[Game Diary] あんスタ – Ensemble Stars | January《#10》

Mini Enstar News

Not much has happened, except for “Chinese Enstars” so I’ll just talk a bit about that for a while.  I covered it an a previous post if you haven’t checked it out.

So it has a few days left until the “beta”, still unsure if this app is the real deal or not, finishes. I didn’t mention it in my post, but the reason why I didn’t post a bunch of screenshots is because I didn’t want to ‘leak’ much visually, tho I ended up spilling the beans on gameplay stuff so lol that was a worthless endeavor.

Anyway, here’s a short clip on what the newest interaction with the enstars boys looks like:

Playing this version of Enstars reminded me how weak I used to be back in May last year. Its so hard to do urgent lives with babby teams lol. I don’t know how I managed to do it back then. I honestly hope that if they do incorporate this game into the game we have now, that they don’t reset our teams/ranks/make us have babby teams and work back to the top. Tho the chances of that happening seems slim…

I’ll be looking forward to what the future holds for Enstars because its looking good so far.

My daughter Anzu finally gets her own page in the Enstars fan wikia! I hope her page gets updated regularly as events go on. Tho her profile pic so far is of her torso down but thats pretty much all we’ve seen of her so far lol. The relationship page is interesting to read too.

Its also funny to see that her whole gallery is of either her torso or arms. Can’t wait to see more disembodied CGs of Anzu, jk. Maybe the anime will help fill in the majority of her gallery.


15th January ~ 25th January


Clash of Arms! Opera of Moonlight Romance features Akatsuki with a bunch of weirdos tagging along and then theres Tetora (jk). Event story is very short this time compared to last event, here we’re given an 8 part story written by Yoshino Yuki. I guess Akira-sensei is taking a break.

Tbh this event story kinda felt a bit weak and not quite memorable, tho that might be my memory failing me because I’m an old man. So this time the event summary might not be accurate, long or detailed because I completely forgot about this event.

Long story short, Akatsuki ends up doing an “opera” type live/performance written by Leo. By written I mean he provided the music scores. Everyone else joins in at the chance, seeing that Akatsuki is a group of three and it’d be a pretty small performance if it’d just be them.

Tetora joins in because it’d be prolly his last chance to stand on the same stage as Kuro, who will be graduating soon, and its pretty much his dream to perform with him. Chiaki tags along because why not? Leo ends up joining as well as Eichi & Wataru, to Keito’s dismay tho he was happy that Eichi was gonna be part of the performance so he’ll just have to put up with Leo and Wataru. Tho he gets a stomach ache just thinking about having to put up with Leo and Wataru throughout the performance, especially when Wataru was doing some ad-lib (I think).

The performance went without a hitch, tho it could’ve been a potential mess with Leo and Wataru. I think thats about it for the event story when it came to preparing for the Opera performance. Not a lot of development on characters here, except for a bit on Leo. I think this event made me like him a bit more, but just a little bit.

Tho hearing them talk about the third years graduating and with Eichi seems to be getting more weaker (tho that might be just what I think), I can only feel a lil bit sad for upcoming future events. What if they actually have an event story where all the third years say their goodbyes? What if theres an event where Eichi almost dies? I don’t think I’m ready for it… Like, after the Mysterious Stage event where I cried a bunch, I don’t think my heart can take it.

Kinda wished Kuro had more character development in this event too, but I’ll take the CG where his chest is exposed for compensation.

2016-01-17 23.45.41.png

Also it seems that Souma didn’t get much screen time in this event story even though he is part of Akatsuki. All I remember from the event story is that he wanted pats from Keito and all he got was rough pats while Anzu got a gentle pat on the head lol. Keito pls, treat all your underclassmen equally at least. Poor Souma.

For other characters like Chiaki, it feels like they were thrown in the story to just fill in the quota of 6 cards per event. He kinda looks out of place, especially the way he handles the sword in his bloomed card lol. Tho I appreciate the costume design for this event, especially for the 3* cards. They have more detail than usual and its pretty generous of them. Gotta appreciate that Meiji era apparel.

Clash of Arms! Opera of Moonlight Romance‘s Event Cards:

Really sorry for another late Enstar diary, second last day of the event and stuff. Tho, this diary is extra special. Its the 10th entry which is pretty much a milestone. I never thought that back in September I would be still writing up these diary entries and that my blog would be nothing but diary stuff (I’ll try to get onto game reviews soon I swear). Too bad I won’t be doing anything special for it lol.

In my last diary I said this event would kill me and I turned out half right. I was gonna go for this event because it has Kuro but then I realised… Valentines Day Event

I quit this event as soon as I realised that, which would explain why I didn’t really care much for this event (I’m sorry Kuro). I’m not sure if its true there is going to be a Valentines Day Event starting on the 31st, tho there might be a chance it could happen. I’m not even sure if it’ll contain cards that I would care for, tho if its cute I’d go for it. But knowing how big Valentines is, I know for sure that the Valentines event is gonna be really hard to rank for. So good luck everyone, I hope we won’t die because of the next Enstar announcement.

Hopefully next event won’t affect my physical and mental health, but knowing enstars it prolly will.

Also that last Leo mission almost killed me. 200 red gem pieces before 10 lessons? Get out of town.

Felt like it took me about 20 or more tries before I finally completed that mission.

14th January ~ 26th January


Scout! Amusement Park Show features the members of UNDEAD, its been a long time coming. The prophecy of 5* Kaoru came true after such a long time of not seeing that mullet nanpa-senpai. I guess those leaked office pics really did pull through in the end.

I tried my hand at trying to draw out Kaoru and Koga. With 211 diamonds in my hand and hope in my heart I did a 145 diamond turn scout and got………………… two Adonis cards. I love you Adonis, but come on… Starter Tori card was my guaranteed 4* card and I can’t believe. I’m a broken man now. Not gonna say I cried on that day, but I did because I was frustrated with Enstars, not because Kaoru broke my heart… maybe. Still, Adonis’ card is really cute and I will treasure it forever and ever (that bear clinging onto his arm is me right now).

Screen shot 2016-01-24 at 5.19.24 PM

This time around they show you percentages of your chance on getting a card, listed on the website. It says above that with the Amusement Park Show scout you have a 1.25% chance of getting a 5* card which will be Kaoru 100% of the time. A 4* card has a 6.25% chance of showing up with a 50% chance it’ll be Koga’s card. And 92.5% of the time you’ll get 3* cards with 11.45% of those cards being either Adonis or Rei. I’m not sure if these odds are for solo yolo scouts or for 145 diamond scouts but its good to keep these chances in mind. Like if you did a solo yolo and got a 5* card you pretty much had 1.25% chance of getting it so you must be one lucky fella.

Anyway, the gacha story is made out of 4 parts and also written by Yoshino Yuki. I used my three story keys because I couldn’t wait to unlock the story further up Adonis’ Idol road lol. Turns out, this gacha story is pretty good. I liked reading it all the way through, I guess its because its been a long time since I saw the UNDEAD group interact with each other. They’re such a cute family, Rei & Kaoru are like the two proud dads of Adonis and Koga who get along so well. Adonis is prolly one of few humans that Koga accepts as a close friend and I like that this story confirms it. Thank.

The story is that UNDEAD is given a job opportunity to perform at an amusement park and Koga is planning to do it “lone wolf” style tho I guess the group talks him into doing it as a unit. However their audience this time is a bunch of children, which is a let down for the whole group but a job is a job. Start from the bottom and make your way to the top, or so they say.

Koga and Adonis are all chummy and Koga is like, “you know what? you’re a nice dude, you have my approval to be my friend” much to Adonis’ delight who is happy to have another friend, Souma prolly his first friend. Here I am crying happily that it took these children two years of schooling and being in the same unit to finally consider each other close friends, good shit OP. Tho it kinda does feel like it came out of nowhere but I’m just happy Koga has a human friend after all these years. He even says he’ll introduce Adonis to his crew aka the dogs that Koga considers as his closest friends. So precious. Kaoru and Rei look on as proud dads as usual lol.

Other than Koga and Adonis’ relationship development, there was also a small character development of Kaoru. Something that I had been waiting for, for 1million of years. Tho I still wished he got big character development in an event story but hey, there’s still room for it (secretly hoping he’ll pop up in Valentines Day event).

2016-01-14 20.51.13.png

This time Kaoru actually does some advertising for his unit’s live show. He’s actually contributing to his unit and that makes me happy, mainly because it shows a little bit of how he changed from not appearing at practice to actually helping out with his unit. Tho he’s pretty much chatting it up with females while doing this, but its some kind of improvement.

We catch him talking to a little girl and her mother, trying to advertise their show later on. The little kid tries to go in for a hug but he’s like, jokingly, “Maybe in 10 years, kid. For now I’ll give you a pat on the head” tho Anzu sees this and gets the wrong impression that he’s hitting on a little girl. She prolly said something on the lines of “So you go for little girls too, huh?” to Kaoru when they met each other, tho he clears things up and they’re on a better understanding. The way he smiles in the above CG makes me think he has a soft spot, seeing that most of the other times I see him smile in a CG it seems kinda off because its usually the smile he uses when he tries to ask Anzu out for a date (I’ll call it his nanpa smile for now). With this one it seems a bit natural… anyway thats just me looking into things too much.

Kaoru jokes around of going on a date with Anzu, seeing that she’s here at this Amusement Park, and he tries to get a chance with her with this opportunity. Anzu tells him if he keeps up the hard work with the live show they can go on a date, much to Kaoru’s surprise lol. Way to go, Kaoru. Tho I’m starting to think it’d be a date with all the UNDEAD members so Kaoru can’t be alone with Anzu lol. We never see the date in the gacha story, sadly, so I don’t know.

Back to the rest of the member of UNDEAD who are setting things up at the stage in the park. Adonis bought BBQ skewers and prolly shares some with Koga, he talks about this one time his sisters treated him like a slave, tho I can’t remember the details or anything.

2016-01-14 21.10.11.png

Anzu pops up to see how things are going, I think she’ll be part of the audience of the live or something ?? I can’t remember much. Something happens, Rei saying something about putting her in his treasure box/room ?? (don’t take my word for it) and Koga signals Adonis to protect Anzu from Rei’s crazy vampire antics.

Adonis tells Anzu that he acknowledges she nots a fragile thing and she might be capable of taking care of herself but even so he wishes that she’d let him protect her, more or less from the ‘evil intentions’ of Rei and Kaoru lol. Adonis honey……… Pretty much whenever I see/hear Adonis say he’ll protect all small living creatures, I keep on thinking “But who will protect you?” especially who will protect him against his big sisters, pls protect this precious soul so he’ll always be happy.

But man, its been so long since I read something UNDEAD related. It feels good. Prolly one of a few gacha stories that make my day. Yeah. I will protect this UNDEAD family of dorks.

So ends this event, well soon. I couldn’t get Kuro this time… Thats two cards I missed out getting so far. The first being biker Kuro and I still regret. If I’m lucky, maybe he’ll pop up in a 100,000 produce point scout for me? Do they even include 5* cards in those? I’m not sure.

I feel like I’m ready for next event, whatever it is. Even though I still have about 130+ diamonds stocked I still feel like I’m gonna need more.

Good luck with your endeavors everyone! I think most of the ppl playing this event are trying to rank for Leo so good luck. I’d rank for Keito too but its already too late lol.

Might not have another blog post in a while, it might depend on stuff so I’ll see you all next time. Thanks for reading as always _(:3 」∠ )_

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