[Game Diary] 夢色キャスト – Yumeiro Cast | January《#07》


New Year Log In Bonus

2016-01-01 10.21.06.png

Happy New Year! To celebrate, Yumeiro is giving us a bunch of goodies such as rare tickets, AP replenish items, Otoshidama and an ALL Coach card.

You can give the Otoshidama items to the guys, so far I know that an Otoshidama is Subaru’s fav item. An otoshidama is a present given out during New Years, which usually contains money and commonly given out to kids. Tho for the guys I think Madoka gives them a phone card or something, I’m not sure I didn’t read it properly. Really sorry.

For the rare tickets, I had no luck on getting SR cards or new ones. I guess next time…


Sousei’s Birthday & Stream

2016-01-07 10.23.33.png

If you logged into Yumeiro on the 7th of January you wold’ve received 20x Yume Stones and a cake because it was Sousei’s birthday. Congrats, Sousei-okaachan. However unlike previous birthdays with other characters, Sousei’s solo song won’t be released until the 13th January once the current event ends. Sorry Sousei. On the bright side he got a gacha that boosts the chances on getting his cards.

The stream that was held on the same day had Ryouta as the host again and a special guest, Toshiyuki aka Sousei’s voice actor. When Ryouta was introducing himself Toshiyuki was like “Kyouyaaaa. Kyouyaaaaa~~~” offscreen to which Ryouta became annoyed by lol. I never thought of Toshiyuki as a joker, I always had the impression that he’s a very serious guy like Sousei. Both Ryouta and Toshiyuki seem like good friends tho.

Also introducing a staff member, Endo-san, who will be taking care of merch corners and other announcements for the game during the stream.

When he popped up everyone was like “Oh! An ikemen popped up!” and he seemed to stumbled on his lines a few times where everyone responded by going ‘do your best!’ and ‘you can do it’. A good addition to the stream, now all they need to do is make sure they don’t have a lot of technical difficulties in future streams.

Tho I feel like I’ve seen this guy before… Apparently sometimes they have pics on their official twitter with a guy dressing similar to him with his face covered. I guess he’s kind of like the PR guy, tho tbh he kinda dresses like Kaito lol.

Anyway, onto merch stuff. It looks like they’re doing a twitter campaign, something about following the official twitter and retweeting the twitter campaign for the chance to win either a signed Ayakashi script (I’m guessing its the script for the story or maybe song, not sure) signed by four of the voice actors or you get the chance to win character clear files. An example of the signed copy of the Ayakashi Script looks like this (Ryouta & Toshiyuki not included as prize):

Screen shot 2016-01-07 at 11.13.04 PM

There are also purchasable cards from 7-Eleven which seem to have QR Codes so I’m gonna assume you can scan those codes to get the cards in the game… maybe? They’re 150 yen each which is pretty cheap. I think it might be like one of those random cards that you’ll have to see what you bought by opening up the wrapping and theres something about collecting two cards to give you something else but I’m not sure… I wasn’t paying attention lol. They’re limited and will end on the 19th of January.

Also this coming spring there will be a collab with サクラ大戦奏組 (Sakura Wars Kanadegumi), which actually has a stage play/musical so it fits in with Yumeiro’s theme and I’m here watching the video crying/laughing omfg, and the collab will prolly involve having two of their songs being playable in Yumeiro. So stay tuned! Also maybe check out Sakura Wars, if you want to, it has a manga as well as a musical.

Screen shot 2016-01-10 at 12.40.32 PM.png

In other news, they are finally releasing the songs in Yumeiro in CD form! Hopefully they will be the full versions of the songs because we all know that they recorded the full song, it’d be a waste not to.

They also got a collab going on with 一番カフェ, where you can get a collector’s coaster with your drink as well as a bonus gift. You can also purchase other goods such as tin badges, posters and a small badge. The collab will start on the 16th of January.

Finally we get to Sousei’s birthday corner! Where we are treated to a recreation of Sousei’s bday cake, pancakes with a bird on top and a cup of coffee. They also show off a hand drawn Sousei bday drawing with Toshiyuki posing with the pic as well as having his photo taken by Ryouta for him to prolly post up later… maybe.

Because theres no solo song to do this time, they opted to playing the New Year remix of CALL HEAVEN and they even gave us a choice to choose whether they should play HARD or EXPERT, I chose HARD because I didn’t want them to fail so badly but everyone else seemed to be sadists and chose EXPERT lol. In order for us to get a rare ticket, Ryouta’s challenge is to get an S Rank EXPERT which he gets just in time, maybe if Toshiyuki didn’t throw him off his game by singing the song live he would’ve been ok but in the end he stumbled a lot. Oh Toshiyuki, never change. Next up is Toshiyuki and if I remember correctly his challenge was to get a full combo, which he didn’t manage to get because he messed up at the start. Seemed like he wasn’t quite ready but after that he was really good at it. I almost forgot that at the start Toshiyuki was talking about his game and that he named his heroine “Toshiko” and he would always give Sousei other character’s birthday cakes, just ’cause.

Next up is that corner again, where the voice actors voice act a selection of fan written scripts for them to say. This time around they have to pick at random who’s gonna say which situation. Toshiyuki kept drawing the O card out of the box and did the first few situations. When it came to Ryouta, the graphic thats supposed to pop when he was reading didn’t pop up. It ain’t a Yumeiro stream if it doesn’t have technical difficulties. Tho he couldn’t really start reading his lines without the graphic popping up, maybe he’s shy to have the camera on him when he’s reading tho I’d feel a bit nervous with the camera on my face. Luckily they found an alternative by using the Kyouya pic they had resting on the desk as something to focus on when Ryouta is reading his lines.

Screen shot 2016-01-07 at 11.49.52 PM
look deeply into the Kyouya

And so the stream slowly draws to a close just before announcing that the CDs will release from 23rd March 2016, so I’m guessing theres multiple CDs. CALL HEAVEN full ver. is also available for karaoke for a month(? maybe) from 20th January 2016.



This time around its a traditional point collecting event but this time we’re given more songs to play in the daily songs selection screen, which usually grants us an added boost in points. Which is good to see that they bring back old songs that I haven’t played in a long time because I’m always stuck playing daily songs seeing that was the only way to get more points quicker. Ngl I miss playing ハダカノココロ.

A new addition to this event is a bonus in points for when you reach a high rank or something (tho I’m still not sure what triggers it). I usually get them most of the time whenever I get an S Rank but when I get an S Rank for a EXPERT FULL I don’t get anything. So far the highest points I’ve seen given to me was 96 event points, on an EXPERT FULL with a daily song/event song. Either way I’m a bit confused about how this thing works, I’ll just ignore it for now…

I think the theme for this event seems something close to deities, tho because I haven’t read the event story yet I’m not sure. I’ll also have to apologise that I won’t be able to provide insight on what the story is about this time around because I’m kind of short for time right now as I want to get into doing other stuff… I know its inexcusable to neglect my duties to write a proper post but I promise to correct this later. I’m really, really sorry about it… tho I have a feeling that I haven’t missed out on much on the story for the event.

In the meantime…

2016-01-08 17.55.30.png

I hope this year will treat you well!


New Songs

In celebration for the new year we’re given two new songs… well one new song and a remix of an existing song. CALL HEAVEN!! ~NEW YEAR 2016 ver.~ is a remix of CALL HEAVEN!! which has more of a traditional Japanese feel to it, vocals are still the same to CALL HEAVEN!! its just the BGM has changed and its quite nice. えてにまくあげ on the other hand is BGM only and every time I play it I get so pumped up because its got such a gr8 beat to it along with those random hawk sounds lol.

In addition to those songs, we’re given more songs to play with in the daily songs selection that’ll give us more points than usual for the event. The songs are from existing songs from the original track like ハダカノココロ which also has an EXPERT difficulty which has yet to be unlocked yet. Tbh so far the EXPERT versions are quite solid, I really enjoy playing them.

Talking about EXPERT difficulties, PERSONA+MYSTERY has its EXPERT difficulty unlocked now. I guess they’ll be unlocking these difficulties once every new event, or something. This one also feels good to play tho because it doesn’t give me higher event points I don’t play it often. I’m looking forward towards the EXPERT of SECOND INNOCENCE because thats one of my fav songs, next to ハダカノココロ.

Also, you can unlock new furniture to decorate your home screen through the new songs (I think its within the remix of CALL HEAVEN!!). You can unlock these furniture by completing full ver of different difficulties, getting S Ranks, doing full combos or just doing a PART A on easy. If you unlock them all it’ll look a little something like this:

2016-01-01 23.05.05

Having that furniture won’t be free tho, it’ll cost you around 11,000+ stars for what is shown above. So you better save them up.



We have new cards to get to bring in a New Year! Tho for me I’m trying to save up for a 200 Yume Stone turn. I have about 118 Yume Stones now so I gotta be a bit more patient until I can scout again.

Tho I wish I could scout out a Kyoya because his card looks good, also I’m interested in what his awakened card looks like because the small preview looked like his chest was bare ;^)))) Also Hinata’s looks good too, wouldn’t mind if I got it.

There was another gacha in the early days of this event where if you turned it 10 times twice you’ll get a gold ticket, tho its gone now for some reason. I can’t see myself getting 400 Yume Stones without spending money on this game so I didn’t try it…

The other gachas we can pick from are Sousei’s birthday gacha, where his cards have a higher chance to pop up, and the two gacha ticket gachas that excludes R cards so you’ll have a better chance on getting SR or UR cards.


Sorry about this diary entry… I’ve been trying to ease up on the app games so I can focus on other things, like fixing up this blog and finishing some drawings I started 100 years ago. I really want to revise this later when I’m not busy with that stuff, tho I’m not sure how to notify you all when I’ve revised it… so we’ll see.

Anyway, welcome to 2016. Its been a bit of a weird start to the year with a half assed post but I’ll try to improve from here on out. Again, really , really sorry. I hope I can finally focus on other things now…

Thanks for reading and bearing with me. Until next time _(:3 」∠ )_

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