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Here I was thinking I was gonna go on a hiatus but in the end these app games keep reeling me back in. I was thinking of writing something about this topic in my last enstar diary entry but decided not to because its prolly gonna become irrelevant… Guess I was wrong.

Chinese ver. Enstars may or may not be a beta for future gameplay implementations. I don’t know much whats going on behind the scenes, I’ve only heard rumors and such on twitter. It might even be just one of those cheap knock-offs of the game but it looks too elaborate to be that… Hell, it even has a website, a translated opening and the Happy Element’s logo:

2016-01-16 06.09.44.png
Adonis’ name has been translated, some goes for Hinata, Yuuta, Nazuna, Subaru etc
2016-01-16 05.54.09
not sure what the bottom bit says…

More or less, having the graphics and visuals of the opening translated to chinese seems like too much work for an amateur group to do… but thats just what I think. I don’t know how these knock-off games are carried out. Plus, I was told that Happy Elements originated from China or something similar but not quite sure if thats entirely true.

I’ll try to keep this short and sweet, so don’t expect me to go into details about the differences and new stuff… If I do talk about stuff, it’s gonna be really short.


A bit about Chinese Enstars & How to get it

This blog helped me out a bit when it came to how to get the game. It says that the beta is available from 13th January until the 26th of January, however it seems that in the latest update of their post it says that as of the 16th ppl seem to have trouble downloading the game/its no longer available to download.

I’m guessing its a closed beta where they open it until they reach the right amount of ppl to test it/give feedback and then close it. Or maybe its off the app market because it really is just a hack or something, tho my app seems to be working fine. More or less, if this is a real beta approved by HE, they prolly gave it to developers in China to work on it while the team in Japan focuses on events and stuff happening right now.

Screen shot 2016-01-16 at 5.49.28 PM
comparison between the two (ignore my cat wallpaper)

However all of this didn’t just come out of the blue. Late last year, possibly in October, there was news about this happening. There was even footage of someone playing the game, possibly at a games con. It blew it for a while on twitter but then was quiet until just recent. Most people were thinking it was a hack and dismissed it but its really starting to look like a real game…


For those who want to try (even tho theres a possibility its not available in anymore), you can download it from a Chinese app market place. Its only available for android, I think, sorry iOS users!

A bit of warning. Downloading Chinese Enstars may replace your existing enstar app. For me, I used my old android phone to download it where I had an outdated enstar app so I didn’t happen upon any errors or anything so the process went smoothly.

You can download the Chinese market place app through scanning the QR Code with your device found on the website. You can find the QR Code by hovering over the image with a smartphone on it, its below the option that says PC on the right hand side. If you don’t have one, you can get a QR Code Reader through searching one on google play.

The QR Code will take you to a website and the download will start, you’ll have to approve it because its a third party app. You’ll also have to do stuff to your settings to allow the installation.

Once thats done and installed search for “偶像梦幻祭” (the Chinese name for Enstars, which translates to “Idol Dream Festival”) in the app, download and install. You’ll have the do fool around with your settings to allow the installations. When installed you’ll have to sign in through a 应用宝 account (account for the app market place you downloaded, you’ll have to make one if you choose this option) or through signing in via wechat. Seeing that I already had wechat downloaded previously & made an account, I signed in through that. The wechat option is much easier because you can sign in through an english account so it’ll be easier to sign up for wechat.

And there you have it, maybe. I saw some people on twitter happening upon some errors and stuff, so it may or may not work…

Again, there is a chance that it is no longer available to download.


Impressions and Thoughts

If its a hack or an imitation then its a pretty good one, hell even I want to Enstars to be like this. The gameplay is very meaty (? is that a right word to describe this) compared to the base game and I’d be happy to see it implemented in the future with some improvements to it as well.

I’m kinda not feeling how it handles levelling up cards compared to the game we have now because the cards seem to take a lot of EXP before they level up and I’m popping a vein waiting for a card to level up. But I guess there’s a reason why, mainly because produce points seem to be a quicker way to level them up seeing that they no longer have purpose when it comes to gachas…

Actually, I’ll run down the differences and new stuff real quickly before I continue.


  • Affection is handled differently
  • Mini events are the same but selecting the right choice does not fill in a heart that leads to a skinship event (or whatever its called)
  • Skinship events activate similarly to mini events and sometimes at random
  • Unlocking voice clips and personal stories are a lot quicker to achieve
  • Seems to have more personal stories per guy compared to the original game
  • Levelling up affection is quick and easy than before
  • Levelling up cards is slower
  • Produce Points now mainly used only for levelling up cards
  • Diamonds also have more uses
  • Diamonds are abundant but inflated when using to counteract everyone being rich on diamonds
  • 10 Diamonds to get back 1LP
  • 10 Diamonds rewarded for completing course missions, normal & special events and mini music game “”””rank””””
  • 200 card spaces
  • You can choose whose your starter card is instead of your preferred unit and getting a character at random
  • Multiple cards of the same cards take up spaces, you can manually merge cards into one to raise the card’s levels. Doing so will give you options to level up the card through produce points or to go to the card’s idol road
  • 1* Cards are gained through clearing each unit course instead of completing the tutorial to unlock all 1* cards
  • There are individual character introductions before starting a character’s lesson during the unit courses
  • No daily courses (prolly because beta)
  • When you complete a mission objective during a course you are visually notified immediately
  • Different mission objectives
  • Event courses cost less AP (8AP, 16AP), tho I kind of remember the AP being not multiples of 5 before…
  • Scout/Gacha now located next to your cards tab
  • Gachas do not use diamonds, use a different system
  • You can now see the whole list of cards available in a gacha
  • You can access everyone’s card album in the student collection tab (the one with all the students portraits), it has it own tab and you can skim through just about anyone’s card album
  • Locker, options, produce team & live team and lives are no longer accessed through the map/in the menu and are all located under a tab next to the scout tab
  • Map is no longer a static image with clickable areas
  • Dream fes team is not available (prolly only for this beta)
  • You can now choose teams to be sorted by overall strength, performance strength, vocal strength etc
  • Shop no longer sells just diamonds
  • Only one rival battle per course
  • Rival battles can have 4* leaders, possibly a 4* team too (only seen in Ryuseitai’s courses so far), possibly even have 5* cards in a rival team
  • Rival battles/Dream fes are now “graded”, getting a flawless win (Three wins in a row) will give you “PERFECT“, 2 wins in a row & a lose followed by a win will get you “EXCELLENT” I think and so on
  • By tapping on your rank you can now see how much EXP you have left before ranking up as well as the “gacha ingredients” you have on hand (I’m not sure what to call it… I’ll nickname it that for now)
  • Fever time is different, it activates the rhythm mini game
  • Fever time in an event course can also get you event points
  • Lessons are cut down, 10 lessons instead of 20.
  • Its a bit difficult to get gems (small, medium, large) than before



  • Log-in bonuses (possibly monthly log-in bonuses)
  • Serial code gifts input area (not new but hey)
  • New menu on the side where gift box & news board is usually found, includes new and revised map, gift box, news board, customer service and shop
  • Customer Service(?)[google translated] opens up a chat log
  • Shop also includes item exchange, paid through diamonds
  • You can now pat (three times per hour) any guy that is in “My Room“, levels up affection, only happens once every 1 hour, you cannot pat another guy during this cool down period. You can activate it by swiping/rubbing the guy.
  • The guy set to “My Room” can also give you items, AP items and other stuff (Adonis gave me Anpan). Not sure if its at random or once a day.
  • More consumable items: anpan, shrimp etc. Rice balls may replace konpeito (might be just a Chinese ver. item)
  • New unit skills, so far I’ve seen the Sengoku skill with Shinobu and Souma (not sure if thats in the original game too)
  • You can now lock cards
  • You can now see what bonuses a card has just by looking at its profile, you can see if they have unlockable uniforms, backgrounds, voices, stories etc
  • You can now see a preview of unlockable uniforms and backgrounds in Idol Road
  • You can now swipe between card profiles with ease instead of backing out to select another card to view
  • There is a rhythm mini game during fever time, it plays like a taiko game and the song differs depending on the unit/character
  • You can skip it
  • It has difficulties depending on the course and character
  • Getting three music notes as the “rank” is important as it gives you a longer time to tap on a character to get a lot of jewels
  • The point of this fever time/rhythm game is to get a lot of gem pieces, gems and other items
  • There are new items, mainly for the gacha, which I nickname as “Gacha Ingredients
  • There are three types: Fantasy (Red), Cool (Blue) and Active (Green)
  • When getting ready for the gacha you need to choose an amount of these ingredients, depending on the ratios you’ll get certain cards (1:1:1 ratio or 6:3:1 etc)

2016-01-15 01.52.22

  • It’ll cost you gacha tickets, or whatever the equivalent this game has, blue ones are regular tickets while the gold ones will get you better cards
  • Think of it as Blue = Produce Points and Gold = Diamonds in terms of scouting
  • You can farm these items through ‘missions’ or as I like to call them, “Part Time Jobs“/”Idol Jobs”
  • You can choose from performing on stage, photoshoots or mascot costumes to farm these items
  • You select the teams and watch them go, you can upgrade these jobs through regularly doing these jobs
  • Upgrades give you better items
  • Jobs have a timer and you cannot use characters/cards who are doing jobs to put in your produce team/unit
  • These jobs can be found in the newly made Map
  • Here you can see characters walking around and jobs being done
  • You can exchange small gems to medium gems with a character who has a gem icon above their head (its at random)
  • You can tap on characters with hearts on their heads to unlock a personal story and read it

Thats about all that I can remember about…. I said I’d keep it short but guess not lol.

There are some things that I feel like it needs a few more tweaks to it, like the levelling up and maybe the gems, but overall I like it. I wish they put more jobs to do and more interactions in the map but hey, now I can pat Adonis so its all good. Not sure how to feel about the gacha tho… it seems it’ll be difficult to get a 5* card/event gacha card now or maybe my luck was bad when I tested it lol.

Theres 10 more days left until it disappears. Right now it has the Duel Event going on, which I’m in the top 500 ranking and I could get all the cards but… I don’t think I can transfer those cards to my Japanese account lol. It feels good being in the top 500 tho.

Here’s hoping this is the new gameplay implementations the Enstar Team said they wanted to make in the future because so far its looking good. Tho if this really is just an imitation only for Chinese players then I’d be really, really sad. Just let me pat my Adonis.

I’m hoping to go back into hiatus and actually do something about fixing this blog and adding stuff but this current event has Kuro so I gotta bring him home. Not sure if I’ll do a diary entry, maybe a real quick one.

As always, thanks for reading. I’ll see you all in a week or two… maybe? Who knows.

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