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[Mobile – Special] “Chinese Ver. Enstars” 2: Electric Boogaloo (March 2nd)

Chinese Enstars is back at it again and it’ll be open(?) for beta testing as of this month until 5th of April. There will be three events during this period, Circus, Duel and Pirate event. Circus Event is over but on the 16th March there will be the Duel Event! Each Event has respective gachas, for example Circus Event has the Patisserie Gacha and Duel Event has the Hero Show Gacha.

I’ve already written up posts before for Chinese Enstars so check them out, both talks about ways to get into the game tho I’m not entirely sure if its open for everyone. I still had the app from the last beta test so I just opened the app, got it updated and signed in with my QQ account. I think you can sign in with your wechat account too.

Theres a few improvements and new additions so I’ll go through that for this post.  I’ll also try to add things I forgot to say in the first beta post.

Anyway onto the post

2016-03-02 10.22.01


One thing to note is that they don’t have the Happy Elements splash screen before the start screen. Very peculiar… Also it seems like there are more people participating in this beta considering last time I ranked in the 200’s in the last event without trying and this time with Circus Event I had to really give it my all to get into rank 800’s.

Anyway heres a rundown on the stuff I think I left out from my first post:

  • 1 LP is added to your max LP each time you rank in multiples of 10 (E.g. Rank 10, Rank 21 etc.)
  • Sports bottles do not fill up your LP completely if you have above 5 LP, it can only restore 5LP. Don’t expect to see your LP be completely full when you have a max of 6 or 7 LP or more.
  • The blue numbers for your AP and LP are leftover numbers before you ranked. Lets say you had 1 LP that was unused before you ranked you can have that LP temporarily added to your total of LP until you use it (for example it’ll look like 6/5 LP, same goes for AP)
    Screen shot 2016-03-15 at 4.45.52 PM
  • The produce courses only go up to fine’s course, there are no courses for each class prolly because each course in this game has a rhythm game with a song that relates to each unit
  • During fever the character with the most trust built during the course (the meter below their chibi character) will be the character you tap on to get the gems
  • Not sure if I should confirm it or not but characters with high trusts/pink or red meter bars give out more gems and a lot of variety (gem fragments, small gems, medium gems, big gems) [it only happened to me once]
  • Fever time can only be activated once per course, if it looks like you’re close to reaching fever time for the second time on the last lesson then it will only activate on the first lesson of your next course
  • However fever ‘reached’ on the last lesson will affect your unit’s stats during a dreamfes battle like it would when you enter fever when going into a rival battle/dreamfes in the usual game
  • During Fever, bloomed 5* cards can play out their animation during the fever time. For example Ritsu is eating a cake constantly while he dances lol
  • For the part-time jobs you can only have 2 jobs going on at a time and the chibi versions of students doing part-time jobs will never appear in the courtyard/in front of the fountain
  • Part-time jobs can be levelled up to three stars, the higher the star ranking you make of a job the more resources are gained
  • The longer a part-time job takes the more resources you’ll gain
  • Dreamfes against other players is still non-existent (even in this beta)
  • However you can customise about 3 Produce units like a Dreamfes team/unit for your normal Produce Team and you can name them as well (their unit name will appear in Rival Battles/Dreamfes too)



  • Tutorial rewards is more clear and you get a lot of bonuses for clearing each type of tutorial
    2016-03-02 10.29.50
  • You can review tutorial hints in the menu tab with the items, units, lives etc.
  • Depending on the time of day the background will change. So far there is daytime, sunset and night. Even academy backgrounds you set for My Room change too
  • You can now see other player’s attempts to get certain cards and their recipes, you can filter them through by character and rarity
  • The ratio gacha still kinda seems useless if you’re giving both options of normally scouting them with tickets or diamonds but maybe they can work with it so maybe in the future it’ll spit out extra rare cards that you can’t get with normal or premium gachas (maybe 6* cards?), but thats just my own idea lol
  • Before you reach Rank 10 you can only scout normally through diamonds for premium gachas and blue gacha tickets for normal gachas (usually used with produce points in the original game)
  • It can be unlocked when you reach Rank 10 and you can use the ingredients (Fantasy, Cool, Active)
  • The new gacha gimmick of adding ingredients to certain ratios to get a rare card is still here but not so prevalent
  • There are quite a few things that are locked until you reach Rank 10, one of them being the shop where you exchange diamonds for gacha tickets and gacha ingredients
  • Third tier for each job is unlockable once you clear the 2wink course (not new but I managed to unlock them in this playthrough), third tier takes longer but has a lot of resources
  • For ‘Part-Time Jobs‘, you are limited to Mascot jobs until you reach Rank 10
  • Golden Gacha Ticket has the minimum scout of 5 gacha tickets and the maximum of 10 scouts for 45 Gacha tickets unlike the blue tickets
  • There is also another Golden Gacha Ticket that guarantees a 4* card but can only be used for one scout (5 of these tickets counts as one scout)

    Screen shot 2016-03-15 at 8.17.13 PM
    what sets apart the normal golden ticket to this one is that this one has 4*’s as part of the icon (kind of hard to seee tho)
  • With limited gacha cards like Patisserie Chefs and events, there will be a notable pink highlight of the gacha card bonus (not sure if this is new or not but its definitely something new to me)
  • When scouted, limited cards will have the live icon aka the “!” on the card to notify you that you scouted a card that will help give you a bonus on your lives
    2016-03-04 04.27.15
  • There is also a pink highlight for unit skills, for example Kuro and Hajime make up the unit skill ‘Good at Sewing’ and thats why their unit has a pink number
  • New addition to Dreamfes/Rival Battles is the bar shown between vs. with the numbers/stats has some more graphics to it and build up a meter. Not sure what its for tho, but usually when you build a meter until it becomes purple/shiny it means you’re gonna win or something
  • At the end of the battle, in addition to the Perfect/Excellent/Good grading, is the results between you and your opponent, I think
  • Fever Time/Rhythm Game is improved, now there is more response from the game for the player to see. Rather than a perfect or a miss, now players can be told whether their beat was great or ok. In the original beta test there was a lot of room for perfect beats even if they were off so its nice to see these variants
  • There is also a new action in the rhythm game: Tapping both red and yellow buttons together at the same time
  • Also the graphics improved greatly since last time, last time used place holders and didn’t look near polished. There is an introduction banner along with the name title along side the unit’s portraits taken from existing 3* cards
  • Events go for about a week/7 days (tho its prolly because of the packed schedule and the amount of events going on for a month). Theres also sneak previews for events, which was implemented in the original/main game later into release (I can’t remember when but I do remember Circus not having preview cards)
  • There is now a photo album tab found in the ‘students’ menu bar. The album contains CGs from the main story, events and gacha CGs (except for the bloomed ones, sadly)
  • CGs can only be unlocked in the idol road of the card based on the CG (4*~5* cards), like another other bonus on idol road it’ll cost you gems and if you don’t have gems then you’ll have to use diamonds


  • A new feature that was added in a few days ago is actual missions that are found in the same place with ‘part-time jobs’. Missions come from the teachers as well as there being 3 Daily missions from students where upon completion you may even get affection points from the boy as a reward


  • Theres also a fast travel menu for the world map so you can fast travel between the three available spaces. I’m really hoping they add more to the mp for you to interact with because its still kinda bare rn


Thats about it for now, I had to restart writing this because the wordpress file got corrupted prolly because of my poor use with bullet points lead to its demise.

I may have forgotten some stuff but I did the best I could lol. Rn I’ll be chilling until the Pirate Event so I can get me some Pirate Adonis & Koga, if they’re rank because its hard to get point bonus cards when your team is really weak lol.

Treasure I got from last event:

I also got Duel Arashi and Ritsu, but the data from the previous beta had to be deleted lol. One thing to note is that they don’t start you with a lot of diamonds in this second beta, a shame too because I wanted to spend it like crazy.

Hopefully this isn’t the last we’ll see of this. Maybe it’ll pop up in our future for the japanese/original version…

Thanks for reading, I’m gonna sleep _(:3 」∠ )_


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    1. Haha, no not really lol. I don’t know a lick of Chinese but thats why I use google translate.
      Then again the system is pretty easy to guess what it wants from you even if you don’t know the language lol

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    1. Its only a beta tho, so at the start of April they’ll delete your data for the Chinese version and you can no longer access it but its worth trying it out lol

      I wrote about how to get it at the start of this post and if that doesn’t help I also wrote something about it in another post. I hope it helps! Just ask if you need any further help

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      1. I don’t know any details for sure…
        If I were to guess the full official version could be released first in Japan and then in China… maybe? I wouldn’t think they would restart anything on the Japan side because they dont plan to redo scouts/event cards right now.
        Its all up in there right now so I don’t know for sure lol. We’ll have to see.

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