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[Magazine] 🔞Cool-B – January 2016 Vol.65

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This’ll be prolly the first of many magazine posts where I’ll look through the magazine and pick out stuff that seem interesting to me and talk about it in some detail. Please note that these will prolly be of issues released one or two months ago.

Seeing that this is the first, I’m not sure how the format is gonna be like but we’ll see how things go. Of course, this is a magazine full of screenshots from BL R18+ games so I’ll try at the best of my ability to keep it at least safe for work/censoring.

Also forgive me for the poor quality scanning.

Ok, so this is the first time I bought Cool-B and I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting myself into. Firstly, it’s kinda skinnier than B’s Log and Girl’s style, but it has a bonus CD which has a lot of goodies to make up for it being 907 yen:

Second of all, because its mainly BL/R18 otome games theres a lot of NSFW CGs and I’m trying my best not for members of my household to accidentally look through it lol. But that won’t stop me from blogging about it from here on out.

I won’t go too much into detail about normal otome stuff that is featured in this magazine because its more or less insignificant compared to the bigger articles. I’ll cover the otome stuff in B’s Log & Girls’ Style posts.

Without further adieu, here’s my awkward stumble into BL territory, for the second time in my life.


I’m quite familiar with B’s Log and Girl’s Style so seeing Cool-B have a section where it has a two page spread of illustrations of games/other media is kinda refreshing. Theres about 8 of them as part of Cool-B’s “Illust Collection” and I could scan them all for you but that would kinda be time consuming so I picked out some of the ones that I kinda liked.

They were kinda a pain in the ass to scan and stitch together perfectly because I kept doing things wonky and had to apply a lot of pressure on the magazine so all of it could be scanned without getting the edges too blurry.

Top picks of Cool-B’s Illust Collection


Here’s a Lucky Dog1 illustration by Yura. Looking back on their previous works now you can kinda see how much Yura has grown over the years. Their coloring style is more easy on the eyes now, not as colorful and bright as before.

The article on Lucky Dog1 RAKIDO mania pretty much talks about the minigame/quiz game and shows off some CGs, which I will prolly not show off… maybe. By the looks of it this game, well its called a DVD-ROM, seems to have bonus stuff/extras as well as a quiz game where if you clear it you can choose your prize and get a bonus CG/scenario. The article kinda mentions a short story being included as well as rough sketches, but I’m not sure.

Actually I’m not quite sure what this includes because it does mention something like a “6th anniversary; black dog” and “yellow star”, not sure if its a novel/book or not. More or less this DVD-ROM thing is more like an extras kind of thing, I wouldn’t call it a fandisk because its cheaper and looks shorter too. Its even listed as “ETC” in Cool-B so yeah. But it does have preorder bonuses at stores so I’m not sure what to make of it.

The DVD-ROM will release the 11th of this month for 2,700 yen.


(I’m not going in order of articles, more or less going in order of illustrations and then I’ll go in order of articles. Kinda hectic I know)

So here’s a new game from Mada Labo. You may recognise the company name and drawing style because it is from the same people that brought you Hadaka Shitsuji. Oh boy.

This upcoming game is called “患者Sの救済“/”Patient S’s Salvation“. If I were to deduce what the S stands for it prolly stands for Sadistic as in we’re in for a whole new level of sadism in this game. From the looks of it, the main cast are patients, some prolly are terminally ill. The illustrator for Hadaka Shitsuji described this as something like a “human drama involving life or death (tho せいし can be read as sperm also which is what they prolly meant)”, yeah its that kind of story.

Theres a disease called “Candle Disease” and it prolly kills ppl and I think the main protag has the disease. The main three guys you see up there are prolly the guys you screw around with in the game, which would be kinda dangerous if one of them almost dies in the middle of it… then again I did experience that in Arisato’s route in Hadaka Shitsuji… Even till this day I can’t block that ending out.

It’s still in its early stages, they even show off rough sketches of the main and sub cast.

After playing Hadaka Shitsuji, I can only imagine the terrible things that this game will put these female characters through…

I don’t know much about the plot of the story but I can only imagine that you have to fuck in order to live, which is pretty much the tagline of the website, 俺は生きる!生きるために、イク! which is a nice play on words tbh. If I did a rough translation it’ll prolly be “I will live! In order to live I must cum!”. Well you get the point.

Screen shot 2016-02-04 at 2.23.41 PM
A bit NSFW, click for full view

Finally the last top pick of Cool-B’s Illust Collection. This is from the BL app called ケモ彼!by SUNSOFT, I’ve never heard of this app until now but I guess this is the reason why I’m buying this magazine. To learn stuff. If you have or haven’t clicked for a full view already you can see that its more softcore than hardcore boy on boy action, prolly because its an App game so whipping out dicks is not allowed.

You can tell that its softcore because the artist is going to great lengths to obscure stuff, tho nipples are still allowed for some reason. You can see further proof here:

haha, no dick steve

I think it might be a new app, who knows. Seeing that its in the Japanese appstore, I suppose I’ll go and check it out, so you might see a review of it in the future maybe. The game doesn’t have voices/voice actors but I can live with it.

Also if you’re interested here’s a short story of the 3P/threesome that accompanies the illustration above. Its not translated, sorry, but for those who know how to read a bit of Japanese this could be homework for you to read up on lol. I didn’t read it yet myself tho, kinda busy. If the image is a bit too small to read just tell me so I can link the original size which is about 4000 pixels lol.


BL Section


貴方日記-Euforia- (Anata Nikki -Euforia-) grew on me the day I found out about its existence. I didn’t found out about it through this issue of Cool-B, I found out about it when snooping around for future releases of games in 2016 for a post. You could say it was love at first sight lol.

Its a BL app game for those over the age of 17, note that its not 18 restricted because its softcore/an app game. It was released around 2013 so that makes it 3 years old, and I think its still running. I would gladly play the game right now if I could, but you need to have an account with BLobby to play the game and I tried but it opened up my macbook’s email thing so I’m lost. Plus if I look up BLobby I get this weirdass scary mascot popping up and I don’t want that. I don’t want nightmare fuel.

What drew me to this the most compared to other BL games out there is particularly the art style and the premise. Because the main protag is a yandere its kinda got this horror story feel to it and the other characters seem like assholes so its interesting to see them vulnerable. Its got a twisted feel is what I’m getting at, kinda similar to Hadaka Shitsuji but the protag for that one was just a sadist almost borderline psycho but this protag looks batshit insane and I think his backstory explains why.

By the looks of this article its alluding to a release to the PC as software, which I am guessing it’ll not be a browser or app game and if so it’ll save me time trying to sign up for it… maybe. Plus I’m willing to pay hard, cold cash for this game.

In the interview found on the right with BLobby, they talk about what they have in mind for the PC game such as talking about having full voices seeing that the original game didn’t have voices, whether or not they should stick with over17 than going into R18 territory and other stuff. It sounds like they’re trying to stitch all the episodic stuff from the app together for the PC game. They also said that they hope to release it in the first half of 2016… but it’s not set in stone so it’ll be kinda ambiguous for now.

Either way I’m really looking forward to this one. Maybe it’ll be my first BL game to review, that is if I don’t have to wait too long for it lol. I hope I don’t have to wait too long for it like 2dicks aka Nihon ni Natta Yoru aka “The night my dick became two”… I won’t forget you, I refuse to forget.

If you’re interested in Anata Nikki, check out the official site.


Seems like all the BL games I was acquainted with back in 2012 are still alive and kicking in 2016. Nice. I never really played Taishou Mebiusline, but I remember liking the artwork. Looking back on it now, it still looks good.

The fandisk released back last year, 18th December 2015, and the article shows off sample CGs and minigames… tho I won’t be showing off any H Scene CGs today, sorry to disappoint.

The minigames, a common staple for fandisks, look fun. One of them being a similar tetris minigame against an AI and theres a card game too. Looks like theres a story mode with the chibi characters which is pretty cute.


I kinda want to buy the game but I haven’t even played the first one and the story pretty much takes place after the endings. Maybe next time I guess lol…

Or maybe I’ll go buy Taishou Mebiusline Vitable for the vita to fill me in on the story. It was released last month, 28th January to be exact, and because its for the vita its got to be child friendly at least (no dicks). Tho by looking at the example CGs it has implied H scenes but with everything the waist down is cropped out of the CG lol. Child friendly indeed (its prolly 17+ tho).

I kinda feel at ease reading visual novels and stuff when its up close in my face like on a vita, rather than on a PC, so maybe I’ll buy it, maybe I won’t. I’m thinking about it.

Another BL PS Vita port that popped up is Omerta Code:Tycoon KAI. This is another game I remember seeing back in 2012… man so many old games being ported. Again, its more teen friendly. Not quite interested in this one because I’m not into this kind of drama. It’ll release 17th March on the vita.


櫻華堕つ -神州機巧戦記- is one of those upcoming BL games from a new company, tho I’ve never heard about it before and I’m not sure what the premise is. The protag (the guy in white lab coat) kinda looks like an asshole, to me, so I wonder how this will go. Actually, any guy from the main cast could be the protag of the game.

So far theres a few CGs on the website, one of them being tentacle porn for no raisin. The key visual has much to build up on, like an old horror/thriller story, tho I’m not sure if thats quite right. I’ll be looking into it in the future when more info is released because I am so lost right now.

When I turned the page to find this upcoming article I legit laughed out loud. This article is about a free Hadaka Shitsuji game from Mada Labo and you can pretty much download it from here. I played it and it was the worst 4 hours of my life.


(Theres a walkthrough here but I didn’t notice it until now)

I think its a prequel for Hadaka Shitsuji, taking place in the 1950’s where a young bocchama (who looks exactly like the protag from the first game) and his older siblings are gathered to the ol Hadaka Shitsuji mansion to hear who will become the next heir or something. This bocchama is pretty angsty and prolly has dad/mom/older sister problems and pretty much fucks all his siblings (older sister and 3 older brothers) for either revenge or to show them how much he’s been angsting. Tbh his older siblings don’t pay attention to him and don’t love him but his faithful butler sees the better in him and tries his best to cheer up the bocchama. He even fucks the butler but it seems like he actually likes him (he said 好き so I’m guessing he’s being sincere about it).

Not sure if its true but the butler kinda looks similar to the old butler guy in the first game. I think they have the same name but I can’t remember…. I refuse to remember that short game.

Anyway, I think the bocchama gets to be the next heir even tho he’s the youngest of all of them because reasons and thats the end of that game. Why did I even play it. I can’t even get those 4 hours back, its gone.

Next couple of games get a one page article so I’m gonna talk about them briefly. Heimskringla is from the company that brought you Tokyo Onmyoji and is so far in its early stages with a keyvisual so far released and a PV. Takes place in the future (year 451X, Japan) and all I care about is this cute bat. Also its a dystopian BL game so that’d be interesting.

2016-02-04 21.46.37

New World Order is an upcoming game from Love Delivery, the company that made Taishou Mebiusline. They don’t have an official site up for it yet, tho Love Delivery’s website does look a bit outdated. So far theres only sketches shown in the article.

The key visual is a bunch of guys in priest clothing with guns and covered in blood, thats pretty much all you need to know about it. They’re either priest mafia or assassins. The protag(?) looks kinda badass, quite the opposite to Mebiusline’s protag. I’ll be looking forward to this game’s development because you can go anywhere with that premise.

罪ナル螺旋ノ檻 from Spray (Gakuen Heaven series) is one of those old timey England (prolly) BL games and will prolly release this year. Set in 19th Century (prolly), the protag is young boy and the game’s eligible bachelors are guys prolly way older than him, who knows. One of them being a butler. I guess its one of those rags to riches stories where the poor young boy gets to live in a mansion with an older but not too old guy. Its one of those stories. Apparently somebody died and it’s the catalyst to the story’s beginning or something…. at least thats what I think.

きんとうか from Grisedge (Galtia), its a story about the protag coming back to his hometown/a town from his childhood because of family reasons, tho for this story its on an island I think. I guess its one of those homecoming stories where the protag catches up on his childhood friends he hasn’t seen since he went to the mainland. The main motif for this game is red spider lilies, which in Japan its the symbol of death/loss and longing. One thing I find weird is how one of the main cast member is 23 years old, same age as the protag, but in an old photo where the protag is a 4 year old or something and the guy looks almost the same (he’s the one who looks like the oldest of the cast). I guess it’ll talk about it more in game or something.

BlueSalvia (a game company) is remastering their old BL Games. Most of their BL Games have that old school anime look to them and mainly have the protags as underaged school boys. Its that kind of BL Game company. I’d show a scan of the page but that would mean so much censoring to be done and its already taken me about 4 days to get this post done, maybe next time.

A two page spread about Tokyo Onmyoji having a vita port released and having walkthroughs for routes, I think its for all the routes. Only good endings tho, no bad ending walkthroughs but why would you go for bad ends unless its for trophies. Not quite interested in this game imo.

Next few pages are another walkthrough, this time for Galtia, a fantasy BL game. In the H scene CGs shown it looks like the protag is in pain/uncomfortable, why tho. I guess he doesn’t like the guys (they kinda look like assholes tbh so I understand). Walkthrough also show bad ends and how to get into the secret route, so maybe if any of you are interested I’ll scan the walkthrough stuff.


Speaking of walkthroughs here’s one for Gakuen Handsome Special with that AGO guy’s route… I forgot his name but all I remember is his huge chin. Also theres a bonus short story in here too.

Another app game from the creators of ケモ彼!, SUNSOFT, comes another BL game 俺プリ!xCross! or Orepuri Cross, whichever one suits the best. Just like the other one this game has CGs almost borderline R18 but is still safe because no genitals were shown so it can still be on the Appstore.


The subtitle for this game loosely translates to “I’m the schools princess!?”, which in context would mean anything I guess. This one I’m gonna try out too, seeing that its available on the appstore (japan’s appstore of course), and I’ll write up how it went in the future. Seriously can’t believe they got away with this without it being flagged as R18 lol.

Another small article on Gakuen Heaven2 ~DOUBLE SCRAMBLE!~, which was released quite a while ago last year so I wonder why does it still have context to be written about but there’s nothing new to show anyway.

Next issue of Cool-B will have a bonus game that is fully voiced and everything, so maybe I’ll buy the next issue if this post is well received. The game is called “Intangible City -Lost Innocence-” and I do recall hearing sample voice clips of it in this issue’s bonus DVD-ROM. This game will be R18 (BL of course), I think. Its pretty neat that Cool-B treats their readers to bonus goods like these.


R18 Otome Section

Bocchi Musume aka that game where the protag is 170+cm tall has an article as well as a two spread illustration with accompany short story, tho I won’t scan them because I don’t feel the need to. Story of the game is that the heroine has been a loner for most of her life prolly because she’s been too tall to be accepted among her peers and that one day two guys (one is a sadist and the other a masochist) decide to be her producers and make her into a model. Its supposedly a romcom. I’m half interested in it, tho if it wasn’t an R18 then I would be fully invested. I’ll see how it develops, apparently it’ll be released next month prolly.


I didn’t know what to think about Mashou Megane when I was checking it out for my 2016 upcoming games list but after reading about it in this magazine I’m actually kind of interested now lol.

The heroine, who is quite weak/prolly a push-over, happens upon these glasses thats kind of magical. When she wears it she becomes the kind of person she wants to be, a strong independent woman. Also other weird stuff happens like the anime character on her dakimakura coming to life (Oujisama). I’d say this is the kind of game that you don’t have to take seriously and its prolly gonna be a bit comedic so thats fine with me.

I still don’t understand how other characters, like Peach Boy/Momotaro (called ‘Peach’ in this game) comes into the plot. Its kinda weird how the heroine is a business-type woman and the guys are pretty much from fairy tails lol. I’m guessing they come alive/shes dragged into their worlds because of the glasses. Who’s been smoking my drugs? I also find it funny how Doutei, who’s supposedly a Peter Pan character, has a name that sounds like “Virgin” in Japanese (Coincidence? I think not).

There’s a lot of weird and silly stuff going on, like the ‘Grandma’ and ‘Grandpa’ from the tail of Momotaro being in ther late 20’s and almost look the same age as Peach himself lol. Grandma is raburabu with Grandpa and she’s described as “a woman that doesn’t like women” and loves herself. Grandpa has a foul mouth but cherishes Grandma. What a nice family? Still, Peach’s hair freaks me out.

Thats about all the time I can spare on Mashou Megane. I actually look forward to further development on it. I hope that the heroine becomes a badass on her own merit without using the glasses because that would be good character development.

円環のメモーリア (Memoria of a Circle) shows off its characters and CGs that can be seen on site anyway. Looks like the main cast are relatives to the heroine because at least half of the cast has the same last name as her. Oh boy. Theres another character that looks almost the same as her relative (not sure if an oniichan or cousin) and I’m like ???

Left: Heroine’s Oniichan (?), Right: Someone that looks similar but different last name

And get this, they have the same birthday. ¿Coincidence? Jokes aside, its intentional that they share so many similarities, long lost twins or something. So that takes the grand total of ppl possibly related to the heroine to 4 out of 5 main characters, the fourth character is noted as a sub character in the magazine but seeing that he has a CG on the website I refuse to believe that is true. Most CGs are usually for main casts, can’t make me think otherwise.

Story has something to do with deities and prolly rebirth/reincarnations. But I’m saying this just by looking at it.

I still don’t understand why it needs to be R18 exactly. It’d be fine as a normal otome game, maybe. Then again there are a lot of games out there that has the same storyline, prolly spicing things up with R18? I don’t know. I’m tired.

Kinda weird how they have a lot of CGs out and only one voice actor confirmed for a character while the others go without voice actors, for now. Anyway, we’ll see how it goes.

あなたは人狼ですか? is still alive, but just barely. Having the game being worked on for about 3 years and still not a lot of progress being done is kind of worrying. They show off the characters but no CGs so far. Theres also a short story that is about a page long but prolly shouldn’t waste my time.

Cool-B shows off 吉原彼岸花‘s CGs and walkthroughs, only happy ends tho if you’re interested I’ll scan them. Tbh I kinda want to play it but I’m not great with stuff with heavy drama. It looks like an honest R18 Otome game though, not like Under the Moon where it looks like its aimed more at men then women. Tho a lot of CGs with tiddies here and there in this article, which is kind of why I didn’t scan it. I’d only play it for the blue haired boy because he looks sweet and treats the heroine nicely (from what I’ve been seeing) unlike the red haired guy who’s just an asshole lol.

That’s just about it for R18 Otome & BL games. There’s not many titles being released soon, unlike the regular otome market where at least one releases each month. Its been interesting but not as interesting as this (Prolly not R18 related):


Another Shinsengumi game, app edition. I’ll let that information sink in.

Extras / Bonus CD


The bonus CD is more like a promotional video/material for a lot of the games/drama cds its promoting. It has videos/clips for drama cds, games (r18 and non-r18) as well as wallpapers and actual game demos/trials.

The game demos/trials for this Bonus CD is:

(there was another game, Fata Morgana Another Episode, that was in the bonus CD. I tried to get it to work but it crashed and then my norton said its exe file was a security risk so meh)

Ironically for me, a person who’s blogging about games and playing them, I don’t have time to play them all and check them out at this moment but its pretty neat to have when I have spare time. Tbh I actually wanted to try out Taishou Alice so this demo will be very helpful to my decision of getting the full game or not. Maybe I’ll do a post about these trials/demos on a later date.

Theres an abundance of wallpapers, the ones that I’m particularly interested in is the Kenka Banchou Otome wallpapers, not sure if they’re available on the website but its pretty cool.

As a thank you bonus gift I’ll share a wallpaper with you all. Its another illustration fromケモ彼!(Kemo Kare!), hopefully some of you may like it tho I don’t have the guts to have a bunch of half naked guys on my desktop dry humping or something. So this one is for those who do have the guts to display this wallpaper for all to see.

small preview of the wallpaper. Full Wallpaper links are below (still kinda NSFW):

1024 x 768 | 1280 x 1024 | 1600 x 1200 | 1920 x 1080


Well that was fun and tiring, more tiring than fun. Maybe next time I’ll read the magazine more thoroughly because each time I opened it I kept being anxious about my sis walking into my room and asking me what I’m reading. Also sorry for my shitty censoring with the Hadaka Shitsuji thing.

For now I’ll be trying to hide this magazine from everyone. Maybe I’ll end up having a mattress full of hidden Cool-B magazines by the end of the year or something lol.

I hope my first attempt at magazine posts was ok. I can kind of tell it was kinda shit. If you have any feedback let me know so I can work on giving you all better content.

As always, thanks for reading and I hope I didn’t get anyway in an awkward situation like trying to explain why they’re looking at a threesome with a furry dude. Really sorry about that.

See you next time  _(:3 」∠ )_


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  1. I bought Cool-B just once and yep, it’s thin when compared to Dengeki and B’s Log xD
    I just would like if Cool-B was BL, I mean, mainly a BL magazine and not with otome articles in it. I miss a BL magazine sometimes 😐
    Thanks for the wallp xD
    Taishou Mebiusline ❤ I never played, but I live the art. A friend played and said it's really amazing
    I'll try one day xD

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    1. No worries, I thought I should share at least something out of this so a wallpaper was good enough lol. Even if Cool-B was just BL games it would be pretty thin because theres not a lot of content at the moment, maybe if it spread itself out with BL manga or anime then maybe it’d beef up in volume.

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    1. I’ve checked in HMV and animate but it looks like they’re either sold out or don’t have it.
      I did find used copies for sale on Japanese Amazon but they only ship domestically (You may need to use a forwarding service to ship or proxy service to buy it).
      Here’s the link if you’re interested. I hope it helps!


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