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[Monthly Overview] November Releases 2015


Ayakashi Gohan ~Okawari!~ – 27th November – honeybee

PS Vita

Scared Rider Xechs Rev. – 19th November – Red Entertainment

※「BAD APPLE WARS」のバナーに使用されている画像の著作権は、アイディアファクトリー株式会社に帰属します。

BAD APPLE WARS – 19th November – Otomate


Goes! – 26th November – プチレーヴ


Not so many games coming out this month, mainly because the remaining games to be released this year has been delayed to December aka Christmas. Gotta make them moneys somehow. For me I’m not going to buy games until next year, because of some upcoming stuff I preordered are releasing in December and they cost some big moneys. Plus I have a huge backlog to churn through. Small stuff like a few drama cds and magazines are what I’ll be buying tho.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in playing Scared Rider Xechs Rev. and BAD APPLE WARS because they are on my wish list and I do have some interested but not enough to preorder/buy limited editions. So I’ll wait until they get cheaper in price like most games in time. Also Scared Rider Xechs Rev. doesn’t seem to have a limited edition in CD Japan? Only available in animate, I think. But then even that limited edition doesn’t seem quite worth the trouble importing it with a forwarding service.

Another reason I’m holding off buying/preordering BAD APPLE WARS now is that I’m only interested in the art style, not quite sure how to feel about the story seeing that it has been done before, many times even. As for Scared Rider Xechs Rev. I’m interested in the concept of ‘sentai otome game’, or thats what it looks like to me, the art is nice but kinda worried about those yaoi shoulders lol. Out of the two, Scared Rider Xechs Rev. is more appealing to me, so maybe I’ll end up buying it sooner than later.

Still unsure about the Quinrose situation, their website hasn’t updated since September(?) and not much activity is happening with their games that are supposed to release (There was one game supposed to release this month). They’ve pretty much stopped all distribution of games, I think. We’ll have to see whether or not more formal information is given out to the public, but I wouldn’t keep my hopes up seeing this resolve at the end of the year…

As the year draws to a close, one can only look back at their accomplishments this year and think “Wow, I did absolutely nothing”. I hope that near the end of the year I get to write out at least one review for a ps vita game. I don’t have much confidence in myself to write out a good review seeing that the ones I wrote up in the past are kinda awful lol. Sorry about that.

Got one more month until 2015 ends so lets make the best of it!


This month’s doodle is not exactly a monthly doodle, more or less its a WIP from last month’s Halloween doodle. Sorry, I don’t have much time to draw another doodle with this new Enstars event OTL

Anyway, this month’s monthly doodle is Koga from Ensemble Stars, making his second appearance again. He’s in his Halloween apparel and its mainly a doodle for the Halloween doodle that I was supposed to have finished by Halloween, but stuff happened. I would’ve added Adonis too but that would be spoiling what the final product would look like, kind of. Still need to refine it a bit.

Anyway thanks for reading, until next month _(:3 」∠ )_