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[Book] Spotlight – Ensemble Stars Official Debut Book

I’m not sure what category I should put this in, its not really a review… but I want to talk about it so I guess its a spotlight? I don’t even know anymore lol.

I bought this along with this month’s Girl’sStyle because this month’s B’s Log wasn’t showing up in CD Japan’s catalogue and I don’t want to buy Girl’s Style all by itself and wait until it goes out of stock… Funnily enough, B’s Log showed up in the catalogue when my order shipped.

Its a small thin book so there might not be a lot to talk about but lets take a look anyway.

The book comes with a bonus poster as well as a serial code for a 3* Makoto card and 5,000 Produce Points. Despite the book being released in like August the code still works and you can still input it until 2017, neat!

The poster is about the same size as the Knights bonus poster from a B’s Log Issue.

Like I said before, its a really thin book and pretty short too, theres 63 pages. So whats inside this book? Basically its like a beginners handbook to Enstars, its got unit & character introductions as well as guides on how things work. Seeing that I already played this game for about a year now I already know all the things I need to know so its kinda useless… But the pages on how events works helps out.

Some of the stuff for the characters are info I already had with the B’s Log Start Book for Enstars, with a few stuff changed/added to character profiles in this book. One thing I liked about the character/unit pages was the glimpses of the different faces everyone has.

Theres quite a few good ones in there but that would mean I’d have to scan almost half the book to show it you guys lol. I like Adonis’ “Pheromone☆” face and also wanko’s blush face.

Theres also a section with the units talking to each via SNS/Instant Messaging. Each unit has a different topic about their unit and stuff, the ra*bits one is where they’re discussing what kind of signature pose should they use and stuff like that. I’m sure theres some translations of those floating around somewhere so check it out.

I was going to scan a character/unit quiz where the result will give you your best compatable unit but it seemed kinda weird how things are sorted… like saying yes to “im happiest during nap time” and saying no to “I’m more active during the night than day” will give you Knights but saying no to “Im happiest during nap time” and then going to the question that says “I want to be protected by boys faction(?)”and saying no will also give you Knights and I’m like??? Wheres the consistency? So I’m sorry if I didn’t scan it in here…

Next up is pages and pages of guides on how to play the game based on different gameplay topics, which I’m not really going to talk about because I’m guessing most of us know how to play the game/can look at the wiki. Theres also a play back on previous lives and gachas with small scenario dialogue which is pretty neat.

Now for the main event, the Dream Unit Project. The Dream Unit Project started ways back into last year where ppl were asked what is their dream unit and to write messages/requests for what they want the Unit to do. The Number 1 ranking dream unit was Ritsu/Mao/Rei which is why they got the front cover of this book and have palmates in the making rn. Heres a little interview with them:

Considering Makoto had a camera and a photo of these guys, I’m guessing they all did the photoshoot on top of the roof where the garden is. What a lavish academy to have green grass on top and trees of the roof lol.

The results for the other dream units were published in this book too along with requests/messages from the producers for what they wanted to see from the units. For the Ritsu/Mao/Rei unit, the requests kinda explain the photoshoot (one of the main requests asked for ‘childhood friends with oniichan Rei watching over them’, tho the minor requests was asking  for their ‘sexy faces’ lol).

For Izumi/Makoto, some ppl asked for Makoto to put glasses on Izumi, Izumi to hug Makoto etc. Theres actually a lot of cute requests and stuff I kinda want to see, like the model trio walking on the runway request, Ritsu playing the piano while Rei Jazz Dances request (A legit request), someone saying ‘As long as Ritsu is together with Mao and he’s happy I’ll be ok with anything’, a request asking for the marine life club to just ‘puka puka’ together and then the weirdest dream unit of all Makoto/Izumi/Koga… Apparently ppl are requesting for Makoto to be chased by these guys or teased to the point he’s teary eyed.

Come on guys, dont be mean (jk). I said this on twitter and I’ll say this here but why is Makoto shorter than Izumi here? He’s 1cm taller than him, y’know?

And then theres a section of messages from one idol to another, which most of them are pretty cute, particularly Mitsuru’s message to Arashi. Tho I’ll leave it secret and won’t scan them. Just ’cause.

Thats about it for this book. Its pretty small, pretty thin, but its about the same size as an A4 book, I think? If you like collecting stuff then maybe its for you. I really enjoyed looking at the different faces everyone has and the dream unit requests but it seems too short in content to me because I already know half of the content… then again its a debut book so its more aimed at beginners.

So if you’re a beginner it might be good for you, tho you’d have to know Japanese to read and understand whats in here. If you want it for the poster then why not buy it. Strangely this turned into a review but whatever, I wanted to talk about this. Hopefully they’ll release an official art-book with character designs and stuff because I’m willing to hand over my money for that

As always thanks for reading!


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