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[Bunny Diary] Future Plans/Blog Update (Feb 2016)


I’m going back to uni next week. In Australian schooling we kinda do things differently, we start the school year in February and we have breaks/holidays pretty often (for uni we get 1 week break for Easter & another somewhere in September or something and a month break in the middle of the year and a three month break for summer/christmas).

Funnily enough my uni doesn’t let us have a breaks on public holidays except for the Melbourne Cup, a day that involves horse racing, fashion and gambling, so if I got classes on other public holidays I have to go to Uni, unlike my previous uni.

Which then leads to my main problem: time management and this blog…


I was pretty much able to do the stuff I did on this blog because I had a lot of free time, about 6 months worth of free time. With Uni coming around I should be focusing towards my studies, especially when its all to become more fluent in Japanese so hopefully it’ll help the blog too.

Now I’m not saying I’m gonna give up this blog because of uni, I’m just thinking of cutting things down. I’ll prolly not have time for app games, so maybe I’ll cut that down, maybe stop doing diary entries for other games (maybe for Yumeiro) and focus on Enstars. These are just ideas that are going through my head right now.

What I’ve mainly been thinking about is to just focus on vita games/PC games because they really don’t need my attention every single day like app games. Plus I’ve been meaning to do that since I started this blog lol. I really can’t focus on both vita and app games equally so its kinda sad to disconnect with app games even tho they have been controlling my life since enstars day 1.

I know I have been meaning to do things like that B’s Log magazine post, enstars diary entry & other diary entries like touken ranbu and yumeiro cast but I’ve been running around like a headless chicken trying to get things ready for uni, which have all been last minute lol. But I promise I’ll get onto it when I have time.

I’ll try my best to keep a steady flow of content from here on out (hopefully it won’t lead to my demise). Feedback about changes would be nice because I’ll prolly not look back once I change things so nows your only chance (maybe).

As always thanks for taking your time reading my ramblings. Hopefully it’ll give some clear insight on what I’m gonna do in the next couple of weeks, prolly.

See you next time _(:3 」∠ )_


8 thoughts on “[Bunny Diary] Future Plans/Blog Update (Feb 2016)”

  1. Good luck with your studies!! I feel your pain so I want tyou to know we are all cheering for you. Education should ALWAYS come first and you should never feel bad that you aren’t putting out content because of your education. It’s expensive, time consuming, and severely important.

    Hmm, I don’t really want to suggest anything to add to a possible pile for you. I’ll be glad to read whatever you post. You should focus on things you want to talk about since it’s your post^^

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  2. Ooh, good luck on your studies!! Yes, definitely focus on your schoolwork 🙂 Your future and stress-free happiness are very important, after all. I hope you don’t feel too stressed to make posts!

    The app choices get even harder since TouRan Pocket is coming out too… haha… The way I break it down is, I play app games during commutes/breaks outside of home(like at work), then play my vita(I use a vitaTV at home ~) and PC whenever I have free time at home. My normal vita doesn’t see much use anymore though orz Anyway, this way I can play some app games but focus more on my PC/Vita games for the majority of time 😀

    Good luck in uni this year! I hope things go great !!

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    1. Thank you very much! I don’t really play apps on commutes because I usually play on my iPod and I don’t have internet access and I’d prolly be too shy to take out my vita to play on the train unless its an empty carriage lol.
      But yeah, gotta keep everything stress free. I sometimes overthink things/stress over petty things so I gotta get out of that habit lol. I don’t feel stressed about posts, more worried about not putting out content for my readers. But I think everything will turn out ok in the end.


  3. Here in Brazil people start school on February too 🙂 and have a break for Carnaval and Easter
    I am also studying and I won’t be posting much too.
    I thinnk I didn’t play Yumeiro Cast and Aichuu for 3 days already, no time :/
    Good luck on your studies 🙂

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    1. I think it must be a southern hemisphere kind of thing to start school in February lol.
      Thanks for the support and good luck on your studies too! I’ve only checked in on my apps daily but I haven’t really played them so I think its time to stop playing app games lol (except for enstars, thats still gonna be part of my life for a while now). I think I’ll check out new apps but only for review posts and not for diary posts.

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