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[Bunny Diary] Blog Update (Jan 2016)

It’s been a long time since I did a bunny diary/blog update, last one was in September, and I usually talk about update stuff during my monthly overviews so I don’t see a need to do one of these but I wanted to do this as a small update on what I’ve been doing lately…

Here’s a lil sneak peak on what I’ve kinda been doing:


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[Mobile – Special] “Chinese Ver. Enstars” – Ensemble Stars

Here I was thinking I was gonna go on a hiatus but in the end these app games keep reeling me back in. I was thinking of writing something about this topic in my last enstar diary entry but decided not to because its prolly gonna become irrelevant… Guess I was wrong.

Chinese ver. Enstars may or may not be a beta for future gameplay implementations. I don’t know much whats going on behind the scenes, I’ve only heard rumors and such on twitter. It might even be just one of those cheap knock-offs of the game but it looks too elaborate to be that… Hell, it even has a website, a translated opening and the Happy Element’s logo:

2016-01-16 06.09.44.png
Adonis’ name has been translated, some goes for Hinata, Yuuta, Nazuna, Subaru etc
2016-01-16 05.54.09
not sure what the bottom bit says…

More or less, having the graphics and visuals of the opening translated to chinese seems like too much work for an amateur group to do… but thats just what I think. I don’t know how these knock-off games are carried out. Plus, I was told that Happy Elements originated from China or something similar but not quite sure if thats entirely true.

I’ll try to keep this short and sweet, so don’t expect me to go into details about the differences and new stuff… If I do talk about stuff, it’s gonna be really short. Continue reading “[Mobile – Special] “Chinese Ver. Enstars” – Ensemble Stars”