[Game Diary] 夢色キャスト – Yumeiro Cast | December《#06》


Game Updates

One special implementation to the home screen is a notification from your main boy reminding you that a card might need a “Special Lesson” (make up a card to get a new version) and/or that a card can reach its Max Level and open a Cast Drama (once a card reaches the max level you’ll get a cast drama which will give you 5 Yume Stones upon reading it). Which is pretty neat because sometimes I forget that I have cards I need to awaken or that I have cards that can reach their max level.

You can now touch stuff when messages from other players pop up, meaning you can just go on with playing the game without having to wait for all the messages to finish popping up. Tho it kinda feels like it renders the feature useless because you’re prolly gonna ignore the messages anyway.

Friend Invitation and Privileges are back in the main menu but I have a feeling its only for a limited time. Friend Invitation gives you a code to give to your friends to add you in yumeiro, where inputting a friend code will give both you and your friend a free rare ticket, however this is limited to 10 successful friend code uses. I’m not sure if they changed it now, I haven’t really checked it out. Privileges are more or less for promotional events that gives you gifts on special occasions. Right now there are no privileges to pick up.

Theres a new tension bonus available. For every 7th marker you get the chance to recover your toughness, kind of like the one with the first aid icon. However for this tension bonus it seems like it doesn’t full restore your toughness, unlike the one with the first aid icon, and seems to recover your toughness for a small portion. I think what it means by recover is prolly increase your toughness capacity to a degree and then it stops increasing it at a certain point, or thats what I noticed while playing it aka keeping my eyes on the toughness and not on the rhythm screen.

Whatever it is, its still a mystery to me. Some of the new cards also have the same type of skill related to this tension bonus, which also shares the same icon. The Angel Sousei card is one of these cards that has the new tension bonus as a similar skill.

This isn’t really a game update, more like a past event update. Now that the score battle event is over we can finally see the results of the ‘character poll’, which didn’t even change much during the event and I’m not surprised at the results. Tho I am a little bit bummed that Jin never made it to the 10 millions…


As an added bonus for fighting for your best boy, you’ll get a title depending on your rank which will be visible to everyone who visits your profile. It’ll look a little bit something like this…

2015-12-21 12.32.05.png
On the bottom right hand side you’ll see your title, mine says “Subaru Jogasaki’s close friend”



16th December ~ 25th December

Christmas Event

There are many parts to this Christmas Event, one of them being a 7 Day Login Bonus which will give you AP replenish items, 10x Yume Stones and Event Tickets for the Treasure Event. This will end on the 25th December during Maintenance.

2015-12-21 09.55.35Another special gift is new presents to give to the guys during Christmas, or even before Christmas. They are postioned at the end of the present list, the Christmas Stocking present will cost you 100 Stars and the Christmas Box will cost you 300 Stars. They are not limited and you can give out as many as you want during the Christmas Event. I’m gonna guess that these gifts are limited for this event and won’t pop up in the future unless its Christmas again.

The Christmas Stocking (which is filled with candy and junk food) is Kaito’s and Subaru’s favorite item while the Christmas Box is Sousei’s and Jin’s favorite item, meaning they’ll give a bunch of tension points to your meter as well as some love points. The Christmas Box will have a longer scenario compared to other presents, where each present will be unique to the character and they will give you (the protagonist, Madoka) a gift as well. Which may go something like this….*

*Inaccurate english translation not included in-game.

In the Goods Exchange Shop, you’ll get the chance to buy decoration for your home screen, which is christmas themed plushies of the guys based off their roles in the previous event’s musical (I think). You’re limited to 8 pieces per plushie to purchase for 20 Vouchers. You might be wondering how to get these Vouchers, well I wrote up how to get them in my Yumeiro Diary #02 entry. You can also get the Treasure Event’s Angel Sousei here too, for 350 Vouchers however you can only purchase 1.

2015-12-17 09.20.11

Both the Christmas Plushies and Angel Sousei are in the Goods Exchange Shop for a limited time, from 16th December ~ 28th December during maintenance.

16th December ~ 28th December

Treasure Event

The Treasure Event includes a song, an event gacha as well as event gacha tickets which can only be used for the event gacha. The Event Gacha Tickets can be gained through the Christmas Log-in Bonus as well as the event song “Holy Melody Night” as well as the Daily BGM Songs. To play the Event Gacha all you need is 10 tickets to do one turn or 100 tickets to do ten turns. Collecting these tickets until 100 is very feasible if you keep playing the songs.

2015-12-21 09.28.21

The distribution of event tickets for the event song & daily BGM songs are as so: you’ll get larger amounts of event tickets by completing FULL songs compared to PARTS especially when you get S Ranks, EXPERT difficulty will give you more event tickets while EASY will give you few and finally getting a golden combo bonus means you’ll get the max of tickets given out for that difficulty.

Screen shot 2015-12-22 at 2.24.35 PM
an example of getting gold combo bonuses

EXPERT will give out a max of 4 event tickets for combo bonuses, HARD will give you a max of 3, NORMAL will give you a max of 2 and finally EASY will give you a max of 1.


New Songs

Holy Melody Night is a duet with Jin and Subaru and pretty much has a christmasy feel to it, esp with the lyrics being like hanging out with the ones you love on that special day and stuff. Tbh my fav part is at the start where Subaru’s like “MERRY CHRISTMAS (christmas, christmas)” because theres an echo and I think Jin says after that “I’ll take you to the…. Holy Melody Night”, which also echos, tho he pretty much says ‘holy meldy nigh’. Bless.

The Daily BGM songs have been reseted for the event. I wouldn’t consider these new songs, more like renovated for the new event. This time they have ★Treasure★ at the end of the song’s title to show that this one gives out event gacha tickets. When I say ‘reseted’ I mean your scores and collected rank rewards have been cleared for the new rank rewards, which is the event tickets. Other than that, the songs seem to be the same and so are the marker placements, tho I have a weird feeling they changed the score ranking for EXPERT….

We aren’t given any new sub character cards this time, only new staff cards which I will talk about in the gacha later.


16th December ~ 28th December

Christmas Date Gacha

Yumeiro has spoilt us this Christmas with these cards, which I have received only one so far. This gacha is dubbed the Christmas Date Gacha and you can tell its just a date themed gacha, good for the soul. Here it seems y’all are going to a theme park for a Christmas Date tho it doesn’t really seem Christmasy because its sunny as hell and not wintery at all lol.

For these cards you’ll get a lil scenario & CG for getting the card as well as when you max the cards level. An example CG is as shown, taken from the news area because I wasn’t lucky enough to get this card lol:

2015-12-16 23.37.53.png

Tbh the gacha cards look good this time around, especially Subaru’s then again it could just be me being biased. Tho Kyoya looks a bit dead eyed and Jin looks a bit goofy. Sometimes I kinda wish they drew Jin looking a bit more cooler, tho lucky for me the treasure event gacha has me covered there.

There are three other variants of this this gacha. One of them being a 10 turn gacha for 200 Yume Stones which will give you an event gacha ticket bonus (I think). Next up is the gachas that uses only the platinum and gold tickets given out during the last event for ranking high, which I kick myself again and again for giving up at the end of the event because I thought the tickets were for the previous christmas gacha with the other cards.

Tho for those gachas its not a sure-fire way to get the Christmas Date cards seeing that other cards are in the gacha as well, including last event’s gacha cards.


Treasure Gacha

Here you’ll have a chance on getting Angel Sousei card as well as big bad wolf Jin and Sagittarius Subaru. I’m not sure whats the theme of this gacha, its kinda all over, lets call it fantasy for now.

However within this gacha is a bunch of staff cards as well as other cards such as the starter R cards. Luck may or may not be on your side in this gacha. One time I did a 10 turn scout and got nothing but R cards. Tho I did get SR cards that helped me awaken cards I previously had, such as bball Subaru and Peter Pan Hinata.

List of cards that’ll come out are as shown:

2015-12-21 12.20.16.png

More or less this gacha is very generous in terms of cards, especially the new cards. The new cards look so great artistically, it feels like its too good to be true to get event tickets for this gacha for free. The Sousei card looks especially beautiful, tho I kinda find it weird how his awakened version is a demon when his card pretty much ties with the christmas song “Holy Melody Night“. What does it mean???

Tho tbh I really wish Jin’s card would pop up, because this has to be one of my fav Jin cards I’ve ever seen. Why? Because I’m weak to those wolf ears bruh…


Plus he doesn’t look weird or goofy like his other cards where “part of his hair goes behind the eyes” syndrome sometimes happens. Top quality Jin right here.

Also I like how Subaru’s card is ‘Sagittarius’ because thats my star sign too. Its cute how he has horse ears for his awakened ver even tho he himself is riding a horse and Sagittarius is mostly depicted as a centaur so it kinda looks a bit goofy lol.

Either way I appreciate this type of gacha and wish it’ll happen more in the future, especially when it has good quality cards like these. Tho I feel kinda cheated will all those Trainee cards littering the scout, but I guess good things like these must come to an end.

This time around we’ve been treated to a cool down event, which means when logging into my game the connection time doesn’t take too long. As I’ve said before, I appreciate these kinds of events because I can relax and take my time with stuff as well as being able to do other stuff than playing app games all day long.

I wish you all the best of luck to get the cards you’re aiming to get, I’m sure most of you might be coming after the Angel Sousei card, and I hope you all have a great holiday/break.

I have a feeling I won’t be making a game diary for yumeiro until next year, so until next year, some time soon I hope I’ll provide more good content.

See you all in 2016! _(:3 」∠ )_

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