bunny diary

Quick Announcement

Just a small announcement that I created another twitter account, this time it’ll be for automatic post announcements and a place to keep screenshots for otome games + thoughts. Spoilers guaranteed.

^click above for new twitter^

If you don’t want to subscribe to this blog but still want to get the notified when a new post is up then pls feel free to follow. If you like seeing my raw reactions and thoughts while playing a game then this might be the thing for you.

My current public twitter (otomebunny) will still be used for retweeting fanart, talking mainly about enstars and sometimes talking about other stuff. I just wanted to keep a clean account for announcements and the other account for the messy stuff lol.

Also if you want to contact me/want to ask questions/have a request like scanning a particular page from a particular book/magazine or anything blog related please send it to this email address: otomebunny@gmail.com

Please don’t send spam 😆 I’ll try my best to check my email and that twitter account as soon as I can. Right now its a bit busy but I’ll do whatever I can.

Thanks for reading.