[Game Diary] 夢色キャスト – Yumeiro Cast | November 《#03》

Game Updates

Some game updates from the 11th November maintenance. One of them being a new message on the bottom left popping of the home screen whenever you swipe stars from players.


I guess there were ppl who asked for this feature because whenever you do a mass star collecting, all the messages from players go off in an instant so you can’t really see clearly what they say. The one single con about this is that you can’t do anything while the messages in the bottom left appear. You can’t click on menu options or event banners until the messages disappear. You can tap on the crowd with stars while this happens, tho.

Another update addition is this little feature:

2015-11-12 17.57.14

Its a single button that optimises gameplay. What it does is that it turns off all graphic options on the left side with just one tap. It makes the frame rate while in a musical much higher (prolly 60 fps), rather than the default (prolly) 30fps. If you want a more smoother & faster gameplay please feel free to use it. If you want to undo it, you’ll have to manually turn back on all three graphics options on the left.

Also, in celebration for 500,000 downloads, we all get a present for logging in, starting from 20th November for 7 days. The last three bonuses, which are coach cards, seem to be something we haven’t seen before which is rainbow colored and says “All” in the top left hand side. I think they’re giving out all card three types on those days, not sure.

2015-11-20 09.59.23


Screen shot 2015-11-22 at 11.20.27 AM

Subaru babby’s bday is coming up (like its tomorrow). Just like Kaito’s bday event, it’ll come in a few parts within the upcoming days.

Part 1: Logging in on 23rd November will get you a limited item to give to Subaru for his bday, cast will have something to say for his bday. Part 2: 24th November, Subaru’s solo song will be released. Part 3: 24th November, ???

On the 26th November there will be a nico douga stream with host Ryouta Oosaka & guest Yuuki Ono. Theres a chance for viewers of the stream to get a rare gacha ticket. They’ll have some corners and talk about stuff, and prolly play Subaru’s solo birthday song. I’m not sure if Subaru’s seiyuu will appear in the stream, tho I wish he does.

Prolly won’t write up anything on Subaru’s bday event here, I’ll do it in the next diary entry.


11th November ~ 24th November


Ah yes, the good old event point collecting event but what is this? I see they also added in a ranking system as well. Well there goes my hopes and dreams.

Theres been a few changes since last event. One of those big changes is that we have rankings and ranking bonuses now. To be fair those bonuses are worth the while and quite generous with how they’re shared about with the ranking tiers. One of the main bonuses I like that they added in is the UR & SR gacha tickets, so now I can now for sure I’m getting an SR card or not. Another addition is a cute Sousei plushie to give to the guys, tho I wonder who would want one of those out of the cast…

Another change is that the event point bonus tiers are more stretched out, instead of getting the event SR card at 3,000 & 6,000 event points we have to keep going for 4,500 & 9,000 event points to get the SR card. Tho this time we also have the chance of getting another event card, an R card of March Hare Jin which is nice because we’d get an N card instead, but now that card is just a score rank bonus for clearing musicals. Tbh I kinda wished the event point bonus high rarity card was Sousei’s card because I’m so interested to see what his ‘awakened’ ver. is…

I still question the artists choices for awakened ver of cards, I’m gonna cry. Tbh, kinda disappointed with Iori’s event card. I don’t even know why I wasted my time trying to grind up to 9,000 event points.

Also this time we get to have an expert mode of the event song. Getting an S Rank will give you 96 event points, if you get an A Rank you’ll get 89 and a B Rank gets you 81 event points. If you have enough AP and confident enough to play expert mode, I’d suggest grinding this song for all the event points its worth. Imo, its a bit hard but its doable. I only got a full combo once with no tension bonus and an S Rank with the help of the 7 marker increase score tension bonus, but only once. One method I’d suggest is to go for the hard difficulty and if you have enough AP left do the expert difficulty for the EXP so you can level up and get more AP.

As for the story, there are 10 parts in total, once you complete all 10 you get 10 Yume Stones. The story is kind of separated in three parts that focuses on Iori, Sousei and Kyouya separately, where they talk about their past/childhood over some food with the heroine. They all get three parts each while Sousei has the final chapter dedicated to him, we also get a CG.

2015-11-20 16.08.21

Now that I’m semi-finished with this event I’m gonna take it easy, tho my ranking is slipping because I had a day without playing yumeiro because my ipod refused to open it & also ’cause I’m trying to take it easy with these mobile games. With a few days left, I’m just hoping I have a good enough ranking to get at least an SR ticket card.

I found the event all right with the Alice in Wonderland theme, tho I was wondering how will they pull off musicals that are supposed to have female leads but I guess we can let Sousei handle it from now on (???), I dunno lol. Whatever the next event will be I’ll be looking forward to it, tho if the event point bonus card is something not worth it I’m not gonna go for it, thats a promise.

Event Cards:


11th November ~ 24th November


So far I only got two of Hinata’s Wonderland cards because I’m forever stuck in the Hinata Plague. Tbh the only cards I want to get is Subaru’s, Kaito’s or Sousei’s, mainly Sousei’s because I really want to see his awakened ver.

Also whats with this trend of them showing off their midriffs? Whats with the recent rise of Kaito poking out his tongue? Is this some kind of agenda. A Kaito poking out his tongue agenda? Who knows.

Anyway here’s hoping that maybe one day I can find out what Sousei’s awakened ver.

Phew, and that was the event. Kind of a long stretch to the main goal but I somehow got there with the help of my saved up AP recover items (13x 30% and 14x 100%). I hope you all get to your goals too!

As always, thanks for reading. See y’all next event  _(:3 」∠ )_

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