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[Mobile] 🔞Quick Look at…ケモ彼!- Kemo Kare! (Mini Review)

Kemo Kare, aka イケメン医者 ケモ彼!~俺達のBL病棟~,  is a BL mobile game available for the iOS and Android for free (with in-game payments). It has no voice acting and is a ‘gotta catch ’em all’ kinda game where the gameplay centers around the main cast’s routes.

Bit of advanced warning, this isn’t explicitly an R18 game but because its an app it had to be toned down and is now a solid 17+ but its kinda on the edge of an 18+. No kids allowed (jk).

I promised I’d review both Kemo Kare and Ore Pri back in my Cool-B January Issue but after seeing Ore Pri where the GUI kinda hurt my eyes to look at I decided to just focus on this game for about 5 days… or more. Technically spent like 2+ weeks playing this because its one of those games where you unlock a story chapter each day or something similar to that…


From what I’ve gathered there is a disease going around, a disease prolly translated as ‘The Beast Disease’ where it has stages. Early stages aren’t visible but late stages like Stage 4 prove to show patients undergo a ‘furry’ transformation. Aka this disease turns you into a furry.

The Protagonist, Makoto Tokugawa, has arrived back to Japan from his studies in France as a doctor. He arrives at the hospital where the game takes place, whose name I’ve forgotten, as the new kid on the block but he is keeping a secret. He has Stage 4 of the Beast Disease however it only triggers when he is in heat/pheromones aka when he’s turned on (maybe). He has to keep this from his co-workers and is trying to find a way to cure himself considering his symptoms are quite different from usual Stage 4’s.

But he can’t really do this on his own, after all it seems like the only way to cure it is through an operation and he can’t really operate on himself. So now he has to find a co-worker who will be willing to operate on him, but when his disease triggers he must be “””””treated””””” so he can turn back to normal. Srsly, whenever the other guys say “I need to give you treatment for that ;)” or he says “This is what you call ‘treatment’ right?” whenever his disease triggers it pretty much means fucking.

Its like one of those TV shows based on doctors & hospitals and everyone’s basically banging each other/hooking up with their co-workers because why not?

Will he find the cure to his disease or will he find love? Too cheesy but you get the deal.



Makoto Tokugawa

Has Stage 4 of the Beast Disease. Not exactly sure when or where he got it, he just does. He’s kind of the strong silent type but gets flustered easily. Apparently he has the “God Hand” (ゴッドハンド) that makes him skilled/fast at operations (not sure if God Hand is a nickname or skill but whatever). Just like any of SUNSOFT’s games like Ore Pri, he too can change between being 受 (Uke) or 攻 (Seme). He likes fish.

Main Cast with Routes (as of 1st March 2016)

The following characters can be either seme or uke depending on your route choices/preferences.
I only mainly did Nobunaga’s route and a bit of Keiji’s route for this review so don’t expect a lot of in-depth description for the others.

Nobunaga is a doctor who only seems to be interested in operating and cutting people open and seeing their “insides”. You could say he’s kind of yandere and has a few screws loose in his head. He’s kind of like a self-proclaimed rival to Makoto and has ‘God Eyes’/’Eyes of God’ that could rival Makoto’s ‘God Hand’. I think he’d make a better seme than an uke, then again I think he can go both ways and not break his character. Seme!Nobunaga is always popular in Events, almost 100% of ppl playing choose seme Nobunaga for the events lol.

Keiji is the genki mood-maker guy, but don’t judge him by his looks he’s actually two years older than Makoto and is pretty much his senpai. He pretty much figures out Makoto has the Beast Disease tho Makoto lied about what stage its in to stop him from worrying. He seems like a better uke than a seme imo…

Mitsunari is the stern, stick-up-his ass doctor that has a ドS side to him. He can play the piano and likes doing recitals in the local cafe joint.

Masamune always wears traditional Japanese clothes, even when he’s at work he just casually wears a kimino as he operates. He’s good friends with Yukimura who he calls “Yuki-chan”, which bothers Yukimura sometimes.

Mitsuhide is the kinda laid-back superior who sometimes accidentally smokes in the cafeteria. He’s prolly much older than Makoto which means he more mature. He just got a route recently so check it out.

Main Cast without routes (as of 1st March 2016)

These guys are part of the main characters that you can prolly romance but they have yet to get main routes except for Yukimura who has some routes in events.

Yukimura seems to be good friends with Masamune and prolly has a sweet tooth. He kinda seems like one of those nanpa type but I’m not sure, I never really saw much conversation with him. He doesn’t like to be called Yuki-chan and gets kinda embarassed sometimes.

Hideyoshi is a mysterious guy with heterochromia. He’s new to the story and I was never really introduced to him until I played Keiji’s route on my android phone and found that him and Nagasama were both slipped into the introduction/prologue story of the game.

Nagasama is the loyal dog character trope who is kinda like a big bear too and likes hugging people suddenly. He is also new along with Hideyoshi. If you haven’t checked out my Cool-B post, I scanned a two page spread of them in a threeway with Makoto (kinda NSFW & bad quality scans but whatever lol).

Features & Gameplay

Its hard to describe what genre this game is. Its one of those games where you’re limited to how many chapters you can read by tokens that refresh everyday and you have roadblocks like do missions to continue on reading. Missions usually include dressing up and levelling up.

Its one of those games.

Gameplay as followed:

  • Visual Novel Part: You have like 5 tokens to read fives chapters that refills each day. Usually on every 5th chapter you’re given a mission to do to continue. There are times where you are given dialogue choices to increase your affection.
  • Operations: Operations (オペ for short) are what increase your “levels”. Think of it as fashion battles against other players, the person with the better clothes wins. But there’s also another trick to it, you have to choose the way you attack/operate.
    E.g If you’re up against a person who seems to be dressed up like an ‘uke’ you press the 受っぽい人をメロメロに! button, if you’re dressed sharp enough aka have higher point clothes you’ll get a “Big Success” if you’re lower in stats you’ll get a “Success”. If you guess incorrectly you’ll kinda get a fail state but you still get EXP to your level.

    Screen shot 2016-03-01 at 8.20.24 PM.png
    Left to right: for uke opponents, for seme opponents, ??? (for opponents with similar event clothes?)
    I never understood the green button so don’t use it unless you want to try & figure it out.
    You can tell if an opponent is uke or seme is by how the game makes all the “uke clothes” pretty much crossdressing/dressing up like a girl. Thats it. If a opponent looks girly they’re uke. C’mon guys really? Then again its a pretty easy telltale sign.
  • ‘Dressing Up’: Dress ups are pretty much one of the main focus of this game, if not for all games similar to this one and I’m sitting here going why? Mainly to get more money out of ppl maybe… It affects your stats, uke/seme/event and allows you to fulfill missions. Also you can look pretty cool/cute or maybe shitty if you put on all the crap clothes.
  • Missions: Missions pretty much stop your progress every 5th chapter of an episode. Some missions will ask you to be a certain level, to have a certain amount of uke/seme depending on your choice, making you buy clothes in the shop etc. Sometimes it forces you to choose between two clothes and if you get the cheaper one you won’t get to see the CG, I’ll talk more about that later.
  • Events: There are story events that happen for prolly a week or two before they’re replaced by another event. These events are similar to the main story visual novel however your missions are to reach certain Event Point goals which can be gained through what I call the “walking simulator” minigame where you consume Energy Points to gain event point as well as bonus gifts. Boyfriend and Koe Kare had that mechanic too I believe.
  • “Walking Simulator” Minigame: There are set ‘fever times’ that will increase your event point but I forgot when. Sometimes it takes 4 Energy Points for each step you take, sometimes 5 or 7. The empty spaces guarantee you event points but when you land on a gift icon, opponent icon or bonus gift icon (love heart icon) you will not receive points. You’ll battle opponents when landing on the icon that looks like a person where you can get bonus points depending on how well you go.
    2016-02-10 03.37.26For gifts you can get kemo (the common currency you can gain), event gacha tickets, event scenario tickets, fever boxes (gives you bonus event points), closet space which is rare and the rarest of them all a special scenario which is randomised on which one you can get. These scenario’s don’t have CGs btw.


  • Levels: Levels don’t really mean anything to me? Like I tried levelling up in hopes it’ll make my closet bigger or my energy level higher but it does nothing and I’m on level 30. Maybe it affects later on? Anyway, there are some missions that need you to be a certain level until you can continue reading.
  • Uke/Seme Stats: I think at the start when you choose the guy’s route or later you’ll be asked whether you want to be the seme or uke in the relationship, if you choose seme you’ll need to have higher seme points to be able to pass through a mission. Uke/Seme stats depend on your clothes. For me I always choose the Seme option because the story is better that way lol.
    (There are also event stats that depend on the event items you’re wearing and will grant you bonus event points but I’ll talk about that later.)
  • Store Clothes: Store clothes are usually used for clearing missions or used as ‘premium tickets’ to view “””raunchy””” CG when purchasing the more expensive alternative. Ya gotta pay extra for your porn thats the rules kids, tho its technically not porn when the dicks are invisible.
    These are called “Gold/Silver” Missions and choosing the expensive alternative aka “Gold” will give you the CG while the “Silver” one just gives you the scenario and no CG.
    Screen shot 2016-03-01 at 8.43.05 PM.png
  • Gachas: You can get your clothes from gachas as well, if you’re lucky you can also get rare avatars of the other guys for you to add to your overall look. There are Event Gachas whose tickets are easy to find if you play the event’s “walking simulator” minigame (I need to figure a better name for it). If you wear event gacha clothes it’ll affect your event stats which will give you more bonus event points.

I could talk more and more about this but honestly that’d mean this’ll become a breakdown and the reason its called ‘quick look at’ means I’m just gonna be quick about it lol. I’m sorry if I miss anything important out.

Anyway currency here is kemo (easy to come by), coins (can only be bought) and avatar jewels. Now Avatar Jewels are the only thing you can use to buy clothes for your avatar in the avatar shop. They can be bought by coins but thankfully if you save enough kemo you can buy Avatar Jewels which with a lot of patience you can use to buy the gold items to get to view the CGs. My advice to you is to save your kemo for Avatar Jewels before spending it on tablets that refill your Energy Points. Btw Tablets are like HP refill items.


Now I wanted to play this game because of the illustration from those two page spreads and wallpaper from Cool-B are right down my alley when it comes to illustration quality that are easy on the eyes. There are two artists for this game, the character artist that does the sprites and the other artist that does the really gr8 CGs. Sometimes the character artist does the CGs but it just ain’t the same (I think they do the black and white CGs and sometimes does colored event CGs).

Sometimes in the story you get black & white CGs which I guess the artist is going for a ‘manga’ look and what interesting about those black & white CGs (or as I like to call them linearts for a coloring book, jk) is that the artist censors the dicks with black bars but then other times they don’t? I don’t know why.

Apparently most of the CGs are NSFW ? lol. And just to be clear, there are no dicks. If there are then they’re invisible. Invisidicks. Even so the CGs are still kinda NSFW, not safe for life actually… Anyway heads up, NSFW CGs coming up ahead.

Some examples as shown from Nobunaga’s & Keiji’s route (All are results from Seme Choices):

(Don’t ask what Nobunaga is doing in the second pic, apparently Makoto is jerking off into his armpit? I don’t want to remember)

(I could only get Keiji’s Gold Scenario + CG which involves about 4 different stills of the same CG but with different expressions and stuff. I never got Nobunaga’s Gold Scenario because I didn’t know what I was doing and spent all my kemo on replenishing items lol. Also if you haven’t noticed, Keiji and Makoto are holding invisidicks in their hands.)

Thats about most of the CGs I got from the main route stories and I’m not even half way through all of their CGs lol.
Its really hard to take screenshots of the CGs because theres no  option to remove text so sometimes theres a delay with the Black & White CGs popping into the screen, about 2~3 seconds, so it took a few tries to get clean versions of them (especially when they’re not saved to the CG album afterwards). You can see in the first Nobunaga CG I didn’t even try to take a clean pic lol.


For Event Stories there are two CGs per character, but one CG for one route (there are two routes per character in the Event) so after finishing one route you’ll have to go back to the same character and choose a different route. Waste of time to get another CG tbh.

They kind of tease the one CG in the first few chapters to show you what you’re working for to reveal the whole thing. When you reach the end aka get all the event points you’ll get to see a little bit more of the CG and unless you got a “Epilogue Ticket” you picked up from the walking minigame you won’t be able to see the whole CG and scenario lol. Luckily I usually get an epilogue ticket.


Final Thoughts

Its an alright game and I really appreciate how you can basically go through the whole game by not paying a single dime, but it’ll take longer to read a whole route. I played it for 2 weeks and got me these CGs and I’m not even halfway there lol.

I think it is a good time waster if you’re at home and you got nothing else to do. I wouldn’t suggest playing it on the train unless you’ve got the guts to show invisidicks to the whole world lol.

The events are interesting, fun to play and a great way to get a bunch of resources but I find it to be taking time away from the main story sometimes, especially when I need to level up and I have no Energy Points to do Operations. I kinda wish that the opponents you meet in the event minigame give you EXP to your total level so you can level up while you play the minigame like in Boyfriend but I guess they haven’t thought of doing it… or they just don’t want to do it for game balance reasons.

I still like the main CG artist’s art, and sometimes the other artist’s Black & White CGs, tho I think I’ll just stay admiring it from afar in Cool-b’s magazine when theres two page spreads of it. The protag was nice, I think he suits the seme role tho it always seems like in Nobunaga’s route that he’s leading him on instead of Makoto lol. Uke!Nobunaga still initiates things with Makoto instead of Makoto doing it, which is a nice change to see lol.

Tho it kinda bugs me that everyone wants to fuck Makoto anywhere, anytime. Hell most of the time its in the hospital. Its the pheromones, they just can’t resist Makoto’s pheromones. But honestly its almost in every episode it happens lol.

If this is your kinda of game or you’re interested in playing it then by all means try it out. Its kind of addicting but the cool down period usually occurs when you have a mission to complete and you don’t have enough levels or Avatar Jewels to complete it until the next day. Kinda hard to fit it into my schedule now so….

I’d like to continue playing it for Nobunaga’s route or maybe when they release routes for the new guys but for now I’m gonna put it down, rest my head and try not to think about the copious amounts of invisidicks. So I’ll be dropping it until further notice.

This post will be scheduled to post tomorrow because I’ll be out for almost the whole all day to even write something so today being my day of is my only chance.

As always, thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed this lil quick look at ケモ彼!  _(:3 」∠ )_


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  1. Thanks for talking about this! I just found it and DL’d because it has a uke/seme choice dynamic which looked interesting (º﹃º ) but I was sooo confused by the story. “He’s got Stage4 puppyitis, Nobunaga knows (and is somehow allowed into the hospital looking like that), suddenly he became a doctor no prob, and everyone is named after Fuedal Lords!?” I can’t actually read kanji so I just BS it and guess via hira/kata. (´△`) Since I don’tthink I’ll be able to properly seme I wonder if someone just has all gje CGs out there.. _(:3 」∠)_

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    1. There might be a hardcore player out there that has all the CGs tho it’d prolly take them a long time lol
      Also I had a feeling about the feudal lords part but I couldn’t confirm because I’m not familiar with them except Nobunaga😂


      1. Hello again! So I’ve been stuck on a gold/silver part for a few days now since I don’t have the crystals and you HAVE to choose one. Tried to get some coins via Tapjoy but the button isn’t always available and appears like a ninja. Is there a way to get to it and I just can’t find it buried under all the chexmix?

        悪魔教師 is easier for me to figure out than this. @-@; Have you played any Anakare games?

        Also, are you fluent in Japanese or just know a good amount?

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      2. Yeah that happens to me too, like waiting for days to accumulate enough coins. Tho I haven’t played the game for a while now so I’m not sure what you’re talking about lol.
        usually when theres an event on you have to activate it by tapping on the event banner and choose your event scenario to get that tap travel mini game to gain more coins… thats how I usually did it.
        I’m not sure if I could say I’m fluent in Japanese, theres still some stuff I don’t know, tho I have been studying it for 6 years in high school and studying it now in Uni so lol maybe I’m fluent? I dunno.


      3. Aaa, well more fluent than me. XD I was only able to study for a year and a half or so then had to stop due to financial reasons (+moving later on). Now I just watch anime and listen to DramaCDs and somehow understand things more than I can read it. To an extent…

        And I meant in the main story Mission Scenario for the Gold/Silver thing. I haven’t enough closet space to choose one I guess. And Tapjoy is a way to get free coins, but it just sometimes appears and then poofs and I don’t know why. XD Oh well! No biggie, just curious. If I ever find a review for a game it’s usually in cases like this, where the authour hasn’t played it for months and I’m just behind the times. :p Going to check out this Dance with Devils though! Looks like Diabolik Lovers? But… with demons?

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      4. Yeah I heard that you can still pick up on a language if you immerse yourself it in (audio or visually) without formal/direct learning. Thats how I pick up on new stuff lol.
        Dance with Devils may seem similar but it is definitely on a different wave length to Diabolik Lovers, well I think so. You can check out the anime but the PS Vita game does go more in depth with characters/plot, alas its only available in Japanese. At least the anime is subbed. I hope you enjoy it!


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