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[Game Diary] 刀剣乱舞 Touken Ranbu | February《#05》


Stubborn drunk sword son finally came home

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[Mobile] Bunny talks about New Upcoming Unit – Ensemble Stars

Some more leftovers from my unfinished diary post. More or less my thoughts but also written for awareness for those who don’t know about implementation of the new unit. Then again this news is really old so…….. :lol:.

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[Magazine] Spotlight – New Upcoming Magazine “Hash+Tag”

(You can skip ahead this if you want)

Really sorry for no Ensemble Stars Diary Entry, in all honesty I did prepare a post (pic shows an incompleted summary/intro) for the Chick & Emperor’s Triumphant Return event days ago but things got busy and I tried reading the event story but wasn’t really getting into it and my app kept crashing whenever I tried to read Chapter 9 of the story so I gave up hoping to pick it up again.

Now its a little too late seeing that the next event will happen soon in like two days, so I decided not to do an entry this time around but considering I had content like this in mind I’ve decided to write about it in a separate post. Plus the ‘spotlight’ category needs more content. 

Really sorry for not providing a diary entry this time around. Its really inexcusable and I’m sorry.

Anyway, onto the main event of wanting to take off the clothes of 2D Idol bois: UNDEAD.

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[Mobile – Special] “Chinese Ver. Enstars” Beta Test (March 2nd)

Chinese Enstars back at it again with another beta test happening on March 2nd. What a coincidence because the new guys will be revealed. This time around it seems like you have to take a “Transfer Student Admission Exam” to get a chance to play the beta (or at least thats what I think its asking for, it may not be true but who knows).

Again this will be Android only, no iOS support available.

You can check out some of the changes they will implement into the new beta in their official blog post. Seems like they’re going to implement time into the backgrounds of the map (night, day, morning according to the user’s time). They are also going to include a CG album as well:

Screen shot 2016-02-23 at 10.02.22 PM.png

The events they plan to have while the beta testing is underway is Circus, Duel, the Pirate event.

Beta Exam/Questionaire is no longer available. Info in this post may already be outdated such as the Exam but if you want to continue reading go ahead.
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[Bunny Diary] Future Plans/Blog Update (Feb 2016)


I’m going back to uni next week. In Australian schooling we kinda do things differently, we start the school year in February and we have breaks/holidays pretty often (for uni we get 1 week break for Easter & another somewhere in September or something and a month break in the middle of the year and a three month break for summer/christmas).

Funnily enough my uni doesn’t let us have a breaks on public holidays except for the Melbourne Cup, a day that involves horse racing, fashion and gambling, so if I got classes on other public holidays I have to go to Uni, unlike my previous uni.

Which then leads to my main problem: time management and this blog…

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[Special] Happy Cat Day


To celebrate cat day, I decided to do a really quick doodle of me bunny son with a cat hoodie on (its not the best but I tried).

I’ve been wondering if there was such a thing as a bunny day or something, maybe its 7/7 because the 7’s kinda look like bunny ears to me. Plus its a lucky day and they say a rabbit’s foot is lucky.

I still haven’t thought of a proper name for him, I do have ideas but I can’t quite decide on which one so I’ll have a poll under the cut of this post if you want to pitch in. Tbh I’ve been calling him Theo in my head so I’ll go with that lol.

Anyway happy cat day everyone… nya

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[Magazine] 🔞Cool-B – January 2016 Vol.65

2016-02-03 19.43.02

This’ll be prolly the first of many magazine posts where I’ll look through the magazine and pick out stuff that seem interesting to me and talk about it in some detail. Please note that these will prolly be of issues released one or two months ago.

Seeing that this is the first, I’m not sure how the format is gonna be like but we’ll see how things go. Of course, this is a magazine full of screenshots from BL R18+ games so I’ll try at the best of my ability to keep it at least safe for work/censoring.

Also forgive me for the poor quality scanning.

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