[Game Diary] 夢色キャスト – Yumeiro Cast | December《#05》

2nd December ~ 16th December


Before I start, I’d like to clear up why this one is super late. Main reason was because I wanted to do this post once I awaken Hinata’s card, another reason was because lately I’ve been a bit busy with stuff and I’ve been trying to write up posts all at once. Anyway, better late than never.

Now I know I said before how Yumeiro events were just the basic ‘collect event points’ events, but I never expected it to evolve into something like a competition & score battle against players to see who gets the most points as well as a character poll squished into it. Thats pretty much what this event was about.

This new type of event is called “Score Battle“, which is what you think it is, its a battle against 3 other players, playing the event song at any difficulty, and you all are competing to get the highest score amongst your competitors. You’re ranked 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th and bonus event points are distributed to 1st~3rd place, 4th place gives you no bonus event points.

Event points you get from completing musicals are distributed as so: firstly you get your base event points from completing a musical which varies depending on which difficulty you’re on, secondly you get bonus points added to your base points depending on your musical rank (S, A, B, C etc.) & the highest percentage of bonus points you can get is 50% on S Rank, lastly you’re given bonus points on your rank standing against your competitors (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.) where 1st gives you 60% extra bonus of your base event points.

Now, theres a catch to this that makes it different from other events in the past. To play the event song you have to have a certain number of ‘event tickets/admissions’ and you can only get those event items through playing any musical. Distributions of these event items depends on the difficulty you complete a musical & what type of part, completing on EXPERT & Full gives you 44 event tickets/admissions. Playing any event song difficulty requires a fair amount of event tickets, HARD asks for 45 tickets while EXPERT asks for 60 tickets. Only once you get event tickets can you really start getting actual event points by playing the event song.

Note: It doesn’t matter what rank you complete your musical the distribution number of the event tickets are the same. Even if you do shit, as long as you complete the musical you’ll always get the same amount.

2015-12-14 21.08.59.pngYou may also notice that not only do you have a score that tallies up all your event points but also a character score. Depending on which character you bring into an event song as a leader, your event points will also go to them for a character ranking. The more event points you get with a character the more it’ll contribute to their overall standing the in character poll & your rank standing within the ppl who contribute to that character. I had Subaru throughout the event so my rank standing with Subaru was 344th out of prolly a lot of ppl contributing to Subaru. More or less its like, pick whos team you’re on and stick with it. Players will be rewarded with a certain title depending on where they stand in the character contribution thing, the player that ranks first in lets say Subaru’s contribution pool of fans will get the title of “Queen of Subaru“, which is pretty neat because it only goes to one person only. Basically you’re fighting for your love for a character.

While adding new stuff they took away a few things, like the event story. I guess they gave up writing up a story and was like “just write a few lines for the cast drama when they max their level and just call it a day”, which is what they basically did. Then again what are you gonna do with a story about Christmas? Well actually I can think of a few things, but I guess they just went with the guys doing a Christmas musical that consists of revealing, yet unsuitable costumes for winter and chains on poor rudolf… a very family friendly musical for this holiday season.

2015-12-14 09.51.31.png
midriff + chains + no sleeves = Christmas Cheer(?) to all the boys & girls

Tbh I think this event was a much slower & time consuming way to get event points compared to the past but at the same time its a gr8 way to rank up a bunch of ranks because the event musical costs no AP, only event tickets gained from normal musicals so basically its a free play to get EXP when you’re playing the event song. Even the EXP is the same. I prolly ranked up 10 ranks during this event, no lie.

To me, this event seemed like a chance to be jealous about everyone’s leader UR cards & be all salt when someone with a good team full of URs prolly beat your ass and got 1st place but had a combo of 90 or less. Tho I did notice a couple of players failing the EXPERT difficulty for the event song and getting a score of 0, which gave me a secure place in 1st place, so you can get lucky out there.

I’d suggest for those who are going for EXPERT to try it out, if you find yourself getting in 4th place and still get an A Rank I’d suggest try going for HARD instead because you’ll be losing event points if you continue with EXPERT (4th place on Expert with A rank gets you around 70 event points while 3rd place on HARD with S rank gets you 80+ points).

Another hint is to save up your tension bonuses for the event songs because they’ll be more useful there compared to normal musicals (because it doesn’t matter what rank you get in a normal musical, you’ll get the same amount of event tickets). If you’re trying and EXPERT on a normal musical and find it hard, then by all means use the tension bonus. I’m just suggesting this to those who may have a small amount of backstage passes.

Anyway, that was that event. I feel like I’m missing something but ??? I guess I can’t go back and check because the event just finished lol. Tbh, this event seemed to be less laggy than the previous one but as I found out on Sunday night it was so hard to connect I had to wait until Monday morning at the earliest time to log in and finally complete this event. I found out its easier to access the game when everyone is prolly sleeping in Japan. Anyway, good job everyone, we all fought for our baes this round who knows what they’ll make us do next time.

2015-12-12 22.50.10
heres what it looks like with the christmas deco from the event pt bonuses

Event Cards:

2nd December ~ 16th December


Now here we have the Christmas gacha for the Christmas musical and tbh? Design wise they’re not that gr8… I actually stopped scouting from the christmas gacha because I was afraid I’d get one esp knowing what the awakened ver of Iori, Kaito & Sousei look like… Tho if I were to get a card I sure hope its Santa Subaru. Yeah.

The only christmas cards I’m happy that I got so far was the Kyouya and Hinata cards from the event point bonuses. Even tho Hinata’s is a bit too ??? I guess I can always add it to the pile of sexualised awakened card pile along with Alice!Sousei (which I’ve yet to get but saw so many ppl have during the event that it made me cry).

Screen shot 2015-12-16 at 10.05.11 PM
why tho

They also had another varient of this gacha, tho I didn’t understand the gimmick of it. Apparently its a 10 turn gacha and it prolly does something special after a certain amount of turns or something. I don’t really know, I can hardly remember. They rolled out a few other gachas too, two character gachas dedicated to four characters which increases your chances on getting a card from either of the four guys in the gacha or something like that. I tried my hand at it but didn’t seem to get a Subaru card.

Anyway, no luck with an SR or UR card this round because I’ve been solo yoloing in hopes I’ll stumble upon one but nah, this game hates me anyway. The Boys in Wonderland gacha ends on the 16th(aka today), so for those who get gold & premium gacha tickets from this event won’t get the chance at playing it. Curse you, Yumeiro Cast.

And so the wretched Score Battle event draws to a close… tho tbh its nice to see a change up in gameplay, its just a bit of a hassle for me because I got other stuff to do.

Sorry again for such a late entry, I’m sure if I did this sooner it would’ve helped out those struggling with the event. But I’m hoping it’ll help out those for next time this sort of thing happens.

I hope you all reached your goals in the end & that you fought for your fav character, even if it seemed hopeless for them to reach to the top. Seemed like the ranks were set in stone after the first day of the event.

As always thanks for reading, I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday  _(:3 」∠ )_ I’ll see you real soon, like really soon because the next event/content for Yumeiro just started and I’ll prolly write a separate blog post on that. Might be a bit short.

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