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[Magazine] 電撃Girl’sStyle February 2016 Issue – (January)

2016-03-16 20.41.52

電撃Girl’sStyle February 2016 Issue came with a B2 Poster of Kenka Banchou Otome with Nil Admirai at the back as well as a Prince of Stride Calendar, what I’ve always wanted lol. Sadly this issue doesn’t have a pinup to scan…

Sometimes its hard to choose which side of the poster I want to pin up so it was hard to choose between Kenka Banchou and Satoi’s art… but in the end I went for Kenka Banchou 😆

Here’s what the Nil Admirai’s side looks like:

2016-03-16 20.43.05

Sorry I can’t really scan it because my printer is so small… Maybe if I had my hands on one of those big printers maybe I can scan it for you all.

Otome Game Awards


I know this is late, like 2 months late, and they already released the long list in another issue but here’s the results of the Girl’sStyle Otome Game Awards 2015.

And you know what. I’m kinda disappointed most of the things I voted for didn’t show up on the list 😆 . The only one that did show up was Ensemble Stars and Osomatsu-san.

I’m kind of sick and tired seeing the same things win again and again, theres no competition really. You’ll always know that Utapri, Diabolik Lovers and Hakuouki will end up in the top something of anything. Maybe if it excluded sequels/fandisks then maybe it’ll give the little guys a chance, I dunno. I guess I’m salty lol.

Anyway here’s the Categories and Winners:

Top 5 Otome Games of 2015:

  1. Utapri All Star After Secret
  2. Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate
  3. Hakuouki: Shinkai Kaze no Shou
  4. Ken ga Kimi for V
  5. Norn + Nornette Last Era


Top 10 Character of 2015:

  1. Ai Mikaze (Utapri All Star After Secret)
  2. Hajime Saito (Hakuouki: Shinkai Kaze no Shou)
  3. Shu Sakamaki (Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate)
  4. Souji Okita (Hakuouki: Shinkai Kaze no Shou)
  5. Syo Kurusu (Utapri All Star After Secret)
  6. Kou Mukami (Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate)
  7. Shunso Hishida (Meiji Tokyo Renka)
  8. Sakyou Sagihara (Ken ga Kimi for V)
  9. Hikage (Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly)
  10. Reiji Suwa (Prince of Stride)


Top 3 Sub Characters of 2015:

  1. Karl Heinz (Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate)
  2. Setsu Takishima (Norn + Nornette Last Era)
  3. Ringo Tsukimiya (Utapri All Star After Secret)


Top 3 Heroines of 2015:

  1. Chizuru Yukimura (Hakuouki: Shinkai Kaze no Shou)
  2. Yui Komori (Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate)
  3. Azusa Takatsuka (Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 6)


Top 3 Scenarios of 2015:

  1. Utapri All Star After Secret
  2. Ken ga Kimi for V
  3. Hakuouki: Shinkai Kaze no Shou


Top 3 Voice Actors of 2015:

  1.  Tomoaki Maeno (Ken ga Kimi for V, as Saneaki Kuroba, etc)
  2. KENN (Meiji Tokyo Renka, as Shunso Hishida, etc)
  3. Shouta Aoi (Utapri All Star After Secret, as Ai Mikaze, etc)


Top 3 Other Games of 2015 (Apps etc):

  1. Ensemble Stars!
  2. Yume100
  3. Idolish7


Top 3 Other Game Characters of 2015 (Apps etc):

  1. Rei Sakuma (Ensemble Stars!)
  2. Tsurumaru Kuninaga (Touken Ranbu)
  3. Tenn Kujo (Idolish7)


Top 3 Drama/Situational CD of 2015:

  1. Diabolik Lovers Series
  3. Criminale! / Crimanle!F


Top 3 Character Songs of 2015:

  1. Maji Love Revolutions (ST☆RISH/Utapri)
  2. Evolution Eve (Quartet Night/Utapri)
  3. Voice of Sword (Knights/Ensemble Stars!)


Top 3 Anime of 2015:

  1. Utapri Maji Love Revolutions
  2. Osomatsu-san
  3. Diabolik Lovers MORE,BLOOD


Top 3 Anticipated New Titles of 2016:

  1. Hakuouki: Shinkai Hana no Shou
  2. Nil Admirai
  3. Diabolik Lovers Lunatic Parade


Dengeki N High School | website

I’m not quite sure what Dengeki N High School but based on some loose research its more like a magazine collab with other magazines to make a fictional high school based on characters made by each magazine. Each magazine is represented by three characters on its behalf drawn by artists well known to the magazine.

For Girl’sStyle they have the ‘Otome Kokoro Research Club’ which you can prolly guess what they do, research the hearts and minds of all maidens jk. I guess its very fitting for Girl’sStyle’s image lol. The club includes the guy featured above, Renji Saotome, drawn by my fav artist Yomi Sarachi.

Still not sure what they have planned with these characters, maybe we’ll see more of them soon?


Suran Digit | website


Ngl If I was going to get this game I’d only be getting it for the guy with the number 4, he needs a hug. Tho its interesting how he has a gloomy personality and his number is 4 (usually linked to death because of its pronounctuation). Even one of his promotional pictures has him holding his sword close to his neck, blade facing towards him. Poor kid.

The main cast is about 10 people (excluding the heroine), tho not all of them have a route. If I were to guess, the main 6 guys you see above are the romanceable routes and it seems like they’re part of two groups/prolly rival groups. So then that splits up the routes as well, one story with the Student Council (the group with the glasses guy) and the other story with the ‘Number Research’ Board/Council, prolly lead by the guy on the right of the glasses guy. Both of these groups seem to be in conflict with each other. Bad Apple Wars, anyone? jk.

The heroine seems to have the number 0 on her hand and also has a sword, hopefully one that she can use to defend herself. Sometimes I see heroines given the supporting job when it comes to action stuff so I hope she can get into the action as well. Please I’m begging you. I kinda get the feeling that the number/family you’re in decides where you stand in society…. but thats my guess. Which could mean something to the heroine, being the number zero, where some people don’t recognise it as a number.

Who knows.


Beast and Princess | website

I’m excited for this one because I wanted to play the first games when I was a wee babby (15 years old prolly), and now theres this one. I think compared to the first game the roles are kinda switched, as in the heroine is now a princess rather than a beast tamer, and the guys are originally animals……… I think? I’m not sure, I’m reading some of the profiles of the guys and it seems like they’re originally animals.

The heroine’s name is Julia (where the J is pronounced as a Y), the guys from left to right is Ryszard the horse, Ludwik the dog (he kinda looks like a beagle but only fluffier?), Mias the canary(?) and Jozef the bear (pronounced ‘Yuzef’). Pretty European names, eh?

The main guy I have my eyes on is Jozef, the bear guy, not only is he cute but he’s voiced by Wataru Hatano who also voices another bear guy (Adonis) lol. If I’m reading the profile correctly, apparently he was abandoned as a babby bear by his mom and wandered into the castle grounds where Knights were about to hurt/shoo him away when the heroine steps in and takes care of him. So in a way she’s like his surrogate mother… tho its gonna get awkward in his route when he thinks of her as his mom.

Apparently he’s kinda timid and likes hiding in small places when he’s anxious even tho he’s pretty big, reminds me of myself lol.

Still wondering how were they able to become humans… its prolly magic lol.




This is prolly the first time I’ve seen Osomatsu-san in a magazine directed towards girls/women lol. For me I’ve watched about from the first episode till the last one last year but since then I haven’t gotten back because I’ve been kinda busy lol. I never would’ve thought it’d blow up this big… I was thinking of writing a review for the anime but then got lazy/was afraid if that post would get popular & prolly get negative comments (thats just my guess, maybe that won’t happen lol).

Theres a quiz down the bottom to see if you’re a Karamatsu girl or not (I kind of cheated and got Karamatsu). I’d like to translate it but my skills aren’t that good… Maybe somebody else translated it so maybe it’d be a waste of my efforts to do it poorly lol.


Magic Kyun! Renaissance | website


The setting for Magic Kyun is a private school that specialises in all arts, painting, sculpting, dancing, singing etc. I guess these arts are also magic related too? Thats where the magic comes in lol. Its a multimedia project collab by Broccoli, Sunrise Studios and Pony Canyon. There are plans to make CDs, anime and even a game. Talk about making a franchise in one go.

If they’re going for what Dance with Devils did, then I’m gonna guess they’ll do the anime first to get some advertisement and money for the game and other media. Seems like Sunrise will also be doing the graphics and animation for the game. Makes me wonder if theres going to be animated cutscenes in this game or not…

Either way its gonna be a rather ambitious project. Maybe once I see the anime then I’ll make some judgement on whether or not should I play this game.

Also theres a short story for Rintarou Tatewaki and Monet Tsukushi accompanied by these pics:


Nil Admirai | website


I cant believe the smallest looking guy out of the cast is still taller than the heroine, come on

From what I’ve learnt from pass stuff is that theres a book that prolly self combusts the person who reads it and the heroine’s lil brother was one of its victims. From the promotional video it seems like he didn’t want his oneechan to get married(?), now I’m wondering if she has a fiancee or something wtf.

Tho I found it funny how in one of Girl’Style’s issue had the CG of him burning and then a few centimetres underneath it had his profile along with a quote “I’m gonna make pancakes everyday for my Sis!”, and my brain immediately thought like there was an incident with making the pancakes and he got burnt alive and I couldn’t stopped laughing. Ah, I’m a terrible person.

Down below shows off the ‘On’ and ‘Off’ faces of the guys, where the ‘On’ face is during missions and the ‘Off’ face is during romance mode. Basically Off is when everyone is in chill mode and let their guard down.

This issue comes with short stories for Hayato Ozaki and Hisui Hoshikawa, along with illustrations drawn by Satoi-sensei!


Kenka Banchou Otome | website

B’s Log hardly talks about Kenka Banchou Otome so I’m thankful that at least Girl’sStyle got my back and gives me a four page spread on it. Thanks.

Anyway, a background check on Kenka Banchou Otome. Its based on the original series Kenka Banchou, well I’d say based loosely seeing that none of the Kenka Banchou series had a girl as a protag. Kenka Banchou is an adventure game but its not limited like other adventure games where your only interaction is dialogue choices. You can explore the town the game is based in and start fights, do missions etc. Its kinda like a beat ’em up and uses 3D Graphics… sadly Kenka Banchou Otome won’t have these features because of budget/maybe other reasons…

I wish it did tho, then it’d be my dream game lol. It does keep certain functions from previous games like the fighting (now changed to button tapping/QTEs) and picking the right phrase under a certain amount of time (I think its borrowed from previous Kenka Banchou games…). Maybe if it gets good feedback they’d think about making it more similar to previous Kenka Banchou games like making it possible to explore the town in 3D rather than 2D graphics… One can only dream.

Basic summary of the story is that the heroine, Hinako, trades places with Hikaru, a boy who I’m gonna assume is her long lost twin, to go to an all boy school filled with yankees prolly because Hikaru has had enough of going there. Hikaru also has a butler-like bodyguard, Haruo Sekaguchi (CV: Takashi Kondo), that is prolly the only one who knows about Hinako’s true identity (he calls her ojou and is quite polite/caring and why can’t he have a route too goddamn it). I kind of like to think of him as a butler yakuza lol.

Hinako has to put on the guise as Hikaru as she attends this all boy school, having no choice but to fight other yankees. So basically she will become the strongest yankee lol.

I really want to play this game but I have to wait for two more months…. but its good. Also Tasuku Hatanaka is in this as a sub character, Rintarou’s step-bro, so I’m like “I need this now” lol. I wish he’d be in more otome games as part of the main cast, he’s growing so I hope to see him in something big like an otomate game because I love him so much lol.

Screen shot 2016-03-19 at 5.15.10 PM
gonna ditch all these guys for you, kid


Bara ni kakusareshi Verite | website

At first I wasn’t interested in this game but looking at it now it’s kinda interesting… kinda? It uses 3D models as well as chibi models when strolling around the palace, which reminds me of that Hanayaka game (I think also did the artwork for this too) I’ve always wanted to play but didn’t have the time to play it/buy. You can take up missions/quests when exploring. You can prolly dress up the heroine too and little girl me is like ‘i wanna play dress-ups’. Yeah, I’m weak to gameplay and systems….

The story is about an average Austrian girl (prolly a farm girl/commoner) switching places with Marie Antoinette, why? Because (actually I don’t know why). Tho I hope the heroine doesn’t end up the same way the real Marie Antoinette died.

Tbh I’m not interested in the ‘Aristocrat’ guys, more interested in the ‘Roturier’/Commoner guys lol. Like what would the aristocrat guys think if they found out the heroine is actually poor and not the real Marie Antoinette, the commoners would prolly be cool with it unless they were there to get her riches and not her love lol.

I’ll think about getting it, still kinda have my doubts so I’ll wait for the reviews.


Dance with Devils | website


Ah yes, Dance with Devils. Tho since when did they have weapons? lol. It would’ve come in handy in the show at the end (I didn’t watch the last ep but I assume they sang their way into winning the fight jk jk). Actually, Why does everyone have a cool weapon while Mage gets a smol dagger? Why does Shiki’s bow remind me of the arch from El Shaddai? Why does everyone’s CG looks like they’re harassing Ritsuka except for Mage? Also get your hands off Ritsuka, Urie 😆

Honestly looking forward to this one too, hell, I preordered it too. The anime-like stills kinda put me off at first but in the end it grew on me. At least its good quality and not a complete off-model mess lol.

The game seems like it’ll be split up between Rem, Lindo, Roen and then Urie, Shiki, Mage. Then it’s gonna split up from there where you either take the ‘Human’ Route or ‘Devil’ Route. I think the difference between them is that the Human Route is to repress your feelings for the guy and stand up against fate together, while Devil Route is to accept the guy’s feelings and to sink deep into temptation, a dangerous route.

Just to sum up, Human Route: Resolve the problems together. Devil Route: Time to sin. Also forget about the problems, maybe? More or less the devil route is to just fall into temptation with the guy and just イチャイチャ while the world ends lol.

Can’t wait to play and witness the full Rejet Oniichan experience with Lindo.


Kamigami no Asobi InFinite | website


I’d really like to get but I’m worried because I haven’t played the first game but I’d like to… but seeing that I don’t have a PSP I can’t. Plus I really need to stop the habit of starting game series on a sequel or fandisk lol. I’ll get it anyway.

Theres a chibi chara roaming mode because why not? It reminds me of those mobile games tho. Eerily like a mobile game… but still kinda cute. Not sure if this was part of the first game too. It seems like you can unlock mini scenarios through this mode too. Nice.


Tsumikui ~Sen no Noroi, Sen no Inori~ | website


Shiou is definitely a villain character, no doubt about it lol. He seems hell bent on hurting/killing the heroine. Why bruh? She’s cute, why kill her? Tho for some reason I have a feeling he’d be one of my fav characters and I’m just 😐 damn, I’m really going to be putting myself through hell for this boy

And he’s voiced by Shinnosuke Tachibana, who’s prolly gonna be real good at voicing him lol.

I’m still confused about who has a route or not. The four guys below next to the heroine in the scan could be the main guys? But then the butler looking guy looks a bit too old for her… then again so is most of them.

On the next page is a short story accompanied by an illustration, prolly for the game? The story is told through Shiou’s perspective and shows how resilient the heroine is. She’s so cool and strong, if only we could get a release date so we can play it lol.

Hopefully it’ll come out this year so it can be my first otome game to play on the PC for this blog. Plus I really want to read more of the story and the characters.




You know, I was kinda under the impression that the game would have the characters dressed up as sci-fi cops from the future™ for the whole game so when I saw that these ppl have lives outside of that I was actually surprised lol. Tbh I was turned off because I thought it was going to be nothing but cop stuff or whatever they do without any breaks of their personal lives so I’m kinda happy that it glimpses in their casual selves.

Also the Ossan looks cute wtf. Tho if thats his kid and he has a romanceable route I’d feel kinda awkward if I was the heroine (jk). Also I’m glad that they’re showing more CGs and stuff for this game because it’s been silent for quite some time. Its coming out soon too so I was kind of worrying.

If I were to play this game it’d prolly be for the Ossan and the NEET looking guy, and also the heroine because she looks so cute.


Dream Festival | website


Here’s a relationship chart for the DearDream unit, I’d like to translate but you know… no time. To sum up, everyone is on good terms with each other lol. Down below you can see the game systems, even tho they’re kind of small to make out.

Seems like the rhythm game isn’t going to be like those traditional ones where the notes come dropping down the screen… it kinda looks like its coming from left and right and you have one button/place to hit instead of four or six… what. Also if you draw a heart when prompted properly your score will go up. There is also another time where Dream Appeal will activate and the guy will blow kisses and you have to find something thats changed?? I’m not sure lol.

The game will come out in Spring 2016, which is close? I live in the southern hemisphere so the seasons are opposite so I’m guessing its close. I think I preregistered for it tho the when it redirects me to a website after confirmation its region locked so I can’t access it lol.

Here’s a link for the preregistration page.


Extras: Idolish7 Comic & Ensemble Stars! Short Story

This issue’s Idolish7 comic is of Tamaki and Riku sharing their food with each other and its super cute :lol:. If I were to do a quick and loose translation it’d go a little something like this:

Riku: (Its Tamaki… and he’s looking right at me)

Riku: Y…You want a bite?

Tamaki: You sure?

Tamaki: Its good!!

Riku: Thank goodness!

Tamaki: Wait right there.

Riku: ?

Tamaki: Here… You can have a bite.

Riku: Eh!? But isn’t this for your favorite!?

Tamaki: Its thanks for giving me a bite…

Riku: Tamaki…

Riku: Ehehe… Thanks!

TamakiYeah… ♪

Riku: You want another bite?

Tamaki: Yeah♪

Not the best translation but its something lol.

Enstars’ Short Story features the Marine Life Club and it seems like they’re at the beach and Kanata almost drowns. I haven’t read it myself tho, I just read the last bit and it seemed like Kanata was submerged under water and Souma and Kaoru had to save him. Poor Kanata just wanted to stay in the ocean a bit longer.

If you’re having trouble reading just view them at full size.


Ranking and Reviews


I forgot to add a ranking bit in my B’s Log post so I may as well do it here, even tho its a bit outdated by now. Ichiban♥Tokimeku! polls change each month with different categories/themes that makes a maiden’s heart flutter (more or less, polls that ask what makes you swoon for a guy, in game or irl maybe).

Top 10 Consumed Otome Games:

(Based on 21st November 2015 ~ 20th December 2015 Sales)

  1. Bad Apple Wars
  2. Goes!
  3. Hakuouki: Shinkai Kaze no Shou
  4. Scared Rider Xechs Rev.
  5. Prince of Stride
  6. Love:Quiz
  7. Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai!!
  8. YunohanaSpRING!
  9. Reine des Fleurs
  10. Ayakashi gohan ~Oomori!~

Top 5 Planned to Purchase Games:

  1. Kenka Banchou Otome
  2. Dance with Devils
  3. Utapri MUSIC3
  4. Diabolik Lovers Lunatic Parade
  5. Nil Admirai

Top 5 Anime you like/becoming interested in:

  1. Osomatsu-san
  2. Owari no Seraph
  3. Diabolik Lovers MORE,BLOOD
  4. Norn+Nornette
  5. Prince of Strive Alternative

Top 5 Words of Praise (Ichiban♥Tokimeku!):

  1. I feel calm when we’re together
  2. Its fun when we’re together
  3. You’re so cute
  4. You’re so kind
  5. You’re good (When your speciality is sports, music instruments etc)


The game that 3 reviewers will review is Believer! which was apparently bad but the reviewers try to dance around that and try not talk about it lol. Tho this isn’t the first time I see a review spotlight on games that failed badly in this section.

Took me almost a day to write this up but I did it. If I keep up the pace I might be able to catch up with the recent magazine I just got, last month’s B’s Log.

I hope this one is an improvement compared to last time. I hope you all enjoyed it, if there’s any feedback on what I can improve just tell me.

Thanks for reading as always, I’ll see you next time  _(:3 」∠ )_


11 thoughts on “[Magazine] 電撃Girl’sStyle February 2016 Issue – (January)”

  1. “I’m kind of sick and tired seeing the same things win again and again, theres no competition really. You’ll always know that Utapri, Diabolik Lovers and Hakuouki will end up in the top something of anything. ” OMG same!!! Like how is this is even an issue?! Why does thiseven happen? In NA, if a franchise has spun out of control it usually gets cast aside to let other things shine (unless it’s Pokemon) but damn…Hakuoki wasn’t even that good lol. I still haven’t played any more than one route so maybe that’s the issue, but ugh…i don’t understand.

    You NEED to play the first beastmaster and prince like omg. Billy make it a mission lol it is sooooooooo good and this is coming from someone who like knows practically nothing about Japanese lol. Maybe this new game will make it so that originally the guys were human but were taken away and turned into animals??

    And yes!! I was right about the Nil game…I thought I read it wrong when it said he wanted to make his sis pancakes and I totally thought that was related to the fire lolololol

    The Rose of Versailles makes me want that Bara game. The whole dressing up part makes e think of mobile games and I did NOT like those.

    I really want SA7. I met the director and his translator at a convention. They were soooo nice and said they were interested in expanding into the West if there was a market. I’m actually playing their first game right now, Soukai Buccaneers! and it’s super cheap. If you can pick it up and review it that’d be awesome if you have the time. I’ll be writing a review on it soon so lol I can see if I really messed up in the translation areas.

    Really enjoyed the translations-I think you did a great job!

    Thanks for these posts. I have a ton of these mags but damn are they intimidating to me lol.

    And dang…do they ever honestly provide negative reviews? Bcuz Believer is going to get smacked.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I predict in 5 or 10 years time those games will still be popular and milked for all its got lol.
      If you’re urging me to play the first beastmaster then I guess I have no choice lol. If I can find it available to purchase then I will get on it.
      And I think the dressing up part for the marie antoinette game might be just a lil bonus thing? Like in Hanayaka, when the heroine got furniture from missions she could renovate her room which was cute lol.
      Thats actually cool that you got to meet the director of SA7 at a con! I hardly know anything about cons so I don’t go lol, but I kinda wish I did. Not sure if an Australian con is the same as American ones…
      Tho I’ve never heard of Soukai Buccaneers! before. If its on PS Vita or the PC then I’ll see how it is.
      Also no worries! I wouldn’t call it translation more like interpretation lol. I kinda glimpse through them, usually if I had time I’d stare at the pages until I understood what it said lol. Also don’t be afraid of the magazines! I was kinda like that at first, all you gotta do is try to pick out stuff you understand and if that doesn’t work just get out the google translate app to find out what the kanji means. Maybe you’ll learn a new word or two.
      Anyway I don’t think they give negative reviews lol, maybe if there was someone who did give one but the editor prolly left it out of the review so the game gets “good” advertisement.

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      1. Lol we’ll be old farts and they’ll still be releasing wifebeaters.
        Awesome, I am certain you’ll really enjoy BM & Prince.
        Haha that was my first con. I don’t go to them but my friend asked me to go with her. It was different. I didn’t realize ppl were actually going to cosplay lol so I get there and everyone’s all dressed up.
        Soukai is only on Vita. I found if for like 20$ on ebay.
        oh! Still for a quick glance that’s super impressive!!
        Oh, sorry I prolly already asked but what did u do to learn Japanese? It’s coming a little easier now that I have a study schedule but there are times were it gets to be too much so I just keep pressing the button and try to pick out what words and phrases I do understand lol

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      2. Well taking japanese classes is the first step, practicing is important too. Listening to japanese music helps as well as watching media like anime or dramas, if you’re feeling confident try to watch them without subtitles and see if you can understand them. I mainly listened to a lot of music and watched a lot of animes and tried reading stuff every once and a while, tho now I’m really practicing my reading skills by playing games with Japanese texts and every now and then I find some words I picked up from lyrics or anime phrases in the text. Just surround yourself with as much media as you can find and you’ll pick up on stuff, thats what I did.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I see thanks SO much!!! I really appreciate it! ^^ Looks like I need to enroll in a class but tbh I’m scared of doing that since the Japanese class at my university has a bunch of weebs. Like the kind that literally don’t study and one even brought a body pillow to school. Like sure, do your thang, but it’s kind of annoying me when they complain that I don’t watch their anime or have a waifu and stuf..idk lol i mean yeah I like anime and that stuff but I actually want to learn the language… sorry about that rant lolol

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I kinda see what you mean about the weebs, tho the ones at my uni are more tame lol. Like all I can say is just ignore them or don’t let what they say get to you and study for your own sake. They can be annoying yea, but if its the sake of gaining knowledge/a better understanding at Japanese then thats worth the risk… maybe?
        You could buy a Japanese text book and study from it tho it might not be the same as a teacher instructing you or giving hints that the book doesn’t include.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. lol i have the text. and thanks for seeing my pov lol usually when i say this ppl are like but u play otoge…
        Oh well, I already said I like anime. Just thought that would be all I needed to say but they got so mad when I said I didn’t like SAO lol
        I think i might just take a class since I need a strict study schedule.

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  2. Suran Digit and Kenka Bancho are the ones I’m looking forward to 🙂
    Bara ni kakusareshi Verite looks weird xD I’m not interested in this one
    Ai Mikaze (Utapri All Star After Secret) 😮 Ai-chan
    Thanks for sharing ^^

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