutral 😆

Still wondering when they’re gonna insert that anime, before or after the game release? With Dance with Devils, having the anime before the game promoted it and helped provide interest to ppl, tho it still kinda spoilt parts in the game lol. Having it after would be good marketing for a game thats already released, I mean thats how I got interested in the Persona series if it wasn’t for Persona 4 the Animation, plus it rake in extra cash from the anime merch.

We’ll see how this franchise progress in the future.


Suran Digit | website


This issue talks more in detail about the first two main characters, tho before that more info about the heroine, Hiroka Reisaki, is given out. Apparently she’s a transfer student that just came to this famous private school. Just as her number describes (and the part of her last name having the kanji for 0), she is described as ‘a number that shouldn’t exist’, her quote is ‘I don’t have a reason to fight with you people’ and she is caught in a war against numbers. Also she loves to sleep. Me too, girl. The game’s story is describe as a ‘Modern Day Japanese Styled Fantasy’, neat.

The main cast has numbers in their names too (tho the old style of numbers, not the simple kanji for one or two etc). The glasses guy is Ousuke Ichizono, a third year and student council president. His keywords are ‘Good at Sports and Academics‘, ‘No.1‘ and ‘Pride‘. The genki kid with hairclips in his breast pocket for som raisin is Mitsu Nitou, a first year and the hero type. His keywords are ‘Hero‘, ‘Bright‘ and ‘Victory‘.

I just noticed now that the way they are formed into divisions against each other is legit Odd Numbers vs Even Numbers lol. If I were to go on one of their sides I’d go for the even numbers because my boy Yuuhi (No.4) is there 😆


Taishou Alice Vita | website


The release date for Taisho Alice All in One (ps vita port) is on 2nd of June! Thank. Tho after May is done with me I’m not sure if I’ll have money to spare lol. Some of the features for the PS Vita port is ps vita tv compatibility, a skip jump for stuff you’ve seen, voice collection, CG gallery etc.

Above illustration is for White Day.


Bara ni kakusareshi Verite | website

A deeper look into the gameplay of Verite and those 3D models and gameplay is really tempting me *sweats*.

Apparently the reason why the heroine has to pretend to be Marie Antoinette is because the lady is sick with a fever and as the servant (?) the heroine must take her place and live her life as if she was Marie Antoinette. Thats it lol.

I think one of the gameplay elements is to take on quests to gain resources/moneys, you can use those monies or points to dress up your heroine. You can change the style of her dress, the pattern of the dress and the color palette. You can also change her hairdo and hair accessories like flowers. Pretty cute.

Rooms and backgrounds in story mode also have 3D Models based on the CGs which is also pretty neat.

This issue focuses on Danton, a commoner and prolly one of my fav charas so far… also he ages 4 years and still looks good?? Like I had to take a double take because I thought the sprite next to Danton’s 19 year old self was just another guy but it was actually him older lol. Damn boy.

Really starting to think about buying it….


Tsumikui ~Sen no Noroi, Sen no Inori~ | website



Jk. The more I see it the more I wish they released more info on release date or systems. Morihito is turning out to be that yasashii guy tho I start to worry because the heroine looks so young and all these guys look way older than her www. I will protect this child, jk.

Also I see its confirmed that the main three guys are the “main capture characters” tho I don’t understand whats the “sub capture characters” deal is about with Jeeves and Best Friend’s Brother who also has a sister complex and isn’t interested in love. Does it mean that they have routes? If so how would that work out with the sister complex guy. His profile on the website legit said he’s not interested in love. Tho nevertheless I am curious.

Also I forgot to mention that the heroine for this game will be voiced so it’ll help with reading. Thank goodness. Now wheres that release date.

Oh wait… *checks website*

Screen shot 2016-04-19 at 3.51.54 PM

Thank you so much.

Also you know what, the butler ossan is pretty cute. Yeah. Thats all I wanted to say.

Screen shot 2016-04-19 at 3.56.52 PM


Akane sasu sekai de kimi to Utau | website


Only now do I realise this is based on old feudal japan lol. It took me a long time but here I am. When I looked closely at the furigana over the names I was like “Hey wait a minute Iemitsu Tokugawa sounds familiar… Abe no Seimei too!?”, thats when I realised lol.

Also its not just humans, theres also bakemonos/yokais. The guy on the left page is Orochi, as you can tell by his hair turning into snakes. Also it seems like they’re all grouped by countries like in Yume100.

Story is the heroine is summoned to a world that is similar to Japan, however the sun has disappeared and ppl are prolly dying. In order to get back the sun she must become a miko and join forces with these characters. Love and friendship will spring forth through this adventure and yah. It’ll prolly play like Yume100 but this time its with individuals from Japan’s history and myths.

breakDream Festival | website


DearDream’s debut single has been released (16th March), and comes with original dream fest cards set. So I guess that confirms that some of these cards can be physically bought in places to get the bonus outfits and clothes, isn’t that how Aikatsu operates or am I wrong?

For me I’m not interested in the main idols but you know who I am interested in? KUROFUNE. Its usually the edgey rival unit that becomes my fav lol. I still wished they kept Akiakane to draw all the card stuff etc because their art style is so good but what can ya do.

It should be releasing soon. I mean its supposed to release in Spring 2016 and its the middle of Spring in Japan so…. maybe release soon?


DamexPrince | website


DamexPrince just released and I wish I could play more of it but I’ve been so busy that I can’t sit down and properly enjoy it. Its a comedy kind of game, sometimes I find myself laughing with the comments function on (it legit lets you reread sections with other user comments going across the screen like nico douga lol).

More or less here’s some 4komas showing off the prince’s ダメ personalities. The first comic with Nareku (I dont know what his name is in english) is him showing around places of Miridonia and he’s like “This is the marketplace… and this is Ore-sama. This is the throne…. and this is Ore-sama. And this is Ore-sama…. AND ORE-SAMA.” Idk its more funny in Japanese lol. Viino or whatevr you write his name is him going ‘all girls are ohana-chans’, even cows.


Drama CD Corner | G-Goku Spa / Yuugen Romantica 2 / Kuro Yoshihara Melancholia

Just a lil showcase of Drama CD illustrations. Usually you find the good bonus illustrations of Rejet CDs in Girl’s Style lol. I’d scan them all but I don’t think it’ll be good on my wordpress account’s library limitation (I’m at 55% full capacity when it comes to my media library). I really need to find a place to host all my pictures so I don’t have to worry about my wordpress media library going over capacity.

Anyway because I didn’t buy Hifumi’s CD (and because the second season of yuugen romantica is going to be a followup where y’all are koibito) and the Melancholia CD coming out this month doesn’t interest me (sorry Toriumi), I’m gonna try out the G-Goku Spa.

First time getting a drama CD with Yuki Kaji, tho kinda worried about the tagline in the first advertisement in this issue was “Soak until you die” and I’m getting war flashbacks to Midnight Jiangshi’s “Love him until you die” wwww. Well I’ll look forward to it.


Extras: Idolish7 Comic & Ensemble Stars! Short Story

This issues Enstar Short Story is with the Basketball Club! Feel free to read it.

Also comic with Mitsuki and Sogo is realy cute. I think Sogo is kinda down because of Mezzo” and Mitsuki is there to cheer him up with a pet on the head. Mitsuki suggests for them to pretend to be Mezzo” with just the two of them to cheer him up, tho they get embarassed 😆

Those comics are really cute I wish I could collect them all. I missed out on last issue with Gaku and Yamato (my best boys), kinda regret not buying last issue but this is for the sake of saving money… still regret tho lol.


Ranking and Reviews


Top 10 Consumed Otome Games:

(Based on 21st January 2015 ~ 20th February 2015 Sales)

  1. Utapri Music 3
  2. Storm Lover 2nd V
  3. Prince of Stride
  4. Mikuni Koi senki ~Omoidegaeshi~ CS Edition
  5. Eikoku Tantei Mysteria The Crown
  6. Angelique Retour
  7. Norn+Nornette Last Era
  8. Storm Lover V
  10. Sousaku Alice to Ousama!


Top 5 Planned to Purchase Games:

  1. Nil Admirari
  2. Diabolik Lovers Lunatic Parade
  3. Dance with Devils
  4. Kenka Banchou Otome
  5. Prince of Stride


Top 5 Anime you like/becoming interested in:

  1. Prince of Stride Alternative
  2. Osomatsu-san
  3. Utapri Season 4
  4. Norn+Nornette
  5. Haikyuu!! Second Season


Top 5 Hair Style/Hair Arrangement on your ideal Capture Target* (Ichiban♥Tokimeku!):

*I have no idea whats a proper way to describe the guys in otome games that have routes, but ye, the poll means those guys

Also its gonna be hard to describe what the hair is in English so I’m gonna link some samples from google images lol. I’m sorry random ppl who’s images I’m linking to.

  1. Simplicity / Unruly breezy set
  2. Arranged with hair clips or head band (Easy to understand so no example picture)
  3. Out Curl
  4. Crop / Close Shaven (Legit ‘Buddhist Priest’)
  5. Bowl Cut


This issue’s game review is…. Moshi Kami lol. I’m fucking laughing at how they used the Masato Screenshot in one of the reviews where its kinda implied he’s masturbating to the thought of his precious imouto 😆 Here’s what the scene looks like in English.

I feel like if I did play the game I’d feel really sick in the stomach when playing Masato’s route. But it seems like the reviewers enjoyed the game so its all good.

It took me a while but I finally did it. The Otome Awards took most of my time doing last night and here I thought I’d get this post published on that day.

Anyway, thanks for reading as always _(:3 」∠ )_


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    Taishou Alice is my next game =3 after finishing DiaLov
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    I can’t buy the magazine right now so your post is very helpful hehe 🙂

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    1. No worries! I’m glad the post helped.
      I’ll never understand the ppl that voted possession magenta as their fav game of the year…. jk.


  2. Kiniro no corda, Harukanaru toki no naka de 6, DIabolik lovers, Taisho Alice.
    I love them so much!!
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