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[Game Diary] 夢色キャスト – Yumeiro Cast | February《#08》

January Left Overs

I didn’t do a second January post on Yumeiro because I was busy but I’ll do a real quick one as a sort of an apology. Tho keep in mind I didn’t participate much in the events at the end of January so it’s not the full experience. Sorry.


The Friend Point Gacha got a renewal as in the normal cards from previous events can now be gained through the gacha as per usual with any other normal card. Also you had a chance at getting an SR card of Hinata from the gacha, though I started with 70,000+ pts and I got no SR card so ??? Thats about 25 ten turns and no result for an SR. Maybe it’s because of that one special tension bonus on “Running through the blue sky” for a short period of time:

Still not sure if he’s still available.


2016-01-14 10.23.49.png

In celebration of 700,000 downloads, Yumeiro cast gave us a bunch of yume stones and a gacha ticket. For once in my life I actually saved these yume stones until 200, which took me until February to get to that number. In the end all the cards were R cards. Thats how shit my luck is.


New Songs

Sousei’s solo birthday song finally released after so many days after, 20th January when his birthday was the 7th. I only played it once but I remember it being a really smooth, kind of mellow song. Like one of those sweet love songs, which fits Sousei’s personality perfectly. I only got one copy of the new Normal Card from Sousei’s song so I couldn’t make him up, but he looks cute at least.

2016-01-20 17.11.13.png

CALL HEAVEN!! finally gets its full song released for all to play, which lasted until February. Its to commemorate the release of the song to karaoke. The song itself is really long, even though its about 4 minutes, it felt like I was playing for an eternity when I first tried it out (I tried out the EXPERT difficulty first, oh boy was that a bad decision). My favorite part of the extended/full version is when everyone is kinda rapping, good stuff right there. I hope they’ll release more full versions as they are released to karaoke.




I never got a card out of this gacha because I was saving up, even tho these cards look really gr8. I bet if I did try out this gacha I wouldn’t even get a card lol. I guess this might be the first time we see the guys dressed up as high schoolers, prolly not the last time.

Everyone’s got a brass/wind instrument except for Subaru and Jin, whose instruments I don’t know. I kinda wished they brought back these cards in the regular gachas so I can stop getting the starter R cards because its killing me.

Also for this gacha only, it was discounted to 180 yume stones for 10 turns. Alas, I didn’t have enough stones saved…

2016-01-13 19.01.43
only subaru’s toned body can soothe me from this salt

 1.3.0 Update

2016-01-27 22.36.36.png

Around the 27th of January theres been quite a few changes with the 1.3.0 update. There might be small update changes that I didn’t pick up but I’ll try my best.

The info/event banners on the bottom of the home screen has a full rotation when you’re scrolling through it instead of stopping at the oldest banner. You can scroll through the event banners even when its not extended out.

You can now choose which character to appear on your home screen by going into the character profiles and picking them as your chibi buddy. So now the leader of your main team doesn’t affect who will appear as your main guy on your home screen.

2016-02-09 11.59.41.png

The look of the card profile screen is different, particularly the look of the header above the card. Not sure if its always been a thing but it also says what musical it is from, Sousei’s card here says its from the CITY OF SWEETS musical series.

Theres a new feature in the options tab where if you have your location settings turned on for the game you can find other people near you who are players of Yumeiro Cast. It’d be nice to find another Australian player but I don’t think that would be possible lol. I think this feature would be better used when in Japan because there would be a higher chance on finding someone.

2016-01-27 22.48.26


Another score battle event and this time the event time is limited to about 8 days. Usually it’d take about 10 days or more, but they really cut it down this time. At least they lowered the event point bonuses milestones this time, thankfully I got Subaru just in time.

2016-02-01 10.26.41.png

The musical this time around is based in a country/city inspired on sweets and treats. Theres no event story this time around but there are snippets of story in the cast drama of the event cards. Like for Subaru his story was about donuts and how his whole class made donuts for their teacher, who was a bit grumpy but was kind hearted. I didn’t read it properly but it was a story close to Subaru’s heart.

Also theres a bonus valentine chocolate item you can give to the guys. I would translate the ones I gave to, Kaito and Subaru, but I don’t have enough time at the moment. Sorry. The valentine choco event was fully voiced which I appreciated because I get to hear Tasuku aka irl Subaru stutter and be all cute.

After the event finished we were treated to a Valentines daily bonus for the next 7 days:

2016-02-04 11.07.45

The score battle event this time around was a bit different than last time. One of those differences being that EXPERT difficulty gives you more event points than last time, mainly because of the rank over bonus, which I’m not sure what triggers it (I’m guessing it happens when you get a score that is over the average overall score, prolly). Now we get to see everyone’s title and not once did I come across someone with a silver or gold plaque/title:

2016-01-29 11.19.19.png

I’m guessing our opponents are based on what range we are in, thanks to how we performed in the last score battle. Which isn’t so bad. Maybe if I tried really hard in my last score battle event then maybe I’d be in the higher ups against the tougher players, thankfully I’m with small fry/average people. Still, I kinda dropped out of the event once I got Subaru which is why I ended up in the 3,000~4,000 rank tier lol.

The event furniture for this event was especially cute. I really like it compared to the other ones. I think I’ll keep it like this. If you unlocked all of the furniture, except for all the choco hamsters, it’ll look a little something like this:

2016-02-02 11.08.41


New Songs

Lolipop’n world had a, well, pop vibe lol. It kinda reminded me of kyary pamyu pamyu’s songs, like cute and energetic. They also released another version of this song, same song and beats, but it’ll give you double the points, only for double the cost (EXPERT is usually 60 event tickets/chocos but the double point ones costs 120 event tickets/chocos).

They released two more EXPERT difficulties of the original songs, however SECOND INNOCENCE was released after the event finished. You can get the posters of these songs if you do a full combo on EXPERT difficulty. The full version of CALL HEAVEN!! was available throughout the event, which I kept playing again and again for event tickets/chocos. Its kind of disappointing that the full version doesn’t give you more event tickets/chocos because its double the length/effort to play the full version of CALL HEAVEN!!, but then that would mean they would have to double the AP cost to play it so the game is balanced.

2016-01-27 22.48.37


This is the gacha that I wasted 200 yume stones on and got nothing but R cards, but I wouldn’t call it wasted if I got at least one card from the series. That card being Sousei who looks really cute here. Too bad it didn’t cough out another Sousei card so I could make up/awakened his card.

Everyone else looks really cute too with the sweets themed clothing, even tho it kinda looks a bit weird and out there. Still salty I didnt’ get any. I did get the bonus for 10 turns, which is another valentine choco which I gave to Subaru so its all good at the end of the day.

2016-02-04 20.29.35

This gacha series is pretty cute, too bad I don’t have enough yume stones to get anything. I would buy yume stones if I could but seeing that I got zero SR/UR cards from my last 10 turn scout, I have my doubts on my chances. Maybe one day I own a slightly sweaty Sousei in a hot spring yukata…

2016-02-04 20.40.32

Theres another gacha for bought Yume Stones only, costing about 12 paid Yume Stones which will give you 8 Yume Stones as a bonus when you do a turn per day. I guess Yumeiro Cast is finding ways to get money from the players, which I can’t blame them, money is what is making this game still exist.

2016-02-09 13.43.36.png


These two cards are prolly going to be regular cards in all gachas, platinum ticket & gold ticket gachas as well. Not sure where Iori’s card comes from, like which musical, so far its the only one of its kind in terms of theme. Kyoya’s SR Event card is up for grabs now as well. Ha… all that hard work getting his card only to have it be put into the regular yume stone gacha…

2016-02-05 10.58.43.png
Previous event only cards will now be highlighted in red

Sorry this took so long, but better late than never. Right now Yumeiro is in its downtime so no major events are happening at the moment so I can chill and do other stuff.

Lately I haven’t been playing it as often as I had before, maybe its because I’m kinda busy but maybe because theres not much for me to do with it right now except for events.

I’ll be patiently waiting for an event I can put all my energy into and suffer daily for it lol.

As always thanks for ready. Until next time _(:3 」∠ )_


6 thoughts on “[Game Diary] 夢色キャスト – Yumeiro Cast | February《#08》”

  1. I started playing this game 1 week or so before the city of sweets event… I was in love with Kaito, Kyoya and Iori (same birthday than me!!!!)at first, but when I was advancing in the story, I found myself sooooo in love with Subaru. xD And now it’s my favourite ❤
    In the event, I played until the very end, and fortunately I ended in rank 1300 to 1400 ❤
    I also got one UR Iori event card… (he looks like a chocolate shortcake xDDD) ❤
    Also, I didnt know about the hinata sr card in the friend gacha… I was so surprised when I suddenly got him xD
    And about the new gacha series, I got Sousei; and the Iori's unknown series UR as well ^^
    I used my three tickets from the event rewards to get them, but now I'm regreting because I was expecting new Subaru cards, and there's no one T.T I could have save them… T.T

    Finally, I have two questions…
    First, in the event, when I saw my three oponents, some of them have something written in their cards, like the ones from your picture… what it means and how can I have it too? ^^
    Second, "normal cards from previous events can now be gained through the gacha", what cards are you reffering to? ^^
    Sorry for my bad english!

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  2. I haven’t been able to get into this or Ensemble Stars. Makes me sad cause there are tons of cute stuff out for them! Then again, I’ve instead been being lazy on my backlog games haha >___>;;

    You make me want to try it out though and get into knowing the characters…..

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    1. I know how you feel. Lately I’ve been focusing on too many app games that I don’t even have time for my vita games OTL
      If you try out playing them I bet there won’t be any way to turn back (just kidding).


      1. Hah. It’s why I’ve been avoiding it. I’m sure I’ll get sucked in T___T It’s also why I’m avoiding the Neko Atsume game too lol …. And even Touken Ranbu is coming to mobile app…. oh lordy

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