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[Monthly Overview] January Releases 2016



DYNAMIC CHORD feat. [rêve parfait] Append Disc – 29th January – honeybee black

PS Vita

STORM LOVER 2nd V – 28th January – D3P

うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪ Music3 – 28th January – broccoli


Even though I already did an yearly overview that pretty much lays out what is gonna happen this month, I may as well do a January Overview so it won’t seem like I’m skipping this month.

This month is pretty empty/dry, considering all of the games to be released were all dumped on December. January seems to be like the leftovers month for games that couldn’t release in 2015 on time. For me, I’ve been thinking of getting into STORM LOVER but then I remember my backlog and I’m like _(´ཀ`」 ∠)_ gotta be strong… gotta be strong for the games I’m currently playing on/off.

Onto blog news, from the recent poll it seems some fo you guys wants R18 PC game reviews… not sure if you want BL or Otome R18 more than the other, but I guess I’ll take that as a sign. I’ll keep your input in mind for future content! Tbh I went and bought Cool-B magazine so I can have some info on what I’m getting into with these BL games and R18 otome games. Maybe I’ll do a magazine post of that as well… tho the issue is about a month old, so I hope you all don’t mind.

I’ve been kinda thinking of taking this month off from intensive blog posts (tho I’ve been slowing down lately… maybe), so I can fix up a few stuff with this blog and adding new stuff. Kinda been thinking of adding a mascot character for this blog to cheer me up, tho Adonis is kinda like my cheerleader, so maybe you’ll be seeing him soon… or maybe you’ve already seen him.

Prolly gonna do some diary entries first before taking a ‘break’. Hopefully I’ll fix things up real soon so I can go back to writing up more posts. Crossing my fingers that I can deliver my first ps vita otome review in the next few months too.

Anyway, see you next time. Thanks for reading _(:3 」∠ )_

※ No header/monthly doodle for now, kind of cut for time here. I will draw/upload it in the future.


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    1. Yeah, thats one reason I’m hesitant of getting back into r18 games after the previous experience I’ve had with them… *coughunderthemooncough**coughvampiresweetiecough*
      Morally not sure whether to get r18 games with solid cash or just illegally download them…

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