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[Bunny Diary] Blog Update (Jan 2016)

It’s been a long time since I did a bunny diary/blog update, last one was in September, and I usually talk about update stuff during my monthly overviews so I don’t see a need to do one of these but I wanted to do this as a small update on what I’ve been doing lately…

Here’s a lil sneak peak on what I’ve kinda been doing:



I can’t remember which post I said it but I did say I was planning on making a mascot character for this blog and thats basically what I’ve been playing around with these past few days. The design process has been slow because I keep stopping to play app games and delaying doing stuff, but I’ve so far done some stuff with this character.

I’ve yet to name him and I’m still figuring things out with his character so it won’t be any time soon until I actually do anything like create sub-heading borders with him and prolly making emoticons if I can (because sometimes its hard to find the right kaomoji to express myself, which is evident in my posts lol). But yeah, I’m looking forward to the day I’m happy with his design and do stuff with it.

I’ll talk about him in more detail in another post when I’ve finalised his design, but if you haven’t noticed he has been seen on my blog for quite some time. Particularly when I take snapshots of goods, one of the latest pics being with Kogitsunemaru:

He’s been on my corkboard for a while now. I drew him up back in 2013 during class where I wasn’t paying attention and it was prolly one of my best doodles at the time, tbh I was proud of him. From then on out he became my own lil cheerleader/reminder that I can freely doodle and draw something like him. Usually I kind of force myself to draw stuff like for assignments and they usually don’t end up gr8 because I’m so tensed up, so he’s a reminder to me to just chill. Yeah.

Anyway, enough of personal experiences. So far I’ve been sketching up different outfits for him as well as his expressions and planning to try out different designs of him, so this won’t be the finalised look for him… maybe. I’m liking his look so far and its kinda fun to play around with his expressions:


He’s kinda a cry babby, shy and kinda nervous, some attributes that we both share lol. Its been a while since I drew up an OC, so I’m not great with this kind of explaining stuff. But yeah, please do love him lol.

Also I’ve been doing some sprucing with the blog. I tried looking for a new blog theme but there are few out there that meet my needs. Makes me wish wordpress did what tumblr does with themes by allowing a place for people to write up code to make your website, then we could have more nice themes to choose from.

What changes I’ve done:

  • New headers
  • Cleaner versions of previous headers
  • Support Banners
  • Updated “Wish List” with 2016 games
  • Cleaned up a bit with pages “About Blog” & “Game Diary”, no big changes except for a new poll in “Game Diary” where you can suggest a mobile app for me to write a diary on

Currently thinking of drawing a new pic for “About Author” and updating the page a bit.

Maybe if it wasn’t for these app games I would’ve done some more lol. Then again I am kinda lazy when it comes to this stuff.

I was kinda hoping to get most of these things done before the end of January, including the creation of the bunny kid (still haven’t thought of a name for him, suggestions are welcome). I haven’t been able to play any vita games because I feel like I’m gonna finish them before I can get some banners/page breaks images done for a review, so I’m gonna put them on hold for now. Please bear with me.

Anyway thats it for now, hopefully my magazines I ordered a week ago will come in tomorrow so I can make a post on them seeing thats what most of you guys voted for.

I’ll see you all next time, maybe tomorrow. Thanks for reading as always _(:3 」∠ )_


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