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[Goods] Big Cushions – Adonis & Koga (Mini Review)

2016-02-18 16.26.44
more pillows added to the collection…

This will be a short post for the blog so it won’t seem like I’m being unproductive (which I have been these last few days). It’ll be a quick review too, so don’t expect a lot of pics.

My slow descent to Enstar pillow hell started with a small bonus cushion that came with a B’s Log issue and one thing led to another and now I have a body pillow and two big “cushions” (I’d classify them as pillows because they’re about the same size as a bed pillow). Now I’m smothering in pillows.

In my past Enstar Diary entries (#04 & #05) you may have seen me talk about these pillows. They’re kind of limited goods, maybe? You could only preorder/buy them for a limited time at animate, if you missed out then thats it. But I have a feeling movic is now selling them as well False alarm, I don’t think they do but I do recall seeing something like they might be selling it but they have nothing listed on their site.

Like any other pillow they were air locked packaged so it was fun ripping through the package and seeing the pillow pop back to life rather than seeing its flat deflated form. Tho I think having those packages kinda ruined the pillow because of the creases and my Adonis pillow was waiting for a month in storage prolly at Animate’s warehouses waiting for Koga to release so they can ship them to me so he had some creases and wrinkles. Maybe it’ll flatten out in time but I’m not too sure on that. Also Adonis’ pillow has a stray strand so I worry for that.

The designs looked a little something like this (my iPod camera doesn’t do the designs justice):

I’d like to thank whoever picked out these CGs out of the numerous amounts of game pics because these are my fav pics of Adonis and Koga. Of course all of this was prepared before major events like Halloween etc so we didn’t get to have vampire Ritsu as a pillow option (still one of my fav event CGs).

The pillows themselves don’t have a zip or place to take out the pillow so you can’t really change out pillow covers/clean the covers individually from the pillows themselves so thats kinda a bummer. I kinda worry about sleeping on the pillows because I tend to drool in my sleep sometimes (we all drool in our sleep at some point so there’s nothing to be ashamed of) and I don’t want to ruin them . They’re all right to hug but Chiaki is better at being hugged because the pillow I’m using for the body pillow is thicker and comfy, not like these pillows aren’t comfy they’re aight but just a bit on the thin side.

2016-02-16 10.06.38
Adonis & Duck Friend

Other than that I have no complaints. I would’ve bought Kuro too to complete the Bae Trinity but honestly that would be too expensive (theyre like 3,000+ yen each plus tax, shipping and forwarding) and I’d legit be suffocating in pillows. I’m sorry Kuro. Talking about forwarding, I must’ve used the faster option because altogether the forwarding was about 4,000+ yen and because the pillows are heavy when they’re compressed I guess most of the charges were from the weight lol.

Sadly the pillows are no longer available to be bought online because they were pretty much limited goods by Animate. Not sure if you can buy some in-store but that would mean you’d have to go to Japan to see it for yourself.

My Enstar pillow harem has begun to grow but I’m prolly gonna stop it here unless they sell a big omanju of Adonis or any of my Bae Trinity. But honestly theres not enough room for me, my pillows and my cat who takes up most of the space unless I start sleeping on the floor from here on out lol.

Tbh I was planning to do a review post on 2wink & ra*bits a few days ago but I kinda got lazy and then there was a health scare that I won’t go into detail about but it pretty much stressed me out but hey here we are with a new post.

Also if you haven’t noticed, the enstar poll is now closed. I kept forgetting to write in the diary entries that I was planning to close the poll once it hit 100 votes. The results are quite impressive but I’m not slightly surprised, except for the fact that ra*bits reached 3rd place when at the start it looked like they were going to be the underdogs along with 2wink. Thanks to all who have voted, hopefully I’ll try to draw something for it (I’m not gr8 at drawing rn but hey what am I supposed to do with these results).

I’ll keep the poll results up for a few days, not exactly sure what my next poll will be…

Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great day _(:3 」∠ )_


3 thoughts on “[Goods] Big Cushions – Adonis & Koga (Mini Review)”

  1. Hope you’re dong better! Having sexy man pillows to drown in is not a problem at all! Well, unless it forces you to sleep on the floor haha I have to force myself to not buy any of those dakimakuras I see OTL

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  2. cute pillows x3. that pic of Adonis is lovely. (hello new desktop wallpaper lol)

    I can relate to the feeling of “drowning in pillows” though. I have too many! One of which I bought because I could NOT find that image on anything else and it wasn’t a game cg or sprite. no regrets! XD
    although ironing the wrinkles out of a compressed pillow is a chore and a half 😛

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