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[Game Diary] あんスタ – Ensemble Stars | December《#08》

Merch Spotlight

Screen shot 2015-12-23 at 9.41.57 AM

After seeing the releases of the regular keyring Enstars omanju, all I could think of is “Man, this’ll be even better if they released larger versions to cuddle with”. Ask and you shall receive, I guess.

So far Trickstar & Knights big omanju are available for preorder. They’re pretty much big enough to hug (40cms in width) and promised to be really squishy & huggable. I doubt they’ll have store only variants available like with the regular keyrings, such as amiami’s variant Izumi and Midori. I kind of wish they’d make more because I just want a big Adonis Omanju to hug and squish. But seeing that they’re making omanjus of popular characters, I kinda doubt that happening anytime soon…

Big Omanju Cushions are 4,000 yen in animate + 320 yen in tax but you can get a discount in CD Japan (click the pic above to get a link to their selection) with no tax for 3,600 yen. Dimensions are 30cm (height) x 40cm (width) x 30cm (depth).

The final unit song previews have been released as well as the jacket covers for Trickstar and Ra*bits which will released in 27th January, 2016.

For preview impressions I think Trickstar is a bit catchy out of the two, energetic as well. Its more like a pop idol group and considering they’ve got strong vocal talents from Kaji Yuuki and Showtaro Morikubo you’d prolly think they are an irl idol group, lol. But Ra*bits for me  takes the cake for being just so cute and sweet it kinda hurts smiling whenever I hear the preview. Hajime’s voice is so angelic and Tomoya’s is surprising the deeper vocals out of the bunch. You can pretty much hear Mitsuru smiling as he’s singing and Nazuna’s voice is cute as expected. If I were to buy a CD out of the bunch it’ll prolly be Ra*bits, more or less I kinda want to hear their original drama because its been a long time since I heard Tomoya’s voice (where you at boy?).

I’ll be looking forward to a new set of future CD releases. Maybe we’ll get club CDs next? Tho that would mean Shinobu would be all by himself in Ninja Club…


(Edit: 24th December 2015)


On December 24th, Happy Elements announced that they will appear in this years Comiket, a doujinshi fair held in Tokyo, Japan. They will have a booth selling all kinds of merch for their games, including Enstars. It will be held on 29th December until the 31st.

Enstars particularly has two sets to be sold at the price of 5,000 yen. The first set is “The Three Oddballs’ Winter” Set and the second set is “Yumenosaki Academy” Set, both will include a calendar (completely different to the one they sell in the shops right now). Sets are as shown:

Three Oddballs Set includes four keyrings (Hinata, Hokuto, Leo & Chiaki), three oddballs winter tapestry & badges and a medium tote bag. Yumenosaki Set includes four keyrings (Nazuna, Rei, Keito & Eichi), a Yumenosaki Academy designed pass case & notepad, a pin badge and a small tote bag. As stated before, both will come with a 2016 calendar that actually functions like a proper calendar should! Why didn’t they release that to the public first? It’ll look a lil something like this:

Those who purchase any of the sets (this applies to HE’s other game sets), will get a limited “Happy Elements Illustration book vol.1“, which includes illustrations from 33 people that ranges with art that ranges through all of Happy Elements games. Stock is limited and if you purchase more than one set of goods you’ll still get only one illustration book. You can also get free A4 clear files just by popping by the Happy Elements booth.

You can also purchase the original soundtrack (2,500 yen+tax) at the booth as well as this cute ‘Ra*bits Tanabata blanket’ (5,000 yen+tax), which looks a lil something like this when worn on a full grown man. Kind of makes me envious for those who are visiting comiket… Really wish I could just transport myself there right now lol. If any of you reading this are per chance going there this year, I hope you have a great time.


15th December ~ 25th December


Happy Elements brought us an early Christmas gift of more suffering and death with another relentless event with Snowflake* Street Performance of Falling Stars, featuring Ryuseitai, 2wink and the ever-so-loveable Yuzuru ‘My butler can’t be this cute’ Fushimi. For this event we’re given a whopping 16 part story, I guess this is what Akira-sensei had been up to all this time.

This event it seems that theres tension between the 2wink twins and Ryuseitai are here to help. I’ll have to apologise that I won’t be able to write a proper summary because I wasn’t really paying attention to this event’s story, but I’ll try any way.

More or less Yuuta feels anguished towards his bro, Hinata who seems indifferent about it(?), which kinda leads to Yuuta feel frustrated. This story seems to give a backstory to Yuuta & Hinata, it seems that as they grew up Hinata changed for Yuuta’s sake so his lil bro doesn’t have to change. By changed I think its implied he might’ve changed his tastes and favorite things so he’ll be different from Yuuta. Maybe its so its easy to tell them apart, I’m not sure. This event left me a bit confused.

For this event it seems like the twins went on their separate ways, Hinata prolly prompted this by doing a side-job by himself without telling Yuuta and didn’t tell him the reason why he took up the job. I think this lead to Yuuta feeling anguished. Shinobu seems to console/support Yuuta throughout the event, which is nice to see that their friendship continued on through this event too. I think their friendship is at the point where Shinobu wants Midori to meet Yuuta & get along or something and Midori is like “I don’t know why, but it feels like having a sibling bring home their lover to meet the family…”. I see what you did there, Akira-sensei.

While Yuuta has Shinobu, Hinata has Tetora as his Ryuseitai buddy who kinda acts like a voice of reason/is in on Hinata’s secret as to why he’s going off and working by himself. Tho I never really grasped what the real reason he did it, I must’ve missed reading it but I have a feeling it was for his lil bro’s sake/2wink’s future. Seems like Hinata wants to make 2wink famous/get more money. I think in the end they resolved their misunderstandings and made up.

Tho thanks to this event we can have Halloween Hinata and Christmas Yuuta. They’re like the festive twins now. I wish that they both had a 4*~5* card in this event, the last time they had 4*~5* cards in the same event was in Yumenosaki Circus.


2wink aside, this event story also had a bit of a spotlight on Ryuseitai as well. Tho it feels like this event was cramped with both units as the main focus along with Yuzuru nudging himself politely into the story. Which would explain why its 16 parts long.

So let run down on what the members of Ryuseitai got up to. I already covered Shinobu, and for Tetora I did a little bit on him tho I forgot to mention that he was meditating in the Karate Club room, prolly waiting for Kurou but he was nowhere to be seen. Both this event and last event he’s been mentioned, so I have a feeling something big might happen with Kurou soon…. Who knows.

Kanata was on the brink of death in ice cold water outside (I think), who was found by Midori & Transfer Student-chan, but was brought back to thanks to the Basketball Club’s “stove”, which was confusing as to what it was. Thanks to this event I found out they call some heater’s “stove” in Japan, the more you know. I thought they were are huddled near an actually stove and I was thinking the whole time, “Why is there a stove in the indoor basketball court/gym???? Does Chiaki want to bake breads 24/7 while in basketball practice??/????”. Here we see how concern Chiaki gets when it comes to his fellow students, to the point hes a bit angry when voicing how worried he was about Kanata almost dying.

Midori levels up his fondness to mascot characters when Transfer Student-chan gave him a pic drawn by Yuzuru of a Turkey (?) which he falls in love with Yuzuru’s art style in an instant. Tho isn’t it basic knowledge that Yuzuru isn’t that gr8 at drawing? You always surprise me, Midori. But I’m a bit surprised he didn’t ask Transfer Student-chan to get into a mascot character costume this event, relieved but surprised. Tho he does bumps into her, dropping all his vegetables (which I’m guessing she prolly used to make soup for Kanata later). I guess the reason why he had a box full of vegetables is because he’s a son of a green grocer, right?

2015-12-15 18.25.42.png
*drop’s a box of vegetables*aaahhh my vegetables! theres vegetables everywhere. *bends over seductively to pick up vegetables* *bends over seductively to pick up vegetables* *bends over seductively to pick up vegetables* *bends over seductively to pick up vegetables*

Event ends with Yuzuru prolly inviting Midori & others to a Christmas Party later on, bocchama will be there too and maybe other students. So merry christmas everyone, merry christmas.

Snowflake* Street Performance of Falling Stars’ Event Cards:

I guess thats about it. The only highlight for me during this event was the personal events with Chiaki where hes like “You’ll make a good wife one day” and you get the dialogue choice to hug him to keep warm. Thats good content right there.

Really have to apologise again and again for the low quality summary this time around. To tell you the truth I wasn’t really involved in this event, I was taking a break from Enstars so I can do other stuff like writing up blog posts and finally getting into my vita games. But I tried, just not that well.

Anyway, here I was thinking Tomoya would show up this event/gacha and I guess I was wrong. I was even betting on Ra*bits doing the christmas event, yet here we are. I’m a bit confused on which event title is the right one for this event because there was a “Star Fes” mentioned as well as “Eve Eve Live” (?), which is a mouthful. Just gonna stop thinking about it all together then lol.

Kinda disappointed they didn’t do something like Yumeiro Cast for Christmas where they have log-in bonuses and other almost free stuff. But what else do you expect from HE? When you think of Christmas in Japan, you’ll think about the emphasis of it being a day for couples being lovey dovey and I wouldn’t be lying if I said I was secretly hoping for a more romantic event but meh, you can’t win them all. I wonder how they’ll handle Valentines Day tho.

This event is a bit slow because not a lot of ppl are participating and its easy to rank so its a perfect Christmas gift for RyuseitaiP to go and rank for their fav character, tho it still means they’re prolly spending all their time on Enstars trying to rank so no rest for them. Good luck, RyuseitaiP, may your endeavors bear fruit.

My predictions for next event is a new years event because Happy Elements strategically scheduled this event so next event might be on either New Years Eve, the day before New Years Eve or New Years Day. For sure this, this time, its gotta be a ra*bits event. They haven’t got a bunch of events this year with all the members so at least end it with them or at least a collab event end of year with Trickstar. Come on, Happy Elements, if you’re gonna give us a Christmas present then please give us this. I miss my son Tomoya, pls bring him back.

14th December ~ 26th December

Scout Gacha

Scout! Agent is the gacha we’ve been waiting for where everyone gets glasses for no reason! featuring Mao, Tori, Eichi and that loveable asshole Keito. There are 7 story parts in total.

Ngl when I came home from shopping, sat down on the couch tiredly, checked my twitter and saw that Keito card I had to bite my hand so hard to stop myself from screaming and alarming my whole household. Too bad I don’t have enough diamonds to scout for him, but at the same time [Unpopular opinion] I actually don’t want to get Mao’s card instead. I’m not gonna go into detail why I don’t like/don’t hate Mao, just gonna say I feel neutral about him. But thats just me, Shit-Taste McGee.

I haven’t received any cards from this gacha, but all I know about this scout story is that Keito is asking Mao to do a ‘secret mission’ while Eichi asks Transfer Student-chan on another mission. Apparently, from tweets on twitter, Keito said that Mao is gonna be the next Student Council President or something along the lines of that. Not like that’ll happen when we’re gonna be looping our school year so everyone will never age nor graduate/move up a year level.

Having all four cards in a unit will activate a unit skill “Mission Complete“.

And so 2015 nears to an end, Christmas is slowly creeping up on us and 2016 is on the horizon and what can I say about this year? It was nothing but suffering in Enstar’s eternal hell and I don’t even regret.

My next enstars diary won’t be until next year so I’ll wish you all a gr8 holiday and a happy new year. Its been a great couple of months providing my silly diary entries on my endeavours into Enstars hell as well as helpful content. I hope I’ll continue on next year as well, even if I may become busy.

Next post will be my 50th post so I hope I’ll get around doing something special, like a christmas drawing, preferably on Christmas day. So I’ll go into hiding for the next few days, trying to think of what to draw, which means I won’t be providing content until then.

So for the last time this year for my Enstar diary, thanks for reading and I’ll see you all in 2016 _(:3 」∠ )_


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  1. I dropped this game XD today
    The graphic is amazing and the charas are very cute, but I didn’t like the gameplay :/
    I think it was a bit weird and boring…
    Now I’ll start Yumeiro Cast lol
    I intend to play EnStars one day again though xD

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