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[Goods & Magazines] Ensemble Stars Goods (November) & MY★STAR Vol 4

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I’ve been waiting for a certain something to arrive, and now that it has arrived I can finally make a post on some Enstars goods I’ve managed to collect for quite some time. Some of the following goods are free bonuses from magazines, and a small handful is just paid stuff. I know I could’ve just put it in an Enstars diary but I felt like it needed its own post.

This won’t happen so often, only when theres a big haul of enstars goods I wanna share/talk about. So enjoy!


B’s Log Goods:

2015-11-27 12.01.13

I’ll start off with some free bonus goods I got from purchasing B’s Log. For almost every issue B’s Log will throw in some free goodies as well as posters on some of the latest on trend stuff. Lately they’ve been throwing in some Ensemble Stars stuff, and right now I’m not sure what to do with them lol.

So here’s some of the following stuff I got from B’s Log:

Ensemble Stars! Start Book came free in B’s Log May Issue, it contained character profiles and ‘Unit Interviews’, asking questions like “Who are you friends with in your unit?”, “What was your first impressions upon meeting the members?” and other stuff. I’d translate it if I wasn’t so inaccurate when it comes to this kind of stuff. But I’m sure someone out there must have translated it…? Of course, this was way before Leo was introduced so we don’t get anything about him in this book.

Interestingly, there are some screenshots of what it could’ve looked like before release. There seems to be a little box over the heads of some characters with a smiley face during lessons, and instead of a count down of ‘X lessons to go’, it was counted in days. The HUD seemed to be of a slightly different style, for both lessons and in menus.

It even seemed like there was going to be more lessons in unit courses. For the Trickstar Course screenshot there seems to be ‘Dance Lesson’, ‘First Chorus’, ‘First Step’ (in katakana), ‘Performance Basics’, ‘First Step'(in kanji, ‘Saisho no Ippo’). Tho these lessons leave much to the imagination as to what they would be about. The AP & LP meter seem a bit weird/inaccurate too, but then again this could just be a ‘mockup’ screenshot.

What I kinda wished they kept in is the graphic style they used for when a character uses their Live Skill. Looks a bit more stylish than the blue and white background, then again I guess they didn’t use it because of visibility for some cards didn’t work well with it. But I’m just assuming that.

Whenever I look at those screenshots I try to think of what Enstars could’ve been if it went something like the above. Then again I’m too used to the current one lol.

Next up, Ensemble Stars! B3 Poster that came in along with the July Issue of B’s Log. For size comparison, it’s about 1 and a half rules long. On the back is the units in chibi form, all characters should be there excluding Leo because of course, he didn’t exist back then. Really sorry I can’t get a clearer photo because my room light is positioned in a spot where it is blinding Shinobu & Hokuto or anyone else at all times.

Here’s a lil something I prepared earlier:

For the October Issue of B’s Log, I preordered the limited animate set which meant I’d get that small pillow which I talked about in a diary entry. But I also got some free bookmarks from an animate campaign that gives them out for ensemble star related merch, tho not sure if its still going on or not. Bonus item was a lil memo book with small memos that can be ripped out of the book.

Each page is dedicated to a character and theres about 32 pages worth of memos. I dunno if I should use it or not, because that would mean I’ll prolly be ripping out some pages from the book. Maybe one day I’ll use it.

2015-11-27 12.07.47

Next bonus is from November’s Issue of B’s Log. Its a sticker set of all the guys in their unit uniform with their signatures. It took me a while to rip them out of the magazine because it wasn’t properly indented on the sticker side so it was a struggle between me and the plastic to rip it out. No sticker was harmed… hopefully.

I was thinking of giving some of these away, along with the following stuff above so it won’t be sitting around and collecting dust. So maybe I’ll have giveaway or something. Tho I’m not really good with this kind of stuff, let alone I don’t know how to ship/post a letter either. Maybe when I get more of this stuff I’ll do it, only the small stuff tho so it’s easier to just mail it like a letter.

2015-11-27 12.08.55

Finally, the latest Enstar bonus from the December issue Ensemble Star edition is a “Producer Notebook” and Knights Poster. The Knights poster is B3 sized and nicely printed too, not a single color is lost during the printing process.

The Producer Notebook is smaller than an A4 notebook and a bit smaller in width compared to the magazine itself. The cover has a collage of most of the character CGs which continues on the other side, inside the book. Each page has a character profile of each guy starting from 1st years and pages have boxes to write in. I was expecting lines like the ones in the notebooks I use but I guess I forgot this is for writing in Japanese, as it is intended use. Which would explain the boxes. However in the final pages there are some lines to write in. Again sorry for the blurry images.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you guys this kind of stuff because I wanna know if any of y’all are interested it in so I can do a little corner in my diary entries about some enstar bonuses that come with B’s Log, hopefully before each issue is released. Some of the bonuses are worth it, some are just stuff I don’t know what to do with but I’m sure others will have better uses for it. Anyway, onto some real merch.

Enstar Calendar:

2015-11-13 12.08.12

When I saw that CD Japan was doing a deal about doubling shopping points for buying calendars I decided to check out the range and saw that Enstars was getting a calendar and I thought to myself “Yeah, I guess I really do need a calendar. I’m always stumbling without one…” and so I preordered it before I knew what it’ll look like. To me I thought it’d be a traditional calendar with 30 days+ each month and each month will prolly have an in-game CG or if I was lucky, newly drawn official art.

But just a few weeks before it released, they revealed it’ll be a Himekuri calendar which I think is just a daily calendar. With this calendar there are 31 days to each guy, which is lucky that Leo was revealed on time so he can make the 31st day. Each day has a small profile of the guy and their character CG (mainly their unit CG). You can stand it up as a desktop calendar or have it pinned to the wall.

Its all nice and dandy but the thing is, you don’t really know which month you are in when flipping through it, only the numbers, not even a day of the week. But at least I know about half of the date. Sometimes whenever I flip the page for a new day I’m like “Oh! It’s Chiaki day today” or something. If you’re interested in getting it, by all means. Tho I’m thinking of getting a proper calendar soon.

Rubber Strap:

2015-11-26 10.26.50

So while I was shopping for MY★STAR and seeing it ‘unavailable’ on CD Japan, I decided to go buy it at animate and lo and behold the website suggested I should buy it with this UNDEAD rubber strap which I had forgotten they restocked it, one reason why I decided to buy the akatsuki rubber strap but hey, now I’m gonna get two unit rubber straps.

Now, before it arrived I thought it’ll be pretty small like an average keyring charm but a bit bigger but oh boy was I wrong because its about the same size as my fist. Seeing that I don’t have anywhere else to put it I decided to hook it onto my PS Vita, not like its  weighed down enough already.

Its really cute but like I said its a bit too huge lol. I kinda wished they sold the Halloween version online too. Actually, once I think about it, does the Halloween version even exist or was that a figment of my imagination?

Once Akatsuki comes home I’ll prolly hook it on the other side of my vita or on my 3DS.

MY★STAR Vol 4:


Like I said before, I bought this from animate because CD Japan said it was unavailable but a few days after that I checked and theres stock, wtf bruh. It was already too late tho, I already bought it but it also lead me to buy that UNDEAD strap so win-win. So far theres prolly 10 left in stock (no longer available/sold out) in CD Japan, for 1278 yen you too can enjoy the beauty of this UNDEAD cover.

Inside the magazine you’ll find a poster ver of the front cover with zero text (which I have now pinned to my wall), and I’m not sure if this is animate exclusive but you also get a bromide with UNDEAD’s signature. A bromide is kind of like a photograph, it has the same printed texture too. Of course thats going on my whiteboard because I don’t want to pin it & destroy it. Tho because my magnets are rly big its hard to not place it somewhere where it’ll obscure the guys…

Anyway, onto talking about MY★STAR. I’ve never bought this magazine before and I don’t think they release it that often. I think its branched from Dengeki Girl’s Style because their twitter account is the only account that announces MY★STAR stuff. The magazine is mainly about 2D/Fictional Male Idols from all kinds of media, such as games, drama CDs etc. Its A4 sized but its also quite thin too.

For the enstar articles, there were ‘interviews’ with UNDEAD, Knights, fine and Akatsuki about their upcoming singles. More or less, pretend these are real idols and it’ll make sense.

Theres also an interview with the Sakuma bros. tho because I’m busy/in a hurry I’m not going to full read them or translate them. But I’ll provide some pics, maybe update the post in the future with clearer scans instead of these rly bad quality camera pics, if y’all want them.

The rest of the magazine’s content is some more interviews or articles about 2D Idol boys from games and stuff. I’m surprised they even had an article on Idol Yankee from Kenka Banchou Otome in this magazine too, considering it’s not an Idol heavy based game its more about Hot Blooded Yankees. So that was a pleasant surprise. More or less I should be even more surprised they did a small shout out article on the Idol guys from that R18+ Drama CD series, you know the one I’m talking about.

Sidetracking onto something completely off topic, my mind was blown at this feature article with a fictional idol group fortté, who are going to be in an upcoming otomate game Fortissimo. Now this isn’t the thing that blew my mind, what blew my mind was that Futo was in this group, some may know him from another otomate game & novel Brothers Conflict. Now that just messed me up when I realised the similarities, tho I have a feeling I’m not the first to pick up on this and I’m just really slow.

But I think thats pretty cool, having a cameo of character from another series pop up here too. And he’s all grown up too, he kinda looks like Louis now lol. Kinda wondering if he’ll pop up in the game too, maybe as a route? Who knows, I’m getting off topic from Enstars so I’ll just stop.

It’s an alright magazine, if you’re interested in 2D Idol boys and wanna read about their charm points and stuff then this is the magazine for you. But as for me, I only bought it for the UNDEAD stuff.

And thats the end of my Enstars goods round up thingy. Let me know if you wanna see posts like this in the future. I was planning to squeeze in a mini review on the UNDEAD unit CD but then I realised that this post would be too long if I did  so I cut it out for now.

Hopefully I’ll make it next time. Also sorry for the delay in posts when I said I’d get back onto doing stuff.

Thanks for bearing with me! Thanks for reading as well. I’ll see y’all next time _(:3 」∠ )_


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  1. oh wow all that ensemble stars stuff *-* i’ve been playing this game for a while and didn’t know this all even existed! it all looks so lovely… gahk it makes me want to get a proper job or something lol (´つヮ⊂)


    1. There’s been a lot of enstar goods coming out lately that its been hard not to buy lol
      I’d say to save up for the good stuff like plushies or something similar rather than the small disposable stuff like memos/stationary.


  2. Hi there, I just found your awesome wordpress; I think not many people write a lot about enstars! I wanted to write you an e-mail or message you through something more private but I don’t know how to contact you ;__; I’m actually running an enstars translation blog for mainly magazines and I’d like to ask for your permission to use your photos/scans from My Star vol. 4… I will credit you of course, and link you to the blog if you wish!
    (Also I live in Australia too.. this is the first time I found someone from Australia who plays enstars ;_;)

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    1. Ahaha, maybe I should make an email or something for this blog so it’ll be easier.
      I’m ok with giving permission if it means it’ll be shared with the community (srsly I feel bad for keeping it all to myself lol). Just tell me what I can help with and I’ll try my best to deliver!


      1. Thank you so much, this means a lot! I am thinking of translating the Sakuma bros’ interview and your photo is quite clear, so I will borrow it for now, if you don’t mind. Enstars has been featured in so many magazines I’m feeling overwhelmed haha;; but at times it features neat stuff outside the game and main story so it’s pretty cool.
        Once again, thank you!


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