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[Mobile – Special] “Chinese Ver. Enstars” Beta Test (March 2nd)

Chinese Enstars back at it again with another beta test happening on March 2nd. What a coincidence because the new guys will be revealed. This time around it seems like you have to take a “Transfer Student Admission Exam” to get a chance to play the beta (or at least thats what I think its asking for, it may not be true but who knows).

Again this will be Android only, no iOS support available.

You can check out some of the changes they will implement into the new beta in their official blog post. Seems like they’re going to implement time into the backgrounds of the map (night, day, morning according to the user’s time). They are also going to include a CG album as well:

Screen shot 2016-02-23 at 10.02.22 PM.png

The events they plan to have while the beta testing is underway is Circus, Duel, the Pirate event.

Beta Exam/Questionaire is no longer available. Info in this post may already be outdated such as the Exam but if you want to continue reading go ahead.


The Exam is just a multiple choice questionnaire asking questions about the characters like “Who refers to themselves as ‘Big Sis’?” and “Who hates Eggplants?” or “What is Subaru’s dog’s name?” or “Who is the tallest of the Knights?”. Keep in mind these questions are randomised, each time you refresh the page you get a new set of questions and not every page has the same set of questions.

If you get these questions right you might have the chance to play the ‘closed beta’, but I’m not sure if its a requirement to get to play the beta… After all I don’t know Chinese and I’m using google translate to get some information here lol. I have a feeling they’re doing this as a requirement to play the beta test is to get people who know the game well to give feedback as well as prolly lowering the amount of foreigners that can’t speak/read Chinese (the latter one is just a theory)… but that’s just what I think.

To take this Exam you’ll need to have an account with QQ/Scan a QR code through the QQ app.

Now what is this QQ app? Well its part of a set of apps made by one company. Back in my old post of Chinese Enstars I linked to a website where you can download an app that is sort of like an app marketplace for China, that app and QQ are part of the same company. QQ is more like an instant messaging app.

To activate the quiz you need to scan the QR code with your QQ account.

How to get QQ to get into the “Exam”:

First of all, download the app market place first. Here’s a link you can access on your computer where you can scan a code that will allow you to download the app, or if you’re lazy to click on stuff here’s a QR Code ready for you to scan here:

Screen shot 2016-02-26 at 1.35.46 PM

If you don’t know how to scan it with your mobile device you can just search and download any old QR scanner in google play and delete it as soon as you scan this.

Opening the link into a browser, it’ll automatically download (if it asks if its ok to open the file just say ‘ok’). After downloading is completed, you need to manually authorise the installation of the app because its a third party app. I talked about it in my other post about getting Japanese apps but heres some graphics on how to manually authorise the installation of a third party app:

Open the app and hopefully you’ll get options to download other apps. Have QQ the only one checked because QQ is the app that we need to authorise the quiz. If this doesn’t show up then hopefully by searching QQ you’ll get to download it.

2016-02-26 00.28.50

Now comes the hardest part because all of this will be in Chinese. Luckily I’m here to help you along the way.

Luckily I took some screenshots along the way so it’ll be kinda easier to explain step by step with pics.

Open up the app > New User > Change Region Number > Choose your Country Region Number > Enter Mobile Number (make sure its the right number because it’ll send you a security number to your phone) > Confirm > Enter Security Code shown in the picture (refresh if you can’t see it) > Confirm

(if you can’t find your country in the first few countries listed & you can’t read chinese you can use the green numbers next to the country as hints, that is if you know what your country’s region number is. Just scroll down until you find the right number)

You’ll have a security code/number sent to your phone through text message. Theres a cooldown time to resend the number, doesn’t necessarily means that you have to enter your number before the countdown reaches 0 and you’ll have to get a new code (trust me I thought it was under a timer to enter the code and freaked out). Enter the code and continue.

After that you enter your nickname for your account, continue and enter in a Security Code given to you through a picture and continue by pressing the button on the top right corner. You’ll be given your very own QQ number and you can now enter QQ. Be sure to take a screenshot of your QQ Number because it’ll be very important for the Exam later…

Click the plus button and go to the scan area. Now you’re ready to scan the authorisation QR code to take the quiz… Which I’ll explain on how to get next.

How to Participate in the Quiz:

First of all here’s the link to the quiz. The event rules are stated and the questions are down below, but you can only participate in the quiz by activating it with your QQ account/scanning the QR code.

Screen shot 2016-02-26 at 2.41.23 PM

By clicking that it’ll redirect you to a page with a single QR code, the QR code is randomised and will expire if you don’t scan it soon enough. If it expires you’ll have to refresh the page.

Screen shot 2016-02-26 at 2.41.50 PM

(Please don’t scan this code because it will not work lol)

Scan it by using your account and directed as above in the last few steps (the steps about scanning QR codes). It’ll ask you to authorise it, click the authorise button and your page on your computer browser will automatically refresh by itself, logging you into your account and now you can take the Exam!



The Exam itself, like I said before, is randomised and theres a lot of questions that will pop up that you prolly haven’t seen before. But wait a minute, it’s all in Chinese isn’t it? For me I used google translate, tho I used the app and its ‘translate text in photographs’ feature. It helped me a lot so maybe you should use it too. Then again the English wording in the translations aren’t that great but they give a good indication of what the question is asking.

Again, the names of some characters have changed because of translating Japanese character to Chinese characters and google translate won’t be able to pick them up so hopefully you’ve memorised the names of the characters and recognise some Kanji.

There are 20 Questions in total, 10 Questions per page (2 pages in total) and the questions are randomised. You’ll need to get a score of 100 to be accepted in, no less. I’m not sure how things are scored, like 10 points each questions or something but once I got a score of 95 but it wasn’t enough…

You can’t test if an answer is wrong or right by answering one question and submitting it to see the results, you have to do the whole Exam to see your score and if you don’t get 100 you’ll have to do it again with a new set of questions, maybe even some questions you’ve answered before are rolled in there as well.

I tried about 4 times or more and I still haven’t reached a perfect score of 100, most of it was in the 90’s and such. The questions are like trivia on the characters which you should prolly pick up by reading/playing the game and I can never know what questions I got wrong and what I got right… so thats why I stopped for now and decided to write this. (I guess I really don’t know Enstars after all……………..)

Maybe someone has a masterpost on the correct answers… but I’m not sure… If you do know of a post out there with the answers please direct me to it because I am legit dying…

Screen shot 2016-02-26 at 3.01.15 PM
please kill me

(The image above is the results of the quiz, 95分 is the score and the text below says its not enough and you’ll have to retake the Exam. Clicking the button below will let you retake the Exam.)

(EDIT) Ways to cheat the Exam, please look:

Ok I managed to “cheat my way” to getting a score of 100 and oh boy was that rigged anyway…

So I didn’t notice until after publishing this post that you don’t have to press the ‘retake exam button‘. Silly me. Instead you can press the (X) on the message window saying you got a low score and go back to your test and fix things up until you get a perfect 100 score.

Yeah its that easy.

Story Time:

For me, I got a 95 score so I had to find the one question I got wrong. I checked almost all the questions by moving the answer to a new one and see if my score changed, seeing it drop 5 points means that it was the right answer in the first place. Then I got to a question asking what was Makoto’s hobby, answers were

  • Playing Piano
  • Comic books, watching TV
  • UFO Catcher (translated from Chinese it says ‘clip doll machine’)
  • Crossword Puzzles

I chose the UFO catcher one in the first place because I remember his profile saying he liked playing UFO Catchers or something and in his Chinese profile on the website said hobbies are: ‘Clip doll machine and Fighting Games’. Turns out it was the incorrect answer and the right answer is “Comic Books and Watching TV”. What the fuck.

/End of Story Time

Anyway, once you get a score of 100 you’ll get this message:

You need to input your QQ Number (The one you received when you get your account finalised) and input it again in the input field below the first one. Once it confirmed your QQ Number you’ll get the message on the right congratulating you and saying something else. I’m not sure what the second part says, something about the beta? Makes me think all of this wasn’t really necessary but we’ll see…

The button underneath that message will pop up a window where you can post this achievement on your Weibo (thats if you have one). You don’t really need to do it.

Screen shot 2016-02-26 at 4.00.54 PM


Hope this helped, if you have any questions feel free to ask, I may not know what I’m doing but I’ll help in whatever way I can. Hopefully I didn’t leave out anything important…

As always thanks for reading… I’ll see you all in the beta.


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