[Drama CD] Review – Midnight Jiangshi

I was planning to do a post where I try out three new Drama CDs series and tell my opinion on it and whether I’ll continue but days past, days turned into weeks which turned into months and I bought new CDs from the series and then just a while ago they all ended at once (March, I think). So I may as well do posts based on each series lol. I’ll have a bonus review on an extra drama CD series I bought once I finish reviewing all three drama cd series.

One of the new series I tried out from last season (?, do they go by seasons. tho they go over two seasons so im not sure whats the right term), was Midnight Jiangshi by Rejet. Or as Rejet likes to call it “Midnight Jiang Shis”, which is prolly the incorrect term….

Its one of those blood sucking CDs and I was kinda under the impression they’d be more like zombies/the undead than vampires. Tho they’re just plain old vampires with Chinese origin. Silly me.

The CDs I bought out of the 6 are: MeimeiReirei and Riei.


These 400+ year old Jiangshi (kyonshii in Japan) have awoken from their deep slumber and are out of their tombs for a little fun. Driven by the scent of a descendent of Doushis (mages/or as I like to call them exorcists), aka you, they transfer to your school to get closer to you… well to get to your blood that is. Will you be able to resist their vampirey charms or become another victim?

The answer is yes, bad end every time.

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Overall Thoughts

Gonna keep this area spoiler free as possible because I intend to write about what happened in their CDs down below with as much spoilers as possible. So heres my thoughts.

For usual Drama CDs its quite short, it says that its 1hr long but 8 minutes of that is cast talk and sometimes it doesn’t even have an overall run time of 1hr sometimes its just about 50min including cast talk. Come on, I pay the same price as I do with other CDs wtf Rejet.

Even in the short time they don’t really spend much time forming/developing the character and for 2 of the CDs I experienced they prolly fell short, like they were almost halfway there in developing the character until we lose all of it and go into a 10min+ ichaicha time with the guy that borders on R18 Drama CD levels. Really I’m not kidding. And thats how the CD ends every time. Its like it was all building up to that and thats it. I understand why it was so short in the first place, they didn’t have much concept to go on… or at least thats what they thought. You could prolly do stuff with, if you tried to think hard enough.

I guess this is what a Diabolik Lovers Drama CDs feels like. I think thats what they were going for. It still felt weak tho, but thats prolly my CD choices.

The only CD I hit gold with and enjoyed thoroughly was with Reirei’s CD. It really felt like they were going places with his character and I couldn’t stop laughing it was so ridiculous. I loved it. It might be my taste, ppl might say its creepy, but I found a lot of humor out of it and Shinnosuke Tachibana seemed like he was having the time of his life. If it wasn’t him doing the role then it wouldn’t be the same. Maybe if you want to try out the series, try out Reirei’s first. Its prolly the height of the series for me and most memorable. Iroha might be interesting too, tho I never bought it… I should’ve done so to end the series. Oh well.

Tbh I was interested in this series because its PV sold me, the aesthetic, the song and everything. I loved every bit of that PV, but the CDs kinda let me down in places (except for Reirei, good shit).

Rejet is pretty generous when it comes to giving out lil bonuses with their CDs. For this one they gave out sealing talisman(?) stickers, kinda like with Yuugen Romantica. Each one has a different inscription and I’m guessing its all in chinese(?)

each one is similar to the japanese ver but now in chinese (eg Meimei’s is ドSキョンシー)


Meimei | CV: Takashi Kondo

Meimei aka the resident ドS jiangshi is one of the jiangshi triplets (Diabolik Lovers anyone?). Apparently he’s a sadist but for some reason he seemed like a meanie but still kinda yasashii? What I mean is that he wasn’t over-the-top sadist compared to Diabolik Lovers lol.

Just like all the other CDs I listened to, it follows the formula of the guy waking up from his slumber once the seal wears off and taking in that whiff of the heroine aka you who’s prolly so far away from the guys that they couldn’t possibly smell her out. The guy transfers into your school, teases you a bit, takes a lil nibble, yadda yadda yadda suddenly you’re in their coffin/crypt/gravestone or something experiencing a borderline R18+ drama cd situation where if you replaced the sex with blood sucking this would be it, and it’ll last for Ten. Long. Minutes (more or less). Then the CD ends. Thats 45min+ you won’t get back. I’m guessing this happens to all of the CDs because 3 out of 6 of the CDs I bought and experienced followed the exact same formula.

That aside here’s what happens in Meimei’s CD. 

Meimei wakes up and gets a whiff of that Doushi blood, and then suddenly we’re at school and he’s already transferred. Pacing does not exist, tho if you call this pacing then why even include that scene that he wakes up, you could always make it into a conversation like ‘Yo I woke up from my 400 year sleep what up’. Jk.

He bumps into you, tells you he wants to talk secretly with just the two of you. He reveals that he knows your a Doushi and that he’s a kyonshi/jiangshi. Apparently the seal melted off, releasing him and his pals from their sleep and the Doushi’s are supposed to replace the seals every once a 100 hundred years.

But that ain’t what he’s here to talk about. He’s here to suck your blood, seeing that he’s been sealed for a long time he’s gotten very peckish. Seems like the relationship between kyonshi and doushi is that one drinks the other’s blood while the other has the job to seal them… I think. Its kinda like a love/hate relationship lol. He takes a nibble of the heroine/you and somewhere along the line the heroine/you bitch slaps him :lol:. He’s then all like, oh your face has gotten red lol and was like ‘were you turned on by being bitten’ or something like that, and then leaves promising he’ll come back for another sip of that doushi blood.

Next day he comes into class complaining about going to school and being nocturnal, so why ya go to school you ass. Apparently he has nothing better to do at home so he’s going to school, but still? Why ya going to school you’re a jiangshi, immortal, you don’t need education. I guess I could ask the same question for Diabolik Lovers… Suddenly a ball crashes through the glass in the direction of the heroine/you which Meimei saves you from, turns out it was Riei who did it lol. He’s about to chase after him but the heroine/you pulls him away to attend to the wound in his arm, here’s where I’m like aw what a heartwarming scene.

While she’s/you is tending to his arm he runs his mouth about stuff, apparently his aniki Rinrin told him that he didn’t want them to go to school or something, but Meimei is all like good place to drink blood tho (or something). The heroine/you did an awful job wrapping his arm and then a lightbulb goes off in his head and he’s like “Oh now I know why you’re going to all this effort. Its because you’ve fallen for me lol. So thats why ya wanted to be alone together, you could’ve just said so ;^)” and kisses the heroine/you. Then he notices the heroine/you blushing and he’s like ‘wtf, you’re supposed to be grossed out being kissed by a jiangshi’ and totally backfired on him and he’s sort of freaking out lol. This is kind of what I mean by I don’t see him as a sadist because he’s kinda goofy/yankee type.

Next day they bump into each other again, Meimei is having a rough time trying to understand the heroine/you’s behaviour and is like ‘theres no reason for you to hang out with him here’s the reasons’ and is in the middle of listing them off before the heroine/you tells him his blazer button is loose/needs to be stitched back on and pulls out a sewing kit which baffles him. She pulls him into a room to fix his button and I’m like aw another cute moment.

He’s still baffled about her behaviour and keeps reminding ‘hey we’re kyonshi and doushi wtf this isn’t how its supposed to be’. Then teases her going like ‘heh you really do like me ;^)’ prompting him to get his blazer thrown back at him, serves you right son. He talks about why its weird for them to be friendly because he hates her ancestors/every single doushi and prolly holds a grudge for being sealed. His family is top when it comes to jiangshi’s and he boasts about his prowess. So he’s an ore-sama type too lol. He used to kill a bunch of doushi back in the old days without using his powers tho in the end he lost to the heroine/you’s ancestors. So thats why he has a grudge and knows their scent very well, which you/the heroine holds. Tho the heroine/you is like ‘but lets be friends tho’ which kinda angers him and warns her next time they meet it won’t be a good scene.

Next day, the heroine/you is stalking/observing Meimei from afar, only to be found out immediately. Apparently he can smell out that ‘she can’t take no more’ and something about when a jiangshi bites someone (prolly a doushi) the person will be kind of under a spell/wanting the jiangshi to drink more of their blood until they die and turn into a jiangshi themselves, so I guess thats what meant by ‘reaching her limit’. The heroine/you pull out some seals and its battle time.

She puts up a good fight, tho really no match to Meimei and gets caught in the end. As he’s about to bite the heroine/you he notices that the seals aren’t even prepared properly/won’t even work :lol:. Nobody taught the heroine/you how to make proper seals. He gets angwy and the heroine/you is like ‘but I don’t wanna seal jiangshi’, which makes him even more angwy. She’s the first doushi to refuse to seal him apparently and that freaks him out lol. She’s all like ‘but you’re not a bad guy’ and he gets frustrated because he’s been hating/fighting with the doushi’s all his life, he can’t even grasp at this girl’s thinking process wwww. She gives up and he’s like just trying to explain it to you is making me feel like an idiot.

In the end she reaches her ‘limit’ and can’t take it anymore. He promises to make it ‘comfortable’ for her, tho she might die, and will ‘take the lead’ if you know what I’m saying. Jk. I don’t even know what I’m saying. I’m not even sure what I’m listening to. He takes her to his crypt/tombstone/coffin and thats where they’re gonna do it for 10 minutes, in the coffin. You know, blood sucking. It’ll be a long night if you know what I mean ;^)

I’m gonna leave out the details of the 10 minute track of Takashi Kondo attempting to eat a watermelon (thats what it sounds like to me). More or less theres a lot of sucking/biting/something rubbing against something sounds going on but thats all there is other than Meimei talking tho theres not a lot of info to take from there. If you anna hear it for yourself you can go look for it or buy the CD. But seriously it felt like that track took forever. You can interpret how it ends, like did she really die in the end from loss of blood or is she daijoubu. If you had that much blood sucked then I don’t think you’d survived. In the end they’re locked in that coffin 4ever.

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I still don’t understand why he’s a sadist, maybe I’ve gotten used to those characters or I have a high standard of what a sadist is lol. He seems like a yasashii guy, he said he’d make it easier for the heroine so it wouldn’t be painful, like for her sake not for his own gain. But in the end the last track, the blood sucking scene that goes on for eternity, kinda spoilt it for me.


Reirei | CV: Shinnosuke Tachibana

Reirei is the clingy yandere jiangshi. He’s also one of the triplets (Meimei, Rinrin, Reirei). He can get creepy at times but his CD was one of the most enjoyable ones out of the three, well to me it is.

I’m gonna try to keep these ones short as possible, seeing that Meimei took me a lot of time to write up. Sorry if you wanted an in-depth summary! Whoops, I don’t know how to summarise/abridge properly lol

Reirei wakes up and smells out someone who he claims to be his one and only ‘ohimesama’, and laughs maniacally.

He feints being lost and asks for help, which he then locks the heroine/you in the room. He knows she’s a doushi and is like ‘yo you smell like candy’, which later becomes her nickname aka “Candy-chan”. He thinks she purposely didn’t renew the seals just because ‘she wanted to meet him so much’ lol. He takes a nibble of Candy-chan before she runs off and then it begins. The beauty of Reirei’s CD has begun.

Its been a few days later and he’s like “were you you lonely? of course you were! I was lonely too you know~~”. The way Shinnosuke delivers these lines is incredible I laugh every time :lol:, its like he keeps talking and talking and at a fast rate that sometimes its hard to pick up some stuff and he drags out some vowels. Thats Reirei for you lol. He’s about to ask Candy-chan out but she’s all like nuh uh and tries to run away from him. Apparently he’s got work from the teacher and wonders if Candy-chan can help and he’s all calm and shit but gets all hyped up when she accepts his invite.

They’re at his house but I’m not sure if I could call it his house when the front door makes a stone being pushed sound lol. Prolly his crypt :lol:. He then shows off the matching stuff he bought that is exactly the same stuff Candy-chan has: towels, hand mirror, mascot character that hangs on her bag, same smart phone etc. He’s doing all this to match Candy-chan as if they were a couple lol. He even bought matching PJs for both of them and even has the same quilt cover as hers on his bed. You wanna know why he knows all this? He entered her room while she was sleeping thats why. THIS MAN. I love how over-the-top he is. She asked if he bit her while she was sleeping but he was like “nuh uh, I tried to endure biting you, tho in the end I couldn’t take it anymore and bit my own arm while looking at you lol.”. Then he’s all like “just being in this bed is almost as if I’m sleeping next to Candy-chan. I can’t wait to sleep on this tonight!”. AAAHH HE’S TOO MUCH IM GONNA DIE FROM LAUGHTER.

He’s all like “Why are you quite all of a sudden? Could it be that you like matching stuff too? Its couple-like right? How about from today onwards we become a couple, Candy-chan???” and times like these I wished there were characters like him in otome games. Tho they have to be over the top that you can’t take them seriously. He suggest biting her tho she reminds him like ‘don’t we have stuff to do from the teachers?’, oh right. Turns out he didn’t really need her help to do the work, he prolly just wanted to ask her over at his house…. crypt….. thing. He’s about to bite her again tho she fights back, she keeps fighting back and ruins his stuff… tho this really makes him angry to the point he’s a bit scary and bites her strongly making sure it hurts. But then he’s like ‘wait a minute candy-chan, you enjoyed that?’, turns out she did? Candy-chan wtf bruh.

Next day Candy-chan goes to look for Reirei to seal him and finds him coming back from the convenient store with pasta. He seems really sad about being sealed but because he loves her he’ll let her do as she wishes, tho gives her the pasta because it’ll go to waste now that he can no longer be in the human world. He asks her to seal him at a certain place, where he can sleep in peace, which turns out to be near a lake(?)

Now everything gets sentimental and I’m not used to this calm Reirei o<-<

Apparently he knows that she wasn’t taught how to use the seals, he researched into her and found out her parents died a long time ago so they couldn’t teach her. He then has a close heart to heart with Candy-chan before he gets sealed. He confesses that even if she may not believe, he really does love her. He’s been living his life thinking he’s better off to live alone for 4 thousand years. He used to love Doushi’s long ago, tho it wasn’t enough I guess, they all left him. But Candy-chan was always by his side even after him biting her a bunch, she still stayed. He’s glad Candy-chan is there, that it makes him forget about his loneliness, that he could actually meet someone he could love. He believes that he may not be able to meet someone that he loves as much as Candy-chan, so thats why he’s gotta let her do what she wants and seal him.

In the end, he’s still scared. He was sealed at that lake/place, even when he asked the doushi’s not to. It was painful to be sealed in the cold water, apparently. His voice is all wavering and its like he’s about to cry…. Reireiiiiiiii. He asks to hold her hand to calm him and asks for one last wish… a kiss. They kiss, he gives the ok to be sealed and says his farewells “Bye Bye, Candy-chan”

Ju~~~~~st Kidding (ゝω・) テヘペロ

He throws the seals into the water with a “Hai~ Poi!”, tho Candy-chan tries to get it back but its all wet and can’t work. Thanks Reirei. Whether what he said about his past is true or not is left to the listener lol. Apparently one person can’t seal him away.

He tries to bite her in the water tho she keeps squirming so he carries her out and plops her on the grass where it transitions into the last track with the final blood sucking starts for the next 14 minutes. Like with Meimei’s I want to refrain from describing this……… But apparently when a jiangshi sees the moon their blood sucking becomes stronger or some shit and lucky for Candy-chan its FULL MOON. Good luck there.

Reirei’s blood sucking track is really ??? Its almost like I accidentally bought a R18 Drama CD… again. The guy ripped her closed apart. He even said “イッちゃうそうな顔” and I’m like, whats that phrase doing here?????

«  »

Really Reirei’s CD is best to be heard rather than read about. I was half-fooled into thinking Reirei was telling the truth until that cop out. He’s kinda of messed up and I’m wondering how did he turn out like this because there is sense to him at times. At the final track at one point Candy-chan hugs him back and it makes him really happy, thinking that his feelings have been received and she likes him back. It makes me think that he really did want to be loved back but in the end his mind got twisted just waiting for someone to reciprocate his feelings… but thats just my theory. Tho he really wants her to die so she can turn into a jiangshi, so they can live 5ever.

It was a good CD, prolly my fav out of these. Kinda feel sorry for the guy now that I figured out a theory about him… Shinnosuke was gr8 at this character imo. Good shit.


Riei | CV: Hikaru Midorikawa

Riei is apparently the scumbag of the jiangshi group(not sure whats the correct translation for kuzu in this sense but scumbag sounds correct). Tho for some reason he came off as a yasashii guy in my first listening. I guess its because I’m naive and gullible. He’s the oniichan of Iroha.

His one felt a lil weak imo and I can’t really remember much of it lol. So hopefully I’ll keep this short.

He’s written as if he’s a playboy because at the start, the very first thing he says upon awakening was “where the girls at?”, well something similar to that. I guess thats where the scumbag part comes in. He even says “I love all girls” lol.

He also has a nickname for the heroine/you: “Ichigo-chan”. I don’t know why but thats the first thing he says to the heroine/you. At times he talks all sweetly but then he says something messed up in a deeper tone and I’m like ‘You ok there?’. He does that biting thing and later tells Ichigo-chan that he’s kinda thankful for her not renewing the seal or something and that she’s not at fault and the ppl (her parents and ancestors) are at fault for sealing him. He’s like, go ask your parents about it…… but then he learns that she’s all alone, prolly the last of her family.

Then he’s all “Isn’t that a little lonely? No one to tell you ‘Take care’ when you go or ‘Welcome home’ when you come back?”. Since when did you care? jk jk. I guess this is where I was like… he’s nice right? But his profile says 95% of the time he lies so lol. He then explains to her its her fate as a doushi to become a jiangshi if she keeps getting her blood sucked. He’s like ‘then you wouldn’t be lonely, I’ll be by your side’ or something like that. Yeah right buddy. It kinda feels like his CD is exposition for how jiangshi and doushi works, according to him the doushi eventually finds pleasure with the blood sucking after a while. lolwut. It makes sense tho in the previous CDs, especially the last track.

Riei is the type of guy who says words without meaning, like saying “You’re cute” or “I like you” seems empty and thats the type of character he is. Next day he offers to carry Ichigo-chan’s bag as they walk to school, apparently shes packing bricks in her bag or something lol, he even goes like ‘whats wrong? just thinking back on being bitten is turning you on? oh am i wrong? lol’, this guy is pure kuzu. Riei even offers to hold hands as they’re coming near to school and he says it so nonchalantly. He prolly wants ppl he and Ichigo-chan are dating, he even asks her to be his girlfriend. What is with you boy.This prompts her to steal back her bag and shoujo run away from Riei.

Ichigo-chan comes home but finds out Riei stole her phone while he was holding her bag. She must’ve called her phone and he picked up and theres club music in the background :lol:. He’s at a place called ‘Saturday Night Fever’ and tempts her to come over to get her phone back, tho she has to wear adult-like clothes to get in. At the club he orders a drink with a strawberry in it. He won’t give back her phone until they drink and enjoy themselves. He feeds Ichigo-chan an Ichigo, mouth to mouth aka kiss which gives the track its name ‘Strawberry Kiss’ lol. Then he’s like ‘oh was that your first kiss? im kinda happy~’, このクズ. Riei keeps saying he likes her, and hopes she can like her back but really bruh? You lyin’? He goes in for another strawberry kiss and it lasted a bit long, bro not in my ears, i beg you.

He’s really sweet with his words tho, even going far to say ‘is it ok for me to kiss you while i drink your blood? ;^)’, tho that lead to Ichigo-chan pushing him away and running. But like the villain he is he’s like “There’s no point in running. Aha… ahahahahAHAHAAH”. Chill. She comes home and finds him waiting for her with an ‘okaeri~’, he gives back her phone and is like ‘you know what I’ve come to like this place, maybe I’ll stay?’ tho Ichigo-chan doesn’t want that. But he tempts her by saying, if I were here I’d tell you ‘itterashai’ and ‘okaeri’, and pulls on her lonely heartstrings. This man tho. She runs away to the study and grabs a book on jiangshi to find a way to get rid of Riei, but in the end he finds out. He even thought that getting a kiss from her would mean they’re on good terms but you are wrong, sir. He lends a hand tho, teaching her how to seal a jiangshi because he is so yasashii.

But of course Riei would be the one to make up stuff and make it seem hard to seal, he even suggested to just give up and talks sweetly to Ichigo-chan promising her things and saying that ‘he’s hers’. He kisses her, tells her to take his hand and come with him and that ‘he needs her’. Even if he’s lying he seems very nice and gentle about it, like I wouldn’t mind if I was lied if it was this nicely lol. He takes her to his crypt/coffin/whatever where he will ‘bite/drink/love’ her, tho he practically pushes her in there lol.

This is where the 7 minute blood sucking track starts and hey its less than 10 minutes but still feels too long. Hikaru is basically a veteran when it comes to “blood drinking” dummy headmic CDs and it shows lol. Still, it sounds like everyone is eating watermelon.  Riei mentions Iroha in this part, so its a bit of a teaser for the listener to buy his CD. Oniichan advertising for his otouto :lol:.

«  »

With Riei its hard to figure out where the lie starts and where it ends so it seems like he’s being honest 100% (jk). Even in the last track Ichigo-chan says she likes him and he’s like “Is that so? You’re so cute” *goes in for another bite* “Well? What do you want me to answer with? Tell me~”, and Ichigo-chan tells him to say ‘aishiteru’ and he’s like as you wish “Aishiteru yo, Ichigo-chan”.

Boy. I’ve had enough of you and your scumbag tactics. I wouldn’t say this is a good one, not sure what someone can get out of it unless they like being lied to where the lie doesn’t sound that bad and actually makes you feel better. Would you call those sweet lies? lol. Finally its over and done with.

Final Thoughts

I know I did an overall thoughts thing but here’s my final, final, final thoughts on the series as a whole. It felt a bit short, if you cut out the last track it’d feel even shorter and a bit weak and all of those tracks were leading up to the final track.

It also felt like they could’ve gone places with the theme. If you took out the terms kyonshi and doushi then it’d be like your average blood sucking CD. Sometimes it felt like they got the character types wrong when they blatantly say ‘do-s jiangshi’ when in the end Meimei was kinda gentle.

The run times are shorter than normal, yet you still have to pay the exact same price for those that go for an hour. If you want to try it out then go ahead. For me, buying Reirei was worth it in the end because I had so much fun listening to it and I think the scenario writers were having fun with it too. Riei felt a bit weak and Meimei felt nice at the beginning but then for some reason got spoilt by the last track for me? If I had enough money to spare I’d prolly try out Iroha for the sake of it.

And that was Midnight Jiangshi, something kinda adequate but felt kinda meh.

As bonus here’s illustrations from inside the jacket sleeve (sorry for the lines, thats what happens when paper is folded for a long time).

Thanks for reading until the very end! I hope you enjoyed it, feedback would be nice like if you want the summary to be shortened or anything like that.

Next drama CD review will prolly be Honey Liar!? I’m not sure when tho….

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  1. At first i was a bit unsure about reading your article, i clicked the link by mistake, BUT I’M GLAD I DID. I swear, i couldnt stop laughing reading this, especially the part with Kondo and Midorikawa eating the watermelon (tho who knows, the trick with sucking the hand works too//shot )
    I’ve listened to Meimei’s, Rinrin’s, Riei’s and Iroha’s CDs only. And the tokuten with Meimei & Rinrin too, it was gold XDDD
    I plan to listen to Leilei but i’m afraid my poor heart won’t take it, same about Honoka. Their tokuten was brilliant too, Leilei becomes the sticky fan around Honoka.
    From what I remember, cause you mentioned somewhere that Meimei, Rinrin and Leilei are triplets welll that’s not actually true. They’re indeed bros but Rinrin is actually the older bro. Meimei is the second one. These two have the same parents (they might be actually twins who knows, on the site it mentions that they all were 17). Leilei is their bro too but from other parent, like one of his parents is not the same one as for Meimei and Rinrin.
    Also about Riei and the nickname, if youre into japanese you might think that the nickname is 苺ちゃん (Ichigo-chan/Strawberry-chan), but its actually not. Riei, as a girls hunter as he is, the dude actually COUNTS THE GIRLS. The nickname is actually 一号 (meaning you’re/the heroine is his #1 girl), as in 一号、二号、三号 etc etc. Riei is actually too lazy to say Ichigou and shorts it as Ichigo lol. A friend was reading an interview of Midorikawa after recording the MJS cd, i swear that was criminal
    Q: After you’ve read the first time the scrips, what was your impression about the character?
    Midorikawa: This guy’s terrible.
    Also besides that, he mentioned that near A LOT of his lines from the scrips the word “lie” was mentioned smth like “(lie)”, a lot of Riei’s lines were indeed lies. It makes me wonder if his entire cd isnt actually a lie XDDD

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    1. I’m really glad you had a good time while reading this even if it was kind of on accident, tho I’m kinda sorry you had to read it all (It’s too long for me to read myself lol).
      Thats actually interesting that they’re brothers/somewhat related and not triplets. I must’ve read it wrong or something on the website…
      I never really thought it was ichigou omg. Thats actually really clever, kind of a play on words I guess? Thanks for telling me!
      I’m not surprised that Riei’s script has a lot of lies in it but its really hard to pick out if some of those lines are really lies or not lol. I guess you could say he’s an honest liar? If that makes sense.


      1. Its okay, i actually enjoyed reading not matter how long it actually was.
        I always said this:
        My “always sadist” list is containing these three things
        2.Wanikani (the app i use for learning kanji)

        Istg, i dont know what Rejet is planning but they always lock our mind with small stuff. Exactly how in DL, the versus between Ayato and Subaru is called “Redrum” but it actually means “Murder” backwards.
        And about Riei, if from the drama cd we evidently can figure out that he’s a liar, im curious about how he acts towards his brother, Iroha because there’s a tokuten featuring these two. My friend should receive it soon.
        Even tho it was pretty short and kind of plotless, i enjoyed the MJS series, and i’m looking for some MJS tokutens, there are actually 16 MJS tokutens, i got a few. It’s pure comedy i swear XDDD

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      2. Its funny that the bonus drama CDs for series are usually the ones that are more entertaining lol. I got the limited edition set for Dark Fate and I found the bonus Drama CD so hilarious. I was like “Why can’t it be like this all the time?”, but yeah, good stuff.
        I’d like to think Riei still lies to his brother but maybe his brother can see through his lies?
        Good luck with your search for MJS tokutens!


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