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[Unboxing + Quick look at] Kiniro no Corda 4

2016-03-23 19.29.49

I just got it in the mail and thought I should do an ‘unboxing’ post. Tho I wouldn’t exactly call it an unboxing when there’s not much to unbox seeing that I bought the regular edition from CD Japan, which comes with a big tin badge of and I quote “Purple Hair Character” as described from their website lol.

The White Day Postcards weren’t exactly a preorder/first press bonus, I guess it’s a little gift from Neo-Romance Games/Tecmo Koei. I guess I’ll be putting them in the pile of postcards I will never send because I don’t understand how mailing stuff works lol.

2016-03-23 19.38.08
the bottom postcard came from an animate limited set bonus for B’s Log

Now it wouldn’t really make much of an entertaining post if I just left it at that so I’ll write up my impressions on it from playing for 2 hours…

I haven’t played a stat based otome game since Love Revo and I only went for the easy route with the guy that didn’t care if the heroine was fat lol, so this is kinda of a sensory overload to see so many systems going on just to up some stats. Yep, I’m definitely gonna need a walkthrough for this one…

I’m kind of taken aback how the heroine doesn’t have written dialogue other than the dialogue choices. Then again the dialogue choices are quite interesting and funny at times, its not really bland at all. It actually does show her personality of someone who’s carefree and I should pretty much be used to silent protags from all these mobile games lol. You can input her name as well as a nickname tho I left it as default and the guys call her by her name/nickname which is pretty cute.

(Affection went up when he was hit by the heroine, masochist much? jk)

As someone who hasn’t played the previous games its nice that they give you a choice to listen to exposition from the previous game by this lovely lady:


And by the looks of it, in this game everyone’s relationship with the heroine doesn’t seem too deep aka raburabu that I’d feel like I’m intruding on something lol. Everyone seems to know her on a friendship level tho so I’m like “Who are you people?”, but I’ll get used to it.

The system itself is kind of bombarding you when you first play, especially when you might know a lot of Japanese to understand whats going on kinda like me lol. I’m getting used to it but my brain feels like its being overworked ahaha. What I like about the game is that the glossary has hiragana for the every glossary word, pretty convenient when it comes to the kanji but I wished that the definition/description of the word had some furigana over the kanji as well lol. You can’t win them all I guess.

I wasn’t able to get to doing my first concert during the 2 hours, I’m still 7 days away from getting to the day of the concert (yeah the game is based around a calendar too, my only weakness). But thankfully theres a practice mode at the title menu and you know what, its alright. I only played one song on easy, there’s no vocals seeing its mainly classical music, and its easy to handle. One thing that feels off is that theres no sound effect when it comes to tapping on the beats which I’m kind of used to by now with mobile rhythm games. I can live without it but it just feels like ??? I dunno, somethings missing lol.

I have a feeling that this game will consume a lot of my time and theres a lot of eligible men in this game which will kill me because theres a few of them that I’m really interested in. But all in all, I’m kind of enjoying it. Maybe it’ll be one of those games I play while commuting or waiting for a class.

As always thanks for reading  _(:3 」∠ )_

ngl I shouldn’t have laughed as hard as I did at this

32 thoughts on “[Unboxing + Quick look at] Kiniro no Corda 4

      1. For Hozumi (guy with scar on face), did you managed to view all the events? I don’t know how to unlock this event #27 “火積慰め告白”. Apparently the condition for this is to make sure you got dumped by any other guy. How to confess but failed? 3 恋の音 (love sound)?

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  1. i also brought the game and it came along with my wand of fortune R so i started WOF R first, i will get to it after i finish wand of fortune R and that’s when Dance with devils will arrive…so this game will be after dance with devils…. added to backlog

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    1. I know how you feel, I chose the faster shipping option for Dance with Devils so it might arrive earlier than I thought so I might put Corda4 on hold while I play Dance with Devils because it’ll prolly be faster to complete it first lol

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  2. Awesome! I’m super interested in this series because the main protagonist is silent, so it’s easier for a learner ;v; The system is hard though, and I’ve been told not to play them until later because of how hard it is.
    I have yet to play a stats raising game (in any language) so I’m scared of them haha
    The game looks really good, so I’m definitely curious for your in depth review! (^v^)

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    1. Theres a difficulty option at the start of the game but I’m not sure what it affects but it says that beginners should go for the easy option. Not sure either if that was part of the previous games but its good to have lol.
      Hopefully I can complete a route unscathed without a walkthrough, last time I did a stat raising game with a calendar/limited time/deadlines I got 80% through the game but failed because I didn’t reach a deadline and got the bad end and never picked it up ever again. Hopefully the same thing won’t happen again lol.


      1. Oh, that’s really nice!
        I finished P3P because of the calendar and the grinding, but that’s an RPG and not a otome/VN (/(エ)\)
        I’m not really good at time managing, I can’t get into the Atelier series even though it’s so cute because of that, but hopefully otome are different because I’ve heard real good things about games like Storm Lover (* ̄(エ) ̄*)

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      2. P3P was easy to clear because it was an RPG and you weren’t really limited to when you’re grinding for levels (except when your teammates get all tired then its time to stop lol).
        And yeah, the game I was talking about where I failed was an Atelier game and it made me so salty because I made so much progress and they started me at the beginning to do it all over again. I would say the game is cute but you can always feel like its pandering to men, especially when there was a bathing suit contest for no reason and you had to cheer for the character you wanted to win the most? wtf lol.


      3. RPG really slow me down and I don’t find them enjoyable like I used to ;_; I’ve gotten super lazy and I’m VN all the way nowadays, almost no effort and I still get story and pretty art O(≧∇≦)O
        Ugh Atelier is adorbale but…it is for dudes, even if the MC is girls, you can tell they’re made for men and targeted at them ^^’
        Yeah it’s a bummer to work hard, make progress and then get the short end of the stick. Atelier also needs multiple play through and it’s just too much effort :/
        I had no idea about the bathing suit contest >_< I wish the series provided fanservice to girls, cause I know it has a female fanbase too ._.
        There's a phew stat raisers I'm interested in like Love Revo, Brother's Conflict, Storm Lover, Kiniro no Corda, but I dunno when I'll get to them or if I'll like them haha ORZ

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      4. Aw thats sad to hear, but I’ve been kinda feeling like that lately too. I’ve been buying nothing but otome games that I hardly play action or RPG games lol.
        I think in Atelier Escha and Logy you can play as the ikemen guy, so maybe thats fanservice to the girls? Who knows, I’ve never played it after playing Atelier Totori… Also I’m not sure if it was a bathing suit contest or a beauty contest but all I remember was every female character was dressed up in skimpy bathing suits.
        I managed to play Love Revo through an emulator because they don’t sell it in my country, sadly, and I kinda feel bad because I can’t pay for it in real dollars… Maybe you should check out reviews to see if you’ll like the games?


      5. It’s a bummer, I heard so much about P3 that in the end…it also didn’t live up to my expectations ^^’
        Once you get spoiled by VN it’s hard to return to gameplay-oriented games haha (* ̄(エ) ̄*)

        That atelier with the dude got super shafted and hated on by the fans/dudes for having a male in their harem so I don’t think they’ll bring a male as a protagonist so soon or ever ^^’

        Where I live forget anything being known like VN, even Final Fantasy is hard to find ^^’ I have to buy digitally or import from the UK/other countries. So it gets expensive. Though if it’s fan translated, I don’t have qualms pirating it, as long as I support the industry with other games purchases (^(エ)^)

        The thing with reviews is I’m not super how I’ll adapt or like the stats raising system. I’ve considered pirating just to try the systems out, so maybe I’ll do that and if I like it I’ll invest. It’s daunting though, there’s always the possibility I’ll get tired later on/trying to do all the routes oRZ
        It’s this indecision that in the end I don’t play them yet. I haven’t made up my mind haha (/(エ)\)

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      6. Wow, thats kinda surprising to hear that the atelier with the dude got a backlash by the male players. Sometimes I wish game concepts aimed at male players could be switched around to pander a female audience, take Senran Kagura for example. What if it was an all male cast with skimpy outfits that break easily? That would be kinda interesting, but companies would prolly think theres no market for that kind of thing for girls/women lol. But its good to see that they’re making a Kenka Banchou game directed to females so thats a step forward.

        Also yeah, I see what you mean. This is why we need demos for VNs more often so we can get the feel of the game and choose to buy it or not, instead of pirating the game to see how it is.


      7. Yeah, the backlash was huge, they didn’t want a guy in their harem, hogging the girls /raises eyebrow
        Man, I wish! But we all know games aren’t as popular. Criminal Girls was super popular, but make it about guys like in KLAP and suddenly girls are being corrupted/kinky /scratches head
        I so hope there’s more games like KLAP, it looks real good~!
        I’m super intrigued by Kenka Banchou Otome, more so because Spike Chunsoft has said in their Twitter if there’s demand, they’ll localise it! (≧∇≦)/

        Damn, I wish all games had demos, I don’t feel right pirating outright and buying something I don’t know I’ll like doesn’t sit right with me either :/
        If only I could be rich so I could buy anything that interests me without penny pinching ^^’

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      8. Damn, do these guys know they’re just fictional characters omg. Its sad that KLAP didn’t even make the top 20 of otome games of 2015… it had good concepts going for it, maybe with some extra polish it would’ve been perfect. I wish more companies/development teams would have guts to go into bizarre ideas aimed for girls/women…
        I hope the localisation of Kenka Banchou Otome gets the green light seeing that theres not a lot of english otome games for the western audience. I also hope it gets support in Japan too so they can improve it more so it’ll be the exact same gameplay as the original Kenka Banchou in a sequel or something.

        If there were demos of otome games then I would’ve saved a bunch of my money lol. You can only know if something is good by word of mouth but if the game just released recently then all you have to do is go with your gut feeling… which resulted in me buying Possession Magenta (it was hyped up and ended up being copy-and-paste story) and Reine des Fleurs (too man bad ends bruh).


      9. Nope, I don’t think they know truthfully ಠ_ಠ
        KLAP not even ranking anywhere in the otome game awards saddened me :/
        I do hope they continue with the series, making fandisks or whatever and continue in the same vein.
        I love out there type of ideas for games, but usually they’re male targeted ;_; (or if they’re female targeted they’re abusive towards women)
        Kenka Banchou Otome has fights, I’m just not sure what the gameplay is 100%, but I really like QTE/adventure style of gameplay for VN! ⊂(^(工)^)⊃

        I’ve been burnt a couple of times with buying games because they were on sales on PSN and they having hype from players and me just not liking/not getting into them ._. There’s also when there’s wildly divergent reviews, I’ve heard good things about Possession Magenta and Reins des Fleurs from some bloggers, others say it’s bad and then I’m like “I don’t know, let’s just not go there” to save headache and money ^^’
        More demos for all games should definitely exist, it’s weird in this day and age they’re still not doing it. It’s probably because they know they wouldn’t captilize on any gullible person if they test drive the games ( ̄(エ) ̄)

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      10. I was happy that they announced drama CDs for KLAP but I still wished they made a sequel of fandisk… If they did a sequel I hope they have a different cast so it’ll be fresh, tho I’d like to see the original cast too…
        But yeah, weird/wacky ideas for otome games don’t happen so often… sometimes I kinda regret not going through with being a game designer so I could make those kind of games for female audiences (but I have my doubts that a company would pick up those ideas and help make it real lol).

        I kind of think that they don’t have a lot of demos anymore is prolly because companies are self-aware that their games are shit and if they released demos ppl will find out that its not worth it.


      11. I’m not really into drama CD. I tried some Starry Sky and my mind wanders, I need visuals/whatever to make me focus OTL
        I’d love an anime and manga and light novel adaptation, if other games can get them, so can KLAP that is so fresh!
        You know, there’s lots of indie developers making games that probably wouldn’t be picked up by big companies either, so nothing is impossible! 🙂
        I think it’s telling big companies release demos for their games and then otome companies are mum ^^’
        Conversely, I think I’ve seen talks that there is a demo for this Kiniro no Corda 4 on the PSN, but again KOEI is a big company, so they’re safe/secure in their products. Harukanaru from them also has demos, I think~
        Even doujin companies have demos for their games (⌒_⌒;)

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      12. I’m not sure if KLAP is really popular to get an anime but it would be great if it did!
        I don’t have a japanese PSN account at the moment so I can’t really access those demos, sadly…


    You really should play the first game (corda 3) ❤
    corda series is such a great game, I can't stahp fangirling at Jinnan dudes, specially Chiaki and his silent violin //w\\
    btw Corda 3 have 3 fandisk, for each school, 'tatoeba' story, what if the heroine is a student from their school and not seisogakuin xD

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    1. i wish i could play the first game but I don’t own a psp and don’t plan to buy one because the lifecycle of the PSP has come to a close now
      I don’t plan to pirate anything either lol


      1. arya ma zannen ;;
        but you actually can play some psp games on your vita.. if, the developer sell the game on psn.. every psp games is playable in vita xD I think KOEI does sell corda 3 on psn, I don’t remeber for other corda series tho xD
        yeah, psp is already an old jijii, vita-kun will replace him now xD

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      2. I’ve yet to get a japanese psn account lol Its really hard to switch between accounts on the vita so I kinda want a second vita for a japanese account but that would cost a lot of money 😆


      3. aah I see, I bought mine when I’m in tokyo, I forgot they are pretty strict with region-lock ;;w;;
        same with mobage I guess haha :”D
        welp, I hope you enjoy the 4th series ❤

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