[Game Diary] あんスタ – Ensemble Stars | April《#14》

Mini Enstar News

26th March ~ 10th April

We finally get the long awaited Sanrio collab with Ryuseitai! Its fitting for Chiaki to be the poster boy for this collab seeing he’s the red ranger and Kitty-chan is red too (I used to call her hello kitty as a kid I never knew she was referred to as Kitty/Kitty-chan in Japan). Whether this collab or the story is canon to the main story is beyond me. For me I’d like to think its all a fever dream.

Story is that Ryuseitai gets work to do a live at Sanrio Puroland (thanks to this collab, now I know another place to go if I’m in Japan). Think of it as Disneyland but for Sanrio characters. The lil children of Ryuseitai seem curious about going there, slightly holding back their excitement to meet Kitty-chan maybe? Tho Chiaki is all excited, which you can see in this cg:

2016-03-26 17.24.41.png

I’ve yet to unlock more of the story. I guess I was so busy I forgot to unlock more stories. Not quite sure if theres a CG of Chiaki wearing Hello Kitty clothes in the story tho… You have to 100% the hello kitty course to get his card, 100% means clearing kitty-chan’s normal and special events and doing the missions.

The card is very generous, being a 4*, and its really cute! You get to unlock the costume as well! I really like these kinds of collabs and I wish they continue to do more in the future.


The cast has been revealed for Ensemble Stars On Stage, the stage play. So far theres the cast for Trickstar, Undead, Akatsuki, 2wink and a few other faces like Hajime, Izumi, Arashi, Tetora etc.  And as expected they’re all good looking lol. イケメンがたっぷり (( ˘ω ˘ *))フムフム

(They might add more tho)

It’ll be showing during June 18th~26th. I find it really cute that they got real twins to act as 2wink and the actor for Kuro is off the charts. As expected when you’ve gotta play as aniki ya gotta look the part. In the official site they don’t show the actors ages tho, but I guess it doesn’t matter. Interestingly enough the voice actor for Arashi is also the stage actor! I’m really out of the loop when it comes to Japanese TV/Stage Actors so I never knew, but apparently he’s pretty famous.

I’m quite curious as to what they’ll do for the stage play considering they don’t have all the characters, I mean ya gotta have Eichi the tyrant bruh. Maybe they’ll do what Touken Ranbu did and do a lot of random stuff. Didn’t the Touken Ranbu musical/stage play have them looking like idols at one point? I swear I remember seeing Kashuu wearing an idol-like outfit lol.

I’ll look forward to a DVD release so we can all enjoy classic gifs of these. Click the promo pic above for the link to the official website!

Merch Spotlight

Visual Fanbook is in the works! Its planned to be released in May 2016 for ¥3,000. Its kinda a celebration for the 1 Year Anniversary of Ensemble Stars! and what a year its been.

I’m not sure what a Visual Fanbook is, I’ve never bought one myself, I think? Tho by the looks of it theres gonna be visuals in it like graphics and some interviews. I hope its kinda like an artbook so I can see the thinking process of designing each character, but theres a chance that this book might not have that. I’d be really happy if there is because the costume designs for these characters, be it uniforms, gacha costumes or event costumes, are really amazing to me. I wanna see the rough sketches and everything lol.

There are limited shop sets from Animate and Ebten. Animate’s limited set includes 4 badges of Mao, Makoto, Subaru and Hokuto using the visuals of the fanbook cover (as shown above) for ¥4,500 plus tax. With Ebten’s limited set you will get the choice to choose 1 out of the 8 units for a unit’s character messages and signatures. The messages and signatures will be on a 27.2 x 24.2cm colored paper and this set will cost you about¥4,580 plus tax. It’d be nice to get a message from UNDEAD. I’m hoping Adonis’ message is “Eat more meat” lol.  You know what, I’m thinking about buying the Ebten limited set lol. Not sure if I’ll have enough money by then.

Store bonuses(based on the cover illustration) for purchasing at certain stores are: A bromide from Stellaworth, Clearfile from Animega, and postcard from Toranoana.

The sample image of the cover looks like this:

Screen shot 2016-04-08 at 11.02.32 PM

precious babbies

Omanjus are baaaaackkkk and this time it has a lot of my favorites but its too late…. I already purchased one omanju box set…… I still want to get it tho but I’ll be broke before the end of the year.

I haven’t really seen other store bonus omanjus but I know theres a Ouendan Kuro aniki omanju out there and I just need it so badly for moral support. Gotta have my aniki by my side cheering me on and giving me motivation. Too bad I forgot which store it was. Above is Amiami’s store bonus which gives you a bonus smiling Mika omanju.

Maybe one day they’ll make a big Ouendan Kuro aniki just for me….


March 31st ~ April 10th


Bounce! Hearts and Flowers Bloom – Mall Live features 1st Years Hajime, Mitsuru, Tomoya, Tetora and Midori with guest appearance of Ritsu and Eichi lurking creepily around the corner, watching the first years from a distance hoping that one day he’ll be the oniichan of all of them…………… Yoshino Yuki writes this 13 part event story. Its a rather short one compared to those massive event stories Akira-sensei writes from time to time.

The story takes place during Spring Break where the first years still have a dream fes to do. On the rooftop where I think he’s doing laundry…. or something? Anzu is there and they chat for a bit, where Anzu is all like ‘Aw I wish you were my lil sis’ and wanting Hajima to wear skirts and stuff, which Hajime is all against because he wants her to treat him like a man. Anzu pls stop teasing the first years. Hajime refers to Anzu as Oneechan when they’re alone here, as promised in the Star Event.

Anzu is gathering most of the 1st years which consists of Midori, Tetora, Tomoya, Mitsuru, Hajime and Tsukasa. Coincidentally enough about most of these guys refer to Anzu as ‘sis’ is some way or form, so I guess this is a gathering of an otouto harem or something? lol. Anzu reveals she’s planning on a Shopping Mall Live for them all to do, everyones for it (Mitsuru and Tomoya are veterans and visit the shopping mall often) but Hajime is a bit worried because he only goes to malls with his family on special occasions so he’s not familiar with malls and might get lost. Tsukasa also chimes in, saying he doesn’t go to malls either, you know, rich ppl don’t go to malls.  Tho he hopes his oneesama will teach him about it.

Meanwhile, in the streets, a great evil walks the streets and that great evil is…….. Eichi. Jk. Apparently he didn’t want to be cooped up in his house so he decided to sneak out and enjoy the warmth of the good weather. He’s making his way to the mall but it being his first time it seems like he has no idea where he’s going and asks around which is when he bumps into Ritsu, who is holding a cardboard box for some reason? I’m not quite sure but he asks Eichi for a parasol so I’m guessing he’s using the cardboard box to shield him from the sun. As the good friend he is, Ritsu escorts Eichi to the mall. Turns out he has the cardboard box in case he sees his Oniichan he can hide in the box like Solid Snake.

Ritsu gets a whiff of Hajime and Tsukasa’s scent nearby, who are advertising their live, which doesn’t cost money to attend to which is neat. Hajime asks Tsukasa if he could join him in touring around the mall and asks for Tomoya to be their guide because they don’t know much lol. Which is pretty cute imagining them all hanging out and having fun. Eventually Mitsuru, Midori and Tetora join the mall tour group later.

Ritsu and Eichi eventually arrive at the mall and upon entering Eichi is all in awe like a disney princess adventuring out into the outside world and Ritsu is all like ‘If you get lost I’m gonna have to contact the info desk to call your name in the overhead announcement’. This prompts Eichi to retell the story of Hansel and Gretel for some raisin and Ritsu just walks away like he’s had enough. Then Ritsu spies with his vampire eyes a smol Hajime getting ready for the live, where the Hajime fanboy oniichans make their way to cheer for their sweet kouhai.

The live turned out pretty good, the 1st years have come a long way now and are really confident. They even got an encore. My smol sons grow up so fast. During the live Eichi was wishing he brought his camcorder to video tape his ‘otoutotachi’ (he favors Hajime more than Tsukasa tho) and Ritsu is all like “What are you, Hajime’s Dad or something?”. Eichi responds with how he’d rather be called an oniichan than a dad, and wonders when will Ritsu call him oniichan. Tho he does say he got a cute lil sister, which makes me and Ritsu go “Since when? Aren’t you an only child? Oh right, you’re talking about Anzu right?”. They chat with Anzu and it seems like Eichi is saying thanks to her, maybe for everything she’s done as a producer for a year and fixing these problems. I guess this means he’s already graduated if he’s saying his thanks now… ah, I don’t want the 3rd Years to graduate 😦 …..

Later on the whole group is getting ready to walk around the mall and I guess this is prolly the second time I’ve read an event story not end on the live performance and have an after story after the live? There might’ve been more but ye. They’re waiting for Tetora and Midori but turns out they left early for Ryuseitai work (maybe for that hello kitty collab? who knows). They do some shopping, Eichi buys new clothes and wears it for the rest of the day and damn I hate to admit it but it really suits him. My precious babby Mitsuru wins a big teddie bear at the arcade and they end the day with ice-cream.

2016-04-09 16.40.33

I gotta say this was a bit weak compared to the last two event stories but I guess its more like a breather story and seeing everyone just chill together. Which is nice every once in a while.

Bounce! Hearts and Flowers Bloom – Mall Live‘s Event Cards:

I was going to aim for Hajime this event because the cards look so bright and cute but then I realised…… Its been 8~10 months since Adonis had a 4*/5* event card. So now I have to save for my eventual death.

Sadly I wasted most of my diamonds on the April Fools’ Ossan Cards to bloom them because I thought April Fools Day is my only chance to bloom them…. so I don’t have much now…. But I’m prepared to destroy my bank account, no matter what the cost…….

Lucky for me Mitsuru dropped so it made it easier to get his card, tho in the end I got another copy from event point bonus. All I can do now is wait and pray.

Also I guess the White Day Event was actually the last event for 3rd Years? Now that we’re in event and gacha stories where they have graduated. So I’m wondering if next event will be the loop or if it’ll be another event where the 3rd Years have already graduated. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

I’m not sure anymore what Happy Elements have in store for us and I’d rather not know…

30th March ~ 11th April


Scout! Strawberry Picking features Midori’s obsession/lust for mascot characters and everyone dressing up really adorablely like they’re having a slumber party. The gacha story is written by Akira-sensei this time, with 10 story parts.

I haven’t read the story but I heard apparently this all takes place after the 3rd Years Graduated, and prolly during break. Seems like Midori doesn’t want to hear the name of Chiaki around him and refers to him as ‘that guy’ or ‘you know who’. Stop Midori, you’re making me kinda sad… I don’t know any more than that, tho why tf does Shinobu have a sickle and chain (I can’t remember whats the weapon’s name tho I remember Kamakiyo using the same one in Ninkoi lol). You’re harvesting strawberries bruh.

The costume designs here are really cute, esp the dragon/dinosaur onesie. Well Shinobu’s is a dragon, I still feel bad for mistaking it for a dino… Kinda wished that Yuuta got to wear one too but ya gotta have variation. I’m really interested in what other goofy/cute shirts he owns. Like if they’re aimed for children/girls then he must’ve had to find ones that fit his size, like all that effort for these shirts, and I find it funny (even tho thats just my headcanon, that he searched through all the sale bins to find one in his size 😆 ).

Now all we need is for Tomoya and Mitsuru to get some gacha cards because I don’t think they’ve gotten any 5* gacha cards. Same goes for Rei and Leo(?). I think I’m leaving out some ppl, sorry if I can think of anything rn. Mentally going through all these gachas is too much, I need to make a graph or something lol.

Its been a busy week for me, next couple of weeks will be even more busier with tests and stuff. Sorry if this was a bit late.

I hope you all get the chance to reach your goals this event. Thanks for reading as always.

I’ll be living my life in fear for 5* Rank Adonis now.

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