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[Game Diary] あんスタ – Ensemble Stars | November《#05》

Mini Enstars News

So a recent software update gave us better(?) sound quality with character voices, including new voice clips. I heard that most of the new voice clips are in the tennis/doctors scout story but for some reason I can hear never heard voice clips during the Halloween event story or maybe that was because of the new volume/quality of the clips that made me think otherwise. I’m not sure how to describe the new quality of character voice clips, its definitely louder than previously but it sounds like straight from the mic, if that makes sense?

Sometimes you can hear the voice actor’s in-between breaths or other sounds that you usually don’t hear with proper voice recordings for anime or other media. Maybe its just raw recordings? Who knows. It’ll take some time for me to get used to tho.

27th October ~ 10th November

Other news is that Enstars partnered up with Ikemen Sengoku for a collab featuring Tori (Enstars) and Nobunaga (Ikemen Sengoku). More or less this is a campaign to advertise  Ikemen Sengoku, a mobile game where you romance historical figures such as Oda Nobunaga and Date Masamune, etc. As part of the collab Tori gets a card where he is dressed up as Nobunaga & as an added bonus Nobunaga has now been added to the home screen.

We also get some bonus items by clicking the campaign banner, for current players and newbies from Ikemen Sengoku (I think, because the requirements to get these bonuses sound like it). Bonuses include:

  • 1,000 Produce Points
  • 1 Story Key
  • 10 Diamonds
  • 5 Diamonds
  • A Tori card dressed up as Nobunaga

Requirements are simple like clear the tutorial, read up to chapter 5 of the main story, get to user rank 20 etc. These requirements are for Enstars, not Ikemen Sengoku (I think), so you may not need to download the app. But I have a feeling theres some collab bonuses in Ikemen Sengoku too (Like a serial code for diamonds or something). I’ll check it out and see for myself.

Talking about serial codes, it seems that they removed inputting serial codes in the options menu. Which is strange because at the same time they released a new game gift campaign (a couple of Produce Points and 1 Diamond). I found out that now you have to do it ‘manually’ on their website. There you have to choose which campaign serial code you’re inputting from the drop down menu, then input your account code (which can be obtained in the option menu somewhere) in the first input box, then input your serial code in the second input box.

Why they decided to move it to browser is beyond me. Maybe it was inefficient as it was in the game, like ppl would abuse/take advantage of it and get double gifts. Who knows.

There was a lil tease on Dengeki Girl’s Style’s twitter on the upcoming cover of MY★STAR Vol4 to be released on the 19th of November. I’ve never seen/heard of this magazine before but I think its new and it doesn’t release that often considering its already at Vol4. By the looks of it, its a magazine for fictional idols lol. Now why am I talking about this magazine? Well like I said before, they teased their cover, which features….

The bae Adonis。:゚+ .+゚*(○´ε`人) Oh and of course there will be the other UNDEAD members ( ̄▽ ̄)へへ

Its a bit more expensive than B’s Log and Dengeki Girl’s Style, which are about 900 yen. Its around 1,200 yen but I guess it’s all for that quality Adonis I guess? lol. It’s kind of hard to research about it because if you just search “MY★STAR” in google you’ll get results for irrelevant english stuff, so it’s better to just search up “MY★STAR雑誌” and you’ll see some stuff like Amazon items. Not quite sure if you can only get it in Amazon Japan but there are some items listed in cd japan, which can be found under out of print/no longer available.

So as soon as it pops up you know I’ll be purchasing it.

Merch Spotlight Update

Back in October, diary entry #03, I did a lil spotlight on some upcoming body pillow covers feat. Mao, Ritsu and Chiaki. Now if you’ve been living under a rock, just about late October they released sample images for the design of the covers, which will look something like this:

Screen shot 2015-11-03 at 10.37.14 PM
Release Date: December 2015

The size dimensions are still unknown to me, but they all look so good and cute, esp Chiaki’s. I know some, including me, were under the impression they’d do the usual route with body pillows and sexualise the characters but they ended up being really cute and neutral. Who knew we could have non-sexualised body pillows. Now your friends and family can be less judgmental about you owning an Enstars body pillow, jk jk.

Anyway, looking forward to its release, not like I preordered one or anything… *nervous coughing*

Another merch spotlight update is more big cushions! Now theres twice the amount of big cushions to buy from lol. Why didn’t they release the news at the same time in the first place. Big Cushions Part 2: Electric Boogaloo is here!

Screen shot 2015-10-31 at 4.13.48 PM
Release Date: 11th February 2016

Like the first one it’s 3,500 yen plus tax, but this time preorders are limited until 2nd December and releases in February 2016. Dimensions are the same, 60cm x 40 cm (23.6 inches x 15.7 inches), and most of the information I gave out in diary entry #04 are the same. Of course this time we have a different range of characters to choose from, such as:

*Links for the pillows no longer exist, sadly. Its called limited for a reason

Of course, I’m prolly gonna get a Koga cushion. Now my bed is gonna be extra crowded with all these pillows. But if only they released them at the same time I would’ve packaged both Adonis & Koga and shipped them at the same time, however considering these are pillows if I shipped both of them in the same box it’ll be a lil heavy and it’ll be expensive to ship, or so I think.

31st October ~ 10th November
31st October ~ 10th November


Raise the Curtain – Dark Night Halloween is the Halloween event most of us didn’t think would happen, featuring UNDEAD & 2wink and guest starring Ritsu, Leo and a bunch of doggies. I have to say ya got me there Happy Elements, I pretty much believed y’all wouldn’t make a Halloween event but I guess the jokes on me.

Also I’d have to apologise for the belated game diary because I was too busy trying to rake in event points I couldn’t really take a break and surprisingly I still haven’t reach my 1mil goal. But I’m sure there were other sources that can fill ppl in on what’s going on in the event so I’m pretty much not needed to do a lil event breakdown lol. But I’ll still do it anyway, no matter how inaccurate it’ll be.

So this event mainly centred around not only the Halloween party at school but also the problem of Ritsu’s sudden tiredness (more than usual), it is to the point where hes out cold and at one moment Leo thought he died. Poor babby. I think there was a point in the story event where Koga was talking in depth about Ritsu’s condition/what he’s seen in the past with these vampire bros but it went over my head because hey, if you haven’t realised I’m not gr8 at reading unknown vocabulary/kanji.

All I got was afterwards, speak of the devil, Ritsu popped out of nowhere and Transfer Student double tagged team with him to pin down Koga and feed him Ritsu’s home made “”””””Sweets”””””” (I’m not even sure what it is). But apparently it tastes good? It just doesn’t look that… er… appetising?

2015-11-01 00.54.51

So Ritsu’s like “If you don’t want to hurt Transfer Student you better stop squirming and take it like a man”, which then prompts Koga to say something like “I told myself I’ll never again hurt Transfer student…”. Again these are loose interpretations. But still, lil poochie Koga seems to have softened up esp with the interactions between him and Transfer student during the event (When you choose the ‘you look cute’ prompt he may respond back with ‘nah, your costume looks cuter’), seeing the first time he met Transfer Student he made her his landing board and pretty much landed her in the nurse’s office. Once I think about this, the reason why Transfer Student was eager to hold Koga down could’ve been all for revenge lol.

Still, Transfer Student looks so cute as ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ even tho you can’t see her face, I’m glad Yuuta & Hinata got her to dress up too because she’s usually the one organising things all the time and she should at least have a lil fun. Which reminds me of that strategically placed hood to obscure her face lol. I don’t mind them not showing her face. It’s better than having an eyeless heroine.

Speaking of that scene with Rei, we learnt that the twins coax Rei out of his coffin by whistling lolwhat. Something like if they wake him up too quickly he’ll be dizzy/unsteady or something, so they slowly wake him up. But because Transfer Student leaned in too close she got nabbed by semi-unconscious Rei who proceeds to prolly drink her blood. All the while Hinata is like “Noooo not in front of the children” lol. Now, imo I don’t really think the Sakuma bros are vampires considering most of the characters in enstars is normal… well… most of them & that they’re just hardcore roleplayers.

Tho this event got me wondering: whats really up with the Sakuma Bros? Apparently Rei used to be energetic until he became an old grandpa & Ritsu is having trouble keeping awake or something and I remember Rei saying something like ‘Ritsu’s still immature [as a vampire(?)]’ which means one day Ritsu is gonna awaken to his true Grandpa fate… Ahh I don’t know anymore. This event’s got my head messed up with getting event points alone.

Anyway, at the end of the event Transfer Student tells Ritsu that Rei’s rly been worried about his condition and asks him to join his bro on stage, which Ritsu goes ahead with and gets to perform together with his bro going “Sorry for worrying you and thank you, ‘Onii-chan'”. Now thats what I call character development.

2015-11-01 18.39.24

I know I skipped out on some stuff, like Koga’s “crew of dogs” and how his only closets friends are dogs & he doesn’t trust humans and that no matter what dialogue choice I choose on his special event 3/3, he still tells me I dont understand & he trusted me and now hes not gonna trust humans again. wait what. Also Adonis’ complicated feelings on looking scary for Halloween when thats what Halloween is all about, that his sister’s take his Halloween candy as a kid, and that in the end of the event he’s super happy and having a fun time anyway.

And that precious moment between Koga and Adonis where Koga teaches Adonis the real meaning behind Halloweenmas. Where Koga runs his mouth for a few minutes talking about how much he loves Britain or something and Adonis is like ‘I already know what it is. We have it back in my homeland too.’ Which then makes Koga throw a silent tantrum, and Adonis is like to Kaoru ‘Did I upset him?’, Kaoru then advising to just play dumb and ask Koga to tell him further about Halloween. Which he then does, making Koga go like ‘Yeah I thought so’ and continues running his mouth about Halloween while the two proud dads, Rei & Kaoru, watch on.

Added bonus is that Koga and Ritsu call each other nicknames, I think. Koga calls Ritsu “Ricchii”/Ritchie and Ritsu calls Koga “Corgi”/”Koogii”, which is rly cute omg. But apparently one of Koga’s crew of dogs is also called Ricchii/Ritchie? Thats when I got confused and I still am.

Also Kaoru messing up his chance to prove he’s an honest, true hearted man by jumping up at the opportunity of holding Transfer Student after she fainted going ‘yo i’ll hold her ;^)’ and Adonis yet again saving Transfer Student from Kaoru’s clutches, holding her instead.

Yeah I think thats all of it.

Raise the Curtain – Dark Night Halloween‘s Event Card:

For this event, it was pretty hard to summarise in small details without missing out on anything & it was only about 10 story parts so props to you, Dark Night Halloween. Maybe one of my fav events so far but also the most agonising of them all as I still try to get to 1 million event points. Theres no hope for me to get that cute Koga card but I still have a chance with Ritsu.

Also I’d like to apologise how awful it is to read this whole event breakdown thing, it seems that this event has had a terrible toll on my mental well being. I wrote everything else before the event got hectic except for this event section so you can see the visible difference between my mental state, before and after, prolly.

For the most part, I liked reading it but I wished Kaoru had more of a part to play because he wasn’t quite memorable in this one imo. Maybe one day he’ll get a 4*~5* Event card, but today’s not the day lol.

As predictions go, I was kinda right about Koga appearing in this event but holy hell did I not expect it being a Halloween event. But I’m glad they went with the keyring (there was an alt ver of the UNDEAD rubber strap keyring w/ them dressing up for Halloween) costume designs for the Halloween event. Tho I thought Adonis would be a mummy but he turned out being a ‘Frankenstein’s Monster’ with bandages wrappings.

“Make it happen, Happy Elements. Halloween, UNDEAD. You know what to do.”

~ Billy, September 2015 (probably)

“I don’t think the next one would be a Halloween event”

~ Billy, October 2015 (Famous Last Words)

Anyway I’m awful at predictions and always will be but I’m gonna make this predicition and that would be: next event will either have Tomoya or Ra*bits. As characters go, I haven’t seen rab*its members in an event for a while now, that said I also haven’t seen Kurou for a while either. But I’m also hoping for a theatre/drama club event/gacha soon too. You can really do stuff with that, like a school play or something. Come on, make it happen.

Whatever it’ll be I’m sure Happy Elements will surprise us all.

But for now I’ll continue on suffering with this event o<-<

30th October ~ 11th November
30th October ~ 11th November

Scout Gacha

Scout! Doctors featuring the members of the Tennis Club. I don’t know how it Tennis and Doctors are related to each other but knowing these kind of event scouts from the past the Doctor part is just for bloomed CG aesthetic, like Adonis firing a real gun in the midst of a burning down building, that never happened. But I wouldn’t doubt that Izumi would dress up as Makoto’s doctor with an anaesthetic at hand to drug him and take him home…

For the sake of the event I’m not gonna do a scout because I’m gonna need every single diamond I can get to pull through this event with 1 million points. But mainly because I’m not quite interested in these cards, which means I’ll skip out getting a nurse Makoto card. Maybe next time, Makoto.

Tho these cards have made me realise something that I had been dreading, and thats the weird head positions on cards sometimes that it makes them look like they’re detached from their heads. It has been revealed that some character card’s expressions/face are traced from other existing cards in this series and I’m slightly ok with it, but looking at Tori cards in this gacha is really putting me off in terms of proportions. Bloomed card, his head looks a lil too big for his body/shoulders, and original card looks kind of unnatural like the hands and head aren’t blending with each other.

It’s been annoying me since the start of the gacha, but thats just my nitpicking getting the best of me. But once you see it, you can’t unsee it and now whenever I look at some cards I’m like ‘That head looks a lil bit detached there’. But hell, art is hard and I should know, mine is not gr8.

Anyway, having all four cards in a unit activate the skill “Playing Doctor” which then has its own implications with its double meaning in English

27th October ~ 3rd November
27th October ~ 3rd November

Story Scout – Morisawa Edition is yet another story scout with stories attached to them similar to the Leo scout and some 4* cards, such as Hajime’s and Izumi’s. This time we have a heartwarming Chiaki story with a prolly stray(?) kitten because how else is there a kitten on the school grounds. Looks rly cute but like I said before I ain’t got diamonds to spare, plus I did a one off scout and still got nothing.

The other following cards also have a mini story episode, which is neat because I don’t think 3 mini story episodes per guy is enough. I still hardly know most of these characters. Chiaki has 2 mini story episodes in his idol road, while Tori, Keito and Kaoru have only 1.

Maybe one day when I do a 100,000 Produce Point scout I’ll happen upon of those three 3* cards so I can see a different side to either Keito or Kaoru. I kind of want to see more of that soft side Keito has and I want to see Kaoru stop being a nanpa all the time. Come on Kaoru, give me more reasons to like you besides your mullet.

Sorry for the long ass diary entry, but thanks as well for getting through it. I really do appreciate it, tho I feel guilty that I have to put you all through this long schlock lol.

I was thinking about writing up a strategy on how I’m trying to get to 1million in hopes it’ll help others in the future within this diary entry, but I’ll leave that up for another day because I’ve yet to reach to that million, plus it’ll make this entry even longer.

I had to put a lot of things on hold for this event such as that Monoyoshi event, writing up a quick look at another app and playing Yumeiro Cast. Also that Halloween drawing I was doing before this event became hectic. Just bare with me until I can finally get some stuff done. I have some new things I have in mind to write up too.

But I guess we’ll have to wait until this event cools down until I’m finally able to do stuff. So until then, thanks for reading, bye bye _(:3 」∠ )_