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2016 Overview – Upcoming Otome Games

A new year, a new set of games to be played. So what is in stall for us this year?  PSP ports, possibly? Maybe some more kusoge? Or could the next big thing be right under our noses?

Who knows. Here’s a sneak peak of the year to come.


Turquoise = PS Vita Game

Sky Blue = PS Vita & PSP Game

Amber = PC Game

Red = R18+ PC Game

♛ = Very excited for, prolly buy limited edition if I can

★ = Interested in the game, will preorder/purchase

❤ = Kinda interested/like, not sure if I’ll buy

*Some dates may change as the year goes on, dates as followed are by Month/Day

Might update this post, tho I’d prolly do that through my monthly overviews.


Updated on: 9th June 2016

Set release date (2016)

STORM LOVER 2nd V | 1/28 | D3P – ❤

The 2nd port to the vita of the STORM LOVER series. Kind of interested getting into this series but I haven’t heard much about the first port’s quality. Kind of scared D3P just doesn’t care anymore and did a bad port. Would buy when the price is down.

PV | Official Site

うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪ Music3 | 1/28 | broccoli

Another music game spin off from Utapri. I would prolly buy it but I’ve never played an Utapri game in my life because I don’t have a psp and plot points and references could just fly over my head if I played this. Tho this’ll prolly be the first PS Vita Utapri game from broccoli, well done guys, you’re catching up there.

PV/Opening Movie | Official Site

DYNAMIC CHORD feat. [rêve parfait] Append Disc | 1/29 | honeybee black

Apparently this is kind of a fandisk for the first game with extra scenarios and a route for Knight, who never had a route in the original game, I think. Seeing that I’ve never played any of the games, I’m not interested.

PV | Official Site

三国恋戦記~思いでがえし~ CS Edition | 2/4 | Daisy2/Prototype

A port to the vita. I’ve never heard about it before, the art looks a bit outdated but I guess it may have a charm to that. By the looks of it, I’m guessing its one of those games where the heroine travels in time to ancient China (?).

PV | Official Site

英国探偵ミステリア The Crown | 2/11 | Karin Entertainment

Another port. Looks like its the same artist for Oyayubi Hime and this time its with characters from mystery novels… or at least their sons/descendants (Theres Watson Jr., Lupin Jr. etc) as well as Jack the Ripper(?) who isn’t quite fictional once you think about it. Not quite interested, but I’m sure others who like mystery will love this.

PV 1 | PV 2 | Opening MovieOfficial Site

もし、この世界に神様がいるとするならば。| 2/25 | Rejet

An original game by rejet, who makes games on rare occasions. I’ve been seeing this around and it looks the least bit interesting. Might be the art where it has this weird tint of blue most of the time or it might be basis of the story. We’ll see how this develops (tho tbh the music in the PV is pretty good).

PV | Opening Movie | Official Site

Diabolik Lovers Lunatic Parade | 2/25 | otomate

If I had an emoticon that just rolls its eyes I’d slab it all over this small summary but I don’t, so I’ll just rant a bit. Its another fandisk to put on the never ending diabolik tower of games/cds. I don’t know what to feel.

PV | Opening Movie | Official Site

百花百狼 ~戦国忍法帖~ | 2/25 | D3P

So far the only new game D3P announced for this year. I hope they’re not running out of money for their otome division from all those bad games they’ve released lately. I also hope this one isn’t touched by the shit-stick either because it’d be a shame, seeing the artist for this one is quite well known. Red Entertainment contributing too, it better save this one.

PV | Official Site

赤い砂堕ちる月 | 3/10 | dramatic create

A PC port to the vita, its initial release date was around 3 years ago. Not so sure about what this one is about, the art also has that old shoujo manga feel to it too. Not quite sure what to think about this one.

PV | Opening Movie | Official Site

金色のコルダ4 | 3/10 | Koei Tecmo Games – ❤?

I’m guessing its the fourth one in the series because of that 4 but I might be wrong. The art looks like that long forgotten shoujo manga style, which isn’t that bad. Seems like the premise might be about classical music/music in general. The system looks interesting as well, maybe I’ll give a try one day.

PV | Official Site

ワンド オブ フォーチュン R | 3/17 | otomate – ★/❤

A remake & renewal of the psp/ps2 game. Apparently Kagerou is redrawing the CGs and they’re fixing up the system. I’d like to play it tho I’m kinda intimidated by the complex system, but I’m willing to try it.

PV | Opening Movie | Official Site

Dance with Devils | 3/24 | Rejet – ★

Kind of anticipating this unironically… More or less I’m curious what this will have to offer. Plus I’m doing it for my main boy Mage. Ngl I’m a little put off they’re using the same style as the animation where theres lack of complicated shading/coloring like another other CG has in a game, but we’ll see…

Opening Movie | Official Site

[R18] ボッチムスメxプロデュース計画 | 3/25 | Kalmia8 – ❤?

This one is interesting to me because the heroine is around my height (173cm) and I really want to play it because I’m kinda sick and tired of hearing dialogue like “You’re so small and cute”, “Your hands are so small” or the heroine going “His hands are so big”. But too bad for me its a PC game and its R18, but we’ll see… maybe. Plus I think one of the guys might be Do-M, the other guy is 3cm shorter than the heroine and some of the CG looks kinda cute too. So it’s ticking all the right boxes for me lol.

PV | Official Site

BROTHERS CONFLICT Precious Baby | 4/7 | otomate – ♛

I was always interested in playing this game and seeing that its going to the vita with both games I couldn’t be any happier. I’ve watched the anime, but I hope that doesn’t spoil too much or else I won’t have much fun. Kinda sad they didn’t get Gerorin back to do a song… but I guess he was there for just the anime opening.

PV 1 | PV 2Brilliant Blue OP | Passion Pink OP | Official Site

神々の悪戯 InFinite | 4/21 | broccoli – ❤?

A fandisk (? possibly a sequel) that was going to come out to the psp intially until broccoli decided to throw it into the PS Vita as well. Smart move. I’d want to play it but I haven’t played the first game and the anime doesn’t do much justice either. Plus I’d only be doing it for Dionysus.

PV | Official Site

ニル・アドミラリの天秤 | 4/21 | otomate – ❤

The art and time period really speaks to me. I really want to play a game set in 1920’s Japan to see the merging of Western fashion and traditional Japanese clothes. The thing is I’ve heard stuff about the scenario writer not being that gr8. Plus they prolly don’t have this babe as a character route. But if its Satoi’s artwork… then I have no choice but to give in and give it a go.

PV 1 | PV 2 | Play Movie [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] | Opening Movie | Official Site

DYNAMIC CHORD feat. Liar-S Append Disc | 4/29 | honeybee black

Another fandisk/append disc from moneybee for DYNAMIC CHORD. The official site doesn’t have any info on it yet but its prolly the same as the [rêve parfait] append disc with the extra route for a character that didn’t get a route in the main game. Enough said.

PV | Official Site

喧嘩番長 乙女 | 5/19 | Spike Chunsoft/Red Entertainment – 

I’ve been waiting to play a game like this. A game where you can date delinquents and bash them up at the same time, which is why I put it in the number one spot of my most anticipated games of 2016. Plus it’d be fitting, considering my blog’s url.

(Edit: Its been delayed, sadly. Hopefully it’ll mean better quality upon release so I’m still looking forward to it. Its back on track now)

PV | Opening MovieOfficial Site

ピリオドキューブ〜鳥籠のアマデウス〜 | 5/19 | otomate

Another game based off the drama CD series by otomate records. Kinda wished it was this easy to get turn drama cds into games. Story seems to be about the heroine and her friends getting trapped in the RPG world, so they have human forms and ‘RPG avatar’ forms. I would be interested but this type of premise has been used a lot that its kinda predictable at times…

 PV |  Gameplay Movie | Official Site

SA7 SILENT ABILITY SEVEN | 5/26 | p reve/Future Tech Lab

Hasn’t this one been through development hell for a while now? Its coming together slowly but theres no set date for it Now there is. Not sure what to think of it either.

PV 1 | PV 2 | Official Site

鏡界の白雪 | 5/26 | otomate – ♛

This one I’m looking forward to, not just because of the character but mainly because Kinako is going to be doing the artwork. If you haven’t known I’ve become a huge fan of Kinako’s work and I’m really excited to play a game with their artwork. But I guess I should be focusing on the story as well, seems like it’ll change from real world and “mirror world” where everyone plays their part as the 7 dwarves and Snow White. One thing thats kinda making me uncomfortable is the weird biting CGs for all the guys, esp the tiddie biting CG. Tho the other CGs look cute, its just those ones… Why ya gotta bite her for?

Also hey, what do you know, the pomegranates make their appearance here as well!

(Release date has been moved a month earlier? I’m kinda ok with this)

PV 1 | PV 2 |  PV 3 | Gameplay MovieOpening MovieOfficial Site

 大正×対称アリス all in one | 6/2 | prototype – ♛/★

Taishou Alice is finally getting a PS Vita port, yay. And here I was thinking of buying of the PC games when I can have all the games in one game lol. After playing the demo I was really interested in playing more that I almost went to amiami to buy the game with Red Riding Hood until I thought “Wait, maybe they’ll port it to the vita…” and hey presto its here. Definitely gonna buy it when it releases.

PV (none so far) | Official Site

薄桜鬼 真改 華ノ章  | 6/16 | otomate


Just another Hakuoki game. This time with a bunch of added routes. I guess its the second part to the “Shinkai” series. Isn’t that the one where they just add some more characters to the original story and just resold it? Correct me if I’m wrong.

PVOpening Movie | Official Site

越えざるは紅い花 〜恋は月に導かれる〜 | 6/23 | OperettaDue/dramatic create

Looks like a port to the vita of a PC Game with extras from the PSP port… I think. Upon further research it turns out the original PC Game is an R18+ game lol. I guess that’d explain why the PS Vita port is a tame Cero D, one step closer to being an R18 game. I have no idea what the plot revolves around but I think the heroine is looking for her oniichan? I’m prolly wrong on that.

Opening Movie (PSP Ver) | Official Site (Port Ver) // Official Site (R18 PC Ver)

Blackish House SideA→ | 6/24 | honeybee black

At first I thought it was going to be a PS Vita game but that was too naive of me. I’m guessing the heroine is in a house full of people from the entertainment industry, aka idols, models, actors, voice actors and singers. Not sure what the main conflict is…

(Delayed by one month)

PV | Official Site

絶対階級学園 〜Eden with roses and phantasm〜 | 6/30 | daisy2prototype – ★

A PS Vita port for a PC Game with a similar name. I’ve been hoping they’d port to the Vita soon and it seems like I got what I wished. I’m not sure why I want to play it, maybe its because of the art and the guys and the heroine. All I really know of is that the heroine can go through different ranks of classes in her school, starting off with the basic rank until reacher higher class status (maybe even queen? who knows). Looking forward to play it even tho a specific date isn’t released yet.

PV (none so far) | Opening Movie (PC ver) | Official Site

[DATE UPDATED] 7’scarlet | 7/21 | otomate – ❤?

A collab with TOYBOX, who brought us Tokyo Twlight Ghosthunters, with character design & illustration from Chinatsu Kurahana who has worked with them on a previous project. This game gives me a “rural town mystery with a hint of groundhog day”, tho the groundhog day bit is just me jumping to conclusions. Not sure if I’m interested.

PVInsert Song MovieOfficial Site

Collar x Malice | 7/28 | otomate – 

This one seems to have a promising story (tho it feels like I’ll be eating my words in the future). Tbh its kind of giving me a Psycho Pass vibe and it ain’t helping when the main guy reminds me of Shinya Kogami. The heroine looks cute but strong, I think she even talks back to/shouts at one of the guys when he was dissing her lol. I also like that they’ve inserted the Adonis mythology into it as well, like the use of pomegranate fruit in key visuals for the website and the antagonists being part of a group named after Adonis and are striving for “rebirth”. I’m liking this game a lot.

PV | Official Site

[DATE UPDATED] 罪喰い〜千の呪い、千の祈り〜 | 7/29 | Operetta – ❤?

This one seems alright, tho the story seems to be done too many times. More or less the cute heroine is one of few factors selling it for me. Another factor is the characters, esp this outrageous guy, as well as the art. But because I don’t play PC otome games I’m not sure if I will buy it.

PV (none so far) | Official Site

[DATE UPDATE][R18] 魔性眼鏡 | 7/29 | PIL-VAMP

Not much has been revealed yet. It was announced late last year so I’m not expecting much info out yet. Still, that guy in the middle of the key visual is freaking me out with his massive hair. Seems like the heroine becomes confident with glasses on, the tagline seems to say “If you wear the glasses, XX will happen” or something along the lines. lolwhat. Tbh the title translates to ‘Devlish Glasses’, so maybe she becomes a succubus when wearing glasses who knows.

PV (none so far) | Official Site

薔薇に隠されしヴェリテ | 8/4 | otomate

Based in 1700s France, the heroine, an average girl, becomes the replacement for Marie Antoinette acting as her body double. Well, thats my impression. I guess its that kind of game where you can live out your fantasy of being Marie Antoinette, well… before she gets beheaded.

PV | Opening MovieOfficial Site

[DATE UPDATE] PsychicEmotion6 | 8/18 | otomate – ❤

Based on the drama cd series with the same name. The main cast are princes representing planets, like Prince of Mars etc. Not sure if the game will pick things up where the drama CD left off or something. I think they’re gonna add a new character.

PV (none so far)| Official Site

猛獣たちとお姫様  | 8/25 | otomate – /

I haven’t really played any of the games from the Beastmaster series, tho I remember wanting to play one, one day. This one seems to be taking a different direction with a different heroine and new cast which is pretty neat (why can’t they do something like that with the Diabolik Lovers series to keep it fresh). This time the heroine is a princess rather than a beast master and the beast may or may not be princes, I think. I haven’t read up much on it but the guys seem like oridinary ppl rather than princes or maybe they’ve been beasts their whole life and only now can be humans. I dunno, it’d be better if you check it out yourself rather than me fabricating the truth lol.

Considering the first game, I’m sure it’ll be just as good.

PV (none so far) | Official Site

[NEW] 逢魔が刻〜かくりよの縁〜| 8/25 | eXtend – ❤

First game from eXtend who have just recently finished making two drama CD series. The basis of this game is that the heroine is ‘spirited away’ into another realm, lets call it the spirit world with all types of yokai/spirits/supernatural things. I think she’s pretty much trapped there? lol. There are two other humans as well as a tree spirit that echos ppl’s words, a golden bird detective and a foxy grandpa all of them available to date ;^)

If you know me well I like mythology related stuff and yokais etc so I’m definitely intrigued.

Opening Movie | Official Site

[DATE UPDATED] 悠久のティアブレイド -Lost Chronicle- | 9/8 | otomate

This is a first for Otomate where they will have two artists character designing and illustrating for one game. The game will be based in a distant future, Earth is prolly messed up and devastated and there is one girl that holds a mysterious fate. Not sure if theres two heroines (one from each style), but the main girl for now is Eve and you got a smol robot companion (might be a secret route guy who knows lol) and also Mecha are guaranteed to show up in this game??? Can’t wait.

PV (none so far) | Official Site

 マジきゅんっ!ルネッサンス | 9/21 |  broccoli

So today (9th January), they finally released the site for the PS Vita game. Seems like they’re planning to release the anime and game in the same year, kinda like Dance with Devils, tho that one was released late in the year. I have some details about it down below. We’ll see how good the anime is before I think about getting the game.

PV (same as the one down below) | Official Site

[DATE UPDATED] 薔薇戦争-Sonnet of Seeds- | 11/?? | MIO

Seems like its a sequential game too, by the looks of the portal site. The coloring style of the game doesn’t look that great… Not sure what to make of it.

PV (none so far) | Official Site

TBA (2016)

Starry☆Sky~Spring Stories~ | Winter 2016 | honeybee

PC/PSP Port. A port thats been through a lot of revisions, I think, because its been pushed back so many times. U ok, honeybee?

PV | Official Site


Otomate not doing a good job advertising this game because all I know is that theres a bunch of kids with numbers and swords and thats it. The otomate party video doesn’t give out much either.

PV | Character MovieOfficial Site

ノルン+ノネット アクト チューンotomate

This could either be a fandisk or a sequel (or it might even be a prequel, I’m not sure). Not much is known at the moment, its being worked on so I’m guessing it might not be released until either Q3 or Q4. Tho I’m prolly wrong on that one.

Short Teaser | Official Site

フォルティッシモ | otomate – ❤

All I know for now is that they’re idols who have a craving for stilettos and high heels. Another thing I know is that its by the same artist for Brothers Conflict and that Futo from Brothers Conflict has an affiliation with Fortissimo. Anyway, I’m interested in it because I’m idol trash.

PV (none so far)| Official Site

BLACK WOLVES SAGA -Weiβ und Schwarzotomate rejet

Black Wolves Saga is coming to the vita, with both ports of the two games, prolly in HD/remastered. I had bad memories with this game tbh. Mayoyo and the other cat guy with the fiddle/violin… yeah, bad times. More or less I kinda stopped when they showed the mother hang herself and the sound of the rope was too much for my babby self (I was prolly in my teens or something lol).

PV | Official Site


Code:Realize〜創世の姫君〜 FDotomate – ❤

Fandisk for code:realize. The short teaser seemed to hint at extra routes for Herlock Sholmes™ and Finis. I’m looking forward to this after I complete the first game.

Short Teaser | Official Site

剣が君 百夜綴りrejet

Not exactly a fandisk and more like a sequel to Ken ga Kimi. This time it won’t be on the PC but on the PS Vita. I’m not sure what new stuff will be had with this game as I haven’t played the first game nor have any knowledge. I wish I did play it lol. One day I’ll buy a copy.

PV | Official Site

Diabolik Lovers Lost Edenotomaterejet

Hopefully it’ll be the last entry of the series but who am I kidding? They’re gonna keep making more games out of it. This time theres only one new character ‘Kino’ (voiced by Tomoaki Maeno), supposedly the prince of vampires and Karl Heinz’s (prolly) bastard child that might have a grudge against vampires who knows. Tho if being a child of Karl Heinz means they’ll be a prince of vampires then aren’t all the Sakamaki bros princes too? I don’t even know anymore. Also whats with the sprite artwork? Its not even trying to pretend its Satoi’s and its still not clear who exactly is doing the art and confuses us by saying its still being done by Satoi… rejet pls.

End of rant. Really sorry this had to end up like this.

PV | Official Site

花朧 ~戦国伝乱奇~otomate

Some of you might be saying “Not another Sengoku game” Yes, another Sengoku game. Jk, Jk. For now nothing much is known about it because it was just teased a few days ago and will be revealed in Girl’sStyle issue released in May.

PV (none so far) | Official Site

DYNAMIC CHORD V Editionhoneybee black

Not sure about this one. It was listed in the TBA section of Girl’s Style but the website has nothing alluding to a port to the vita as of now. Maybe it’ll happen, maybe it won’t. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

DYNAMIC CHORD portal site


Not sure if this is a sequel or a fandisk. I’ve been meaning to play the first game, but it lost the lottery when I was trying to pick a game at random last year and got Possession Magenta instead. Seems like the heroine is disguising herself as a boy to hide her true self (something about her eye being the mark of the witch) and lives in a tower. There are two main clans the Wolves and the Hawks who are prolly enemies with each other.

Short Teaser | Official Site

Starry☆Sky~Summer Stories~honeybee

I’m guessing honeybee is waiting for all the seasonal stories to be ready for port so they can release them at a constant rate instead of having huge gaps between production. Maybe its worth the wait, tho I’ve heard honeybee’s ports aren’t that great.

PV | Official Site (No official site for now)

Starry☆Sky~Autumn Stories~ honeybee

Waiting for Spring stories to get the ok to release.

PV | Official Site (No official site for now)

Starry☆Sky~Winter Stories~ honeybee

Forever waiting for Spring stories to get the ok to release.

PV | Official Site (No official site for now)

夕刻のペルセウス | poni-pachet

I don’t know much about this game, not even sure if its for PC or not. I think there might be two routes only, one of the guys is prolly an old spirit because I remember seeing promo art of him with the heroine as a lil girl and he hasn’t aged a bit compared to his current self lol.

PV (none so far) | Official Site (No official site for now)


I had to do a double take on this one because the title looks so similar to the one above. I’m guessing its part of the same series/theme going on with the one above but this time it has a different artist: Satoi, as revealed in their official twitter. Not much is known about this rn, same like the other one.

PV (none so far) | Official Site (No official site for now)

三国恋戦記 魁 Daisy2

Not much is known about this one because there is no official site up for it yet. Seems like its another instalment to the 「三国恋戦記」series.

PV (none so far)| Official Site (No Official site for now)

神足町人妖譚 ~時廻リノ章~ MIO

Seems to be a sequel to this game. Actually its a three part series, or so it seems. The first game came out last year so it might be a yearly release series or it may take longer than that.

PV | Teaser Site

神足町人妖譚 ~鳥啼歌ノ章~ | MIO

Third and possibly final part of the series. Not sure what they’re doing for these sequential games, are they gonna have new three routes each or what? The official site for the first game only shows 5 character profiles including the heroine, so I’m not sure about other characters.

PV (none so far) | Teaser Site

Blackish House ←SideZhoneybee black

So they split up the game in half, three routes each while having one sub character per game (prolly) so then they can prolly make a fandisk with those two sub characters having routes. Smart move, moneybee.

PV | Official Site

Double Score〜Baby’s breath×Lily of the Valley〜BlueMoon

Part of a 6 part PC game series with situation CDs tie-ins. Each game has two guys. So which one came first? The CDs or the game? Who knows. Not sure what its about either, flowers maybe?

PV (none so far)| Official Site (No Official site for now) | Double Score portal site

Double Score〜Rose×Lotus〜 BlueMoon

2nd last PC game of the series.

PV (none so far)| Official Site (No Official site for now) | Double Score portal site

Double Score〜Lily×Gentian〜 BlueMoon

Last PC game of the series.

PV (none so far)| Official Site (No Official site for now) | Double Score portal site

[R18] 円環のメモーリアA’sRing

This one got me curious because it looks like an all right game, so why is it R18? It doesn’t seem to need the R18 element, its all right by itself as a game for prolly all ages. Maybe I haven’t looked into it properly.

Opening Movie | Official Site

[R18] あなたは人狼ですか?CANDY CUBE

This one seems to be in development for a while and its got not much to show for it, like most R18 games.  Its been announced for a few years now (around 3 years) and it seems to be about werewolves or something. Seems like it’ll use its R18 status for punishment in bad ends aka unnecessary rape scenes, actually I could say the same for the game above and for most R18 games.

PV (none so far) | Official Site

 [R18] ヤンデレ天国Affection ~Bunny Cage~Judith

This one has been in development hell forever and I don’t think we’ll see it happening anytime soon. Even the developer’s blog has stopped updating since 2014. Maybe one day…

PV (none so far) | Official Site


Bunny corner

While I was digging for some info and links on D3P I found something interesting. I was told about this before but I never made the connections to D3P. Apparently D3P is jumping into the anthropomorphic swords fad and is now making R18+ Situation CDs with swords (which have not been implemented into Touken Ranbu yet, so chill, no need for lawsuits as of yet), which will release on March 30th. Now this is going a little too far but and yet I know deep in my subconscious, I knew that this would happen eventually. Still, I’m more surprised D3P is doing this.

I guess thats one thing for some ppl to look forward to in 2016.

Another thing that’ll prolly come up this year is a multi-media project “Magi Kyun! Renaissance” with collaboration between broccoli, sunrise and pony canyon. Apparently it’ll have an anime, cds and prolly a game (not confirmed yet). The promotional video says ‘situational anime’ and here I am thinking about Makura Danshi which was pretty much an ‘experimental’ situational anime. Tho I’m just guessing that the PV is just a ‘situational anime’ and the actual anime won’t really be that weird awkward silence when the guy asks you something. Check it out for yourself.

Another thing that caught my interest is Dream Festival. Not sure if I talked about it on this blog but I did talk about it on twitter. I came across it first when I saw one of my favorite artists, Akiakane, tweeting about illustrating some cards for this game.

Now this is a mobile idol game that will prolly have a rhythm game as well as a clothes&accessory system where you buy/get clothes to dress the idols up for their lives which will affect your score. Now this kinda irks me because these clothes could prolly only be gained by buying it with real moneys. Hopefully it won’t be like that or else I will die. Especially when the clothes are separated by top, bottoms, hats, accessories and shoes.

Its 2.5D, the live part is gonna be in 3D while other stuff like cards will either be in 2D or 3D. By 3D I mean 3D models and tbh they’re all right 3D models, nicely proportioned unlike those 3D models with skinny ass legs/arms. The voice actors are quite young, 20 years old to be precise, and most of their experience is broadway/musicals. Which is a bit concerning to me, but I guess ya have to have young and beautiful faces for your product. Anyway, I have mixed feelings about this game but I will try it out when it comes out, hopefully this year.

Thats about it for the 2016 overview. I’m thinking about changing up the content I’m publishing. New year, new me and stuff like that. So I’m gonna put up a poll for you guys to give me feedback anonymously.

※ You can choose multiple choices, inputting another choice is anonymous

I’ve been thinking of picking up BL again, maybe purchase some otome/BL PC games too (once I found out how to go about getting Japanese PC games). Maybe even try my hand with R18 otome games again, even tho my luck in the past was nothing but shit that didn’t seem like it was aimed at women at all. Bocchi Musume seems like a good start, if its ever releases in 2016.

I’ve also been thinking of changing/updating things like the banners, sidebar stuff and more graphics. I can’t really change up my blog theme because the ones wordpress offers seems to have little variations… plus this one seems cleaner than the ones I had before.

Anyway, happy new years everyone! I hope this will be a good one. I wonder what your anticipated games are this year? Tho I have a feeling they’ll announce more into the year…

As always, thanks for reading and I’ll see you all soon _(:3 」∠ )_