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[Game Diary] あんスタ – Ensemble Stars | March《#12》

Mini Enstar News


On the 2nd of March the new unit Valkyrie had been announced! And here I thought they were going to be released in the game but then I remembered this exact reveal happened to Leo too and then a few weeks later he was put into the game.

The Enstars wikia is quick on its heels and has already put up pages for both Shu Itsuki and Mika Kagehira. Right now there’s not much in there except for a translated description of them from the official site but do check it every now and again.

Ngl I was in my lecture checking my twitter feed for them to pop up but they never did and it turns out the reveal was delayed for 3 more hours or something so I didn’t pay attention to my lecture and got nothing in the end lol.

The unit itself is quite gothic/steam punkish and apparently Nazunya (this nickname is becoming a habit of mine and I can’t stop lol) was part of the unit at one point but I guess because of having being treated as a doll and prolly other reasons he decided to drop out of the unit.

I was kinda surprised to see what they looked like because they weren’t exactly what I had imagined. I kind of imagined Shu with dark colored hair and Mika would have light colored hair. Then again Akira-sensei did say that Shu liked the color pink so I wouldn’t be surprised his hair is pink (maybe he dyed it?). Mika on the other hand has heterochromia aka “odd eyes” which aren’t fake/colored eye contacts seeing that he dislikes his eyes.

Now I’m really interested in seeing them in the game and interact with others! But sadly Happy Elements just dropped the reveal on us and never gave us a date on when to expect them to show up. I have a theory they’d prolly be implemented after the time loop/story & event reset so it’d seem like they were there the whole time. Also it’d be so late into the school year to have two new guys (who were supposedly there since Mika was a 1st Year) transfer into school. So yeah, we’re not gonna see them until April lol.

Can’t wait tho. Tbh Mika is growing on me as I expected, still not sure what to think about Shu… We’ll see.

The link in the picture above will link you to their official profile.

The second beta test for Chinese Enstars had been launched on the same day, 2nd March. There’s some notable differences and it seems quite polished compared to before. Of course, I’ll write up a post about it soon but it seems it’ll be a while until I do that.

The beta test will go on until the early weeks of April. I have some posts on how to get it, namely the first post I wrote on it and the ‘Exam’ test post which I am still unsure if you need to do it to gain access to the beta so try the first method in the first link.

If you have any problems just ask, I’ll try my best to help.


29th February ~ 10th March


Clash! Recollect– A Festival of Giving Back features 2wink, UNDEAD, Akatsuki as well as the short-lived reunion of DEADMANS (or as I’d like to call ’em: DEADMANZ™) . Akira-sensei graces us with 20 Story Parts/Chapters. Good to see you back too…

I’m gonna try my best to abridge this story event as best as I can for this summary because its too long, tho I can’t guarantee I’ll keep in all stuff that happened in the story. What I like the most about event stories is the small infos/trivia that pops up about the guys but sadly I can’t put them all in or else this will be really long. I suggest reading a translation for extra info, I think there’s one being made/prolly finished right now on this event.

The event takes place on White Day, the day of giving back I guess? Story starts off with Kaoru getting slapped in the face by a girl and Adonis comforting him when they hear Koga yelling, prolly arguing with Rei but Adonis senses that its something more serious than their usually fights. Which leads to Adonis running around in the school to see whats up with Koga, tho he refrains from running in the halls. He prolly scaled a building to find him lol.

Hinata is making sweets and Koga is helping him, while be all angwy after his confrontation with Rei. Turns out Rei was discussing with Koga his plans for UNDEAD once he and Kaoru graduates. The plan is to disband UNDEAD which makes Koga really angry/sad and now they’re avoiding each other. He’s also upset that Rei called him by ‘Koga’ instead of ‘Wanko’, as if Rei is ready to say his goodbyes before graduation and is ready to end his farce with Koga.

Meanwhile Kuro and Keito are very concerned over Souma’s condition as he hasn’t shown up for a while and is just replying “I’m fine” when they text each other. Adonis seems to have heard the mention of Souma’s name and comes over to talk to them. Kuro asks him if he wants to come with him to visit Souma’s house and Adonis agrees, Keito asks for them to deliver a ‘condolence’ gift from him to Souma which peaks the interest of Anzu who comes along with. Sadly we’ll never see the scene where they go to Souma’s house lol. Maybe we’ll get to see that in White Day Event 2017?

I guess Rei retreated to the Library after his fight with Koga and Keito pops up to see how he’s doing. Rei borrows a spare pare of glasses from Keito (who prolly has a bunch of them in his locker) because he can’t read small words and proceeds to go through an old album where theres a picture of his old unit.

2016-03-06 20.02.16.png

The old unit was made up of Koga, himself and someone else… who could it beeeee. Rei kinda gets sentimental (just a bit). Keito talks about Rei and Koga, reminding him that Koga really does love/admire him (word used to describe Koga’s feelings is 大好き). I guess its Keito’s way of nudging into Rei’s business and tell him to not push Koga away, I dunno lol.

Back to the Light Music Club Room with Yuta & Koga and everyone is exchanging gifts, Yuta is testing out his shoulder keyboard given to him by Hinata for White Day and I think Yuta gave Hinata a hair clip (I think?). He also gives Koga some spicy(?) sweets because he knows he can’t handle the sweet stuff. Koga gives him silver bracelets for him and his aniki and talks about how he’s gonna give Anzu one too. Yuta is like “Ohh nows your chance, eh? ;^)” (prolly means confessing to Anzu who knows) tho Koga brushes it off and talks about how its kinda hard to give it to her when she’s always busy. I don’t think in the event story it shows him giving Anzu the bracelet, so maybe we can assume he never got around doing it…? Unless he did it behind the scenes.

We cut to Rei resting on Anzu’s lap on the rooftop and they’re having a heart to heart. Rei says hes always heard how Anzu is a good lap pillow from Ritsu so he wanted to try it out, prolly as a White Day present I dunno lol. They kinda touch on talking about the future after the third years are gone and that he’s counting on Anzu with taking care of everything. It gets really sentimental and Anzu hugs Rei tightly, because y’know, you’d be sad too if the ppl you’ve been bonding with for a year are gonna go and graduate and you’ll prolly never see them again because they’ll be too big in the idol world to talk to them normally. So this is some heavy shit, prolly for everyone too. Maybe thats another reason why Koga is sad/angwy too.

He tells her not to cry, just smile and keep on living. Something quite similar to what he said to Koga. I guess Rei is making his rounds to say goodbye to everyone when it won’t be too painful, like saying goodbye on graduation day. Don’t get me started on that.

Anzu is legit stumbling across the courtyard/near the fountain where Hinata is resting. Apparently Rei has this weird affect that drains ppl’s energy when you hug him(?) I dunno, tho I guess its prolly because of the indirect goodbyes from Rei that got Anzu kinda down in the dumps .

He asks if Anzu gave any honmei choco (chocos you give to those you romantically love) on Valentines day and if theres someone she likes the most out of everyone and pure Anzu is like “But I love everyone!” which Hinata’s like, srsly? and Anzu repeats the same thing because she really does love everyone. Hinata is then like “I feel sorry for the guys” prolly means he feels sorry for the guys that like Anzu. Anzu mentions how that kind of relationship isn’t good between a producer and an idol, so maybe she’s holding back because she doesn’t want to cause trouble. Anzu you sweet child… (´;ω;`)

Hinata gives Anzu the sweets he made early in the morning as thanks for everything and to cheer her up, saying that he wants to see her smile again. He then adds that he’s come to love sweets (might be a throwback to how he changed his tastes compared to Yuta).

2016-03-06 20.33.43

Later, Adonis and Koga are rehearsing for the live performance but theres no sign of Kaoru and Rei. Adonis and Koga have a cute moment where Koga is proclaiming that no matter what happens they’ll always be UNDEAD, with both Koga and Adonis going “We are UNDEAD!”. Ah these cutes.

At the venue 2wink are getting ready for the live and Yuta mentions how Koga’s unit is going to be ‘Deadmans’ for this live performance which neither Koga nor Adonis knew about. Koga gets all angwy and tries to investigate what this is all about, tho he prolly has a clue to what ‘Deadmans’ is.

Angwy, Koga goes to Anzu’s booth that shes managing and demands answers, tho she doesn’t have a clue on whats happening too. Adonis tries to make Koga chill for a bit while handing Anzu a White Day gift he bought while shopping with his sisters. You sly guy. Koga keeps on barking on and on about what the hell is going here and Adonis plays good cop and coaxes info out of Anzu but then diverts his attention to Koga. Adonis wonders if Koga knows more than he’s letting on, mentions him being in a previous unit to which Koga replies he was in a unit with Rei and another guy but he doesn’t know who.

Surprise! Keito and Kuro shows up in uniforms similar to UNDEAD’s event uniform, turns out Keito was the third member of Deadmans tho he dropped out of it and prolly created Akatsuki after that, leaving Koga and Rei by themselves until Adonis and Kaoru showed up and made UNDEAD. Koga yaps like an angwy dog at Keito for prolly setting this up but Kuro is like you should be directing your attention on that guy instead, who prolly planned all of this Deadmans revival. Everyone pans over to see…

2016-03-06 21.14.01.png


It was prolly Rei that revived Deadmans for one night.

Koga is so blown away he almost says “Sakuma-senpai!?” before correcting himself to ‘Vampire Bastard’ lol. Turns out Rei, Kaoru, Kuro and Keito will perform as Deadmans for the live.

Meanwhile in Side-Plot C, in front of the water fountain, Kaoru and Souma have a stare off and converse tho this time they don’t seem on bad terms, well not as bad as usual. Kuro and Keito come by to see how Souma is doing. Turns out Souma was training hard in the mountains where his ancestors used before him for today’s event/festival (I saw ppl commenting on twitter that he fought a bear but I’m not sure, I can believe it tho lol) and Mama Kuro and Papa Keito express how proud they are of their child. Keito even goes far to say ‘See? I told you he’s a capable child!’ and laughs so weirdly lol (it was like はっはっはっ ☆). Now that Souma is here they can do the live altogether as Akatsuki unit. Ah, what a happy ending.

Back at the performance venue, Kaoru spots Anzu and asks if he could sit next to her aka close the gap between them (figuratively and physically). They talk for a while, Kaoru notes how he’s only closed the gap between them just before graduation and even if its not much he kinda wished he could steal a kiss instead of just y’know finally managing to sit next to each other. How unfortunate, Kaoru. But the conversation gets a little bit deeper…

He confesses that he wishes Anzu was his mom, noting that it kinda sounds gross but he’s serious. After all he only has a dad, no mom. I guess you could say his womanizing could be routed from the fact that he prolly didn’t have a mom for most of his life and was prolly looking for a girl/woman to fit that role. Interpret it as you will, thats just my theory anyway.

Kaoru gets even more sentimental, it seems like he’s trying to say he wishes Anzu could be the one that could love him for the rest of his life (?) I’m not sure how to phrase it but its very concerning/deep in the way he phrased it, almost like he wants her hand in marriage. Anzu seems to be concerned about his choice of words too, prolly looking at him seriously tho Kaoru is like “c’mon smile” like ‘don’t be so glum when I’m talking about sentimental stuff’.

He tells her to become a ‘vision of beauty’ the next time they meet and y’all better be head over heels or something similar lol. Their conversation is coming to an end and his time is up with Anzu. He gets up and is like, “well I better be off, we’ll meet again in the Entertainment world”…

2016-03-08 15.26.25.png

Anzu smiles back, to which Kaoru responds ‘Thats it, thats the smile I love so much. Right then, I’m off.’

あぁ、行かないで… ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚

The whole day Anzu’s been told to smile instead of crying when it comes to everyone graduating, so its good to see it pay off in the end with Kaoru. Tho for me I cried. I cried over his stupid mullet. It would’ve been nice if the story ended there BUT IT AIN’T OVER. IT AIN’T OVER YET.

Epilogue time. Rei, Kaoru and 2wink are on stage and along comes a special guest: Koga. Koga calls Rei “Sakuma-senpai” and Rei calls Koga by his name instead of wanko. Rei is like ‘Are you mad that I called u Koga?’ and Koga’s all like ‘Thats my name. You’re Sakuma-senpai, so whats wrong with that?’ and keeps saying ‘Sakuma-senpai’ again and again. He’s angwy all right. Jk.

They start bickering like a married couple, and on stage for crying out loud. Then Koga drops a bombshell by saying that he’s always loved/admired Rei, like always. Even the times when he was tsuntsun or was angwy at how different Rei was compared to the Rei he knew back in the old days. Rei doesn’t seem stunned, he prolly knew it all along lol.

Rei then reverts to using Ore instead of Wagahai as if Koga’s proclamation of love broke the old grandpa spell lol. Koga seems happy about it tho. Koga even refers to Rei as anta instead of teme~ so you can see how all the tension between them since the start of the year died away. Boy do I love character development.

They decide to have the live with the whole UNDEAD team instead of Deadmans, Adonis and Kaoru included. The way its meant to be. Rei starts speaking not like an old man for once and talks like a normal teenage boy and tells himself that he has to prolly put up with this for an hour. You know you love it Rei, jk.

This kind of seems like a White Day present to Koga, prolly to Adonis as well, to have the whole team together for one last live performance (not completely last live, but its getting there). The story ends with Yuta and Hinata hyping up the crowd for a night of fun.

Clash! Recollect– A Festival of Giving Back‘s Event Cards:

Ah that was a long one. I said I was gonna abridge it as best as I can thinking it’d be like four paragraphs but no. You can’t fit 20 chapters into four paragraphs. But it was a good event story, gr8 in fact to me because I’m UNDEADP.

It made me cry even, tho I wished I wasn’t spoilt on twitter so I could really enjoy this story. Kaoru’s part made more of an impact on me because no one was really talking about it so it was a surprise to see him say those things and I’m just– My heart…. ow…. does he really like Anzu? Is his dokis for her that bad? I’m… He’s the type of character that doesn’t disclose a lot of things at a time, he kinda holds back on stuff but he does open himself up when he thinks its the right time to do so. Ah… I don’t want everyone to graduate.

But of course, no one has to graduate permanently. We’ve got a time reset coming up after all. Haha… haha… ha…. Next event is going to be a graduation event, right? With all these goodbyes there’s no reason not to do a big event for graduation.

I’m not sure whens graduation in Japan and whens the story reset but if I had to guess… If the story reset is on the day that the app was released (April 28th) and graduation is in March, then that would mean there mgiht be around 2 events that will happen after this one. If thats true then the early April event is….? If the third years graduate in March then they won’t be in an early April event correct? Then what’s gonna happen there? Who knows, all we can do is wait and see.

Also, just as I thought. I couldn’t do this event properly because of my school/I don’t know how to manage time to play events effectively now lol. I’m saving diamonds for Valkyrie tho so hopefully saving all those diamonds will be worth it when I get their cards.

As for predictions for next event, I already said it. Graduation event. Final farewells by all 3rd Years. There will be tears, there will be angst but most of all we can say our goodbyes to our beloved senpais.

Anyway, I’m dead. I’m not ready to say goodbye…

28th February ~ 11th March


Scout! Beauties of Nature graces us with the beauty of Arashi-neechan, Leo, Ritsu and Izumi’s cage of love. Story consists of 8 Parts written by Yoshino Yuki.

This is kind of the second time Knights got an all member cast for a gacha, first being the Pastry Chefs gacha. What do you mean there’s a fifth member of Knights? Jk, poor Tsukasa couldn’t be included into the gacha nor the event story (I think). I hear he was mentioned by Leo in the story but I’m not sure if he showed up.

I didn’t scout for this one, I’m saving up all my diamonds for Mika (and Shu) seeing that I missed out on Leo’s scout when he was released. Apparently there won’t be a Story Scout this month like previous months like Story Scout Izumi, Hokuto, Midori & Chiaki Edition. I’m not sure if its true there won’t be one this month but if it is true it’s kinda a bummer…

This gacha’s costumes are gorgeous as always, especially Arashi’s with the owl feathers accent. The feather capes are prolly the best thing about these costumes. Also the birds. The birds should get their own cards.

Sorry if I haven’t been posting lately. I was waiting for the right time to write this post because I’ve been kinda busy with school and other stuff but ye. Hopefully I’ll keep making posts for this week too.

As always, thanks for reading. I’ll see you all in another trip into Enstar hell _(:3 」∠ )_


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