[Unboxing] Dance with Devils – Limited Edition

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Its been a while since I bought a limited edition (about 8 months tbh), but here we are with Dance with Devils. This time around I bought it at amiami and got all these goodies!

I watched the anime (just watched the last ep a few days ago after a lot of delaying) so I’m wondering where the game will go. The anime was blatantly “Rem and Ritsuka OTP” so now I get to have my chance to romance with Mage? Perfect.

As for gameplay all I know is that you have a ‘human’ and ‘devil’ parameter where your choices affect the ending, theres dummy headmic audio, and theres also a card collecting game with stills from the anime. Tho I’m not sure how the card collecting game works… I won’t do a quick look in this post because I’m a bit busy rn, sorry.

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As for the amiami set, it comes with a clear file with Shiki and Rem as well as badges which I’ll have to add to my collection later lol. I’m not sure if the Short Story book is for limited edition only Amiami bonus or if it just applies for all editions of Amiami. For a preorder bonus you get a bonus Drama CD “ようこそアクマの執事喫茶へ” (welcome to the devil butler cafe) with the god awful pointy shoulder pads as the CD graphic. Even now I want to destroy it.

(blurry Mage Short Story for your enjoyment)

The package that contained all these was pretty big considering the limited box itself is 1/4 smaller than the package. Then I realised it was big because of that clear file lol. About 60% of that package contained paper stuffing thingy, all of that for just a clear file… wow.

The limited box itself looks a little something like this:

The back of the box made me thought that I bought an anime DVD because of the stills lol. It’ll take me a while to get used to it. I’m sort of used to how Otomate packages their limited box where it opens up kinda like a book so when I was trying to get the stuff inside this one I was like “Where the flap on the side to open it?” lol. I had to open it from the bottom end like the caveman I am.

And inside the limited box is….

2016-04-05 10.06.08

The game (of course), 6 postcards with dancing CGs, a drama CD “大乱闘!?一夜限りの温泉旅行” (Battle Royal!? One night only Hot Spring Trip), and a special small booklet that includes profiles, roughs etc.

(Sorry not sorry for the crotch pics)

It was interesting to see the original character designs by Hirotaka Maeda, illustrator for Vitamin series, Ren’ai Banchou series etc. Kinda makes me wish that they hired him to do the game art but I guess its because everyone is so used to how the anime looks it’d be a bit wierd to change the artwork even tho the anime is supposed to look just like the original art… somehow it became its own style lol.

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Thats about it. I won’t be able to talk about the drama cds until I finish the game and write a review (hopefully). Thanks for reading as always! I secretly hope the guys sing out of nowhere in the game like in the anime but I’m starting to doubt that lol.

Wait for me, Mage…


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    1. Me neither I always laugh whenever I watch it. Its hilarious to think that the bad guys have to go through listening to the song instead of attacking them lol.

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