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[Magazine] Spotlight – New Upcoming Magazine “Hash+Tag”

(You can skip ahead this if you want)

Really sorry for no Ensemble Stars Diary Entry, in all honesty I did prepare a post (pic shows an incompleted summary/intro) for the Chick & Emperor’s Triumphant Return event days ago but things got busy and I tried reading the event story but wasn’t really getting into it and my app kept crashing whenever I tried to read Chapter 9 of the story so I gave up hoping to pick it up again.

Now its a little too late seeing that the next event will happen soon in like two days, so I decided not to do an entry this time around but considering I had content like this in mind I’ve decided to write about it in a separate post. Plus the ‘spotlight’ category needs more content. 

Really sorry for not providing a diary entry this time around. Its really inexcusable and I’m sorry.

Anyway, onto the main event of wanting to take off the clothes of 2D Idol bois: UNDEAD.


B’s Log has revealed a new spin-off magazine called “Hash+Tag“, a ‘concept magazine’ that will release on April 16th. It’s not exactly an Enstar exclusive magazine, it’ll mainly focus on other 2D bois but for its first issue it will focus on Enstars and the characters as well as the month’s concept.

The magazine costs more than a regular magazine like B’s Log. Its almost the same price as My★Star, maybe even a little cheaper at ¥1, 296 and just like My★Star it is also ambiguous when trying to google searching it because of the name. Actually, you could say that this is B’s Log answer to Dengeki Girl’s Style’s My★Star.

Now I’m not really sure what a concept magazine is, but I have a feeling this one will focus on different topics each month/issue. The first issue will focus on the concept “#脱がせたいカラダ。” which could prolly be translated as ‘wanting to undress the body’ or as I want to translate it as ‘wanting to undress their body’. Hadaka Stars anyone?

The first issue will focus on the oh so sexy UNDEAD group, involving ‘gravure photo shoots’ of them prolly showing off their body/taking off their clothes. There will be a long interview with UNDEAD as well as talk about the other 31 Idol’s “bodies” which would mean the magazine won’t be talking about the new two characters.


Just recently there was a sneak peak of the Magazine’s first issue cover. It may look simple now but I guess along the line of the course of the magazine’s life it’ll become more flashy or something. But I guess clean is good, not sure about the color font because the pink text can’t be seen in some places or maybe that’s because of the small image?

Hopefully the pictures of the UNDEAD crew are on separate full page spreads so we can appreciate their body more lol. Thats the point of this issue’s concept right? Appreciating their bodies? Adonis is right in there showing off his (with Koga focusing his eyes on his tiddies prolly), but I’m not sure about everyone else. Especially Kaoru and Rei who we can only see a bit of their torsos.

Tbh it looks like its right after a live performance and they’re all sweating, taking off parts of their unit uniform to cool down. Koga still has his dog collar on tho. Really looking forward to it.

Also! As a bonus for those who buy the animate set, they will also get 4 bonus badges possibly of the UNDEAD crew. You know I’ll be taking out my wallet for that animate set. Then again I don’t know what to do with badges because if I put it on my backpack that I use to commute to my Uni, they could A) Be stolen/swiped from me B) Accidentally fall off or C) I’d be too ashamed to have them on my backpack as I would be found out as a weaboo. Best to keep them at home lol.

If you’re planning to buy from animate you must use a forwarding address/company to forward to you because animate only sells items to residents in Japan. Rest assured they do take foreign credit/debit cards as payment.

So yeah, keep an eye out for it in the future. I know for sure I’ll be buying my own copy. Its a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a phsyical copy of a pic of sweaty, sexy Adonis. Of course I’d want to see the other member’s shoots too. I’m kinda curious about Rei & Kaoru’s because we can’t really see the rest of his body on the cover unlike the others.

As always, thanks for reading and again, really sorry for the lack of diary entry this month…


Shopping Links:

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Release: April 16th

Animate (Regular) | (Limited Set)*

Regular: ¥1, 296 | Limited Set: ¥2, 592

(Tax Included)

Amazon Japan | CD Japan

¥1, 296 |  ¥1, 200



»Only Animate shopping links are available for now, will add more if more shops include it in their catalog so watch this space!

*Limited Set includes 4 tin badges


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      1. Doesn’t help that I have Nagikitsune’s scale as my phone background orz But yes… we blend in and hide among them @u@ Then again, I buy phone straps with no intention of using them haha >_>;;

        Also, while I don’t buy Japanese magazines, I can’t wait for this to come out to see some pictures. I’m really liking the first theme. I hope they keep it going xD

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      2. I had like Kuro and Adonis as my lock screen and home screen but had to change them to a default wallpaper because I was going to a session full of ppl and didnt want them to look over my shoulder and see my waifus lol.
        I’m looking forward to future themes for this magazine because they’re starting off strong with “shirts off, guns out” theme, like where could they go from there?

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