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[Mobile – Special] Ensemble Stardust (April Fools)

As April Fools pranks/jokes go this has got to be one of the most elaborate ones I’ve seen lol.

When I woke up today I wasn’t expecting that the teachers of enstars will overrun everything. From being part of the start screen as above, your my room guy can only be Jin or Akiomi at random, you can look at their profiles and change their clothes/backgrounds and they even get an event of their very own including story and cards.

2016-04-01 06.07.18

It delves into the past of Jin and Akiyan as high school bois aiming to be idols. I guess they’ve always planned this to happen and most of us were anticipating for it so thanks HE, even tho it turned out to be a troll in the end.

I could’ve talked about this in a game diary but considering its a one day only event and limited, nows the only time to talk about it. Plus I’m unsure if all the things I received like story parts, cards and the ability to look at their profiles will be available after April Fools so better not take that chance lol.

Let the flashback to youthful memories begin!

Screen shot 2016-04-01 at 9.52.42 PM
1st April ~ 1st April

One thing I love about the story here is that its fully voiced. All of it. Every single sentence, phrase and grunt is voiced and boy is it easier to read when someone’s reading it out loud for you. I still didn’t understand some parts tho. I wish it was like this all the time but it’ll cost money considering its a cast of 33 (?, well plus the teachers its 35).

Tho this story is Jin’s and Akiyan’s voice actors time to shine! They’re good at it, not bad. But is that really Akiyan’s voice actor doing his young ver self? I can hardly tell if they’re the same person.

Be warned some of these are out of order in terms of story. I’m just listing the facts as I remember them, so its not chronologically ordered.

Screen shot 2016-04-01 at 9.25.44 PM
Right: 3rd Year Jin, Left: 1st Year Akiomi

In the past story Jin is a 3rd year and titled “Super Idol” while Akiyan is a fresh babby aka he’s a 1st year that looks up to Jin and tags along with him like a lost puppy sometimes. Babby Akiyan is really bright and full of dreams unlike his gloomy older self, while Jin seems to be kind of disillusioned as an idol (you can see where his lazy self emerges). Also he prolly smokes as a third year too, I think (he asked Akiomi for a tobacco/cigarette).

Things to note here is that Subaru’s and Hokuto’s fathers are here in this time too, as seniors to Akiyan tho I’m not sure if they’re 2nd years or 3rd years. Akiyan calls Hokuto’s Dad “Dai Senpai”, which means he pretty much thinks he’s a god (jk). Akiyan really looks up to his senpais as the naive 1st year he is, yet to learn the hardships of the idol industry. I guess thats why he got bitter as he got older.

I’m not sure where the rumor that Jin was a super idol started, tho Akiomi keeps calling him that and I guess it may have been Jin who told him that tho I can’t remember the details. Akiomi is then found by Jin doing lessons and overworking himself, which Jin is like to himself “you’ll really become a super idol if you keep doing that” and thats when he comes to respect him, and even acknowledges Akiyan’s beautiful singing voice which he thinks hes better cut out for Opera lol.

I think the reason why Akiyan works hard to be a good idol is because he doesn’t want to be seen as “an idol with just a pretty face”, I guess he wants to show he’s strong when it comes to his performances.

While Jin wanted to become an idol because he wanted to impress a female patient of his father’s and it seemed she only had interests in idols particularly the ones on TV. So that was his goal to be an idol on TV for the girl to notice him. Akiyan asks where that girl is now and Jin’s like “She’s dead, she died from leukaemia”, which poor babby Akiyan is like ‘I’m sorry..’. Jin’s cool with it tho, he says it doesn’t stop him from wanting to make others smile while he’s on stage (or something similar to that).

By this time in the story, Akiyan is a junior model/actual model and I think he sleeps in a capsule hotel because he stays late at school practicing? What is wrong with you boy get proper sleep you’re over doing it and so thinks Jin too. Jin reveals he’s a son of a doctor which is why he can pick up on stuff like Akiomi overexerting himself to the brink of collapsing and dying. He invites Akiyan to stay over at his place so he can rest easy seeing that he’s a good senpai.

I think from there on out Jin looks after/protects Akiomi to be strong enough to tackle the idol world, seeing that Akiomi started off as a young and naive child.

Back to the present, Akiomi is telling Jin off for drinking alcohol on school premises (tho Jin says its a non-alcoholic beverage like juice, but it really is beer lol) and it turns out Jin was telling Tenkousei-chan the whole story. Yes they refer to Anzu as Transfer Student here so this encounter happened when Anzu first transferred into the school.

Akiomi bickers with Jin and I’m here wondering “So where does this whole thing about Jin crossdressing come in?” and then Jin whips out a picture of him with long hair. Turns out in one of his plans to spook Akiomi into stop practicing at night he dressed up as a girl with long black hair like a ghost but turns out Akiyan was unfazed and actually fell for that persona (tho I think he says its the first time he talked to a ‘girl’, prolly hatsukoi? lol) and then Jin just went with the flow of it and just cheered him on and encouraged him in crossdress.

If you’re wondering, in the yurei/youkai gacha story it has the background story on Akiomi’s first love where he and a girl would create songs together and it was the anniversary of them meeting on that night so he’s playing the piano tho everyone thinks its a ghost and gets spooked. Tho Akiomi is like “But the girl I fell in love with was Jin crossdressing…. “and yet he still commemorates their anniversary. Poor Akiyan, he’s still got lingering feelings for that girl despite the truth. But yeah, thats where the first reveal that Jin crossdressed happened.

Akiomi advices Anzu to not be a useless human like Jin, and tells Jin they should keep continuing to help guide the children and protect them like Jin once did with him.

As for CGs here they are:

They grow up so fast….

Still looks like Jin is holding a piss sample jar tho.


As for the cards, well thats the biggest troll that I felt pretty salty about. You can use the cards in your team nor can you level them up unless you use produce point. The Idol Road looks like this:

2016-04-01 15.03.31
voice clips and clothes/bgs everywhere….

And it takes up a lot of gems that I had to use my diamonds to unlock them… I regret but not really? The cards aren’t available through your normal card stack, you have to access their profiles and go into their card albums to see the cards.

You can change their clothes and bgs, tho changing their clothes reverts them to babby versions of themselves which have different dialogue to their adult selves whenever you tap them. Pretty neat!

The cards looks like this, unbloomed and bloomed:

Still can’t get over how cute and cool everyone used to be before they became lame ossans (jk). Would you even call this gap moe? I’d call it gap moe.

This was a pretty nice April Fools joke, I still wished we could be able to use the cards at least… but its a nice souvenir of this story. I think Akira-sensei wanted to write this for a while, maybe? If I had backstories of side character I’d jump at any chance to make their story be the main focus even for a short time. Gotta tell their story.

I hope they do more of this from time to time, maybe a story based on Subaru’s and Hokuto’s dads? Maybe next April Fools day they should give us a Mademoiselle card and an Anzu card lol.

Its interesting to see that Akiyan has indeed lost hair compared to his younger self. He really is going bald.

No ahoge, no life

As always I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading. I guess thats three posts in one day, a world record for me lol. See you all later  _(:3 」∠ )_