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[Drama CD] 🔞Spotlight – 刀剣様の花嫁狩りと淫らなお手入れ (Touken-sama no Hanayome Kari to Midarana Oteire)

Remember how I mentioned that Touken Ranbu cash in R18 situational CD by D3P a while ago in a post? Well, they just released some sample tracks and I thought, what a great opportunity to write up a spotlight on this with some of the material of the sample tracks given to write about my opinion on it/give it a little spotlight. Plus its been a while since I wrote up a spotlight of sorts. I may or may not illegally download these CDs mainly because I don’t want to hand money over to D3P for a “make love to a sword” situation CD.


刀剣様の花嫁狩りと淫らなお手入れ (Touken-sama no Hanayome Kari to Midarana Oteireis basically a dummy head mic based R18+ situational CD where you, the listener, is ravished by 3 handsome Swords………………………………………………………… wow. Thats basically it. Well they do say swords are phallic symbols, so theres no surprise there. Release date is 30th March btw.

Its part of D3P’s Teen Love CD series/line of R18 Drama CDs, which basically consists of flavor of the year type themes. They had “Doing the dirty with Sensei” series for 2014, “Doing the dirty with my Butler/Prince” series for 2015 and now “Doing the dirty with Swords” for 2016. I guess they’re more like flavor of the previous year kind of thing going on here.

Because of reasons, these swordmen are not based off swords that are in the game, rather they’re based off swords that have yet to be implemented into the game. I guess you could say theres a demographic out there that want to buy R18 CDs of rubbing down a swordman with oil… There are three CDs in total, each CD costs about 2,538 yen (tax included) and you can buy a whole set for 7,050 yen (tax excluded) with a bonus CD with the situation being a foursome with the swords lol.

Swords are:

(Doujikiri kinda looks like the lovechild of Mikazuki and Kogitsunemaru)

Anyway, if you listen to the sample tracks you can prolly pick up on who the voice actor is. Y’all can’t hide behind aliases, I can hear pretty well who y’all are. Which is kinda weird because I know them so well from other stuff and to hear them moaning is too surreal. Which is kinda why I stay away from R18 CDs because it kinda ruins a fav character of mine when I hear their voice moan and stuff, but thats just me.

Kinda hoping that the scenario writer played around with the idea of screwing swords because its such a hilarious concept, like really? Really you decided to make a situational CD based around screwing swords? Really? I think when I was half-listening to the sample tracks, because I was not paying attention, I only caught Doujikiri saying “Ware no yaiba” which means “My blade” and I was like “Is he referring to his dick?”, its kinda hilarious I actually can’t take this too seriously. I think one of Oodenta’s quote on the website was like “I’ll show you…. my sharpness…” which I think was meant to be a innuendo lol.

For those out there that want to own your very own R18 “Swordman™” situation CD, you can purchase them on amazon Japan or D3P’s online shop (you may need a forwarding service or proxy service for both of these options). Not sure if they’re sold elsewhere but I don’t want to bother looking Apparently Animate sells it too.

I’m gonna like, lie down and think about the sins of humanity and question the reasoning behind why D3P thought this was a good idea to make. So thanks for reading… _(:3 」∠ )_


Shopping Links:

info_05_img_01Whole Volume Set

(All 3 Volumes + BonusCD)

¥ 7, 614 (Tax Included)


D3P Store



doujikiriVolume 1. Doujikiri

¥ 2, 538


D3P Store



onimaruVolume 2. Onimaru

¥ 2, 538


D3P Store



oodentaVolume 3. Oodenta

¥ 2, 538


D3P Store




Decided to add a “Shopping links” section for spotlights from here on out. More or less I hope it helps those who are interested to find an online store to get the product I’m spotlighting easily.


3 thoughts on “[Drama CD] 🔞Spotlight – 刀剣様の花嫁狩りと淫らなお手入れ (Touken-sama no Hanayome Kari to Midarana Oteire)

  1. …. what … Dx I mean, I like Touken Ranbu as much as the next Saniwa but I feel like I’d listen to this only cause of Hirarin’s voice. Oh and to laugh at any of the sword puns hehe Phallic indeed. o w o ;;

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