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[Special] Happy Easter!


Happy Easter!

I’m on Easter break rn but it doesn’t necessarily mean I can rest, still got stuff to catch up on lol.

I’m still a bit rusty when it comes to coloring and shading but its nice to give Theo some color once in a while instead of monochrome like I usually do.

Hope you all have a nice day and try not to over indulge on the chocolates. Right now I’m feeling sick from the chocolate overload 😆 so take care!


9 thoughts on “[Special] Happy Easter!”

      1. well…. i have quite a bitt of homework… :/ but i will do something about it! >w<
        i'm hoping to finish dwd in this 2 week break or else when school starts i will….. put it off so much (like what i did to Yunoahana, i still on chapter 4 after a whole half year of playing www)

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      2. It seems a bit of a stretch to complete dwd in the break but i guess because its like 6 routes it might work out? Then again a characters route is broken up between the human route and the devil route so ??? Maybe it won’t take that long.
        I completed one route in Yunohana, started on another guy’s route and never picked it up after lol. Maybe one day I’ll pick it up.

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      3. i’ve been finishing off games and right now…i’ve got…. errr from 10 games in my backlog to 3-4 games in my backlog waiting to be finished…. XD
        i kinda just threw Maji4 into the corner the moment Wof R arrived www
        then again i finished hyakka in….2 days (I DOLL U was the fastest game record of 1 day)
        i’m hoping to finish Yunohana someday soon coz i feel so bad….i’m still in common route after half a year…………..

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      4. Oh wow you’re really fast lol I wish I could be as fast as you when it comes to games
        But yeah, I know how you feel about the common route of Yunohana. It takes quite some time to get through it… can’t blame you.

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