[Game Diary] あんスタ – Ensemble Stars | February《#11》

Mini Enstar News

Somewhere around 28th January, Leo was finally added into the normal produce course (Knights and Class 3-B) and his portrait was added in the Knights daily course. After how many months?! Jk. Here’s hoping they’ll add him to the opening movie soon too, but I think they’ll prolly do that when the new unit is introduced and they have no choice but to remake the opening movie.

There will also be an update happening today (I think), updating the app from 1.1.18 to 1.2.0. We made it to ver 1.2.0 everyone, congrats.

Nothing too big, just some slight changes like improving CG quality for the android, notifying you when items in your inbox/present box thing is going to expire, ability to filter event stories based on season/time period (about time) and other small things that they didn’t disclose but others will prolly notice.

Merch Spotlight

Wonfes, a event where amateurs and companies alike gather to showcase current and upcoming figures/statues/nendoroids, happened last weekend and I bet a lot of us were anticipating Enstar related goods being announced like figures/statues and Wonfes delivered. Well Wonfes also delivered that R18 Aoba figure but thats another story.

Screen shot 2016-02-11 at 3.56.50 PM

Orange Rouge, a spin-off brand from Good Smile Company that mainly focuses on male character goods, announced they will be pairing up with Ensemble Stars to make Nendoroid Co-De. They’re not exactly nendoroids with moveable limbs and multiple expressions. They have fixed poses/expressions but they have exchangeable parts like head, upper body/garments, lower body/garments and shoes. The aim of Co-De is to co-ordinate your character’s clothes/poses and can be swapped around with other nendoroids or other Co-De’s. Here’s a lineup of existing Nendoroid Co-De.

Which is kinda fitting for Ensemble Stars because theres so many costumes and clothes that Enstars have to offer with characters. I wonder if they’ll release all the characters or just a set amount. They’re quite cheap, theres one that is 2,222 yen for one character & costume. They’re also about 10cms in height, about the same size as a normal nendoroid.

Also note that the small print on the Orange Rouge announcement pic mentioning something about based on enstar anime designs, so it’ll prolly release during the airing of the anime. But whats got me wondering is what is the different between anime design and in-game design? Is it the same? Is it different? We’ll have to see.

Screen shot 2016-02-11 at 4.15.40 PM

We are also treated to Palmates of Mao, Ritsu and Rei thanks to Megahobby. Sadly its only going to be those three for now, no other character is going to be announced for a Palmate anytime soon.

Palmates are like figures/statues that fit in the palm of your hand and are either posed sitting or squatting, your choice. You may have seen some of their works like Daiya no Ace palmates or maybe even the Yowapeda palmates. They cost around 3,000 yen and are prolly 8cms in height, not sure tho.

You can pair two together for a dramatic effect, picture from amiami:

Screen shot 2016-02-11 at 4.28.17 PM.png

Enstars Palmates are underway of being made but so far there are no progression pictures or samples of what the poses will be. My guess is that Ritsu will be lying down wasted. Oh better yet, they might even use the cover from the debut book as reference for all three of them (maybe):



31st January ~ 10th February


Sincerely! Bitter Chocolat Festival features the long awaited Trickstar unit that has been MIA for quite a while now, alongside them are the Track & Field Club and Hokuto’s #1 fan (Tomoya). Theres also a short appearance of the rest of the ra*bits members. There are 8 story parts written by Yoshino Yuki.

Story starts off with Subaru walking to school early, prolly because he was woken up by his dog, and meets up with Hokuto and Anzu on the way who also coincidentally bumped into each other on the way to school. Hokuto talks about the upcoming Chocolat Fes which is similar to the Sakura Fes but because its been almost a year and my Japanese was really rusty back then I pretty much forgot the Sakura Fes story. But apparently in these Fes its not only one unit but a whole lot of other units performing, prolly every single unit but I’m not sure. They only mentioned Trickstar, Ra*bits, UNDEAD and Knights.

Then the whole Trickstar gang walk into each other on their way to school. They try to think up of who’s the best person to ask to help out with the Chocolat Fes. Apparently in Chocolat Fes the idols get to make chocolate for the customers who are going to their live performances and they have to make a lot (I think they sell them/get money out of it but I’m not sure).

They brainstorm on who’s well known at making sweets, Makoto thinks of Izumi who is apparently good at making sweets but Makoto’s creeped out when Izumi tries to feed it to him like a babby and calls his name or something so they decide not to ask Izumi. Mao brings up Ritsu who’s sweets are really good but the appearance is too grotesque to be called edible (its still good food tho) so it won’t sell well with the customers. Then finally they come to a conclusion that Arashi would be the best to ask for help because of “girl power”, also Arashi has made sweets before for events and lives.

Funny how most of the best bakers/sweet makers are from Knights. Kinda wished Souma was mentioned because doesn’t he have a card where he made donuts and he does say he can cook almost anything, not sure if he’s a good baker in terms of chocolates/sweets.

Arashi mentors Trickstar and Ra*bits into making truffles (chocolate truffles, not that weird fungus truffle), which is kinda easy to make for those who aren’t experts at making these kinds of stuff but its a bit complicated. Everyone seems to be going well, Subaru doesn’t seem to be getting the round consistency of a truffle ball but Hokuto’s ends up being smooth and pretty and thats because, according to Hokuto, his body temp is low so his hands are kinda cold so it doesn’t melt the choco. Hajime makes truffles like an expert, adding toppings and decoration. He’s prolly good at this because of his part time jobs or maybe because he’s part of the Tea Club and he makes the sweets (thats just my guess).

However my poor babby Mitsuru is having difficulties. He’s struggling and refuses help from anyone and when Tomoya asks if he needs help he refuses, saying he can do it by himself and storms off into a corner while Tomoya looks on worriedly. Tomoya asks Anzu to talk to Mitsuru because he’ll prolly listen to her.

Anzu overhears Mitsuru talk to himself saying he didn’t mean to talk to Tomoya like that and that he prolly doesnt want to bother anyone. Anzu, worried, asks if she can help and Mitsuru lets her. He actually doesn’t mind having Anzu help him unlike the others, I wonder why. Anyway, Anzu tells him they’re gonna make 生チョコ (kinda translates to ganache but in a square solid form, looks something like this) which is a bit easier for Mitsuru to handle by himself while getting almost the same product as truffle. Mitsuru mentions that he’s making the chocolate for Adonis and Arashi as a way to say thanks for looking after him all the time, so he’s putting his whole heart into making this chocolate which is prolly one reason why he wanted to do it all by himself.

2016-02-11 20.02.29

Anzu shows him how to do make it, Mitsuru steps in to do it for himself and it seems like he’s getting the hang of it thanks to Anzu teaching him. They finish making it, Anzu praises Mitsuru and Mitsuru seems proud of what he’s done going “I can do it after all!” (sometimes Mitsuru messes up/lacks the ability to do stuff properly and sometimes he notices it and is down in the dumps & saying hes a できない子, a kid who can’t do anything, so seeing him say here that he’s a “できる子, a kid who can do, after all” makes me happy).

Just as Mitsuru was in mid-conversation with Anzu, he walks into Makoto who seems to have been there for a while, peeping maybe? This is almost the second time I’ve read you peeping on Anzu wtf bruh. Makoto says he just came up to eat lunch at the garden terrace and saw Mitsuru and Anzu making stuff which intrigued him to come closer and take a better look (yeah sure). We may never know what was going on in that head of his, jk jk. Makoto pretty much says that he was kinda jealous at how Anzu is teaching Mitsuru how to make choco. Mitsuru asks if he’s gonna give choco to someone which makes Makoto freak out and act kinda suspicious going “The chocolates are for the customers who come to see our live right? Ah… ahahah….”. Ok then.

Mitsuru tells Makoto he’s making the chocos for Adonis and Arashi and asks if he’ll help by taste testing which he agrees to. 2 hours later, they take the choco out of the fridge and test it out. According to Makoto its good and it makes Mitsuru really happy and confident to give to Adonis and Arashi.

Back to Trickstar where they finished their lesson and are now packaging the chocos for the customers, Hokuto confesses he’s taking advantaged of Anzu’s help and feels a bit guilty and tells her she should rest after this & that he’ll walk her home. Mao then talks about the roster of who will walk Anzu home, recounting the time he walked Anzu home and meeting her parents and eating dinner and kinda feeling spoilt by her family while he’s kinda left out in his own family because his parents told him he can stand on his on two feet now and doesn’t need to be spoilt or something along the lines of that, his lil sister is now the object of his parent’s affection but he tries not to be really bothered by it.

Makoto then gets angwy/jealous by the fact that Mao gets to go inside Anzu’s house and meet the folks when all he’s done is walk her home and thats it. Even if he was joking it seemed like he was really serious like he was about to take out a knife and threaten Mao jk that would be over the top. He then vows he’ll be more straight forward/manly/agressive next time he walks Anzu home, or something like that, and Mao just nods back at him slightly worried and confused.

Trickstar finally gets on stage for their live and show their moves to the audience. Its kind of explained how Chocolat Fes works and that the customers go to the live performances that they want to see and something about stamps and that will determine the choco they get or something but because I wasn’t really concentrating I didn’t get the full story. Hokuto sees Tomoya fanboying in the crowd and shows off, while Mao sees Anzu just behind Tomoya and he also shows off. Makoto sees all of them excelling well in their performance, he even sees Subaru enjoying himself, so he does his best too. Mitsuru finds Tomoya in the crowd and apologises for the way he talked to/rejected Tomoya when he asked if he could help and then runs off into the sunset to give his choco to Adonis and Arashi before their lives start.

Mitsuru absentmindedly runs into Adonis, gets bumped to the ground and is helped up. Mitsuru says theres something he wants to give him but finds out his chocolate, particularly the wrapping, was affected by the fall he took. He becomes embarrassed/dreading about what had happened to the chocolate that he can’t say full sentences and just as Adonis was gonna ask whats wrong Tomoya comes out and pulls Mitsuru out of the situation because their live performance is up.

2016-02-11 20.58.09

After the live, the day is almost coming to a close and Mitsuru feels awful. Even on the stage he didn’t seem to take his mind off it, but overall the Ra*bits performance was so good they got an encore, according to Tomoya. Tomoya tries to comfort him but he’s not feeling it, Anzu comes along and is asked once again to talk with Mitsuru. Mitsuru is on the verge of tears and feels awful after working so hard on those chocolates, even Anzu’s hard work was wasted or so he thinks. He didn’t want to meet eye to eye to her, let alone face her but she still comforted him. She gave him courage to give Adonis and Arashi his heartfelt feelings/chocos.

Adonis, who’s been worried about Mitsuru, runs into the scene along with Arashi only moments before their live performances start, perfect timing for Mitsuru who uses this opportunity to give them his chocolates. He tells them that he’s thankful to them for always taking care of him and that he loves them both, they accept his chocolates not caring for the wrapping and eat it. At this moment I kinda cried a lil, reading how Mitsuru worked really hard to put his feelings into saying thanks and Adonis and Arashi supporting Mitsuru and accepting his feelings. [sobs] Thats good shit right there. Mitsuru didn’t take all the credit, of course, he even told them Anzu helped too.

The day ends with Mitsuru proclaiming again that he loves Adonis and Arashi very much and that he loves Anzu just as much.

Sincerely! Bitter Chocolat Festival‘s Event Cards:

Sorry for the extra, extra late diary entry, I was kinda busy with this event as well as writing that Cool-B post that took forever. If you haven’t guessed I went all out for Mitsuru’s card because he is the cutest son a person could ever ask for.

This event story seemed to be more focused on Mitsuru, which I am thankful for because it shows how deep his love is for the Track & Field Club. I really love how everyone in that club loves and looks out for each others. They’re like a big happy family and it makes me cry every time just by thinking about it. They’re all so kind and too pure for this world.

It was also nice seeing Trickstar back onto the scene, especially Makoto and Hokuto who I haven’t seen since forever. Its nice to see Makoto back into his weird, awkward situations but its kinda becoming clear that Izumi kind of influenced his interactions, especially with Anzu wheres its almost becoming on par with Izumi’s fixation with Makoto. Maybe thats just me reading into nothing. But it’d be interesting to see how much of an affect Izumi has on Makoto’s mind.

No love confessions this time around except for Mitsuru saying he loves his mom (Arashi) and dad (Adonis) but its cool. Just seeing their relationship deepen is enough for me. Maybe thats how Valentines will always be with Enstars, maybe next year it’ll be Knights as the main and everyone will be dying from trying to rank. It’ll be horrible.

Anyway, prediction corner. Tomorrow might be the event announcement but who cares! We haven’t seen much of Tori lately, nor has he gotten further character development which I crave to see. For the sake of others I kinda hope next event or gacha will feature Tori as either 5* or 4* and maybe Yuzuru will be in there, who knows. We haven’t see Shinobun since Christmas so maybe he’ll be in a gacha. I hear a lot of people calling for a 2wink main event where both twins are either 4* or 5* and prolly have further development.

I haven’t seen Rei or Koga or even Kaoru in an event for a while now. Last time was Halloween was it? Adonis is getting around there so he might not pop up for a while (you’ll still be in my heart). Happy Elements might find a way to squeeze a Knights member into the next event, they always do.

As for next events theme… I have no idea. Its really up there and it’ll prolly be random. What I ask for is a wedding themed event or gacha like those idol girl games… but that would be asking too much. Seeing Adonis in a wedding gown is just a dream now.

Anyway, I hope y’all had a good time this event and that next event will treat you well. Rest a lot and take it easy.


30th January ~ 11th February


Scout! Tea Party features the Tea Club + Tsukasa gossiping about Keito’s embarassing hand drawn doujins. There are 8 story parts and they’re all written by Akira-sensei.

When the announcement alluded that they’ll be talking about Keito’s “secret” and immediately thought it was gonna be about his secret life as a mangaka or something thanks to having gained his story card where it talks about it. More or less I was hoping to have Keito dressed up as Alice and Hajime would be the white rabbit but Tsukasa is in here because ya gotta fit the quota of rich bocchans in this tea part god damn it. I saw a lot of people on twitter sacrifice themselves to the solo yolo to get Tsukasa and only end up in despair. Look what you have done Happy Elements.

I haven’t received a card from this series because I was too busy  getting my babby home but from what I’ve read/heard on twitter the story was basically the tea club gathering around in the garden (which looks beautiful btw. How rich is this school anyway??) and gossiping/chatting like giggling school girls. Hajime begins to call everyone Oniisan, particularly Ritsu I think and I think Hajime also calls Eichi “Tenshounin-Oniisama”. Tsukasa joins in the oniisan/oniisama fest too, I think.

Ritsu shows off his energetic side (as shown in his unbloomed card, which kinda looks like Leo’s face in the B’s Log Exclusive poster) and Eichi calls upon the children to gather round and blatantly shares Keito’s secret with everyone without Keito’s permission. The best of childhood friends.

Keito draws under the penname “Mizuhanome” and the manga/book that is Eichi’s hands is one made by Keito called “Wonderland Alice vs Looking Glass Alice”, which would explain the Alice themed cards. Gekkan Shoujo Hasumi-kun anyone? Thats about all the info I got/remembered tho.


27th January ~ 4th February

Story Scout – Izumi Edition includes not only the Spawn of Satan Izumi, but also Arashi Oneechan, Nazuna Niichan and Mao the Basketball Mom. Each card has at least one short story while Izumi gets two story parts and two CGs. I only got Nazuna through produce point scouting and his story was basically Anzu accidentally walking in on Nazuna practicing his singing skills (I think its choir singing but I don’t remember) while he waits for the lesson to start, not sure if that last part is what happened I just can’t remember.

Izumi’s story guest stars Makoto and I’m not sure what the content of the story is. I remember seeing a screenshot of him talking about Anzu in a bad way, something about her sports jersey looking crappy or something (don’t take my word). He’s mainly complaining to Makoto but not sure if Anzu is in the same room. These stories kinda take place really early in the main story because they still call Anzu “Transfer Student”. Izumi’s bloomed card is basically him showing off his model skills and you know what… he’s damn good at his job. Damn you Izumi.

I got his other Story card (which was prolly a card thats always been there since the game’s release) where he’s feeling a bit ill after a dream fes late in the afternoon or something and Anzu finds him and tries to take him to the nurse’s office but he’s pretty much complaining all the way there. I think that story prolly takes place after this new one but still at the time they call Anzu “Transfer Student”. He’s kinda tsundere, more tsuntsun than dere, in that one because he’s all like “Whats up with this girl” as she’s taking him to the nurse’s office and he’s kinda angry blushing when he’s on the bed. If it wasn’t for Anzu you’d prolly collapse somewhere on the campus where no one can find you until the next day so be glad (jk).

Anyway thats my take away from that story scout. I want to like you Izumi child, but sometimes you’re a big meanie (jk jk), just to be clear I don’t hate him I just get a feeling so complicated. I still worry for Makoto’s health tho, please be more kinder to him in a way that he will appreciate and not see as creepy.

Valentines Day is coming soon, hope you all have a fun day or maybe even a normal day which is what I’m planning to do except it’ll prolly involve more chocolates than my typical normal day.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you again next time  _(:3 」∠ )_


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