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[Bunny Diary] Blog Announcement

I have this rule where my first post of the month is a Monthly Overview but considering this news is kinda top priority the Monthly Overview will have to wait. Also brace yourselves because this is going to be a long post of me talking.

If you haven’t noticed posts have been kinda slow as of late, prolly in the last few days and thats because I’ve been working on a little project. Tho I wouldn’t call it little when its going to consume most of my spare time… which brings me to the blog announcement.

I’m gonna have to take a break/hiatus for a while for this project. Not exactly quitting but if it comes to that then I guess I have no choice. I’m sorry! Hopefully when its over I can get back into providing more content for you all.

Now this project I’ve been working on has been on my mind for a while and only now have I decided to take a direct approach into making it happen. I’ve attempted to make visual novels in the past but couldn’t find the time or thought my skills were still weak but now I’m gonna take the plunge again into making one for reals.

I’ve only managed to create kind of a key visual, tho I have a feeling characters and visuals will change throughout development (the guys’ visuals are still being decided/in the works!).

«   »

The story will be about a heroine who was dumped by her father at the steps of a mansion where 6 beautiful brothers, all related by blood somehow, reside. Little does she know that these handsome guys are sadistic yanderes and she had been abandoned there as a ‘sacrificial lamb’ to these wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing.

Alas she is keeping a secret too. She’s been trying to live through the facade of a human despite being a vampire herself. Being the kind hearted and timid girl that she is, she cannot bring herself to drink the blood of others and wants to live a normal life. But sadly her instincts get the better of her and one day drinks the blood of one of the guys… And by bizarre chance by biting these boys they show an unexpected ドM side!?

Each time she drinks their blood they gain a fatal attraction towards the heroine and become unexpectedly clingy and the exact opposite of their personality. In the first stages they seem to lose all memory of the blood-sucking incident, but if she continues they’ll become more and more reliant on her, even volunteering to have their blood sucked and becoming madly in love with her… This creates inner conflict within the heroine as she does not wish to follow her vampire instincts but deep down wishes to be loved…

Get ready for a heart pounding, intense blood sucking, headache inducing story!  Coming soon in 2017… (hopefully)

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April Fools!
It may not be April Fools in most of the world rn but its April Fools to me. I’m sorry if this was a pretty lame April fools prank… I promise I won’t do that again 😆

If you haven’t caught on by now but that was a parody idea based on Diabolik Lovers, the story and title should’ve gave it away. I was thinking of a good way to incorporate the D and the L and I was like, screw it ‘Diablo (in) Love’. Also if you couldn’t tell the sihlouttes of the ‘guys’ are based off the main cast. From left to right: Shu, Ayato, Kanato, Laito, Reiji and Subaru.

Honestly, the idea popped into my head while playing Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate where I was wondering what would make this type of genre better for those who aren’t into abuse and messed up story. One of my first ideas was “Why not make the heroine a sadist thats an asshole with zero likeability and then have the guys be timid and gentle boys who are masochists” but then I realized that the reason we don’t have asshole protagonists is because the readers can’t really relate to them or give an sympathy and have a bad time with the story (y’know, like with Hadaka Shitsuji). I’m not sure if I swapped the roles where the heroine is the vampire and the guys are human.

So then why not have the characters keep their personalities. The guys are sadistic assholes with baggage and are kind of messed up and the heroine is naive, gentle and kind of a pushover. Then we should have their roles switched where the heroine is the vampire and the guys are human and if the guys have their blood sucked they become meromero and masochists but the heroine still keeps her gentle personality in tact…unless theres a sadist route where she eventually becomes the sadist.

Thats what I thought about while playing Dark Fate. And you know what, I was asking myself over and over again why doesn’t that kind of game exist throughout my whole playthrough.

I’m always sick and tired of the same theme being repeated over and over again (that theme being vampires and blood sucking) that none of them really put something new on the table. If there was a game with a similar idea that I talked about above and its available to play then pls tell me because I want to experience it for myself.

I don’t think I’ll ever get around to writing a review on Diabolik Lovers so I thought nows a good time to talk about this on an April Fools post rather than waiting for the day I can be bothered to write a Diabolik Lovers review.

Yeah I’m done with my rant.

Again I’m really sorry. I won’t do this ever again, this will be my first and last April Fools prank on this blog I swear.

Just to make it clear I’m not going to stop blogging to make a visual novel nor am I making a visual novel based on that idea. I’m not going anywhere. It’d be nice to make it but I don’t have the resources, enough talent to do everything (I suck at drawing backgrounds like the insides of houses) and I don’t have the time.

Otomate if you’re reading pls pick up this idea or anybody for that matter. Call me, we’ll keep in touch. Jk.

Thank you for having the patience to put up with my lame prank. Additional thanks for reading all of it and many apologies.


4 thoughts on “[Bunny Diary] Blog Announcement”


    I was reading the summary and thinking “oohkay, obviously this idea is influenced by Diabolik Lovers. laaaaame” but then I kept reading and was like wait what I saw something about yandere. and like the more I read the more interesting it got, and I was like so into it that I forgot to think that realistically, this was a joke!!!

    I’m dying of laughter here. thank you. this whole post is win. I hope Otomate does call you up lol. XD

    oh yeah you mentioned something I often thought about when it came to some games’ alternate or bad ends, where the heroine goes crazy or possessive/controlling and it’s really, you know, dark. but those paths are always short. Maybe you can’t start a game as meanie but maybe a game where you can choose to be one halfway through? so that people can actually get a legit path where they are this dark heroine. i dunno. just some thoughts this morning.

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    1. I’m glad my joke worked somehow lol. I was kind of worrying it’d fall flat on its face… Just hearing that you had a good laugh out of it made my day too.
      But yeah, its definately something to think about or watch out for in the future, maybe a game with ideas like the ones we’ve described might pop out of the blue one day… hopefully. It’d be interesting to play.


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