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[Game Diary] 刀剣乱舞 Touken Ranbu | November《#03》

another sword son brought home

ngl I update this sword son portrait each time I get a tantou, I carry one in my wallet as an in-joke but now I’m not sure if its as a joke or not anymore


Day 229 | Saniwa Lvl 66 | Average sword lvl late 40’s

Still stuck on Map 6-1

Stopped looking for Foxy Grandpa for a bit…


Starting to think nobody really wants to read these diary entries of my wasted efforts looking for that Foxy Grandpa but I’ll still continue because I got time on my hands lol. I think I’ll do one near the end of each month, seeing that I don’t play it that often.

I only play Touken Ranbu whenever theres an event, and it shows because my swords are so weak, so far I’ll hold off the search for Kogitsunemaru for now… anyway onto the events for this warm November (its spring here btw).

Screen shot 2015-10-24 at 6.03.28 PM
29th October ~ 17th November

Finally, the real deal, the official Village of Treasure event had started! And I didn’t even bother getting Monoyoshi… because the event goal was too hard to get in the end, also my time was already preoccupied with getting Ritsu in the Halloween Event. I’m sorry, Monoyoshi, I failed you. I’m an awful saniwa that can’t even bring home a sword son from the war…

That aside, I did play the event for a bit until I just gave up at 1,000 (I only played it for two days separately during the final week). The changes from the practice and this one was quite interesting. The GUI seemed to change, notifying you the effects your members had like KO or missing troops which was better than the practice where we had no visual notification of what happened to our team members unless you go into a battle. Good stuff there.

Gameplay was the same, which I kind of did a small breakdown in a previous diary entry on how the practice event played out. Card designs changed a bit. The first three stages didn’t have the fire cards that doubles your balls/points, which was kinda frustrating but was replaced with gaining balls after battles. They fixed the difficulty of enemies when it comes to encountering a second/third card so your team won’t be totally KOd into oblivion. Another interesting change was the amount of koban you can use to replenish your trips to this village. I think in the practice event it was 100 koban, which seemed a bit cheap, but now its 1,000 which is understandable but if you’re really going to grind those maps for balls I can really see how someone’s koban supply would deplete to 0 in hours. Which would explain the koban campaign with expeditions, tho I don’t think even that would cut it.

Its an all right event its just too frustrating to get up to 40,000 balls/points when most of the time you’re dealt with a bad hand of cards. I think I got like 3 cards of the same type in a row, legit in a row. You sure you shuffled the deck properly, RNG? You’re not dealing me a bad hand on purpose, right?

Screen shot 2015-11-30 at 1.26.38 PMOther than the event there were some new implementations. One of them being a new Autumn background which I have yet to obtain and another is the ability to craft 10 troops at a time. It was a long time coming but it finally happened, tho I don’t have enough space to do it all the time but its a nice implementation. Maybe if there were varied amounts you can make at a time like 5 or something, that’d be even better.

Kind of hoping in the future for a more improved version of this event where it won’t kill me. Hopefully the two upcoming new swords won’t have this event because I’m out of koban… And yeah I know in my previous diary entry I was complaining about not enough events/sword implementation but this is going a little bit too fast for me lol. Let me catch my breath at least.


Screen shot 2015-11-20 at 12.56.38 PM
19th November ~ 8th December

You can never go wrong with an underground treasure hunt for a tantou event. At least this is something my swords can handle, tho in the end it was all Iwatooshi. Ngl, I think he levelled up 10 levels alone because of this event. In no time at all after finishing Monoyoshi’s event they decided to announce a new sword, visual kei babby Gotou! Now that I got Ichi-nii I’m sure he’ll be happy to see that I got one of his bros home.

I think everyone knows the basics of the underground treasure event, descend 50 levels & straight into hell. During this event you can now craft Hakata, who will bring luck upon your kobans. But wait, didn’t they say that Hakata was a limited only sword during his first event? I guess they’re eating their words now.

Apparently theres a special present for those who reach the final 100th floor, which is the same background from the last underground event but for those who have done this the second time will get……….. a second exclamation mark on the end of the banner. Y’all are just trolling us now. Tho seeing that I already got what I wanted, a one man visual kei band, I don’t feel the need of making myself suffer through another extra 50 levels.

I’m wondering if Gotou will have some bonuses like Hakata, because his crest looks like kobans and that maybe if the both of them are teamed together you’ll prolly get larger amounts of koban. Who knows. I’m starting to picture Hakata as Gotou’s band manager now… mainly managing the profits he’ll get from Gotou.

Also if you’re wondering what to do with all those kobans you got from this event, then don’t worry, the team at Touken Ranbu got your back with this night ver of the Autumn background… which I bought because I don’t care for saving kobans (sorry, Hakata). Tho I know that’ll just come back to bite me in the future. Kinda disappointed its not as animated as the other backgrounds. Also one thing I wish was a thing is a change of BGM depending on the background.

Screen shot 2015-11-30 at 12.12.44 PM.png
if you squint hard enough it looks like the background is engulfed in flames

All in all, it was an easy/calming event compared to Monoyoshi’s mainly because half of the time I was watching Kuuchuu Buranko on my tv where I positioned myself right in front of it and mindlessly clicked away until I got to floor 50. Tho for the last floor I completed it half asleep in bed.


I’ll be looking forward to the two new swords coming up, I think they’re done by the same artist who drew Uguisumaru. A lot of ppl on twitter have been speculating who they are by their crests/badges but I guess we can only confirm who they are when they are implemented.

They’ve got a black and white theme, so I’m kind of assuming they’re kind of like twins but thats a long stretch. I’m interested in what kind of event they’ll make for them considering it looks like they’re going to release them at the same time. We’ll have to see then.

So until next time & thanks for reading _(:3 」∠ )_

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  1. I wish you luck sword hunting. Nice fiery background btw. XD

    I however am a fallen saniwa lol. I used to stick around tho because the fandom was fun. Used to submit tourabu confessions on tumblr that showed bird versions of the swordboys Hatoful Boyfriend style, lol. Yeah the fandom was more fun than the game XDDD


    1. Yeah, I’ve noticed that too. If it wasn’t for fans creating fanart I wouldn’t have gotten into it lol.
      Sometimes I wish it had a bit more to it, gameplay wise. Tho I’m only playing for the events & new swords.
      Thanks tho, for the luck, because I’m gonna need it (`・ω・´)b


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