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[Figures & Statues] Kogitsunemaru 1/8 Scale Figure – Touken Ranbu



Series: Touken Ranbu

Manufacture/Company: Max Factory

Sculptor: 菜々子 (Nanako)

Price: ¥13,000 (List Price)

Release Date: 12th January 2016

Height: 23.5cm / 9.17 inches

I’ve been trying to keep this quiet on my twitter and tried hinting at it in my previous Touken Ranbu diary, but here we are. Surprise Kogitsunemaru!

He’s more or less my birthday gift to myself that turned out to be delayed by a month to release. Interestingly he released on the 12th of January, exactly a month after my birthday lol. I purchased him in amiami because there discounts are really good, got him for 12,800 yen.

I’ll have to apologise for the following pics because they may not be the crispest pics to capture the beauty that is Kogitsunemaru Figure. So bear with me.


Kogitsunemaru came in on the same day I got Chiaki’s body pillow cover. Seeing the box dented made me worry a bit about of the actual package the figure comes in… and my intuition was right.

The box specifically said on all sides “FRAGILE – Handle with care”. Smfh.

Tho tbh, the package isn’t the best in terms of package art design and material. One of my favorite packaging design so far is the renewal Natsume statue, more or less because its made out of plastic and see through. In terms of art, my fav would be the Jojo statues and figures packages. With Kogi’s I kinda feel like I should just throw it away but seeing that I like collecting packaging I’ll just keep it around a little longer.

Thank goodness he is safe and undamaged.

In terms of figure detail, I’d say this is prolly the best I’ve own so far. Dio would come in 2nd because of how well sculpted his muscles are and the toning/shadowing of the paint. Also because him big. Thats why I like him, he’s my first 1/8 scale figure and I’d say its money well spent.

2016-01-19 11.32.36.jpg
him big

I’m really glad that his sculptor is Nanako because they’re always so good with the details when sculpting. If you’re not familiar by the name, you may be familiar by their works such as the really expensive Aoba figure and that Ren figure with alt version. They have also worked on Tsurumaru’s figure and should be working on Nakigitsune prolly now or later. If you haven’t noticed, I’m a fan of theirs or at least I’ve become a fan of theirs ever since I laid my eyes on that Aoba & Ren sculpt. They also do bishoujo sculpts as well, including a Miku so their range is really broad.

Anyway, onto the figure…

There are a few imperfections but I can handle it. About half the time I buy figures at amiami there’s a chance it’ll have some small imperfections. Like my Rohan SAS’s alt face has a streak of black paint on his face but I don’t really mind. For Kogi, because his scale is so big the smallest imperfections can be glanced over and are unnoticeable unless you stare at it long enough.

Just a bit of white on the sandal and a bit of paint bleeding(?)/stain with the tassel thingy on his sleeve. But its all cool. I’m not a figure fanatic so I’m not really picky when it comes to this stuff.

My favorite details of this figure would have to be his hands, chest, face, hair and sword. Tho pretty much everything about him is beautiful, but these features up close really make it worth it.


Hair close ups:

Sword close ups:

Chest close ups:

Ok, ngl, I was surprised to see how nicely sculpted Kogi’s chest is. I don’t mean like, 10/10 tiddies I mean how if you look at it at one angle you can actually see further of his chest instead of it being cut off by his clothes. What I mean is when you look up a statue’s sleeve sometimes, you won’t see any further up the sleeve to see where the arm goes because its all blocked off by a wall of plastic. For Kogi its more realistic when his chest is visible even when some parts of it should be hidden by his clothes. Thats just me being amazed by chest sculpting technology. Really sorry about the messy explanation.

10/10 tiddies btw.

Talking about details and looking up things to find surprises… Not only is his chest almost fully sculpted, his legs, crotch and butt are also sculpted. I can legit live the dream and look up Kogi’s hakama. Luckily he’s wearing a fundoshi.

(Forgive me Kogi, but this is for the sake of this blog post)

Nanako didn’t have to sculpt it, nor did anyone ask for it but thanks for putting some realism to Kogi’s figure. Kogitsunemaru’s Nendoroid also had his fundoshi painted on, so it must be some kind of running gag with the sculptors and companies overseeing the production of both the figure and nendoroid lol.

standKogi comes with a stand with his crest which is pretty neat and simple. Compared to Shadow Dio’s stand it was pretty easy to snap him into place. Shadow Dio’s stand was a living nightmare trying to snap him in because I had to really squish/push his legs to position them towards the pegs and I was so afraid I’d break him.

Never again.

Final thoughts

I’m really happy with this figure. When I took him out the box I was pretty much smiling like an idiot. The smell of fresh plastic was nice lol. I’m also happy with how detail is poured into making this figure. I’m pretty much satisfied with how he ended up being translated from a 2D illustration to a 3D figure. Tho his face is a bit dorky but thats suits him imo.

If I can’t get him to return home in my game, at least I can own my very own Foxy Grandpa. I would buy Moon Jiji but he’s super expensive, original price about 16,800 yen, but damn does he look so beautiful and detailed… I wonder if I can look up his hakama too.

I would if I could, but I gotta save up after those two big splurges of Kogi and Chiaki.

Anyway, please enjoy a poor quality 360 showcase view of Kogitsunemaru.

Figure reviews won’t happen that often because I don’t buy a lot of them nowadays unless they of good quality in my opinion. Also because they’re pretty damn expensive sometimes, 1/8 scales or bigger especially. Don’t expect this to be a thing that happens commonly.

Maybe I’ll do a quick look at some of the figures/statues I currently own but I don’t really seeing that happening anytime soon.

As always, thanks for reading and I’ll see you all next time.

2016-01-22 22.58.31
welcome home, Foxy Grandpa

5 thoughts on “[Figures & Statues] Kogitsunemaru 1/8 Scale Figure – Touken Ranbu”

  1. I’m still waiting for this figure to arrive, I hope he will be alright, now I’m really worried because of the package. Can’t wait to look up his hakama too 😀


    1. I think it depends on how the place you bought it from packs their stuff. Amiami packed my box with just layers of paper instead of bubble wrap or something more safer, hopefully your Kogi will come home safely!
      Kinda feel sorry for Kogi now that theres a lot of ppl out there looking up his hakama, tho I’m one of those ppl lol.
      I guess we’re allowed to appreciate Kogi’s nicely sculpted legs every once in a while lol.


      1. Hopefully he’ll be all right. Even if the package has a dent I’m sure he’ll be safe in his plastic casing.
        I’ll be waiting for pics on twitter of someone showing off Jiji’s undies when hes released lol.


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