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[Game Diary] あんスタ – Ensemble Stars | December《#07》


Mini Enstar News

A week before the Happy Elements stream, gamegift (the website that gives out free bonuses each month for enstars) released an interview with a staff member of Enstars, asking questions about future plans and other stuff. You can find the full interview here, its mainly in Japanese tho you can always google translate the page to get some loose info from it. Theres also a sum up of the interview in English here.

Pretty much, one of the big things being planned for next year is a “time loop“, where character development and relationships resets in April 2016 (the same month the game was released), but this time around we’ll see events in a different perspective, focusing on different characters. I was wondering if they were gonna do new events for next year or repeat events & wondering if they’ll have the third years graduate or not, but by doing this I guess it kinda solves that. However I feel a bit sad because all that character development I loved will go back to 0 when April hits, and seeing units become close and stronger as comrades will poof into a puff of smoke. But it’d be cool if Transfer Student-chan acknowledged that the year is looping and it’ll be part of the lore, but thats just wishful thinking.

I guess I’ll have to appreciate these final upcoming months and savour the final character developments before April happens. I’m hoping we’ll get some kind of crescendo for either Valentines Day or White Day in terms of relationship development (jk jk).

They’re also thinking of introducing new characters, oddballs and prolly more, next year. Which will be kinda weird in terms of year looping, like where have these characters been hiding? For Leo, he was missing/’abducted’ and just popped out into existence, but for these guys then it’d prolly be like “These guys were here all along, did you not look hard enough?”.

Hopefully implemented by next year, an updated version of ‘Dreamfes’ will prolly happen. What’ll they improve/change in terms of gameplay? Who knows. But stay at ease knowing it won’t be a rhythm game because that would be a drastic change in genres.

Also good news, future CDs will happen seeing that they sold so well. I’m kinda hoping they’ll try out mixing it up by creating groups by clubs and have club albums or have albums of temp groups like “Knights Killerz™” or maybe duel albums, like Trickstar vs Knights from the Duel Event. Imagine the possibilities. Tho I’m not sure if my wallet can handle it lol.

A planned collab with Ensemble Girls will be a thing in the future after the game’s renewal. I wonder what kind of collab it’ll be tho. I haven’t played it, so I’m not sure if its an idol manager game or not. Tho I’ll try it out when it gets its renewal.

And finally, they hinted that an Enstar anime is in the works. The person being interviewed said that if an anime will happen they would like it to be of high quality. If they have high quality animation of Adonis close up then y’all won me over for anime of the year 2016.

Here’s also another good read of an interview with the staff of Enstars. I’d suggest reading it because it’s got some good content concerning  the development of the game and what they’re aiming for it in terms of story.

Honestly there are some interesting things discussed in this interview I never realised until now. Theres some nice tidbits and ‘lore’ thats lightly touched on, some stuff that’ll be enlightening to players who aren’t gr8 at reading Japanese (like me). One of my favourite part of the interview was this:

If you can, reblog and/or like the author’s post to show your appreciation for their translation!

Happy Elements Stream

On the 4th of December, Happy Elements had their first stream on nico douga, showcasing news for all four of their games: Ensemble Girls, Merc Storia, Last Period and Ensemble Stars. Tho we all know everyone was pretty much there for the big Enstars news seeing that by the end of the stream, it reached about 200K viewers.

For me, I had trouble getting into the stream because the page kept saying its full but on the mobile app it wasn’t? Why ya lying. Either way I managed to get in but missed some news on Ensemble Girls. Some info about the renewal of the game, including new characters and implementations. Apparently they’re using live2D too, which really does ties the two Ensemble games together as a brother and sister game.

In addition to a game renewal, they’ll get a debut album with a few characters, a radio corner like Enstars and an anime PV/OVA. They’re really working hard to promote the game, seeing that it was shut down earlier this year.

Screen shot 2015-12-09 at 4.21.08 PM

After the Ensemble Girls corner I kinda tuned out and got something to drink while they got over with the other two games. They announced a commercial for Merc Storia done by an animation studio, showcasing short rough draft animations of the commercial and stuff. Apparently Happy Elements must have signed up some animation studios for these because for all the announcements for this stream was pretty much about animated somethings. For Last Period, their latest game, they got an animation studio to do their opening. With all this animation announcements you’d wonder if Enstars will get at least something…

About 1hr30min in they finally got to announcing some Enstar news with guests:  Shinichiro Kamio (Kurou Kiryu’s voice actor), Alex (Enstars Planner/Staff) and Raccoon Man (they called him Sachou, so I’m assuming president/director). With a special appearance of Ayumu Murase, who was there for the Last Period corner, who is the voice actor for Tori.

Raccoon Man was persistent throughout the stream and never spoke a word, truly the hero we all need.

As you can see, Kurou’s voice actor is a cute patoot. I always imagined his voice actor being as cool as Kurou but still got that gap moe going on. I’m blessed to have seen him with my very own eyeballs lol.

Alex (I think thats his name) was wearing the Yumenosaki Academy uniform, and was introduced as the planner for Enstars. I wonder if he’s the one behind last events bombardment of Knights 4*~5* cards lol. To me, he seemed to talk like a foreigner maybe because he was using Keigo, but then again it might just be me. He does look like he’s half Japanese…

Anyway, after the introductions were done, they did a sneak peak on the two new characters that will make up a new unit. Apparently they might be implemented in March/April 2016, maybe. The guy with the fedora top hat is apparently the newest oddball while the other guy is just some guy. They spoke out loud Akira-sensei’s notes on the characters but they were going too fast that I didn’t pick it up.

The notable stuff about their unit uniform is the feather accents. The guy on the left seems to have a feather earring, the guy on the right has a feather on his hat. It seems like they’re wearing trench coats/coats of some kind and also thigh high boots. You can’t quite see it well in my screenshots but the official Enstars twitter has better quality pics of their silhouettes. As to the theme of what their unit is, is still unknown. There’s a lot to be left to the imagination, but I guess we’ll get more info next year.

They then got Shinichiro do some lines for Kurou and let the viewers choose a character for Shinichiro to imitate. The choices were: Yuzuru, Arashi, Tori & Leo. Arashi won in the end, so Shinichiro had to do his best imitation of Arashi while doing a magic trick. Oh yeah, Kurou’s voice actor is also a Magician.


Excuse my gif making, I was using screenshots I took like 3 seconds apart each other so it ain’t smooth.

His magic trick was making a fork rise up across his palm using nothing but magic, as a bonus trick it became bent as well. Also his Arashi voice was good lol.

They then announced a collab with a line puzzle game, and then got the bigger news of a stage play for Enstars and an eventual anime happening prolly next year! It would’ve been a surprise to me if somebody on twitter didn’t leak it an hour before the stream lol. Theres no set/confirmed date yet, all we know is that its in progress.

Seeing that they just announced it without any preview shots/character design like their other games during the stream, I’m assuming that this is a pretty recent decision or maybe the studio hasn’t broken much ground yet compared to the smaller projects of the other games. I’m not sure which studio is doing it, tho there was talk on twitter about shaft but I don’t think so.

Whats more important is that…

Anzu/Transfer student confirmed to appear in the anime by Raccoon Man. Tbh I kinda hope that for the first seconds they introduce her in the anime that her face will be obscured by something as a joke because they purposely never show her face in the game. Either that or do it for the whole anime season. Jk. I’m really thrilled to hear this because I hold this child close to my heart, even tho she doesn’t talk much her actions speak enough.

All in all it was a gr8 stream, even tho some of us were spoilt on the announcement an hour before the stream happened. I guess that teaches me to not use social network sites an hour before a stream happens. I’ll be looking forward to future streams that contain Enstars content. I hope next time they get Chiaki’s voice actor as a guest too because he seems cool/dorky too, he’ll be a great addition.

Edit: I almost forgot. For those who have premium membership on nico douga can watch timeshift, which is a recording of the stream. Of course having a premium membership means it’ll cost you IRL dough, so I’d advise to get it if you’re a heavy nico douga user & have money to spare but if you’re not then don’t waste your money.


30th November ~ 10th December


Shine! A Sparkling Starry Night Festival has the third years pairing up with the first years to create a temporary super units made up of innocent, sweet angels… well except for Izumi, Eichi and prolly Wataru. Srsly who let these guys in this event.

This event contains 8 parts, this time written by sub scenario writer Yoshino Yuki. Apparently they’ve been writing the scenarios for previous events for a while now, the latest one Akira-sensei wrote was Kurou’s gacha story. Maybe Akira-sensei is a bit busy writing up scenarios for Ensemble Girls or hes up to something really big for the upcoming new characters like for Leo and the Rebellion/Judgement event.

First off, I’d like to clear things up. Up until now I’ve been an ignorant fool thinking that Eichi was an innocent child, but hearing things on twitter about him I’m starting to doubt that. I should’ve seen the signs, he did try to ‘break up’ Akatsuki in one event, tho I’m not sure how deep the lore goes in terms of Eichi’s evilness or whatever he has. Leave a comment in this webzone explaining why Eichi is evil because I am an ignorant fool.

Anyway, this event seems to be like a prelude to a probable upcoming Christmas event seeing that it isn’t quite christmasy imo. The first impression I’m getting from this event is “Choir Boys: The Event”, and I guess thats what it is. The theme going on is stars and I can see that with all the boys’ pins being star signs and the BG looks a bit heavenly too, like amongst the stars, but thats all I get from it.

Anyway, onto the event story. We start off with Nazuna and Kanata conversing with each other and Kanata showing off his deep sea fish to Nazuna, which if you’ve ever seen deep sea creatures you’d know that they look like they’re straight out of hell. Then one after another more third year weirdos pop into the classroom, with Eichi trying to go with a more ‘friendly’ approach with fellow students and Wataru giving out roses to express his feelings (´・ω・`) みんな仲良しだね… Seems like Transfer Student-chan has gathered them up for the next event.

Izumi and Tsukasa are dragged into the event too but don’t be too keen to see them popping up in the story later, not until the epilogue lol. I have a feeling they’re just there to bait KnightsP.

2015-11-30 18.43.33

Hajime’s late for the meeting ’cause of his part time job, tho seeing that he’s in the hallway he tries not to run but walk at a brisk pace where he bumps into Transfer Student-chan. Here we get a bit of relationship RANK UP↑↑ with Hajime, where he asks if its alright to call Transfer Student-chan “Oneechan”, but only when they’re alone because it’d be embarrassing if he said it in public (人´ω`*)♡ So precious. Tho in his special event he tries to say “Oneechan” but can’t find the courage to say it out loud, even when he’s alone with Transfer Student-chan. At one point he blurted out “Okaachan” instead. When he finally says it in the third special event he’s relieved and its so cute when he does (* ´∀`)

Imo this event seems like it’s kinda focused on Hajime’s development. In his event he says he wants to be more manly because his fans (aka us) keep saying “I want to protect him!”. This event also seems to be of a bit of a reflection on ppls development, Kanata commented that ever since Transfer Student-chan came Rei & Wataru seem to smile more. Eichi also acknowledges that an air of change came along when Transfer Student-chan arrived to the school and wrecking changing everything he had established.

Hajime seems to be a bit nervous performing with the third years so Kanata gives him an Atlantic Footballfish (an anglerfish) plushie to calm him down. Don’t look it up in google images unless you want some nightmare fuel, jk jk. Tho its really creepy to look at but its the thought that counts, Kanata. More or less almost everyone fawns over Hajime in this event story lol.

2015-12-02 10.09.35

Niichan also acts like a big bro to Shinobu when he’s feeling uneasy about the live. Eichi joins in too for some reason lol. It really seems like Nazuna is the big bro to all the first years, I wonder how he acts towards the second years. For a small lil man child he really does look after all the underclassmen, even if they’re not in his unit.

Event story ends with Tsukasa & Izumi talking about the event, tho they’re outside and not in their event costumes. Srsly tho whats the point of having them there? Either way, Izumi tsunderely/indirectly praises Transfer Student-chan and Tsukasa is like “Oh so now you admit Oneesama is a reliable producer ;^)” but hes like “yeah nah”. Nazuna sees through his tsundere lies tho, you can’t escape Niichan, Izumi. Story ends with everyone walking into the sunset… or something, I don’t know. Don’t take my word for it.

Shine! A Sparkling Starry Night Festival‘s Event cards:

It was a short event story, which I somehow lengthened the event summary a bit too long. Sorry! Anyway I unlocked the story quite quickly this time tho I’m still kinda bit hazy on the details. Tbh, it wasn’t the strongest one in my books, not quite the most rememberable either. It seems like they really stepped up their CG quality game on this one tho, Nazuna and Kanata’s CGs look like they have more colors/details going on. One thing I like about this event is the costume design. Its so cute that I want to see the manly characters wearing it.

What star sign is on the pins that each guy is wearing is as follows: Nazuna wears Taurus, Kanata wears Virgo, Hajime wears Cancer, Eichi wears Capricorn, Wataru wears Pisces, Shinobu wears Gemini, Izumi wears Scorpio and Tsukasa wears Aries. All of these star signs corresponds with their birthdate so the pins are actually their star signs.

For this event I decided to focus on gaining diamonds for the gacha rather than ranking. So I’m just coasting through this event at 400K event points but I’m at like 44K Rank, back in my day I’d be at least rank 30-somethingK with that amount of event points. I guess times are changing.

I’m surprised neither this event or the gacha had Tomoya. He’s been MIA for too long, Happy Elements whats your damage? Do you have something against Tomoya? I’m hoping next gacha will be the theatre club gacha but seeing that Wataru was in this event I’m thinking it’ll be a fat chance.

Next event might be more Christmasy, but who will host the event? I have a feeling it’ll be a unit thing but they could change it up and have it a mixed amount of ppl. Might be a trickstar thing, who knows. But one thing I hope it won’t have is Adonis or Koga or any bae I hold dear because the gacha left me poor and unable to recover.

Anyway, until next time. Happy holidays everyone!

29th November ~ 11th December

Scout Gacha

Scout! Greek Mythology features the members of the Track and Field club along with a sick Souma & Adonis’ muscles. This scout story is about how Souma collapses from a cold/fever and Track and Field Club help out. Tho theres some more background story to this. More or less this is a story about bromance between Adonis and Souma (jk, jk). 4 story parts this time, written by Yoshino Yuki.

I think this gacha story is the first time I heard Adonis say “Kanzaki”, theres also some other added voice clips. We get to hear Arashi go “Mitsuru-chan” which sounds so calming and like an older sister to me. Also there were some new lines for Souma too.

The story starts with Adonis and Souma discussing lunch. Souma gets concerned for Adonis’ diet of bread, chocolate custard cornet, croquette bread, katsu curry bread, yakisoba bread, anpan and other bread. So he decides to make Adonis a boxed lunch, a character themed boxed lunched actually. Transfer Student-chan perks her ears and joins in the conversation where they all agree to a group lunch date with character lunch boxes (jk, jk).

Souma seemed to be out of it that instead of making a panda out of food it ended up being a rabbit lol. It becomes apparent that Souma caught a cold of some sort, and is starting to act all weird that Adonis picks up on it. Apparently Souma took Transfer Student-chans hand to cool himself down from his fever, tho usually he isn’t this touchy feely seeing that in one of his mini events if you try to do a pinky promise he gets all flustered. So yeah, somethings up with Souma.

Adonis talks about a treatment from his homeland, running the fever/cold off, but then highly suggests not to because it isn’t quite effective/good. But silly ol Souma is like ok I’m going now excuse me, which you think he’s going to the nurse office but instead he goes to the running track and tries to run it off until he eventually collapses and is found by Misturu and Arashi. Oh Souma.

2015-12-06 22.33.54

Arashi Oneechan carries Souma to the nurse’s office with the help of Mitsuru, who then goes running off to look for Adonis. Here we see Souma with his hair down for the first time and wow I’m jealous of that well kept hair lol. I guess that adds some more points to Souma’s moe factor.

The timeline on this story seems a bit obscure but I think he had been running all that time after Adonis, Transfer Student-chan and Souma had lunch together. So he had been running all day/night but then lost consciousness and was found by Mitsuru the next day? What. Souma…. what the hell.

The next day Souma comes back to school after having rested for a day but thats not enough for Adonis who voices his concerns about resting a bit more. Which Souma then protests. Souma listen to your brofriend. After much debate Adonis allows Souma to participate/watch the Track and Field team, with Transfer Student-chan tagging along to keep an eye on Souma’s condition.

Everyone in the Track and Field club seems to be on good terms with each other. Arashi acts like a big sis to Mitsuru, who seems to be mutual about it too, esp when Arashi praises him & pats his head (・ω・)b みんな仲良し!The Track and Field club seem like a big family, Adonis is the dad, Arashi is the big sis/prolly mom and Mitsuru is the lil bro/prolly babby. They split into groups for running practice, Adonis runs with Mitsuru while Arashi runs/walks at a brisk pace with Souma & Transfer Student-chan.

2015-12-06 23.13.26

Apparently Arashi and Souma are way out of their league when it comes to Adonis and running, I think the only one who can match him is Mitsuru who is prolly the fastest kid in first year. Transfer Student-chan also joins in on practice with Arashi and Souma where we find out that she has also been physical fitness training with Kurou. I mean who wouldn’t if you can get to see Kurou training, muscles flexing, sweat dripping every day (jk).

Now you may be wondering, where does this greek mythology stuff fit in with this? Well Souma just shoehorns it into the conversation about Achilles and Adonis/Misturu’s inhuman abilities (? either he’s talking about Adonis or Mitsuru I’m not sure). Arashi goes on to say that if Mitsuru is Achilles, then he’s Narcissus because they’re both bishounen & they love themselves, tho the story behind Narcissus is more grim. I’ll discuss more about Greek Mythology later.

Arashi, Souma and Transfer Student-chan starts doing their running practice tho it seems like Souma can’t keep up lol. Transfer Student-chan seems to be at the same pace as Arashi but Souma seems to be a bit weaker, even his legs started trembling after a light jog/run. But apparently she seems to not be holding up well in the end as Adonis notices she looks worse for wear.

Souma then thinks he disappointed his ‘master’/主君 (I think hes referring to Transfer Student-chan) for not being able to notice it while they were jogging, that he should be disqualified as an Idol or something and that he’ll commit seppuku as an apology. Luckily Transfer Student-chan stops him and says she forgives him. Lately I’ve been noticing that Souma has been a bit too quick on saying he’ll commit seppuku when he thinks he disappointed his ‘master’, maybe you should just chill Souma.

Souma feels a bit relieved and appreciates Transfer Student-chan’s kindness, and then goes on to say ‘I’m so glad I’ve got great friends like you guys’. Then they walk into the sunsent, hand in hand. Jk, it didn’t end like that, it just ends like that abruptly.

I feel like this was a nice story gacha, I get to see my two buddies interact more with each other and I can really see that friendship budding between them and Transfer Student-chan, if I had an OT3 it’d prolly be them. Then again I don’t really ship characters. And I can totally relate to Adonis’ bread addiction, when I was in high school I’d only buy bread too because it was cheap and it would never be sold out in the canteen. Its nice to see that Souma and Transfer Student-chan makes boxed lunches for Adonis, esp when Souma says hes a good cook/he can cook about anything.

I never really put in two images for the gacha story but seeing that my summary of it was a bit too long I figured I’d just throw in another CG to keep my readers from being bored. Plus they’re both rly good CGs.

Anyway about those Greek Mythologies. The cards are as followed: Souma as Apollon/Apollo, Adonis as Ares, Mitsuru as Achilles and Arashi as Narcissus.

Apollo is the greek god of light, healing and poetry. His father is Zeus and he has a twin sister, Artemis a huntress & goddess. Not sure how it reflects with Souma, other than he was sick for this gacha story and was healed later on. Tho his card looks gr8 and very bright, sun of my life and all.

Ares is the greek god of war. His father is also Zeus (I mean who else would be his father, Zeus got around with all the ladies) and he has a sister, Athena who is quite the opposite to him. While he represents the violent and untamed aspects of war, Athena acts as a goddess of intelligence with aspects of military strategy. Again, I don’t see how this reflects on Adonis seeing he’s not the violent type, he may look scary but he’s not violent, a pacifist maybe. It would’ve been fitting if Adonis was represented as, oh I don’t know, the greek god/myth ‘Adonis’? The guy he’s named after, representing beauty and life-death-rebirth. C’mon, this guy had his top off 24/7. Why couldn’t you make Adonis, Adonis, Happy Elements? Why couldn’t you grant my dying wish? If you can’t supply it then I’ll make it myself, just you wait.

Achilles was a greek hero of the Trojan War and a great warrior. Legend says he is invulnerable but an arrow to the heel led to his death, which brings about the saying ‘Achilles heel’, a vulnerable weakness, and the term ‘Achilles tendon’, a tendon connecting calf muscles and the heel. For Mitsuru maybe its because he’s invulnerable to most stuff, like he lives his life as he pleases without any worry. I guess theres deeper meanings to these but I’m just not noticing them.

Narcissus was a hunter, well known for his beauty. Because of his pride he never let anyone love him. Nemesis, a goddess of revenge said to be born from Nyx & causes misery to those who were born with countless gifts, lured him to a pool of water where he fell in love with his reflection and eventually drowned. Arashi says he drowned as he tried to kiss his own reflection. The term ‘narcissism’ is derived from him. There are also many legends/versions of his story, there’s a story about him and Echo, a nymph. Echo fell deeply in love with Narcissus, however she was cursed by Hera to repeat the last words spoken to her so she could never tell him how she felt. She followed him and when Narcissus noticed, he asked “Who’s there?” only for her to repeat his exact words, she finally revealed herself and attempted to embrace him only to be rejected. This story is one of tragedy and involves unrequited love, which ends sadly for both of them. For Narcissus he drowned, while Echo was left heartbroken and spent her last days in lonely glens until nothing but an echo was left of her. Tbh this is one of my favorite greek myths/story. There are flowers named after him, which is the ones Arashi is holding in his bloomed ver, some legend says he was turned into those flowers while I kind of remember it as those flowers growing near where he died. Anyway, I can kind of see how this relates to Arashi but I never thought him as the narcissistic type.

And that’s the end of bunny’s greek myth corner. I kinda have a feeling they just looked up greek mythology ABC and started off with the A’s and gave it to Souma, Adonis and Mitsuru but then was like yeah but Arashi gotta be Narcissus tho.


26th November ~ 3rd December

Story Scout – Midori Takamine Edition includes of course Midori, single father of three Koga, IRL angel Tomoya and brocon Rei. Midori has two story parts while the others have one each.

But surprise, surprise. Midori’s CGs were leaked out two weeks or so before the actual release date. Srsly who keeps on leaking all this shit.

I’ve yet to get any of these cards myself, but I did hear someone got a 3* card during a produce point scout. For Rei’s story, I think its about him and Ritsu with Rei being the brocon that he is tries to chase Ritsu and prolly screaming ‘pls love ur oniichan’. Tomoya’s might be about him getting his first unit uniform and Koga is about him feeding some stray (?) puppies with a dog food bowl with his name on it (well actually it says ‘Ogami’ but the same thing). You kinda start to wonder if that food bowl is his or his dogs. Not sure what Midori’s story is about, but I’m guessing Kanata gave him that keyring to cheer him up and you know how Midori is with mascot characters…

For me I really wish I can one day get Koga’s card because his face, looking all proud like ‘yeah these are my sons’. Its really cute. Please keep up this good moe Koga content.

Now that it is done, I’ll go and apologise for 1) Not writing up this post soon enough because the event ends today and 2) For making it ridiculously long. For those who read it all I’d like to thank and apologise for sticking with me till the end, for those who didn’t, it was a wise choice.

Right now I’m trying the wean myself off mobile games so I can waste my time on other stuff like ps vita games and practicing drawing. But if next event and gacha involves something rly good or my baes then consider me dead.

As always, thanks for reading. I’ll see y’all really soon _(:3 」∠ )_

Also if you haven’t done so yet, theres a poll on my side bar on Enstars asking whats your main unit/which unit are you a fan of. A [unit]P, means [unit] Producer aka a fan and I’d like to know what some of you consider yourself as, as a Producer. Its more or less to satisfy my curiosity but I’m thinking of doing something special for the top unit voted. If you already voted then you have my thanks, if you haven’t yet please do so. It’ll only take a few seconds of your time. Thanks again.