[Game Diary] 夢色キャスト – Yumeiro Cast | March 《#09》


This will be my last Yumeiro Cast Game diary but it won’t be talking about recent events because I didn’t get around doing them…

Its more like an apologetic post. Really sorry for those who really look forward to these but my life as a hikikomori is kind of coming to an end and I gotta focus on stuff so I gotta make sacrifices.

Really sorry!


Like I said before I haven’t been playing it that often so theres no content for me to write and I’ve been trying to think of when is a good time to write up this post. Now’s pretty much a good time then ever before I forget.

Tho for old time’s sake I’ll just run through some new stuff that has occurred in Yumeiro Cast before I can say goodbye to this game. I kinda hope to play it again but there’s not time… then again it might’ve been all the collected salt from failed gacha scouts that made me want to stop (jk).

I’m sorry, Subaru 😥


DCT Collection

2016-03-17 10.51.13

A new feature has been added, ‘DCT Collection’. Here you unlock goodies like Stills/CGs and other neat stuff with medals. Medals can be gained through playing songs(?), right now the ‘Yes, Your…’ song gives you a better chance to get medals. I think its only for medal giving songs, I’m not sure.

I think its a nice addition and gives you something to do.

There are three types of medals: bronze, silver and gold. Gold seems to be hard to come by tho

Theres this weird icon that pops up every now and then, particularly in the gacha and song results. I’m guessing it’s like a share button? I’m kinda neutral on this because I usually do my own screenshots manually and the icon gets in the way lol.

I see that they changed the graphic for the toughness to show how many pips of life you got left before you fail a song, which is aight because sometimes its hard to what your chances are before you fail.

Screen shot 2016-03-17 at 12.11.37 PM

And finally the Butler Gacha…. I tried a one turn scout and I still got nothing, Ah, the salt lol. At least they’re giving a discount for the 10 turn scout, costs 180 stones. Tho I don’t get why all of them have to wear glasses to be butlers, reminds me of the Agent Gacha in Enstars where everyone had glasses for no raisin.

And thats it for now… Its sad to say goodbye to this but it has to be done. The only surviving game diaries are Enstars and Touken Ranbu, kinda sad but at least its something.

Goodbye dear friend… thanks for the cast of Yumeiro, they’re all precious. Still salty that your gachas keep giving me R’s…

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  1. I want that Sousei card *^* waaaaant!!!
    I haven’t played Yumeiro Cast either 😐
    Since I lost my Aichuu account, cards and everything else, I’m trying to get them all back u.u

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