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[Game Diary] あんスタ – Ensemble Stars | November《#06》

Mini Enstars News

Just some small game updates that happened in the previous weeks. Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past weeks I’d suggest to skip this…

2015-11-18 21.28.12

Main update that I’m sure everyone has been waiting for is new courses for the daily courses. Which also means more diamonds up for grabs and more time for me to spend with Adonis (jk). I wonder if they’ll add more in the future and if so will the next one be at 60 AP, then the next next one would prolly be 80 AP tho I’d doubt that.

Another small update concerns about the new ranking bonuses that should’ve been implemented last event because I was so close but so far from getting a Rei card and this could’ve helped. Now the 4* card can be gained at rank 25,000 or lower, tho it doesn’t mean the event tier bonuses have been changed. The 5* card has been lowered too but only just a bit, rank 7,500 or lower.

Its good news seeing that its pretty easy to get to rank 25,000 if you try enough but I worry that’ll mean an even tougher competition in the future.

Unit CDs Update

Ryuseitai‘s (Vol5) & 2wink‘s (Vol6) jacket covers have been revealed and their song samples are available to public now… well only Ryuseitai’s. Apparently FRONTIERWORKS either deleted 2wink’s CD sample video, made the video private or Youtube prolly being shitty and flagging it for copyright issues even though FRONTIERWORKS has the rights to it, Youtube’s prolly done this before.

But back onto the CDs, I like both of the CD jackets, tho I think I like 2wink’s a bit more. As for songs, Ryuseitai’s is really upbeat and kinda motivational? lol. It took me a while to recognise everyone’s parts but imo I think Midori’s seiyuu sounds gr8 singing. I’m not sure if the 2wink’s video is floating around somewhere on nico douga or anything but from the initial crossfade video with every unit’s songs it’ll prolly be one of those cute techno songs. Kinda worried about how the twins share the one seiyuu so it’ll be tough differentiating them in the song, esp with the short drama track. It’ll be like Souma Saitou talking to himself for 14 minutes.

[They just reuploaded it, so enjoy!]

Still kinda not sure which Unit CD out of the two I want to buy or whether I’m not gonna buy anything in the end. Prolly gonna buy the 2wink unit CD because I’m curious to see how the drama part goes.


15th November ~ 25th November


Enjoyment♪ Autumn Field Trip is the long awaited Hot Spring Episode, you know, that episode where all the young rowdy  teen boys peek into the female baths to oogle at bathing beauties… or maybe not? This event features the 2nd years taking a field trip to Kyoto to visit popular tourists spots and relax in the hot springs. But not all is well with Yuzuru as he starts worrying about being separated from lil bocchama, Tori. Story this time is about 8 parts, kind of short but who’s complaining when we get 4 CGs of guys in nothing but towels.


I kind of joked about it after info on this event released, that to me, this event is pretty much a group of mom’s taking a day off from the kids to go to the hot springs and relax. After reading the event story it pretty much is, with the exception that the kids also tagged along. To me the moms are: Mao, Hokuto & Yuzuru and the kids are: Subaru, Makoto, Souma(? maybe) & Ritsu and the big sisters are Arashi & Transfer Student. One whole big family going to the hot springs lol.

Event story is pretty much Arashi and Transfer Student-chan trying to cheer up Yuzuru who’s feeling anxious being away from Tori, tho if I were Yuzuru I’d be glad I get a break from Tori for a few days (jk jk). More or less it kind of felt like this event was for us all to take a break from the previous chaotic events and relax with Arashi Onee-chan and soak in what Kyoto has to offer. Tho ngl, after this event it kind of makes me want to go and visit Kyoto. It’s got a traditional feel to it, kinda captures pre-modern Japan, and the Enstars team outdid themselves with the event backgrounds & lesson locations this time. It’s almost like I’m really there lol.

2015-11-15 17.02.43

I’m glad this event happened because we get to see Yuzuru enjoy himself in the end like any normal teen would and smile. Thats good stuff right there. Plus we get to have some more sisterly bonding time with Arashi. Tho for me, this event’s hidden gem is Souma. This event made me appreciate/like Souma more. He’s so awkward and dorky, what else is not to love? I think in one of his personal event, if you choose ‘Stare at his face’ he might respond with something like “I-If you stare at me like that I’ll feel awkward/shy.” and then Transfer Student-chan goes for the kill by touching his face making him freak out and kicking her out of the room. Tho if you look at the 2nd dialogue you’ll realise she’s doing this because she thinks his skin is pretty & smooth, oh Souma.

More or less, dialogues with Souma in this event is him and Transfer Student complimenting each other and Souma going “Oh no, I think your skin is smoother than mine.” and at one point said that he liked plain old transfer student better and saying something like she’s pretty or something. Souma pls, don’t blurt out things like that, my heart can’t handle it.

Some other things that this event brought to light is that Subaru doesn’t really like being around Arashi, saying that Arashi’s got a similar aura/smell like Chiaki, with a running gag throughout the story of Subaru trying to hide from Arashi and Arashi teasingly picking on Subaru. Subaru still calls Arashi 「オカマさん」 instead of his actual name, which is kinda rude Subaru, y’all are almost done with the school year and you’ve been in that school for two years now at least learn some names.

Lets not forget the Enstar Event Tradition of taking glasses from the nerd. What is it, the third time now?

Event story ends with everyone back at the school gates, with Arashi asking Transfer Student-chan out for a shopping date and Makoto being the usual thirsty Makoto is like ‘Wow you actually asked her out so naturally! I totally respect you’. And to end the story, Yuzuru sees Tori waiting for him at the gates and Yuzuru’s like “I’m back bocchama”.

2015-11-16 16.01.51
protect that smile

This event showed a lot of the dynamics of the 2nd year relationships, its kind of hard to sum it up in this diary entry so y’all may as well try to read it for yourself. Kinda wished it had some more dokidoki times (jk). When you think of excursions that involve sleep overs you’d expect something more exciting like ppl talking to each other in the dark, even tho you’re all supposed to sleep, playing truth or dare or stuff like that but I guess a pillow fight is good enough. Very mellow and relaxing for an event story.

Tho it kind of feels like its missing something… and I’m not sure what. Like we’re missing some characters, maybe two ppl… who knows. Maybe it’s just me…

Enjoyment♪ Autumn Field Trip‘s Event Cards:

I’m trying to not make this event so stressful by not bothering with it after getting the event chapters but in the end I’m slightly trying to reach to 600K to get that Souma card because I need a Souma in a towel card in my life lol. But I don’t think I’ll make it. I just wish drops from emergency lives happen often. So much for relaxing I guess.

This time I’m just waiting for 1hr30mins until I do a live and if I get an Emergency Live I’ll pop in some diamonds, just in case enstars decides to drop some cards on me and end my suffering.

As I said in my last diary post, I was almost positive there would be a Ra*bits event or at least a Theatre Club gacha but I guess Happy Elements are keeping their cards close to their chests because they threw this curve ball. But then again we should’ve seen a hot spring themed event coming, we did kind of get a beach episode (two if you count that Marine Life Club Gacha). Instead we were hit with another Knights plague, but this might be the final one for now seeing that the gacha had no Knights members in it.

So I’ll say this one more time, next event may be Ra*bits because they’ve been missing in action for so long. If its not next event then it prolly might be for Christmas. As for Theatre Club, it’ll come by soon, Basketball club might be on the horizon too.

I wish I could be released from this enstars hell but it feels like I’m travelling deeper each event. See y’all in hell, I mean, see y’all next event where we may or may not suffer horribly.

15th November ~ 26th November

Scout Gacha

Scout! Hot-Blooded Tough Guy features the manliest men of Yumenosaki Private Academy… and then theres Midori (jk). This gacha was something I should’ve been saving for but… yeah, I never thought there was going to be a gacha with Kurou as the 5* card but here we are and here I am diamondless.

If I was reckless enough I would use my irl moneys to get enough diamonds to do a scout but then theres the chance that I may not scout out a Kurou, seeing how wacky the randomisation the gacha has. Plus I’ve used up my luck with my Keito and Adonis 5* gacha cards already, I hardly think I’ll have enough luck to get a third 5* card in a row. Then again I might be underestimating my luck.

Now, I was wondering when we started the event, why is this event’s story shorter than usual and I just realised where it all went. In this gacha. With a whopping 11 chapters/parts to this gacha’s story, I’d say Akira-sensei is working over time with this gacha. He prolly really wanted to write this out for a long time. Tho I’m glad he did, even though I don’t have the chance of reading them all because I don’t have a single card from this gacha yet.

Apparently Kurou got a gig to do a high school drama or something and Chiaki & the gang is here to cheer him on…. or something. I don’t know the details but Kurou’s card blooms into one of those yankee bikers. I’d also like to thank Enstar’s main artist for treating us with a semi-down haired Kurou. Its not all down but its close enough, my dream is half fulfilled. With Chiaki, his bloomed card is what I think might be him as an Ouendan. Tbh I always thought Chiaki would look fitting in an ouendan uniform, considering his personality and all. Yeah. Good stuff.

Also props to Tetora looking rly cute in the background of Kurou’s card cheering him on. And a gold star to Midorin for doing his very best.

Having all four cards in a unit activates the unit skill “Man among Men“, the manliest unit skill of them all.

And that concludes this diary. Tbh kinda bummed out that theres no Koga and/or Adonis card for the event, seeing that they can only have four 3* cards in an event now. Wish I could’ve seen Adonis in a ryokan yukata, but what can you do?

Still sluggish from last event but I’ll live. Sorry again for the slow blog posts.

As always, thanks for reading. Until next time _(:3 」∠ )_