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[Game Diary] 夢色キャスト – Yumeiro Cast | November 《#04》


23rd November ~ 2nd December

Birthday Event

As many of you know, 23rd of November was Subaru’s birthday! Kinda feel bad I didn’t do anything for the day, especially when this diary entry is a week late and it’ll finish in about a few hours now (it’ll prolly end before I publish this post I bet). Anyway, happy belated bday Subarun.

2015-11-23 09.14.41Compared to Kaito’s bday, Subaru’s seems a little less because he only got a birthday cake and no special limited character item, which is a shame because I wanted to give him at least more than a birthday cake for his bday. Like Kaito’s birthday event, this one came in parts, which I described in the previous diary entry. As an added bonus of getting the Solo song, You&Me…でwave?,  we also got a BGM from The Last Second musical, Running through the blue sky. Logging in on Subaru’s birthday will get you 20 Yume Stones and a limited one-time-use birthday cake, so you better use it on Subaru.

On the 24th, for part 3 of Subaru’s bday event, we got a Subaru gacha. Nice.

Screen shot 2015-11-30 at 11.27.42 AM
MC: Ryouta Oosaka (Left) | Guest: Yuuki Ono (Right)

As promised, on the 26th of November, they held a birthday nico douga stream with Ryouta as MC and Yuuki as guest but sadly Tasuku (Subaru’s voice actor) couldn’t attend, however we were able to see a little message from him later on in the stream.

Tbh I never thought of Yuuki as a comedian, before seeing him talk on the stream I thought of him as a lil funny but this stream opened my eyes lol. Compared to Jin, they’re complete opposites.

The itinerary for the stream was Yumeiro Performance Topics – Part 1Subaru’s birthday,Yumeiro Performance Topics – Part 2 and Make Up! Dream One Scene. For those who may be new,t hey usually talk about merch or upcoming in-game implementations during the Topics parts and for Make Up! parts they hold a contest (possibly on twitter) for the fans to come up with their own dream scene with one of the characters and for the scenes that are handpicked by the staff, the voice actors will perform it on the stream. Or so thats what I think.

For the first part of the ‘Topics’ section, they show off an official mini guide for Yumeiro and talk about an upcoming present to give to the guys. The present implementation is in the works but the present itself had already been revealed to be… A turtle shelled bean-jam filled waffle. Why you ask? Well apparently in the previous stream, Yuu (Kaito’s voice actor) described the screen for the rhythm game as something like “a turtle’s shell” or something similar, and so the team decided to make this present which looks quite similar to the rhythm screen, don’t you think? So expect so more random presents to be inspired from the voice actor’s comments in the future.

Next up, Subaru’s birthday stuff! As usual we get to see an illustration to commemorate Subaru’s birthday by Nono-sensei as well as a birthday cake quite similar to Subaru’s in-game cake. Tho Yuuki was being a goofball and was moving in too close to the sprinkles and jokingly going “Ouch, ouch, thats hot lol”. Too bad we don’t see the guys eat the cake during the stream, then again it looks really small…

Now this is where my memory gets a bit blurry because at around this time, my internet started acting all funny and stopped me from viewing some parts of the stream. So if I get the order wrong I apologize.

Anyway up next, we get to see Tasuku’s video message which I thought would be short and sweet but turned into a conversation between himself and the camera but I won’t complain because he was rly cute. He really talks so fast so I couldn’t pick up on some stuff and at one point he was making weird hand gestures, maybe he was a bit nervous or was just demonstrating something.

Screen shot 2015-11-30 at 11.30.18 AM
he was demonstrating his sick skills of making his hand wave/do the worm

And all the while Yuuki was like “Who’s BEN’S?” and I’d like to know too because I tried to look it up and got nothing. Yuuki then jokingly suggested to make Tasuku’s sweatshirt/jumper into an in-game present to give to the guys. Sounds like a great idea tbh. Tasuku then challenges the both of them to get an S Rank in You&Me…でwave?, for Ryouta he’ll be trying for Expert mode while Yuuki is going for Hard mode. Both of them are playing for a Rare Ticket for the audience at home to get, which will be distributed if they succeed.

This is kind of where my internet gets cut off. I didn’t see Ryouta get an S Rank but I saw him play at the start, but I got my internet restored just in time for Yuuki to play. I think Ryouta didn’t get the S Rank in the end. Tho it seems that Ryouta plays the game the way I do, with the mobile device on a flat surface and using only index fingers, while Yuuki plays with his thumbs (which I thought would be difficult playing with a tablet but I guess he proved me wrong). But in the end he had to restart his run three times, first time was because the audio wasn’t playing, the next two times he kept looking up/faltering. So just to let the audience get their rare tickets they decided to have him play part C on Hard, where he got an S Rank and everyone got a rare ticket.

Topics part 2 included a sneak peak on some upcoming merch and an upcoming sega festival/event, or something. The sega event will happen on December 6th, somewhere in Japan. Sorry I don’t know the details but there will be an event for Yumeiro Cast, with a photo booth and prolly a place to purchase some merch. Apparently you can get an ID card or something where you can put your name/nickname, game ID & rank as well a comment, I think this will be a sega event only thing.

The final corner to the stream was the Make Up! Dream scene, where fans write their dream scene with a certain character and the guys try to voice act them. Basically, you’re giving them a script to say the way their character would. Which was interesting to see/hear a goofy Yuuki suddenly become a calm and grown up character lol.

For those who didn’t get to see the stream and also have a premium account you can watch it here until the 26th December. For me, I can’t because I don’t have premium which means the last portion of the stream will be a mystery to me because that was when my internet decided to turn itself off. They didn’t announce when their next stream will be, so I’ll my eyes out for an announcement in the future.

One thing I hope will happen in future streams is more of Tasuku. I’m not sure why he didn’t come this time but one thing is for sure is that I think we all need more Tasuku in our lives (jk, jk). Tbh I always thought of him as an irl Subaru because I remember reading somewhere in one of his tweets that one of his friends recognised his voice from a yumeiro CM or something, which then gave me the impression that he uses his normal voice for Subaru. In the end he really was like an irl Subaru lol.

Anyway, once again, happy belated bday Subaru my sweet babby.


New Songs

As mentioned above, in celebration of Subaru’s bday we were treated with two new songs in the daily song section, You&Me…でwave? and Running through the blue sky. In addition we now get expert mode on regular songs, starting with CALL HEAVEN! however not all regular songs have an expert mode as of yet, imo I don’t find CALL HEAVEN!’s expert mode that hard but I guess its gotta be a bit easy for the first beginner’s song. They may have also implemented the BGM musical for the Ayakashi event for every Wednesday in the daily musicals/songs section. I’m not quite sure if thats true but I remember reading about it somewhere in the news section of the game.

Onto impressions, Subaru’s solo song “You&Me…でwave? ” is prolly in my top five fav songs/musicals in this game, prolly even better than Passion Laser Beam. Like most of the songs in this game its got a nice beat to it and the way Tasuku sings makes it sound like J-Pop quality. Kinda catchy too. Its prolly the only song so far to have you tap the green markers three times, ngl it put me off the first time I played through it but I got used to it. Expert mode was a bit hard but I still managed to get an S Rank.

If they are ever going to sell CDs I’d buy the ones with the solo songs because they’re sooo good so far. Sometimes a new sub-character card will drop, that character being Masumi Igarashi.

Next up is Running through the blue sky, from The Last Second musical. Its an alright BGM I’ll give you that, the story behind it is left to the imagination as to where it would fit in a musical, maybe in a training montage (jk). I can’t remember whether it was hard or not but I was surprised they didn’t put in that three times tap green marker in it when they just introduced it to the other song, guess it may not have fit in with the beat. Anyway, I hope I’ll see these get implemented in as daily songs in the future. New sub-character card drop for this song is Tamio Oba.

Also, I figured out this trick a while ago, but if you complete lets say a Full Normal you can unlock all the parts within the difficulties below it. For example, if you complete a Full Hard you can unlock all parts of the Normal difficulty and Easy difficulty which means you can just go play the full parts of those difficulties straight away without having to go through the parts first. Pretty neat.


24th November ~ 2nd December


I’m not sure how to translate this gacha’s title, I’ll just call it Four Gods or something for now. For this gacha there is no accompanying musical BGM or otherwise released (yet). By the looks of it I’m guessing they’re going for a God theme with animal accents, aka Jin with the tiger ears which is prolly the cutest Jin card so far. What can I say I have a soft spot for animal ears. I think there might be a special situation/drama for maxing out a cards level, tho I’m not sure because I never got a card seeing that my luck sucks and this game hates me when it comes to special event gacha.

Kind of hoping there might be a musical/song that’ll accompany it but then again I don’t think thats likely.

Subaru’s gacha pick up grants you a higher chance of getting any of Subaru’s cards that have been implemented at the time, be it R rarity to UR rarity. I tried my hand at it with a rare ticket I got from ranking in the last event and got one of his R cards but I can’t remember which one, tho in the end I only used this gacha once.

For those who got into ranks 20,000 or higher, they would either get a gold ticket and/or platinum ticket which can be used (I think) at the limited time gachas “Boys in Wonderland” in the respective gachas. The gold ticket would give you the chance to get SR cards and over and the platinum ticket will guarantee you a UR card.

mini souseiI still regret the time when I couldn’t access yumeiro for a day because of ‘connection’ problems and that I gave up in the last 48 hours of the event, maybe I could’ve got those tickets if I hadn’t done that. But hey, its all in the past and I got this sweet Sousei plushie for decoration.

These gachas were a limited time only thing until the next maintenance, 2nd December.

And thats the end of that. I know its already December and it shouldn’t be a “November” diary entry but considering it was an event during November I’ll let this one slide. Also really sorry for the late diary entry, I’ve been meaning to do it, honest, but now that its done I can relax.

This event has been a mellow one, more or less because its not much of an intense event meaning I could just not care about it. One thing I like about these events/down times is that the servers aren’t crowded and the load time is quicker compare to other events. Plus this is the only time where they give out AP replenish items through completing new songs so I can stock up for the next big event.

Anyway, right now the new Christmas event has started but I haven’t been able to start getting into it yet because of errors happening so I’ll look into it tomorrow. But don’t expect a new diary entry for Yumeiro any time soon lol.

As always thanks for ready, I’ll see you all next time _(:3 」∠ )_