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[Goods] Chiaki Body Pillow & Extras (Mini Review)

2016-01-20 13.22.09


I couldn’t resist buying Chiaki’s body pillow cover when they released the images and I’m glad the people back at Happy Elements HQ decided to make body pillow covers of these guys a thing because its the ultimate gift, jk jk.

More or less I was planning to have this as a Christmas present to myself but the release date ended up being on the 31st, so belated Christmas gift. Still kinda wished they made more for other characters but Chiaki is good too.

So the dimensions for the pillow case is 150cm long and 50cm in height and just for 10,000 yen you can own your very own huggable idol boifriend! jk. The material is 100% polyester and is really soft to touch. The colors are all right, they’re actually more vibrant/brighter than the sample image which I don’t mind, however with the back image it kinda looks like he has red hair and then I think its Kuro but hey, I ain’t complaining.

At the end of the pillow case theres a zipper which is quite neat because if it was just an open ended pillow case my cat would try to squeeze into it and take a nap, which has happened before.

2016-01-19 10.35.38

The image design is prolly my fav out of the three pillow case designs. You have Chiaki being his dorky self, doing that typical hand on belly sleeping trope that kids usually do. He is a big kid after all lol. Another reason why I wanted to buy Chiaki is because he’s the perfect character to hug seeing that he’s always hugging ppl in the game.

Close ups:

I still kinda wish they were drawn in their PJs instead of crashing on the pillow with their summer(?) uniform on, tho I understand that feeling. I can imagine Chiaki only wearing hero themed PJs tho… He’s prolly dreaming about being a cool hero too, defeating all evil and bringing peace.

So, was it worth 10,000 yen? Yeah, I guess so. If it means all that money is going into improving Enstars while I get a huggable Chiaki then yeah, its great deal. By the looks of it, most of the stock is kinda sold out too on animate so thats a lot of profit there to go to improving the game. Smart move there, Happy Elements.

However you do need to purchase a long pillow before hand if you want to hug these idols. I guess stuffing in any old pillow or two works as well. As for me, I already had a long pillow that I bought on ebay. It just fits but its short a few cms from really filling in the pillow case.

Also because its 150cm its about 20cm shorter than me so its like hugging a smol Chiaki even tho we should be around the same height. But hey, I don’t mind it still gives 10/10 hugs and ngl I accidentally took a nap resting next to it.

The healing powers of Chiaki I guess lol.

If they make more pillow covers and one of them happened to be Adonis then consider me poor and dead, but I’d still prolly buy it. Thanks for making this a thing, Enstars Team & Happy Elements.

2016-01-19 11.48.35
good night sweet prince



2016-01-19 21.34.36.jpg
The Holy Trinity of Baes

Back in October, I think, AGF (Animate Girls Festival) sold these acrylic figures which were later sold in online stores afterwards. CD Japan released these back in December and I just got them around early January.

If you bought the unit sets (includes all members) in Ebten, you would get special bromides of CGs of all unit members with their signatures. An example would be, if you purchased the UNDEAD set you would get all the member figures as well as the Butler Cafe event CGs as bromides with their signatures as a bonus. Tho because I have two unit bias I decided not to because that would cost me a lot.

Anyway, in my head when I was purchasing these I was thinking they would be about A4 Sized or just about 20~30cm… I was wrong.

2016-01-20 14.55.10
Adonis is smol compared to a 16cm(?) Shadow Dio

They’re pretty smaller than what I had hoped but what can ya do. Either way I got my three baes, thats all that matters. I was also hoping there would be images on the back of the figures but its just blank.

Anyway, its a cheap substitute for actual figures/statues until Happy Elements strikes a deal with either Orange Rouge/Good Smile Company or some other figure company.

Waiting for you to make your move, Happy Elements. Make Enstar figures a reality.

Thats all for now, thanks for reading and I’ll see you all again next time. I’ll be comatose next to Chiaki in the meantime  _(:3 」∠ )_