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Mini Enstars News

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Congrats for 1.5 Million downloads in just under a year! Well its almost the anniversary for the game but its still impressive. This time around we’re getting stuff from Makoto, who adds comments for each one relating them to his team mates like saying konpeito is Hokuto’s favorite and how the diamonds shine would make Subaru happy.

Bonus items for each log-in for 7 days from 19th March are:

  • Sports drink x2
  • Konpeito x5
  • Diamonds x20
  • Story Key x3

Another bonus is now the whole cast of enstars says “Ensemble Stars!” when you tap the screen. There was a video compilation of who says what floating around twitter but I don’t know where to find it lol.

But its interesting to guess who’s saying what. Tho Tsukasa’s always cracks me up because it sounds like he’s angwy but he’s trying his best. Bless you child.


15th March ~ 25th March


Reminiscence * End of Marionette’s Strings features the humble beginnings of Ra*bits and the downfall of Valkyrie, and younger Kuro and Arashi are in there too. Akira-sensei is growing stronger with a total of 21 parts for the story. This is the first and prolly not the last event story that actually has a flashback to the past before Anzu transferred.

The story starts off with the Ra*bits recovering from a live against/with(?) Valkyrie (I think). Tomoya asks about Nazuna’s past with Valkyrie and Nazuna feels like its about time to share his story… and so we travel back to the past, 1 year into the past to be precise.

We see 2nd Year Nazuna with longer hair, part of the unit Valkyrie and cannot talk, not a single word. Ngl I cried when I saw this, mainly because he reminded me of my past self but thats a long and personally story lol. Just before their live performance, we see Shu fawning over Nazuna calling him his marionette and wanting to keep him to his self. Thats pretty yandere of you, Shu.

During the live we get a very long inner monologue by Nazuna. He seems to be disillusioned by how the Academy does things and how the students act, more or less there are kids in that academy that are privileged/live in aristocratic system and don’t even put a lot of effort into their lives unlike Valkyrie. Shu and the rest of the members put their all into making their lives perfect and great but everyone seems to be like “why you putting that much effort tho?”, even Nazuna thinks the audience just comes to see the cute boys and kill time when they go to lives and don’t appreciate whats put into this live.

His mind then wanders to how they conduct themselves during lives, acknowledging the fact he isn’t vocal/doesn’t sing. Apparently, Shu gets angry when Nazuna sings/speaks so he stopped it altogether. Nazuna worries its because his voice is breaking and he’s starting to grow, which would be undesirable for Shu if Nazuna’s voice is breaking during live performances. Nazuna can’t be small forever, he’s gotta grow sometime and I think he’s afraid of it. They even used pre-recordings of Nazuna’s parts before his voice broke and use it during lives, so basically he might be lip syncing. He even said it was hard to sing and perform at the same time. It also seems like Mika doesn’t sing too (I think) and is the backup dancer, mainly staying at the back of them, tho he doesn’t mind. He has his reasons.

He starts to realise that if his voice eventually breaks, he grows taller and gets more muscular that he would become undesirable for Shu and their schtick of Nazuna being the small doll idol, and that if he isn’t Shu’s preferable “Cute Doll” then what would happen to him? Would he be throw away? He cries in his head for someone to tell him for what reason he’s at the Academy to become an idol, why was he born? If he doesn’t change then he’d be no better than those other guys.

2016-03-20 11.40.21

Next up we get a scene with 1st Year Arashi and Mika, Arashi hugs him from behind which spooks him and says ‘if this was a horror movie, i would’ve shot you like in zombiel*nd’ (I think thats what he said) and Arashi was all like pls don’t do that. Mika is sewing together a shirt for Nazuna’s birthday and he’s trying his very best for Nazuna’s sake because he is a good boy that did nothing wrong. Also later in the conversation its revealed that Arashi used to be manly and almost made Mika scared, to which Arashi is like “Please forget about that”. Now I’m curious to see manly Arashi.

Also the reason why Arashi has brown hair and glasses as a 1st year is because of love. Jk. If you haven’t noticed Arashi’s 1st year appearance looks eerily like Akiomi, and thats because once you’re in love you dress exactly like the one you’re crushing on, according to Arashi. I’m not too sure about that but I’ll take your word for it lol. It might explain why Arashi’s current hairstyle has a bit of a darker blonde/brown, prolly from dying the hair?

Cut to Kuro on the roof relaxing, he gets a call from Keito who they have yet to form a unit together. Kuro calls him “Hasumi no bocchan” lol, you’re the same age bruh. He seems really angwy with Keito, tho this is 2nd year Kuro and his hair is ‘down’ (I wouldn’t call it down because it looks like theres still gel there to keep it up and fluffy) and he has more piercings than now so I’m not surprised he’s more angwy lol.

It seems like Keito is recruiting him to join Akatsuki and he’s been bugging him every single time he rings, asking him to join and Kuro keeps saying no, Kuro’s basically like “what is he my girlfriend?” Seeing that this is 2nd year Keito he’s prolly already broken away from Deadmans. After the convo Kuro hears a singing voice accompanying him on the roof.

Its Nazuna! It seems like he’s been practicing his singing and Kuro notices him and calls him over. At first Kuro seems rough with words when talking to Nazuna that he almost cries, so Kuro tries to cheer him up even tho he started it lol. I guess this is how the two of them became friends because they’re really close as 3rd years. They have a heart to heart, and Kuro tells him that Shu isn’t bad, just a bit misunderstood.

Back in the sewing club room, Mika gives Nazuna his birthday present and Nazuna tries to say thanks but you could hardly hear/make out the words and he couldn’t even say thank you properly. Poor Niichan… Then theres the scene with Shu communicating to Rei via cup phones because no phone bills (jk).

2016-03-20 12.29.24

I think Rei is warning him that shit is going down, and fine has some plans of their own. It might be to reference as to how new live/dream fes rules were made and Eichi’s plans. Shu mentions the four other oddballs, referencing them all by name except for the one that has yet to be revealed and referring to the last oddball as “That” not ‘him’ or something, just “That”. Don’t get my hopes up for a robot/cyborg/android oddball bruh, tho I wish there was a robot character. Then this high school life will be complete.

Shu orders everyone to distribute tickets, tho Nazuna wants to do it together and holds hands like a happy family and smiles to Shu who goes fanboy crazy. Later Shu bumps into Kuro, more or less Kuro picks up Shu in a princess hold because he was looking a bit unwell. Something about him not eating well? Apparently Kuro’s mom was concerned about Shu’s eating habits too. Tho I can’t imagine a guy as tall as Kuro picking up another guy almost the same size in a princess carry lol. Also Shu almost calls Kuro “Ryu~kun”, which is pretty cute. Back when Shu was a babbu he was a lot smaller than Kuro so i guess thats where Kuro’s habit of carrying Shu came from.

Nazuna bumps into Tomoya and Hajime who are coming back from a performance with a student dressed up as beautiful princess(?) Gee I wonder who that could be *coughanatonohibikiwatarudesucough* and Tomoya is like ‘That person will be my goddess!’… wait a minute… Shouldn’t Tomoya and Hajime be in middle school right now? Apparently yes. I think they snuck in and wore the school uniform, tho where they got it I don’t know. Maybe Hajime made them? jk. Tomoya and Hajime decide to try to enrol into the school when they graduate middle school and promise to do their best together.

Later on with the Valkyrie live, everything is going well until the music cuts off, the music that has Nazuna and Mika’s recordings on it and shit hits the fan. Sabotage, anyone? Seems like Nazuna was kind of anticipating that today would be the end for Valkyrie right before that happened. Nazuna tries to keep calm and figures the only way to go is by singing, he’s been practicing every day on the roof but he gets scared and his fears of making their performance become garbage because of his performance. Then Mika comes in and starts singing despite prolly being scared to step up front and perform.

2016-03-20 13.22.12

And so they all joined in, prolly knowing that this will be the fall of Valkyrie and maybe their last live together, tho they all stood together till the very end with no regrets…

A year later, Nazuna has become a third year. Apparently that day on Valkyrie’s live was prolly the start of everything, prolly Eichi’s plan to break Valkyrie and keep everyone in his order… maybe. So yeah, everything has really gone to shit. Nazuna has broken away from Valkyrie, but still remains silent.

Tomoya is chased by Wataru who he now realises is not what he thought he was, in the end he was the opposite of a goddess, he’s a masked demon lol. Poor Tomoya had to learn the hard way. Turns out Nazuna is put into a unit with Tomoya, Hajime and Mitsuru aka Ra*bits.

They all get to know each other, tho they’re all under the impression that Nazuna is a girl. So when they asked for his guidance they were like “Its too bad Nito-senpai is a girl, girl’s can’t go on stage its against the rules” and so on that Nazuna broke and started slurring his words to say “I’m a boy!” and then I started crying out of joy. He starts running his mouth and everyone seems to be unfazed like he’d been talking this whole time and like this isn’t the first time he’s talked lol. Mitsuru tries to check if Nazuna is a boy by touching his breasts and going “I don’t feel any oppai? Guess he really is a guy” and Hajime is like “No way! May I touch your oppai too?” and Tomoya is the only sensible one to call sexual harassment  on these two kids lol.

Only in Ra*bits that Nazuna begins to find a meaning, he begins to smile, talk and sing and have fun. More or less he was free.

Now cut back forward to where this event story started, everyone is asleep except Nazuna and Anzu arrives. For some reason Nazuna calls Anzu ‘Transfer Student’ and I’m like ??? Don’t tell me we started the time loop already???? Like what time are we in?

Nazuna asks Anzu to watch the babbies as he goes out to do something. He runs outside trying to find Shu and Mika. Nazuna thanks Shu for letting them do a live with them together on stage, thanks for the kind advice and finally a thanks to Valkyrie.

He tells them that he was able to be happy with the kids, that even now it may be hard for them too but he wishes them to be happy. He’s not asking for forgiveness but he wishes them to smile and laugh…

Nazuna-nii you’re too kind. Tho Shu seems a little defensive but gives him a “Kakakaka” laugh. Nazuna tells them that he’s now living more like a human and can finally smile and I’m just… ah, my heart. I’m proud of you too Nazuna-nii. You deserve the best. He’s happy now and that’s all I need.

Also moral of the story: don’t let school idols produce themselves. Now its time for me to cry endlessly.


Reminiscence * End of Marionette’s Strings‘ Event Cards:

Ah, that was a good story. I can actually relate to Nazuna’s past that it makes me cry a bit lol. I’m crying right now. He’s so strong… I kinda wished his bloomed ver of his card was ra*bits Nazuna smiling because it seems like the right CG to use considering his circumstances. Nazuna went from a doll without a heart to bunny niichan with a reason to live.

Right now I’m trying my best to rank for him, so maybe I’ll write a post about ranking in enstars events when its all done. But yeah, its like living hell day after day trying to make sure you’re ranking lol. Don’t do this at home kids.

Also I was really wrong with my predictions last post. Maybe next event might be a graduation event, who knows. I’m out of ideas. There might be a 5* Eichi card coming up tho, like when was the last time we had a 5* Eichi card (was it circus? or maybe quarrel?). I still have my bets on a 5* or 4* Mitsuru Gacha Card because he hasn’t got one yet. I’m just guessing, hopefully Mitsuru gacha won’t happen soon because I am out of diamonds.

I hope they do more of these past events because I like how different they look compared to then and now. I really want to see 1st year babby Adonis or Deadmans Keito being emo, jk.

Anyway, good luck to you all who are playing the event! I hope you reach your goals! Also sorry for the inaccurate event summary again.

14th March ~ 26th March


Scout! Puppy Mischeif Picnic features a Corgi in wolf’s clothing, a Husky, a Shiba Inu and a Golden Retriever plus their dogs (well except for Husky Yuzuru, he’s not good with dogs). Event story has 8 parts written by Yoshino Yuki.

I scouted in hopes of getting Koga but nope… he never came, just like the other times. He must hate me. But I did get Yuzuru and Tori so its ok… I’m still salty. So salty I almost cried again.

The story is about Koga and Subaru inviting Anzu for a dog party/picnic because lately she’s been overworking herself and they worry that she might be stressing herself out, tho Koga is all tsuntsun and is like “I’m not worried I’m just sayin’ you need some dog therapy” .

So Subaru extends an invitation to Tori and Yuzuru, tho not sure why he asked Yuzuru because he’s not good with dogs nor does he own one but I guess he’s been overworking himself too so he deserves a break. Apparently Tori has a golden retriever named ‘King’, I’m not surprised.

I haven’t unlocked the whole story but all I can get from it is that Koga is teaching everyone to be a good master to their dogs and that Daikichi is kinda being overprotective over Anzu when it comes to other guys coming near her or something lol. It seems like Tori is really in tune with the mind of his dog as well as Leon which is kinda cute because he seems to know what they want. Tho he’s like to Leon “Why not become one of our pets?”, but then he could read that Leon is faithful to Koga and wouldn’t want to leave him.

Actually Koga and his dog’s relationship is very interesting, after all Leon is the only family Koga’s got. He seems to be affectionate towards him when its just the two of them so the other dogs won’t get jelly, he takes care of Leon’s coat so it’ll be clean and pretty and Leon takes after Koga with having a “wolf’s heart/mind”. These cutes.

2016-03-21 20.59.59

I could unlock the other stories with my story keys but I could unlock them through Yuzuru’s Idol Road. I don’t have the right amount of gems rn but hopefully I can read it all soon.

Also I find it hilarious how Koga’s bloomed ver is him and Leon looking all badass and Koga’s doing the yankee squat. Then we see his chibi version where under the wolf hoodie he’s hiding his corgi ears and tail and he’s so cute lol

2016-03-14 17.32.05
you can never hide who you truly are, a cute corgi

11th March ~ 18th March

The Valkyrie scout released and not a single 4* to be seen but it was a diamond only scout so everyone was like ‘rly?’, luckily you can still scout these cards through produce points tho your chances won’t be so high. I did a 100K Produce Point scout and got one Shu and one Mika.

For Shu I can kind of hear the Koujaku in him, voice actors are both the same and I keep getting war flashbacks to DMMD. Mika on the other hand really does sound like my accountant sword son, Hakata, (both the same voice actor) and I can’t unhear it. It doesn’t help that he has a Kansai accent/dialect and I just can’t understand either of them, tho Mika is more understandable than Hakata’s accent with ‘bai’ or ‘ba’. All in all they sound like what they should sound like lol.

The stuff I picked up on Shu is that he talks through his doll sometimes, maybe when he is anxious/with strangers, who he calls Mademoiselle. Its not her real name, she doesn’t have a name at the moment. He’s childhood friends with Kuro who kind of protected him against the bullies that teased Shu for playing with dolls.

Also Shu fell in love with Kuro’s Mom? Not sure if I can really confirm that. He seems to cherish Nazuna more than Mika, maybe thats just my impression. He’s good at sewing and sew clothes for the unit and prolly for his dolls too. I kind of hope that in future events with Shu that Mademoiselle gets new dresses to wear too because she’s adorable. Best addition to the cast imo. It’s hinted that he’s not as good as he used to be after the incident/Valkyrie’s fall from grace, he can’t dance or sing as good as he wanted to and he’s prolly anguished about it.

As for Mika, he’s poor and lives with Shu. He’s not good with men, likes cute stuff and horror like horror movies and is a bit of a ボケ where he’s kind of naive and maybe even clueless. He kind of worships Shu, tho I guess its because he owes Shu/looks up to him. He’s not quite good at making clothes like Shu but he fixes/remakes stuffed toys he finds that are torn/broken, or so I’ve heard. He likes sweets too. He’s got mixed feelings about Nazuna since he left, seeing that he loved him as much as he loved Shu.

At first he seemed to get along with Anzu who didn’t seem grossed out by his odd eyes and complimented them, tho when he realised she was the enemy (very friendly to Trickstar) he tries to push her away and be tsuntsun tho he seems to fail at it at times and revert being friendly with her before being tsuntsun again. Silly Mika.

I’m still not sure if its stated that they were at the school the whole time seeing that they were absent for the whole year (well to us they were) and didn’t pop up in previous events. Tho seeing that they were established to be at the school since Mika was a first year then I guess they really were there the whole time lol.

Also pls more Mademoiselle, thank you.

2016-03-12 21.12.09

Easter break is coming up so hopefully I can get a lot of blog work done too! If any of you are having an easter break I hope you enjoy a good rest too!

Thanks for reading as always, see you next time  _(:3 」∠ )_

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