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[Game Diary] あんスタ – Ensemble Stars | January《#09》

Mini Enstars News

2015-12-29 09.39.39.png

New Years Log in Bonus

Until the 9th of January, when you log in you’ll get bonuses for 7 days and once those 7 day bonuses have been received thats it, no more bonuses. On New Years day you would’ve been greeted by Subaru with his New Years costume and a full voice clip, which is then gifted to you later and can be replayed in his voice clips bank thingy. All in all you get:

  • 30x Diamonds
  • 3x Story keys
  • 5x Konpeito
  • 1x Sports drink

I’m thinking of using some story keys for extra diamonds tho not sure which story I should read, maybe Kurou’s gacha story.

Anyway, Happy New Years everyone! Even though its a bit late now… 7 days late, prolly.

28th December ~ 13th January

Tantan Collab Event

The promised collab with LINE Puzzle Tantan has been fulfilled with a Ra*bits crossover. You don’t have to download the game unless you want to see cameo from the Ra*bits in the game, which would look something like this:

Screen shot 2015-12-28 at 5.05.39 PM

For the event on our end there are two parts, a quiz part and an event produce course. Completing both parts you’ll be rewarded with a Hajime Tantan card:


For the quiz part you’ll need to input these answers in for each question:

  1. タンタン
  2. 兎  //or// うさぎ

Getting the correct answer will unlock you a story part. There are four story parts available about Hajime’s part time job in a Tantan mascot costume trying to advertise cakes (that have a Tantan motif). Don’t tell Midori about Hajime being in a costume or else he’ll be Midori’s next victim… The story has two CGs, which is quite generous along with a 4* card.

The produce course is found in the events tab and all sections look like this:

2015-12-28 17.46.42

You’ll have special personal events with Hajime here. Your missions are:

  • Get 120 pieces from all three colors (blue, red, yellow)
  • Get Hajime’s trust meter to 100% capacity
  • Get 120 red pieces before the 10th lesson

To get Hajime’s card you need to clear the whole lesson, clear missions and unlocking all of Hajime’s events (normal and special) as well as answering all the questions correctly.

And enjoy! Hopefully you all have gotten your Hajime. I’m almost close to blooming him, where his costume is his regular unit uniform but black and white like a panda because its cute. Don’t judge.

Merch Spotlight

Neowing (CD Japan’s japanese website equivalent) just announced unit mugs and character tapestries (slim) merch for sale.

On Neowing’s listings, the mugs are for 1620 yen each and the tapestries are for 1080 yen each. I’m not sure if Neowing includes tax, tho considering its a Japanese site its prolly catering to Japanese residents so it’ll prolly have tax included unlike CD Japan. I’ll update links for CD Japan once the listings pop up. Now available on CD Japan: mugs & tapestries.

The tapestries dimensions are 51.5cm by 18.2cm. I’m guessing its 18.2cm in width rather than height, which would make it rather thin and small (51.5cm might not be that small in height), smaller than what I’d imagine regular wall scrolls/tapestries would be. Mugs and Tapestries will be available in March 2016. I’d like to get one of the tapestries but I’m gonna have to skip out on buying it and save up for a lil something special… like a box set of omanjus…

Merch Spotlight Update

Screen shot 2016-01-08 at 8.46.04 PM.png
Release Date: April 2016

Enstars Omanju Vol.3 has been revealed! You know the reason I’m excited for this one, its my boy Adonis in a cute round, squishy form… also Kaoru is in this but who cares about him, right? (secretly cares about Kaoru)

Like all of the volumes, purchasing a box set at a certain store will get you an extra omanju of a character from the volume but with a different expression. Mao, Kaoru, Hokuto, Kanata and Eichi have alternative omanjus from the following stores:

Screen shot 2016-01-08 at 8.55.31 PM

Of course you can buy this at any other stores like CD Japan but sadly CD Japan doesn’t have an alternative omanju to give out. Kinda wished CD Japan got into this and sold alternative omanju Adonis, but I wonder what could it be. Maybe happy/blushy Adonis? Tetora could have determined face alt and maybe Wataru would have that one tear rolling down his face from the Mystery event as his alt, who knows.

As for me I’m prolly gonna be buying amiami‘s box with Kaoru’s alt face so I can punch both of his faces at the same time, jk. I might be thinking of giving some away… we’ll see about it.

The omanjus are about the size of a fist and can be used as keyrings. Hopefully they’ll make more big omanjus in the future as well. They’ll sell at 5,184 yen tax included but if you can find better sites that give out discounts and don’t include tax, like Amiami and CD Japan, then you’ll be paying around 4,000 yen+.

Happy Elements are now selling online the comiket merch sans Artbook, guessing they’re already sold out by now. I’m not sure if the site allows foreign credit cards but you can always get around that by using shopping proxy sites/companies. I haven’t used these kind of proxies, I usually find the product I want and buy it and send it off to a place in Japan to forward it to me, with proxy shopping you ask a service to buy the item for you and ship it to you without hassle but with a price. Some people suggest places like fromjapan or other places, I know BiginJapan have a proxy shopping option but I’ve never used it. I’d be willing to purchase one of the comiket merch like that calendar but buying through proxy seems to be more expensive than forwarding… I guess one day I’ll own a proper calendar… one day. Enstars comiket merch available for purchase are:

  • Three Oddballs badges
  • Yumenosaki Academy pin
  • Yumenosaki Academy notebook
  • 2016 Calendar
  • Yumenosaki Academy pass case
  • Tote Bag Small
  • Tote Bag Medium
  • Keyrings A (Hinata, Hokuto, Leo & Chiaki)
  • Keyrings B (Nazuna, Rei, Keito & Eichi)
  • Three Oddballs Winter Tapestry (A2 Size)
  • Soundtrack CD
  • Ra*bits Tanabata Blanket

Real shame that they sold out that artbook because someone drew a superb police!Adonis eating a burger and Daikichi wearing a police hat. I’d give my first born child to have that artbook.


31st December ~ 10th January


Showdown! Brilliant Phantom Thieves vs Detective Team features the ever prevalent Knights (Leo excluded) vs Ra*bits with the Ra
*bits finally getting their time to shine and Wataru guest stars for so reason, tho its an important reason. For a second there I thought it was going to be a drama club event, so close. There is a whopping 23 parts in this story and here I thought 16~19 story parts were too much.

For this event I didn’t read a single story part until I’m ready to write up this post. It might be a more efficient way so I won’t forget the story so easily.

This event introduces a new dreamfes/event, “S3”, and after a long time not seeing him, Tomoya is back on the scene… dead. Why, do y’all have a grudge against Tomoya back at HQ?

Its interesting to see how the members of Ra*bits react to Tomoya’s lifeless body. Nazuna can’t think straight, going like “Whats the number for 110 (Japan’s emergency number equivalent to 911), again?” and calling a dying message ‘dining kitchen’. Hajime freaks out the most, thinking that he’s in a bad dream and that it’ll all be over once he wakes up, while Mitsuru is the most calmest out of the group, checking Tomoya’s pulse and wondering if he’s alive. Tomoya’s “dying message” is written in fake blood which is ‘hentai kamen’ aka ‘Masked Freak’ aka Wataru. Tho it was taken out of context when Tomoya’s card was released and it looked like he wrote ‘hentai’ and we all laughed about it.

2016-01-09 11.34.40

Nazuna suspects Wataru did this to Tomoya because he likes him so much, even using the phrase “daisuki”, that he decided to kill Tomoya to make him his and his alone or something. Thats some imagination there, Nazuna.

Hajime princess carries Tomoya to the nurse’s office by himself because he’s bara now. Don’t mess with this angel son. At the nurse’s office everyone starts to feel guilty that they may have worn Tomoya out with asking assistance for Hajime’s part time job, Mitsuru asking him to help out with studying and Nazuna asking him to help out with lessons or something. Hajime feels like its entirely his fault and that he’ll take responsibility by marrying Tomoya, Hajime you precious child. Honestly tho, can’t you feel the BL undertones just rising in this event story. Akira-sensei what have you done? Even Anzu starts to cry at the possibility of Tomoya being out for the “Mysterious Stage” dreamfes.

But the show must go on, even without Tomoya. Ra*bits and Knights are on the stage, but the Ra*bits seem to be off their game after what happened to Tomoya. Even Izumi is complaining about it, prolly saying Knights would’ve been better off without another unit joining in on the dreamfes. While Ritsu tries to cheer up Hajime by kind of hitting on him? What. Something about Hajime’s hair showing off the nape of his neck and teasing him… Ritsu pls. In the whole mild chaos of things, Arashi takes the position of leadership seeing that no one there is responsible enough, plus Knights don’t have their leader here because he’s off with important work or something. Arashi-oneesan is here to keep things in order, leave it to Oneesan.

We cut back to Tomoya who has woken up from his coma and it seems that he was at the zoo with Wataru before all this happened. Aparently he was tricked going together with Wataru because he was told Hokuto would come too, but it ended up as a date with Wataru lol. He must’ve fainted at the zoo because of Wataru’s antics, I think he forced Tomoya to feed carnivorous animals or something. He then feels something warm next to him in the bed, thinking it was one of Wataru’s tricks he grows suspicious. Turns out it was Anzu fast asleep next to Tomoya and is now using him as a dakimakura unconsciously lol. I hope this means they’re gonna make a Tomoya dakimakura soon… Tomoya freaks out a bit, then focuses his thoughts on wanting to become a decent/admirable guy that’ll surprise Anzu as well as going like ‘man, Anzu sure is soft… I guess she’s a girl after all’ trope. He promises to a sleeping Anzu that he’ll become a guy of equal prescience and not a dakimakura. Tho in his personal event, he says he doesn’t mind being a dakimakura for Anzu lol.

We’re prolly halway there now…. well maybe a quarter through the story. The time setting of this story is weird tho, because we cut back to Tomoya with the Ra*bits and they’re not in their event uniform nor at the event place. Kinda confused. I guess the event has intermissions or breaks between shows or something? Maybe the first bit was rehearsals and not the real thing?

Wataru pops up out of nowhere on a hot air balloon throwing around fliers, which I’m assuming is advertisement for the Mysterious Stage, and Tomoya gets angwy.

2016-01-09 14.20.29

Apparently after Tomoya fainted, Hibiki brought his lifeless body to the school and sets up a crime scene around him, just ’cause. Tomoya is angry and Hibiki jokes around until he actually does voice his concern and apologises. He realises that people can be fragile and is sorry for what happened to Tomoya who is quite shocked to see this change in pace.

Next scene is Anzu watching the babby Ra*bits practice/warm up while Nazuna is away but Tomoya doesn’t seem to be into it. Apparently what Wataru said has got him thinking/feeling too much, like Wataru saying “You don’t have to appear in the next stage play” makes his chest feel it has a gaping hole and wondering why. Where Arashi then pops in and responds “Thats love, no doubt about it”. Cupid Arashi fueling the fire to Wataru/Tomoya ships.

Arashi is there to talk about the stolen goods, a subplot I must’ve missed which I’m guessing has something to do with the “Mysterious Stage” and  it’ll also explain why it showed Arashi stealing jewels. I think the detective team are supposed to deduce what happened to the stolen goods without reading the script and supposed to announce their findings to the audience. Anyway, Arashi is there to drop hints about the subplot even tho he really isn’t supposed to…

Later on, its almost near the end of the dreamfes and all Knights are gathered and talk about Ra*bits. Turns out the reason why Izumi is so rough/mean with the Ra*bits is to help them grow, y’know a lil tough lovin and all. He said he’s already lost things he loved and cherished and prolly wants to toughen them up for something like that. Tho Arashi is jokingly like, ‘You prolly like teasing them tho, you Do-S’.

On stage Tomoya reveals his findings with Arashi, saying that Arashi did a lil misdirection and told them some lies about his hint. Tho in a way, the lies in hint was actually a hint to the truth, if that makes sense. Tomoya deduces and solves the mystery before the main music number begins and shows them all with his witt and quick thinking. Tho Izumi was kinda looking forward to the Ra*bits announcing the wrong deduction, I guess next time, Izumi.

Afterwards Wataru pops in as a guest, which is allowed in S3 I guess, where him and Tomoya have a little heart to heart. Wataru tells him a story about a boy who was picked up by a grandpa and grandma and Tomoya, whos reluctant to hear it, was like “I know this story, its ‘Momotaro’.” but Wataru drops the bomb by saying the boy’s name is Wataru Hibiki.

He tells this story about the little boy, who wanted to make people happy through singing, dancing and doing magic tricks. He would learn so many magic tricks to make everyone happy and everyone praised him, even calling him a genius. While the boy was a genius, everyone else around was not. They would get bored of his usual magic tricks, so he decided to create new ones and show them off to make them happy. With each new trick every grew happier, however they also grew greedy and demanding. One day, the boy decided to reach the highest peaks of magic tricks just to satisfy those around him. He wanted to appease their desires. He created a new trick so difficult that one cannot reproduce it. In the words of Wataru, this is actually a funny story and heres the punch line…

2016-01-09 16.21.31.png

When the boy showed off his trick everyone they were not pleased. Why is it that, you would wonder. Even though the boy climbed up so high to reach great lengths to meet their desires they still complained about his trick. “It’s too highbrow, I don’t understand it!” they said…

Tomoya notices Wataru crying but he brushes it off saying this is supposed to be a funny story, why should he be crying. Tho I cried… I cried a lot. Something about his story that I can understand, his feelings of striving to make people happy. In the end Tomoya asks if it was a true story, tho Wataru’s like “Hm, I wonder…”. C’mon, Wataru.

He jokes about today’s fete, referencing the Ra*bits as that cute rabbit that brutally murdered a couple of knight which Tomoya is like, “Oh! Like that Monty P*thon movie” (they’re referencing Monty Python and the Holy Grail, kinda graphic bunny killing a bunch of knights in video) and then they talk about movies. Somewhere at that point Tomoya confesses that he wished Wataru talked to him like this sooner because before all this he thought of him as someone not human. Its good to have a heart to heart, it saves the trouble with misunderstandings in the future. Tho it still doesn’t explain why Wataru puts Tomoya in female roles and dress him up in girls clothes and post it on the net humiliating him, I guess I missed that part where its explained, correct me if I’m wrong.

Also would like to apologise for either getting some info wrong or missing some stuff.

Showdown! Brilliant Phantom Thieves vs Detective Team‘s Event Cards:

Tbh this is prolly the first time I was crying so hard with an event story, I think one of Adonis’ gacha stories got me a lil teary but this one takes the cake. I wasn’t expecting myself crying with snot coming down and my cheeks wet with tears, tho I guess this isn’t the intended affect of Wataru’s story (maybe). I guess by “funny story” I think he meant irony. Still it made me cry for personal reasons. Also it made me think of Kurou’s Voice Actor who is also a magician and in an interview said that he carries around a big bag full of tricks wherever he goes to bring people happiness with his tricks. To me Kurou’s VA will forever be Wataru in the flesh.

I know I apologise a lot, but again sorry for the extra long summary. I’m getting worse at it each diary entry. Long are the days when I wrote a few paragraphs. Also sorry for the long wait, I hope it was worth it… maybe?

Anyway, I appreciate this even story very much because now Wataru and Tomoya are at a better understanding of each other, maybe Wataru might lay off ruining Tomoya’s identity by dressing him up in girls clothes. Also its nice to see some backstory on people but I don’t think my heart, nor my tear ducts for that matter, can take on those emotions. I’m a very emotional person lol. Hopefully next time Akira-sensei can take it easy on the feels…

Also my prediction (more like dying wish) came true! Tomoya and Ra*bits, also kind of a Drama Club event (?) Tho I feel sorry for KnightsP at this point. You guys really can’t take a break when Happy Elements is milking you for all you got… HE pls give them a break longer than two events pls. It doesn’t help that they put in Tsukasa for this gacha story too…

As for my next prediction, maybe Kaoru? I haven’t seen him for about a month or so. Also there were leaked images of people working on Phantom Thief Wataru as well as a possible Kaoru casual clothes concept art…

▲A possible chibi Kaoru???

A possible casual Kaoru??? ▼

Actually I haven’t seen Koga around too, same goes for Rei (kind of)… does that mean??? A possible UNDEAD event? Maybe… maybe not. More or less I want Kaoru to be the 5* card in the possible Valentines Day Event/White Day Event because I want to see him be embarrassed/shy and also character development.

I have my diamonds ready, now I’m just waiting for HE to make their move… Mark my words I will have that new Mullet-senpai  5* card at any costs.

new years scout
30th December ~ 11th January


Scout! Winter’s New Year Shrine Visit features Subaru, Daikichi, Tsukasa, Tsukasa’s thirst for Anzu/Transfer Student-chan, the ever-so-loyal Fushimi and his bocchama Tori. The story is 6 parts long.

I haven’t taken part in this scout tho I’ve heard some interesting details about the story, so some of this might be just based on what I’ve heard on the twitters.

Story is about the first shrine visit of the New Year, a tradition carried out in Japan. I heard that Anzu is at the shrine because she’s helping out her friend, presumably a character from Ensemble Girls, at the shrine/temple and she may or may not be wearing a miko outfit. Anyway, Subaru and the gang happen upon each other at the shrine and stuff ensues.

From what I’ve heard, Tsukasa wants to have Anzu all to himself, even saying this to himself in front of Daikichi the dog who retaliates by tackling Tsukasa who then goes like “This dog must be jealous!” Tsukasa pls. Apparently Tori wants to get into the action too, even asking Anzu for a kiss on the cheek for New Years instead of Otoshidama because he’s so damn stinking rich he don’t need mo money. Seems like theres a rivalry between Tsukasa and Tori for Anzu’s love. Clash of the rich boys, I guess.

I’m not sure what else happens, all I know is Tsukasa’s thirst levels in this story has reached its maximum peak and I can’t believe this omg. What happened to pure Tsukasa who couldn’t touch the opposite sex because that would be against his family’s teachings of being proper? lol.

I’d want to get these cards one day, but for now I’m saving up. Plus its cute looking at everyone’s casual clothes. Subaru’s clothes fits his image perfectly. Maybe one day they’ll release more cards of everyone wearing casual clothes because I wanna see who has the worst fashion sense out of all of them.

My guess its Makoto. Just look at his bad tastes in vests and you’ll know.


26th December ~ 3rd January

Story Scout – Hokuto Edition introduces new cards with stories attached to them. There are short stories for Hokuto, Yuuta, Hinata and Kurou. For Hokuto he has 2 story parts while everyone else has 1 story part, tho it seems Yuuta, Hinata and Kurou’s stories are related to each other.

I think after this gacha released I saw a lot of people associating Hokuto with konpeito and at first I thought it was because of the in-game items but I was wrong. I think its because konpeito is Hokuto’s fav, which you can see in his bloomed card, it looks like hes holding a bag full of konpeito.

For Yuuta, Hinata and Kurou’s story it seems that Kurou is fitting Hinata with uniforms such as fine, Akatsuki etc. I think he even suggested to Hinata to crossdress or something. Most of this is based on things I’ve heard from twitter. I’m getting the feeling that Kurou made most of the unit’s uniform, which shouldn’t surprise me. He’s a master seamster after all.

I’ll be looking forward to more story scouts in the future.

A happy new year to you all! Well I think I’ve said that before and its a lil late for that but! Happy new year. I hope you all reached your goals this event, I know I have (collecting about 200 diamonds).

Another year and new adventures to be had with Enstars… but the time is growing close to where the time loop starts and everyone will be calling Anzu “Transfer Student” again. Hopefully things will reach a climax before that happens. I hope Akira-sensei will acknowledge a time loop of sorts in the new story… because that would just make my day.

I may or may not have a diary up next time because I plan to “renovate” this blog. Only time will tell. Tho I have a feeling next event will kill me.

As always, thanks for reading. I’ll see you guys real soon _(:3 」∠ )_