[Monthly Overview] March Releases 2016



ボッチムスメxプロデュース計画 – 25th March – Kalmia8

*【R18+ For Audiences over 18 years】

PS Vita

赤い砂堕ちる月 – 10th March – dramatic create

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金色のコルダ4 – 10th March – Koei Tecmo Games

ワンド オブ フォーチュン R – 17th March – otomate

オメルタ CODE:TYCOON 戒 – 17th March – Karin chat noir

Screen shot 2016-02-23 at 12.04.16 AM

Dance with Devils – 24th March – rejet


This month is jammed packed with games I want to play, so nows a good time to get back into playing otome games on the vita more than ever lol. With having paid stuff like text books and tuition I’m not sure if I’ll have some money left over for new games (I’ll find a way).

Major game I want to get is Dance with Devils because I pretty much enjoyed the anime and I’m interested to see if they have random musical numbers in the game as well (prolly least likely but let me dream). I’d also want to buy Corda4 just to try it out. I find the system to be quite interesting and the rhythm mini-game looks like fun. Tho because its the fourth title in the series I wonder if I’ll be ok with reading the story when I don’t know most of the plot points/characters… lol.

I’m interested in getting Wand of Fortune R but prolly only after its released and the price is down. Right now the Australian dollar isn’t looking as good as it used to be back last year (1AUD = 90 something Yen back in 2015 now its barely 80 Yen). I have a feeling Corda4 and Wand of Fortune will take up most of my time/need a lot of attention to finish one route, hopefully I’ll have enough time for it.

I’ve been having second thoughts about Bocchi Musume lol. I like the concept of the story but the R18 part is putting me off. We’ll see about it. No BL games for me this month either, Omerta is ok but not my kind of thing? But its nice to see them releasing a PS Vita port for those who want to enjoy the game without too much R18 shenanigans happening (unless you play it for the R18 then you might not get much out of the PS Vita port).

Shout out to Hyakka Hyakurou (百花百狼) for not falling under the “D3P Shitstorm 2k15” curse. Time to celebrate with copious amounts of booze.

Screen shot 2016-03-01 at 1.04.49 PM

Its still kinda early (been like 5+ days since its release) but with ten reviews being 5 stars it seems to be D3P is back on track with hiring better writers. Very nice. Tho I’m not gonna buy it myself, I’ve already had my fair share of ninja/assassin stuff with Nin Koi. But yeah, congrats.

I’m also thinking of getting Project Diva X, release date: 24th March. I actually can’t wait until they localize it to the west and there’s not a lot of dialogue going on, tho it does seem like they’re adding a story/quest section in this installment, so I’ll be importing it. Tbh I just want to play MikitoP’s songs and some of my other favorite songs. Plus I want to dress up all the vocaloids in different costumes, Kaito especially. I hope Kaito, Meiko and Luka have more songs this time… Also its kinda a bummer that Luka doesn’t have her V4X costume because I think its gorgeous.

100% my waifu

Thats it for me. I seem to have not only a backlog in games but also a backlog of stuff I want to draw especially the monthly doodles for these monthly overviews, so I have to apologise of not doing them even for this month (I might get onto fixing it).

With updates on me, Uni seems to be ok. I’ll have Tuesdays off so maybe I can get posts done on those days. Also its nice that they’re teaching Japanese I learnt back in high school because its more of a refresher to me lol. But they’re teaching new kanji that they never taught in high school so I’m just ε=(‐ω‐;;)

As always, thanks for reading. I’ll do my best this month and try not to crash & burn

 _(:3 」∠ )_

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