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[Magazine] B’s Log April 2016 Issue – (February)

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This issue’s B’s Log cover is Valentine’s Day themed with Kiniro no Corda 4, featuring the heroine and the Kisaragi brothers. Despite the cover theme the contents doesn’t feel rather Valentiney (jk), its all good tho.

Heads up, I only write on article that interest me/I find interesting and can talk about. I’m sorry if I don’t talk about the whole issue because that would take a lot of time scanning everything and reading thoroughly. Really sorry!

I’ve just managed to keep up with my issues of B’s Log, sadly its not exactly this month’s issue but its close enough.

Pinups for this issue is Liar-S from Dynamic ChordMineo Enomoto from CollarxMalice and Noa Arimura from Blackish House.

Cover Scoop: Kiniro no Corda 4 | website

Seeing that I’ve already played the game I kind of understand how the game plays tho I guess the article in the magazine helps too.

According to the article, even if you haven’t played the previous game you can get a short summary on the plot and the characters. Apparently the chibi characters went into renewal, not sure what they looked like before but they look cute. Theres events where you can ask the guy’s personal questions to get to know them better, theres also love events and friend events presumably with your ensemble group. Also prolly after concert dates? I still haven’t played that into the game lol.

Theres a new character in the game, a sensei with a mullet. Tho I checked his CG gallery and he only has 9 CGs 😆 poor guy. He is voiced by Shunsuke Takeuchi who has an interview along side the article and damn he’s fairly good looking in the photoshoot? I’ve never heard of him before tho and he doesn’t have a lot of known roles. Apparently he’s 2 years younger than me and it makes me feel old lol wtf.



Icchi Banketsu two page ad spread with previously revealed characters and the release date will be in July 2016 (pre-registration opens in June). I’m looking forward to this one because lately DMM has been deleting all the only otome browser games I used to play in the past (Koe Kare and Mystiage), except for Touken Ranbu tho not sure if I could call that otome same goes for this game. Seems like they’re aiming for both female and male audiences with this one, you’ve got your tiddie bishoujos and tiddie baras bishounens for all ages. They’ve got a range of great artists and I have good hopes for this.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last month, Otomate has revealed they’ll be making an Osomatsu-san game. Hopefully they’ll keep the same level of crude humor and tone and not like, butcher it and make it ‘friendlier’. I also hope they don’t have the heroine as mary sue/doesn’t seem to fit into the story. Totoko would be a gr8 lead considering she’s interesting as a character/relatable and quite the opposite of the pure heroines you see every now and then. Then again, not sure if she’s willing to date the Matsuno bros lol.

Also a teaser for B’s Log spinoff magazine “Hash+Tag” with the members of UNDEAD being all sweaty and the first concept being “#脱がせたいカラダ”. I already ordered it and it should release 16th April.

At first I thought this was a teaser for two games but apparently its for one game lol. Tierblade of Eternity-Lost Chronicle- will be a first for Otomate when it comes to two different art styles/artists in a otome game. It will be a Fantasy Sci-Fi Romance Adventure and in the first pic it kinda looks like they’re in the palm of a mecha? (thats what it looks like to me), while the second pic looks like falling down from the sky tho the sky looks artificial/a dome so you get the feeling it might be like one of those post apocalyptic sci-fi’s where the world has gone to shit and nature might be doomed.

The quote in the first pic seems to allude to that presumably the guy characters has to become the ‘blade’ in order to break the girl’s fate. Kinda makes me think that the girl is legit a deus ex machina or something lol. Still not sure how this two artist/two styles thing is gonna work with the story, I’m kind of under the impression that two styles means two stories that reside in the same world/plot but prolly don’t interact with each other in terms of characters.

The director is Kazuki Nakamura who directed “Beast master and Prince”, “Glass Heart Princess” and “Trigger Kiss”. The artist for the first image is Ike who has done work for “Armen Noir”, “Shirohana no Ori ~Hiiro no Kakera 4~” and the second image is by Kinami Yuki who has done work for “Glass Heart Princess” and “Trigger Kiss”.


AR Performers | website


This time around we have an interview with Shinji from Artists Republic Affliation (AR get it?). Apparently Shinji isn’t his real name, more like his stage name tho he won’t disclose it because its a hi・mi・tsu ;^)

He also did figure skating and ballet as a kid, pretty talented kid eh? He seems to be a busy bee and even works hard during his off days like go to the gym and doing lessons lol. I think he doesn’t have a social life because it seems like he has no friends nor a girlfriend, poor AR guy. He jokes about going on dates recently tho in the end the girl is actually a dog. You lonely man (jk).

His debut song will be “World is Mine”, and apparently theres two other guys debuting alongside him which I’m guessing is the silhouette guys below.

He seems like a loveable asshole/dork in the first pic which makes me laugh every time I look at it lol. If I were to loosely translate the quote next to him it’d be prolly mean something along the lines of “If there was a person that would come to love me then they should love me more than anyone in the world”, tho that’s prolly not the right way to translate it but it feels like thats what he was saying. Sorry I’m still rutsy with translating lol.

According to the news below theres going to be a Performance live with Shinji on a nico douga stream next month. It’ll be Shinji’s first live and they showed off his dancing in the previous B’s Log so I’m kinda looking forward to it. The 3D model/animation looks good so far.



Dynamic Chord | website

Liar-S Append Disc will release in August 29th and will have a route for Sotaro Haruna, similar to how Aki got his own route in the append disc. I haven’t played the games so I’m not sure if they make these characters OOC for these routes or not because I remember seeing someone say on twitter that Aki has a crush on one of his band members or something. Who knows.

Also Aki looks really suspicious in that CG. Where’s your other hand at bruh?


Wand of Fortune R | website

Still kinda waiting for the price to go down until I buy this one.

This issue’s system sneak peak is the extras. Or at least I think they’re extra stuff for when you complete some routes or during the game. Theres a special mode where you can chat with the guys for dokidoki times. You can look through characters info and events through the Mils Crea Times (a school newspaper) and “Story With You” is kinda like an after story after completing the true love end, I think… I could be wrong here lol.

You get a couple of after stories too: “Magic Lupe of Edgar” & “Melancholy of Cynthia”.



I won’t normally scan these RealTime-LOGs tho this one was pretty sweet.

RealTime-LOGs are basically short comics accompanied by a pinup poster with pics on the back and front. They’re not based on any otome franchise, I think, just some random(?) characters with ‘real situations’ in everyday life. Last issue was a couple doing the pocky game but they got so embarrassed during the middle of it that they just stood there until sunset lol.


Diabolik Lovers Lost Eden | website

Now I’m not gonna do this often, but here’s some scans for Diabolik Lovers Lost Eden.I still feel awful looking at these character designs, its blatantly not Satoi anymore and it hurts lol. Just hire a different artist that won’t pls.

Also whats up with Kino’s left eye its all squinty. Apparently he’s the illegitamate child of the King of the Underworld/Demon World/Whatever it is, so I’m guessing he’s Ketchup Heinz’s bastard kid? He’s also described as a ‘Broken Vampire Prince’ which prolly means he has a few bolts loose in his head. Not sure how Tomoaki Maeno is gonna deliver that but we’ll see.

It seems like they all have different school uniforms now, but according to Kino’s profile he goes to the same school as the others so wtf is going on with these new uniforms. I guess the new uniform change means they have no choice but to change the previous sprites into the ‘new art style’.

Along with a game it’ll have a drama cd releasing over the span of 4 months. They’re split up between the four families: Sakamichi (Vol.1), Kino (Vol.2), Tsukinami (Vol.3) and Mukami (Vol.4). Vol.1 releases on 17th August, Vol.2 21st September, Vol.3 19th October and Vol.4 16th November.


CollarxMalice | website

This issue introduces a new system, the “Search System”. At certain moments you’re allowed to search an area by interacting with places/items in the room, like as shown above you can investigate the calendar for clues. Reminds me of those escape the room games like Virutes Last Reward.

Also two new characters that are too handsome to be sub characters wtf. Whats with all these good looking sub characters? They’re off limits sadly.

The CG/Character of this issue is Kei and he’s pointing a gun at the heroine because…? Apparently he’s suspicious of her being part of Adonis because of what another lady said. You know my first impression of these guys were assholes because they’re so quick to judge the heroine because they don’t know her well. I still kinda feel like that but its ok, it makes me want to protect the heroine lol. Poor girl.


7’scarlet | website


The development of 7’scarlet is definitely a slow one… This is the 2nd CG to be revealed to the public so I kinda worry. But because its a CG of my man Toa then all is forgiven lol. Apparently he fell down while feeding the cats, that one cat licking his tears his me tbh.

If you haven’t noticed, Toa is prolly the only character I care about. Mainly because his personality/character is something very interesting to me. He’s a freeter, a term used in Japan for those, usually young adults,  who do not have a stable job and usually get part-time jobs. Last year I read a paper on freeters and hikikomoris and I was really intrigued and I love to read more about it, so I hope they explore it in his route. Plus I can kinda relate to Toa and he’s voiced by Showtaro Morikubo lol.

So if I was gonna buy this game it’d be for Toa and maybe the mystery behind the plot.


(srsly tho what is this fashion sense? socks with sandals? boy you’ve gotta be kidding me, jk)


Kamigami no Asobi InFinite | website


Kind of having second thoughts on buying this game because apparently theres a quiz prolly based on the events on the previous game and if you get them correct you’ll get a reward, something I’m guessing is an item for the chibi character mode thing. Still, I want to play this game for Dionysus & Melissa and all them man tiddies.

There are shop bonus illustration for these shops: Stella Worth, Loppi/HMV, Broccoli Online Store and Animate. The illustrations look cute, too bad I’m planning to buy it cheaply at CD Japan and just regular edition.

Also, character CDs. Six in total to be in fact.  Seems like it’ll be for a solo song? First album will be Dionysus and Melissa.


Blackish House | website


The release date has been set for Blackish House Side A, 27th May. Up above is going to be the illustration for the limited edition package by Kazuaki-sensei. Ngl I’m slowly starting to think about buying this, only for the shy/awkward gamer seiyuu dude.

Also I’ve been going through a couple of the past issues of B’s Log I have and I noticed that they don’t have an official name for the heroine? The magazine keeps calling her heroine… so, self-insert anyone?

In Gou’s sample CG and scenario it seems like he doesn’t like people in his personal space, probably in particular girls. But in this CG he seems to be ok with the heroine sitting near him. I think he says he’s gotten used to her so its ok. Also here’s that awkward face he pulls when he’s surrounded by women that I mentioned in a previous post:

2016-03-24 16.52.09

He’s pretty cute tbh

Madoka tho…Apparently he likes making scandals, or scandals keep finding him lol. In the CG + Sample above he is giving the heroine “acting guidance” for her role as a girl named ‘Marina’. Not sure whether the heroine said he doesn’t understand the feelings of Marina or he said it, but it leads to him to reenact a scene where Marina is pushed down by a man she does not like. But bruh you don’t have to go as far as to unbutton her shirt wtf.

Tbh Blackish House gives me the impression its about privileged entertainment industry  kids that are pretty messed up/have baggage and now I’m having war flashbacks to Diabolik Lovers.


Cheer Boy | website


Like I said in the last post, this is a drama cd based on cheering you up. Now we get to see the boys’ profiles and their personalities.

Taiyou Sakuma is the genki mood maker, Ichiya Hiura is the yankee cheerboy, sassy first year Hikaru SetoTakane Kayanagi the kind and understanding guy and finally the cool student council president Nozomu Aritomo.

There are 5 CDs in the series, each CD has two of the boys (one is the main guy, the second guy is the sub guy). Each CD has a theme, these themes are:

  • Vol.1: “When you’re trying your best but can’t succeed” with Taiyou & Ichiya
    Release Date: 29th April
  • Vol.2: “When you made a mistake at work” with Ichiya & Hikaru
    Release Date:
    27th May
  • Vol.3: “When you can’t take a step forward in love”(?, translation is off there) with Hikaru & Takane
    Release Date: 
    24th June
  • Vol.4: “Wanting to diet” with Takane & Nozomu
    Release Date: 
    29th July
  • Vol.5: “When you’re worried about human relationships” with Nozomu & Ichiya
    Release Date: 
    26th August


Psychedelica of the AA-nisus | website

I wanted to buy the first game but sadly it didn’t win the raffle… Possession Magenta did and bboy do I regret. So I guess if I bought this one I won’t have to worry about the first game, tho compared to the first game this one seems more into ye olde past, preferably in Europe.

I’m not sure if I translated the title correctly, because I mainly saw the “AA-nisus” part in fine print in the logo of the website, so I thought that’s what it was. Tho what is a AA-nisus, I’m not even sure.

The heroine is Jed/Eiar. Apparently her right eye changes to a red color when she is worked up/excited which is proof of a witch. So in order to hide it from everyone she ran away to live in a tower in the words as a boy. Which would explain the two names, I’m guessing Jed is her male alias.

Tower Overlord‘, if thats his real name, lives together with the heroine in the tower. I guess he acts like her guardian, maybe? I don’t think he’s a romanceable/has a route, but I have a gut feeling these following guys do.

Lavan is the heroine’s irreplaceable friend and the next family head of the Wolf Clan, he kind of acts like a brother figure to the heroine. Levi is Lavan’s lil bro, bright youth and thinks of the heroine as a lil brother. Finally Lugus is the son of the head of the Hawk Clan, Olga. He has a cold look the drives ppl away, he’s a leader of the youth but often acts alone.

Now why does most of the male leads’ name start with L? lol

The side characters are, from left to right: Olga the head of the Hawk Clan and a strong ruler over the land, Francisca is the mother of Lavan and Levi who is described as strong and kind (she knows about the heroine’s circumstance) and finally Tee, Lugus’ little sister, who is kinda of selfish and has a lot of pride.

I’m looking forward to it.


Taishou Alice Vita | website


Taishou Alice is finally getting a PS Vita port with all of the games rolled into one. Tho didn’t they finish releasing the games back in December? Thats pretty quick to announce a port, sometimes it takes a year but whatever.

I was thinking of buying  one of the games but then thought, “maybe they’ll port it” and so they did. From the demo I played the game was pretty interesting, I liked the characters as well as the heroine who seems a bit ditzy to me but pretty cute. Sometimes she would say english words at random, you could say its one of her charm points lol.

So yeah, definitely gonna buy.


PsychicEmotion6 | website


More CGs for PsychicEmotion6 and also some sneak peaks at the system. By the looks of it you can choose your route and there is also a scenario/chapter selection, which is a thing I wished some otome games had.

You can’t really see it in the screenshot properly in the resolution I provided but there are two meters/parameters. One is “Sweet Lover” meter that is at 50% and the other one is “Jealousy Lover” which is also at 50%. I think throughout the game you’ll have to balance these meters with your dialogue choices which will lead you to either the “Marriage Ending”, “Twilight Ending” or “Destiny Ending”. My guess is that the marriage ending is the best ending because isn’t that what these planet princes are after? A bride?

Also the sweet lover choices seem to be the ones that lean towards the character your playing and I’m gonna assume that the choices that lean towards other guys will fill up that jealousy lover meter. If the bad end is based on jealousy then I’m not looking forward to playing the bad ends lol. This bright and cute game better not turn into something dark, then again that would be really interesting.


Kyoukai no Shirayuki | website

Shirayuki still looking good. I’m falling more and more in love with the background graphics as well as Kinako’s CGs. I didn’t scan it but there was a preview of Yura’s mirror world in the cast interview and it looked really pretty wtf. I want to stay there.

This issues shuffle talk might be a little too small to read because I scanned it as a double page with the CGs so if you’re having trouble to read pls view the full size.

Its going to be 2 months until it releases and it feels like they’ve already used up all the CGs and Shuffle Talk duos rn so I wonder what they’ll do for next issue. They’ve already started with the cast interviews in this issue so who knows.


Project Diva X


Project Diva X already came out today and I haven’t even bought my own copy yet because I’m waiting for it to get a lil bit more cheap. Plus I’ve splurged a lot of moneys on this month.

It seems like AiDee will be on the roster of songs and I’m really glad because its such a good and catchy song thats really upbeat and Luka also raps??? Mitchie M don’t ever change.

The costumes/modules are looking good so far, I’ve got my eyes on that Kaito costume. Also its good to see Meiko get more costumes.

The two systems they’re showing off is the usual Live Edit Mode and a new one: Free Play. I’m not entirely sure what it is, it mentions quests and items but yeah. I was kinda under the impression it was free daily songs thats not part of the main game, but yeah, who knows.


Extras: Ensemble Stars! Short Story & Idolish7 Character Quiz

This issues Ensemble Stars short story is with class 2-A and their trip to a bowling alley. Here we find out its Adonis’ first time bowling and doesn’t know the rules, Hokuto explains it to him and he goes in for a strike. さすがアドニス. Subaru owns his own bowling ball because its shiny and pretty and reveals he doesn’t go bowling often because he doesn’t have friends who can go bowling with him so he’s really happy he gets to bowl with everyone from class 2-A.

Also here’s a character quiz(?), I’m not sure what to call these things, for Idolish7. I would love to translate it but there are some words/phrases that are unknown to me lol. I haven’t really tried it myself seriously, but as you know me I cheated my way and got Gaku.




I forgot to do this last post, I’m really sorry. But to make up for it here’s February’s rankings.

Reader’s Most Anticipated Game Titles:

  1. Diabolik Lovers Lunatic Parade
  2. ↓ CollarxMalice
  3. Utapri Music3
  4. ↑ Hyakka Hyakurou
  5. → Blackish House Side A
  6. ↑ Dynamic Chord feat. reve parfait Append Disc
  7. ↓ Kiniro Corda4
  8. [NEW] Wand of Fortune R
  9. ↑ Kamigami no Asobi InFinite
  10. [NEW] Dance with Devils

Top 10 Mobile Games/Apps of Interest:

  1. → Ensemble Stars
  2. → Yume100
  3. ↑ Ai Chuu
  4. ↑ Idolish7
  5. ↓ Tokimeki Restaurant
  6. ↑ Utapri Island
  7. ↓ Boyfriend
  8. [NEW] Akanesasu Sekai de Kimi to Utau
  9. → Yumeiro Cast

Top 10 Animate Game Sales Ranking:

(Based on sales from January 1st ~ 31st)

  1. Utapri Music3 (Animate Set)
  2. Utapri Music3
  3. Dynamic Chord feat. reve parfait Append Disc
  4. Taisho Mebiusline Vitable (Animate Set)
  5. STORM LOVER 2nd V
  6. Prince of Stride
  7. Gakuen K V Edition
  8. Taisho Alice Epilogue
  9. Norn+Nornette Last Era

Pinup Corner

dynamicchordLiar-S APPEND pinupcollarmalicepinup02-Acollarmalicepinup02-Bblackishhousepinup02

*zooms into Noa’s butt*


I’ve improved the image quality of the scans by improving the color/vibrance. I guess when the maagzine was printed some colors would’ve been lost and then I prolly lost some more color through scanning, so I fixed it in photoshop lol.

This one also took a day to write up and a day to prepare so it’s kinda tiring but a bit fun. This time I took some time to read a little further and translate through google translate so I could gain extra info, so I learnt a few things along the way.

Rn my eyes is twitching from staring at the screen too much so I’ll call it a day

Thanks for reading  _(:3 」∠ )_


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    I played the PC version and it WORTH IT
    the scenario writer is the one who wrote Shinigami to Shoujo.. If u ever played that and fall in love the way the develop each characters and the story, you’re going to be drowned in this one too ////

    I’m gonna wait for you to review that one, and let’s have a flood of feels x”D

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