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Rejet’s 2016 Announcements – 『CHANGE』

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fruit muscle man is feeling the change

Can you feel the CHANGE in the air? Or is it the foul smell of more Diabolik Lovers sequels?

Rejet announces that 2016 will be the year of “change” and showcases their new products for the year that will burn a gaping hole in our wallets. I’ll try my best to at least sum up the stream but I’m gonna try to keep it short because its late over here.

Hopefully by the end of this post you too can feel the change.

I’m not gonna lie when I say that I didn’t pay quite enough attention to this because I was trying to write up a post that I’ve been working on for about 3 days on and off but then I gave up altogether. My memory is a bit hazy even though it was a few hours ago, but I’ll try my best.

I didn’t catch the host’s name, sorry, tho when he came out the audience (mainly girls) squealed, kinda, so I’m guessing he’s pretty important. He goes over about the previous mottos of the years so far, this year being “CHANGE” if you haven’t realised by now. Also apparently they made about 2million tin badges over the past year maybe. Wow.

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look at that turnover tho, all thanks to Diabolik Lovers, eh?

Don’t get me wrong about how I feel about Rejet. I like most of their drama CDs and its my go to place to get interesting drama cds. But sometimes I can get cynical about stuff like profit and business stuff, which is normal stuff but it just gets to me how well they milk their fans, Diabolik Lovers fans in particular. Anyway, enough of my personal commentary.

The first agenda for the announcements is games, so they bring out a dog to tease the audience on what the first game announcement is. The host hints at dogs being relatives to wolves, which can only mean…

Black Wolves Saga is coming to the vita, with both ports of the two games, prolly in HD/remastered. I had bad memories with this game tbh. Mayoyo and the other cat guy with the fiddle/violin… yeah, bad times.

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Next up is a game announcement for Ken ga Kimi for the vita. You’d think it’d be a fandisk but on the contrary, the host kinda said that its not really a fandisk and more like a sequel. Which is a good thing for Ken ga Kimi fans, tho for me I kinda wished I got my hands on the first game sooner…

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Next up is what you’ve all been waiting for, a new Diabolik Lovers game that isnt’t a cash-in fandisk this time with less art resembling Satoi’s artwork because they got tired. No really, look. They’re not even trying anymore:

Everyone else looks weird but hey, they all got new uniforms for some reason. Also, surprise! Another new character. I am actually surprised they introduced a new character but whats a new game without introducing new characters. I also see that they gone with a pattern, start off with 6 characters-> add 4 new characters -> add 2 new characters -> add 1 new character. Unless they’re gonna add a negative number characters in the next one it kinda feels like this one might be the last, wishful thinking though.

Maybe when people stop buying it, it’ll be the end of Diabolik Lovers. Which won’t happen any time soon because I’ll be putting cash into Rejet’s pockets from buying these sequels.

New character’s name is Kino, has no last name/unknown family and is prolly a vampire prince. He’s voiced by Tomoaki Maeno. For a second there, I thought he was Azusa in the key visual.

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They show off gameplay of Dance with Devils, aka showing off that one beach episode that all animes have and everyone with nipless chests. The portrait on the bottom with Ritsuka’s face is really cute, so I approve.

They also show a few CGs like Rem kicking the shit out of that laced-panty-wearing-on-face vampire guy while Lindo hugs Ritsuka and looks on and then they show a CG of Shiki under the covers prolly half-naked, hopefully:

Theres a short clip of the actors from the Dance with Devils stageplay doing a cover of the ending song of the anime, which doesn’t sound the same when its not done by the original cast.

2016-02-06 22.18.16

And that kind of ends the game section of the announcements, tho they did show off Moshi Kami but I wasn’t really paying attention nor did I take screenshots. It’s looking alright so far but I’m not planning on buying it any time soon.

Drama CD announcements are up and these ones are pretty much what I came for and prolly only care about. The lineup for this year looks really good that Rejet is prolly gonna leave me in debt after its all over.

They tease us with about 8 new Drama CD titles, only showing their silhouettes and announcing them at “random” through a roulette. The first one to be announced is:

This must be the fourth installment? I’m not sure, I haven’t picked this series up nor do I plan to.

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Next to be picked off the roulette is my favorite and first drama cd series: Yuugen Romantica.

Ah, you can’t believe how happy I was when they revealed this. I was shaking from excitment but then I releasied….. I’m gonna have to pay a whole lot for this series again. But I don’t mind \(^q^)/

I’m happy that they added two new characters, one of them being the urban myth Merry-san, the one that kinda stalks you and calls you up notifying their location until they’re close enough to kill you. Ah, good shit. Another thing I’m happy about is everyone having different appearances, prolly from having all their powers released from the curse.

I can’t say thanks enough, Rejet, tho I think by giving all my money is thanks enough. Maybe next time make a game out of this series, just saying.


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‘Nuff said.

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The next drama CD is a new series, unlike the previous stuff from above which were either sequels/already established stuff like Dance with Devils etc, I guess you can feel the change now? I dunno. I don’t know whats the point of change now lol.

This series is based in the Meiji era, or so I think thats what the host said and that you are a doll mermaid(? they both sound the same in Japanese and the PV has the kanji for mermaid so???). Other than that I can’t remember much but the artwork looks great and the characters seem interesting. I think the artwork is done by the same person who did the artwork for Midnight Jiangshi. I’ll be looking forward to this series too.

«Official Site»

This one seems to be based on soda/drinks, particularly fruit flavored drinks which is what every boy’s motif is. Which is a pretty out there concept, especially when the last character of the lineup is pretty much a penguin most of the time. I’m not sure if its a kigurumi or not.

Pretty strange right? Well after seeing the video I got up to get some chips to eat and came back to fruit muscle man flexing and showing off his… fruits. He looked like he was having fun and the crowd loved it lol.

2016-02-06 23.10.37
make him the secret character/extra drama CD

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Next one is prolly my fav out of the new Drama CDs. Its premise is being in the hot springs of hell with ikemen oni’s. Good shit right?

Its a little bit out there but it had to be done and I like it. I’ll be looking forward to this one as well. It kinda gives you a Hoozuki no Reitetsu vibe doesn’t it?

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This upcoming one is kinda interesting too, tho I didn’t really pay much attention except for a guy moonwalking in the background because thats what every other cd announcement segment had for some reason. I guess to keep them awake? The hot spring oni announcement had an oni behind the host while he was talking about the cd so I guess its just there for a gag?

Theres a moon motif for each character, in terms of phases of the moon i.e crescent, half, full etc. I guess its one of those drama cds about sleeping too? So maybe it’ll be a good cd to listen to as you fall asleep.

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This one includes a cast of 13 people, idols to be in fact. These idols are called “Yamidols” or ‘dark idols’, prolly twisted idols maybe? Who knows. There are four units so maybe 4 CDs and not 13 because that would be too much.

There’s two units that kinda remind me of ra*bits and UNDEAD but thats just because I’ve been playing enstars for too long that its corrupted my thoughts. Either way I’m not sure if it’ll be a drama CD or a character song/unit song CD. Either way it’ll be interesting.

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Finally we have iDBEST. I’m not sure what it is but it looks like all of the best songs from any album/character song/series are rolled into one album, or maybe two albums. I’m not sure. I think its a pretty neat idea if its for a good price. Like they sell CDs with 2-4 songs and price it at 1,800 yen so I’m wondering how much these would cost.

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I kinda tuned out from here on out, tho it seems they’ll announce more in their fes later on in the year. I stopped watching  when they started to show the live music and started writing this.

I just checked the channel and it seems like they’re talking about their browser game collab with DMM… why couldn’t they do it at the start when the viewers were at a high amount. omg. Here’s a PV of the game, I haven’t watched it myself but I will when I wake up:

Thats a lot of characters right there.

Edit: I woke up and found that they archived the video for the whole presentation on this game, which is about an hour long. I’ve yet to watch it myself, but enjoy:

«Official Site»

Well, thats that. Sorry if it wasn’t detailed as you wanted it to be, its kinda late for me and I’ve been multitasking with Enstars (I’m legit playing it as I try to type) and checking videos/websites and trying to write a different post. But I hope it helped those who didn’t really get to watch it or just wanted a post with all the videos listed on it for easy access.

I hope I didn’t offend anyone because of my half-sleepiness.

As always, thanks for reading and good night _(:3 」∠ )_

feel the change